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  1. Metalslug2

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    is non original safe to use? seems here in sg only HEVS can do the car?
  2. Metalslug2

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    so all AD needs to do is to say wear and tear, and the warranty can throw away? I heard the prius replacement is $5k, while the new Honda hybrid can change by cells, is cheaper, just a few hundred depending on which cell?
  3. guys any idea whats the shell helix price now in Giant? I noticed carousellers selling for $30 each 4L bottle, seems cheap now? need to stock up. else i can get turtle oil
  4. looking for Honda Jazz RS or Fit 2014-2016 (auto)
  5. is possible right? u need to check your loan breakeven with your finance company bro. dont anyhow sell, the loss can be hefty
  6. Metalslug2

    2014 Honda Jazz / Fit (GK Series)

    cool. the cruise control is pretty impt for me. the fit hybrid seems a good deal but i read the FC is not very impressive?
  7. Metalslug2

    2014 Honda Jazz / Fit (GK Series)

    whats the diff btw Honda 1.5A RS and PI Fit? I like the steering wheel controls. can i get it aftermarket and transfer to a PI Fit as it doesnt have it? Does it have cruise control?
  8. Am looking for 09 / 10 Altis or Prius C (older model)... PM me
  9. thank you bro
  10. congrats! btw whats the difference btw aerotourer and normal wish
  11. anyone looking to trade with my Dec SPC coupons with other months?
  12. Metalslug2

    Crazy causeway traffic!

    so saturday got chance...
  13. any japanese car to let go? I am looking for one.. below 1600cc, auto gear.
  14. true...but not forgetting to add in loan interest for new car. Rule of 78 still applies these days? I never take loan for some time liao. unless u are cash rich and can pay in full cash but also maybe got extra charges for no loan