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Found 37 results

  1. Finally find this place to post my "Questions" as a newbie. I am considering to buy my first car, and after visiting some of the showrooms, finally I found one model of a Japanese brand, of which the specifications and price are both acceptable. The only issue is that the car has been stored for less than one year since it was produced. I am wondering whether any negative impact on the quality of the car after such a long storage period, and what is the so called "acceptable storage duration" in the local market and what will can we do when we are going to buy such a car. Thank you very much for every brothers/sisters suggestions.
  2. Atrecord

    Free ONS from furniture store?

    This one the buyer no stress, but seller should stress...
  3. StreetFight3r

    Decathlon Singapore

    Decathlon opening 4th and biggest store in Singapore. I'm surprised there is no thread being started here since they are so popz! SG so small need to many megastore? But anyway what's good in Decathlon? Been there so many times so far only buy a pair of shoes and also bag from the City Square store. https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/decathlon-to-open-fourth-and-biggest-store-here-in-collaboration-with-sport-singapore SINGAPORE - Riding on a tie-up with national sports agency Sport Singapore (SportSG), sporting goods retailer Decathlon is set to open its biggest store here yet. The store in Stadium Boulevard in Kallang - Decathlon's fourth here - will be about 5,000 sq m in size and is expected to open its doors in January next year. Decathlon announced the news at its Bedok store on Tuesday (May 22), where a memorandum of understanding was signed by its Asia chief executive Yves Claude and his SportSG counterpart Lim Teck Yin. Called the Decathlon Singapore Lab, the store is the first of its kind in Asia, pioneering the use of technology like virtual simulations and augmented reality. Customers trying out a pair of shoes will be able to get foot scans, for example. "Traditional retail is in trouble around the world. The expectations of customers are changing very quickly, they will not come just for the (store's) layout," said Mr Claude.
  4. SINGAPORE - Over $35,000 worth of jewellery was stolen from a store in Yew Tee Square on Saturday afternoon (Dec 15). The police were alerted to the theft at the Choa Chu Kang Street 62 shopping centre at 4.41pm on Saturday. The Straits Times understands that the incident took place at the mall's Gold Scale Jewels jewellery store. The suspect is believed to be a young man who went to the shop asking to view different pieces of jewellery. He walked in and out of the shop several times, taking photos of the jewellery pieces and asking if he could get a discount on some of the pieces on display. At one point, he even told the store assistant that he would come back with his girlfriend. During one of his visits, he allegedly took advantage of the crowd in the store and the fact that the sales assistant was distracted to grab the jewellery which he had earlier asked to examine and flee. An employee at a neighbouring store, who gave her name only as Ms Zheng, told Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao that four of the jewellery store's staff were present when the incident happened. She said that two of the staff chased the suspect but were unable to catch him. ST understands that the suspect, who made off with $35,886 worth of jewellery, including three necklaces and one pendant, had yet to be arrested as of 8.30pm on Sunday. When contacted, the manager of Gold Scale Jewels' Yew Tee Square outlet declined to comment. The police are investigating the incident.
  5. Plaza Singapura’s new Nomadx also combines eating and shopping with gaming for an interactive experience. Taobao fans can now take their shopping sprees offline at the new retail concept Nomadx at Plaza Singapura. Spanning 11,000 square feet across two levels of the mall, Nomadx houses Singapore’s first physical Taobao store, as well as 17 other brands offering fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, food and drinks. Taobao is only one of the online stores that has a physical outlet for the first time. The other brands include clothing rental service Style Theory; fragrance design and mixology label Oo La Lab; Digital Fashion Week’s multi-label boutique; and F&B brands Teapasar and By Peapods. But while Nomadx is bringing digital shopping into the physical realm, it’s also enhancing the shopping experience through digital technology. For instance, at the Mamonde skincare counter, you can place any product on a reader and have its information displayed on a screen. Over at Style Theory, you can scan QR codes to receive sizing and styling recommendations. Fashionistas can also shop for new-to-market Nomadx exclusives from fashion brands, such as Karl Lagerfeld’s Pins collection of bags and accessories rolled out in partnership with Robinsons. If you are more used to spending time in the virtual world than offline, you can choose to take part in a “game”. When you sign up through one of the store’s tablets, you’ll be assigned to a “tribe” based on the shopper’s profile you relate to best. You’ll then be able to receive products and deal recommendations based on your tribe profile, as well as see what other shoppers in your tribe bought. To complete your shopping experience, Nomadx also houses F&B outlets Bizen Wagyu Steakhouse By Aston Soon, Coco & Frank, and Waa Cow! Express.
  6. JKR MARKETPLACE Your Prefered Online Store for SEXtifaction JKR Marketplace is a leading online store hosted on qoo10 selling authentic condom and lubes in their original packaging. Incepted since 2012, we are the first and the trend setter for the rest by introducing discreet packaging on all our mailers. At JKR Marketplace, we respect your privacy, hence all condoms and lubes purchased from our site will be sent in a discreet manner. There will be absolutely no indication of the items on our labels and packages Product safety and authenticity are of our TOPMOST concern hence all our products comes in SEALED, ORIGINAL PACKAGING as seen in the stores. Absolutely no opening or repackaging Gone are the days where you will be embarrassed for picking up a condom or lube in the convenience store Why wait, grab your items for your SEXtifaction today
  7. Max Factor Garage prides its workshop motto based on two key words - “Honesty” & “Integrity”. The automotive industry is a competitive one and we believe in fostering long term relationships with our customers through our excellent workmanship and having a hassle-free repair workshop. WE ARE BARDAHL SINGAPORE'S CONCEPT STORE! SOME SNIPPETS FROM MAX FACTOR GARAGE'S GRAND OPENING ON 02.05.2015! BARDAHL SINGAPORE RACING TEAM! SG50 PROMOTION at MAX FACTOR GARAGE! FOLLOW US AT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR THE LATEST UPDATES AND PROMOTIONS. WATCH OUT FOR THIS SPACE!
  8. Rexter

    Storing suspension

    Hi bros. If I had changed suspension and is still keeping my original suspension (coils + shock absorber), can i keep it for like 2-3years? can i keep it in a box or is there any special way to store it? or must be placed vertical or horizontal? thinking to re-use 2-3years down the road if dekitting to sell.
  9. Besides Courts and Harvey Norman, what other furniture store offers interest free, credit card instalment plan? Many Thanks!
  10. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=3128 $55 for the VS! thats less than 1/3 the price of what is sold in SG..... Sounds too good to be true? I don't know, just saw the address that its in JB. I know there are many chiong stuffs there. Wonder if this is one of them.....
  11. Dear Bros, Looking for accessories shop recommendation, specifically looking for scuff plates (door sill) - just the normal type not with LED, and also aluminium foot pedal cover for Mazda 6. Hope to get some advises.
  12. It's a toy and hobby store located at Orchard since the 1950's...
  13. Hello all, Any one can recommend a good contractor to put up those shelving/storage in store rooms or bomb shelters? I am sourcing for contact before I collect keys to my new place. Thanks.
  14. Does this make singapore the biggest sucker for discount ??
  15. Yeobh

    Online lighting/lamp store

    Plan to replace all my more than 30 years lighting in my house. Can anyone out there recommend a reliable local online store. TIA
  16. Merc doing a Munich Auto at Sanlitun Beijing, one of my favorite areas in the China capital. This concept is not new. Ferrari, Aston Martin has also opened these boutique styled store in Shanghai near Xin Tian Di, Ma Dang Road: http://www.mercnews.net/2012/05/amg-perfor...lone-store.html
  17. Jonpaul0104

    Apple app store down?

    Is apple app store down? Or is it just me having problem? Cannot update or buy app
  18. Kelpie

    How do you store eggs at home?

    Hi all, Do you stores your egg in the open or kept them in the refrigerator? Any Pros and cons? Do you usually look at the expiry date of these eggs too? Thank you all. Regards,
  19. By Channel NewsAsia, Updated: 29/07/2011 Tan Kin Lian defends TOTO, 4D applications by his firm Tan Kin Lian defends TOTO, 4D applications by his firm SINGAPORE: Business development manager Kelvin Lee was surfing through the iPhone App store on Wednesday night when he stumbled on an app that generates numbers for the bi
  20. Hi bros, other than Autobacs, anyway near Sengkang / Hougang area got a huge mart to shop?? Autobacs abit far.. Not looking for tyres or maintenance service though.. Any recom? Thanks!
  21. Feb 23, 2011 Store reneged on refund promise ON DEC 19, I bought a two-seater sofa and dining table from Novena Furniture at Shaw Plaza. I was told that the store would be able to hold the items for at least six months until my new house was ready around this month or the next. A staff member said there would be no problem regarding any changes to the order or arranging delivery at a later date. So I put down a deposit of $350 and was given an invoice. A few days ago, I came across another sofa set at a lower price. I recalled a big poster at Novena Furniture that said the store would offer a full refund if shoppers found cheaper items elsewhere. So I called the company to cancel the purchase of the sofa, but to retain the dining table. The staff member said she was unable to do so as the store's policy was that once a deposit had been paid, orders could not be cancelled. I replied that I was not told about this when I made the purchase. I also pointed to the shop's promise to offer customers a full refund should they find items at a cheaper price elsewhere. She said she would check with the manager. Last Saturday, a manager called me and offered me these options: She could allow me to switch to another sofa set, or the store could hold on to the deposit until I needed to buy another item from it. The end result being that I would be unable to get back the deposit. Such a practice should be looked into to protect the interests of consumers. Victor Chua I'm ashamed of this Sgrean. But then again, he cud be a PR.
  22. hi guys i have a 678 hayden that i kept in my store for about 4 years, thinking to reuse it. anyone can comment if its ok? or does the mech need to flush it or something?
  23. As above, anyone has went there to change their tyres? How was their service and attitude...? Would be grateful for any inputs. :)
  24. Mustank


    Can someone enlighten me: Google
  25. Does anyone have an idea? tia.