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  1. Ken4555

    Sunny Owners u think your FC high?

    Wow... this thread still alive lol...
  2. 3liters of water.... How long you gonna take to squirt spray all that water in? Maybe new carbon would have been accumulated then... Lol
  3. My ride's an ah pek sunny... N16. Lol I believe this is the hydrogen decarbonisation watever available in the market lol. DIY... Anywhere sheltered Yah read this... Actually I first heard about water into engines in the 90s. I also believe I saw these 'water injection' systems sold in sung beng before many years back... And you had to buy their kind of water.
  4. Ok ok after a few more tries and confirmed my engine never piang... Then go try on your new ride... What's it gonna be?... Evo wagon lah.... Lol
  5. Honestly I hardly see any risk... Cause I use a hand operated bottle spray. Even if press as fast my fingers could, I probably can only get in like 50ml / minute.... Unless you pour water directly in... In which case you cannot unless you have an open throttle body. To do it wrongly I think, would like to be shooting water in from a tap and hose. Lol
  6. Hmmmm.... Considering the amount of the combustion byproducts from years of driving. And the occasional or regular NSHW trips... I probably think more carbon gets cleaned for the same amount of time driving near the redline at high speeds, as compared to water injected at a mere 1k-2k rpm of the engine. I do not believe the cat can ever get choked unless there was a hard impact to it which cause it to deform. Unless you meant choked as in to lose its 'cleaning' properties. Whatever the case, H20 probably wouldn't create any new by products to harm or damage the cat I suppose. And the carbon deposits cleaned probably won't be as much as hard driving does. So logically the cat has hardly any chance of getting choked with this cleaning method. So seriously, damaged engine internals would be a much higher concern then the cat, which isn't even needed for normal operation of a car. Ok let's not go into the environment issues... Lol
  7. Well it's was my virgin attempt at this... So started off gently lol... Ok more water next time... Thanks
  8. Yes correct engine needs to be at operating temperature. Btw my engine didn't stall during the injection of the water and I did it alone and did not have a cable throttle to rev the engine. So I guess you believe this works. You tried it yourself?
  9. lost sia... maybe 200-300ml of water is better i really dont know... i felt my better effects with only like 30ml of water... lol anyways water cannot be compressed... adding too much too fast will either blow the gaskets or bend the con rods...
  10. Tried to search for topics with regards to this but couldn't find any. Has anyone here put water into their engines to decarbonise the upper cylinders? Well here I am to share my experience... Been hearing about adding water into the engine and all sorts of amazing things happen... Since the 90s. I have tried nail polish (acetone) into the fuel tank to improve FC, as well as moth balls... Also tried 2T, which I simply love and have started to use racing ester 2T. Love the smell... Lol But I have not tried water into the engine until recently. My engine started to cough during start ups some months ago... I thought it was natural as it was coming of age.... Then when I did my last plug change I realised one of the plugs had a washer failure and leaked. But even after new plugs my engine still couldn't start immediately at 1st crank all of the time. Only maybe like say 30% of the time. So after some research, I decided to feed my trusty engine some water. I bought a small bottle of distiller water from Watsons, and a small spray bottle. Took out the part before my throttle body and after my airflow sensor. Started the engine and it died due to the error readings on the AFS I guess. Started the engine again and sprayed like 2-3 squirts of the water directly into the throttle body... Engine rpm dropped till like it was going to stall for a second or two, then back to normal... Then I would spray again. And repeat this for over 5mins. Then I wiped of the excess water in and around the throttle body, and fixed everything back. Started the engine and did some revving... Note the engine check light might be on and won't go away. You can google how to reset your error codes for your car model, or simply disconnect your battery for some cars. Do note your radio and all will be reset as well. For me I didn't want my ice settings gone so I used the scan gauge to reset my error code. So after I went onto the expressway to try out the difference, I could immediately feel the throttle sharper and more responsive. Over the next few days, ALL I repeat ALL my starts were with 1 crank and my ride was so mush nicer to drive. Felt like a new oil change or new plugs... Lol Now this water thingy will surely not do wonders to a failing engine. But to a good condition engine this made it work better. And I have nothing but good things to say about this. Hydrogen cleaning? What the hell do you call this? Lol. Go search and check out Eric the car guy and many other videos on the water into the engine thing. It's amazing... And there are videos to show how water, hydrogen and oxygen can combust till it removes carbon deposits... We don't need any seafoam or other expensive stuff in the market to do this... Just water... Lol
  11. Ken4555

    JB car break-ins lately...

    In Boleh land everybody parks illegally along the road rush or no rush... Exactly... I cannot imagine anything that small to break the window.
  12. Ken4555

    AD08 & RE-11

    Care to share with WS u know that doesn't know what they are selling?
  13. Ken4555

    AD08 & RE-11

    Nope bro, cause my ride is a daily drive and using r888s will give them an early premature death I suppose... As compared or the extreme summer category where I believe last much longer. My present kumho XS are lasting much longer then I expected with my style of driving n tyre pressures... Many say they become very noisy after a while. Well they are noisier then when they were new, but nothing unbearable I guess. Lol
  14. Ken4555

    AD08 & RE-11

    Thanks for your comments bro. I might get the re-11 cause believe more reviews say its quiter then the ad08s. As for the toyo r888 I almost got it but my rims not wide enuf it looked abit fugly. 225/45or50/16. And will Kenna fender when full lock. Lol. And I believe r888 one class up from the re-11 tio bo.