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  1. Seem like it is good that not much VW owner got this issues. Cos till date seem like no one have gotten this issues before. Cos no actual case reply. Hahahaha
  2. Thanks for the advice! Cos when I went down, the error code is gone after travelling a while But it comes on & off. So when I am at the workshop, don't see the error code so cant track!
  3. Good advise. Something that I had outlook
  4. Cracked vacuum hose. Wow. This sound bad!! Will look into it Don't want to be in bad shape then found the problem
  5. Can Anyone VW car owners, advise if u had such experience code? The code came out but it goes away after some distance. But this had been coming back a few time already. As no error code when I drive to workshop. They can’t check for me!!! Don’t feel comfortable. Thanks
  6. Shawrac

    Car Wrap or respraying of the car?

    Great info. Thank. Still pending for decision!
  7. Shawrac

    Car Wrap or respraying of the car?

    Mmmmm, different point of view. But think i might be going for it, the warp. Anyone to refer? Est cost?
  8. I am wondering which way is better, have 3 years left and was thinking either to respray, or car wrap(so can cut the polish). Anyone know where to do good car wrap?
  9. Hi guys, u all hav any idea wat is the Max. Front Axle Load of the Golf GT??? Or which part of the front bonnet I can find tat info??? Thks....
  10. Shawrac

    What tyres is the best so far?

    HI bro, Had tried DB, very lousy tires. Quiet for a while but later noise and no grip! Will consider for the GR80!!!
  11. Shawrac

    What tyres is the best so far?

    OIC, wat ur number? or nvm where u stay? Tampines, cos i found a superb in tampines. Nice pretty sliver car! Toh Guan? the place u went got rims also??? Just to welcome u to the club, Sorry, no longer a skoda owner already! Now a astra owner but a skoda fan!!!
  12. Shawrac

    What tyres is the best so far?

    Haha, Thank for the deatil reply!!! U new around the club??? Wat drive u in???
  13. Shawrac

    What tyres is the best so far?

    wow, about 130 plus a piece. Like that can also consider conti already. But how u feel the type? Lasting? Quiet?? Good grap??? Worth the buy????
  14. Shawrac

    Octavia on sgcarmart !!!

    finially someone selling!!!!
  15. Shawrac

    New Skoda/Seat/lambo Lounge on VAGSG.COM

    So do this mean skoda upgraded to Lambo or bentley group! Haha!!! But thank for all the effort!!! Cheers