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  1. Looking for a Korean made reliable camera which supports 48 hours parking mode without a need of external power pack? Marbella is having great discounts on Marbella 2CH (With built-in WiFi) car cameras & attractive gifts this weekend at COMEX 2019 (Booth No: 6428). Enjoy up to 50% discount on Marbella’s car cameras! Attractive Gifts For You! + FREE installation + Extended 6 months warranty + Free 32GB ScanDisk Class 10 MicroSD Card + Free car vacuum cleaner + 3.0A fast charging car charger Enjoy additional $12 OFF with minimum $200 spending when you show this Forum Post at Marbella Booth! Date: 5 September 2019 to 8 September 2019 Where: Suntec City Hall 604 (Level 6) Booth No: 6428 Time: 12pm – 9pm daily Read all Marbella Products’ Reviews.
  2. Write your Birthday Wish for Singapore and stand a chance to win: Grand Prize - Z-Series Multimedia Receiver AVH-Z9250BT (worth S$1,199) 2nd Prize - 8" Multimedia Receiver DMH-ZS8250BT (worth S$1,149) 3rd Prize - Private Monitor TVM-PW910T (worth S$999) Click here to enter the contest! *Contest closes 30 September 2019, 23:59 GMT+8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Terms & Conditions: This contest is organised by Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Pioneer”). This Contest ends on 30 September 2019, 23:59 GMT+8. Pioneer reserves the right to consider only one (1) entry from each Facebook account participant. The products for the Prize are subjected to change based on the product’s availability without prior notice or change to substitute or replace the products for the Prize with that of similar value without prior notice. The products for the Prize are non-exchangeable for cash, credit or in kind, whether in whole or in part. sgCarMart will announce the winners under the same post. Winners are to Facebook Private Message sgCarMart within fourteen (14) days of the announcement to facilitate the delivery/collection of the Prize. The Winners must provide their full name and a valid mobile number to receive the respective Prize. Pioneer will not be responsible if the wrong mobile number has been provided. In the event that the Winner cannot be contacted from the details supplied for any reason whatsoever, then the respective Prize will be deemed forfeited, and Pioneer may award the respective Prize to the next eligible winner and/or dispose of the respective Prize in any manner they deem fit, at their sole discretion. Pioneer reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  3. Variety: Ranging from Matte , Satin, Glossed, Color Shifting and even 3D Textured Vinyl Wraps ! ⭐ Wrapping your vehicle allow to achieved a unique look . Customed design works are also available to suit your very own design. Cost: It is cheaper when you choose to wrap instead of quality spray painting that last . Many faced the problem of paint chips, over spray, paint drips or even improper preparation works before spray. One can choose to wrap their vehicle for as long or little as one desires. Resale Value: Having the option to keep your vehicle original factory colour will allow you to keep your resale value intact. Easily Remove: Paint jobs are permanent where as a car wrap is easy to remove and you can restore the car original colour by removing the wrap. Installation Time: Less waiting time when it comes to wrapping a vehicle compared to spray painting. Protection: Vinyl protect your OEM paint from prolong sun exposures, stone chip, abrasion etc. Allowing your vehicle to have a original look since the day you installed the Vinyl Wrap. Maintenance: Eliminating the need to polish your car once in a few months , Vinyl wrap requires only to wash and clean or maybe a quick wax for enhanced look and durability . Misconceptions: Many owners out there think that vinyl wraps will harm your original paintwork and will damage them upon removal . Facts: Original Factory Paintwork will not be damaged in the process of removal. As aftermarket spray paint might not been prepared or installed well which cause the layer of paint to peel off with the vinyl wrap . [media]https://www.facebook.com/ArchPerformanceSG/videos/361111301146441/[/media] Singapore Authorise Vinyl Wrap Installer providing the most precise and detailed works to all kinds of vehicle. With only one goal in mind, giving the best to all their customers. Arch Performance, The Wrap Specialist Singapore. List of automotive services they offer: Get a Quote Fill the Form Below for any enquiries! We'll be glad to be able to assist you
  4. Looking for a Korean made camera supports 48 hours parking mode without a need of external power pack? Marbella is having great discounts on Marbella 2CH car cameras & attractive gifts this weekend at IT Show 2019 (Booth No: 6441). Present this Facebook post and get an additional $10 off with min $200 spent! Price starts from $259, includes complete installation” Attractive Gifts For You! + Free 32GB ScanDisk High Endurance MicroSD Card + Free car vacuum cleaner + 3.0A fast charging car charger + Anti-Slip Mat Enjoy additional $10 OFF with minimum $200 spending when you show this Forum Post at Marbella Booth! Date: 7 March 2019 to 10 March 2019 Where: Suntec City Hall 6 (Level 6) Booth No: 6441 Time: 12pm – 9pm daily Marbella Car Cameras Read all Marbella Products’ Reviews
  5. One of the bestselling car camera with Sony Starvis Image Sensor at SITEX 2018! Nefu Plabo 1 Channel Full HD WiFi - $295 1 Channel Full HD (30FPS) Sony Starvis Image Sensor Built-in WiFi with Smart IOS, Android, App Direct video share, Video editing Made in Korea Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb (Non-LCD) - $488 2 Channel Full HD + Full HD recording (30FPS) SONY Starvis Image Sensor Built-in WiFi with Smart IOS, Android, App Direct video sharing & Video editing Nefu Rogard 2 Channel Full HD Up to 256gb with integrated 3.5” LCD screen - $450 2 Channel Full HD + Full HD recording (30FPS) SONY Starvis Image Sensor 3.5″ PIP LCD Advanced Driver Assitance System (ADAS) For more information on NEFU, click here to find out more. • First hand evidence of a car accident • Peace of mind in car parks • Protect against crash for cash scams • Capture and report road rage incident • Have an eye on your unattended vehicle • Prevent abuse and Misuse of your car Autopia Singapore is the distributor for Nefu products in Singapore. For more information on its products, please visit http://www.autopia.com.sg/ or call 65704858. Autopia Singapore Location: 237 Pandan Loop #08-08 Westech Building S(128424) Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 2pm (Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Contact number: 65704858
  6. It is time to take control of your car's security and protect yourself from possible threats like vandalism, collisions and theft. Owning an in-car camera is a hassle-free experience, giving you the assurance for your protection. Don't miss special launch deal of our new camera brand: + Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb (Non-LCD) + Nefu Rogard 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb with integrated 3.5” LCD screen For more infos, visit Nefu Official website Mightycell Car Camera Back Up Battery Features: Longer parking mode recording (17~50hr) Prevent wear & tear of main battery which provide longer lifespan No car battery discharge No battery discharge warning sign Mightyblow Aircon Odour Remover Features: Get rid of odour in your car air-con Prevent the growth of mould & bacteria Eliminate the cause of car smell Do not have to service your air-con regularly Don’t have to worry about warranty void, no need to cut OEM cable
  7. Your Dream Home, Your Neighbourhood Agent @ 96494642 Kok Siong is committed to realize the full potential of your property by providing you a tailored marketing strategy with comprehensive financial projection designed to meet your needs and wants. Together with ERA’s guiding philosophy of developing and launching innovative, breakthrough products and services that home sellers and buyers most want and need, Kok Siong is determined to offer a customized 1st in Service, 1st in Customer Satisfaction and 1st in Results solution that caters to your needs. Kok Siong is the preferred choice for clients as he is an ethical, forward-thinking and resulted oriented professional who takes a practical approached with all his clients. Armed with his financial training and previous work experience, you can be sure that he will realize your property’s potential to its very best. BUY / SELL / RENT Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Tenants, Referrals and Co-broke welcomed Call Kok Siong for a non obligatory discussion @ 96494642
  8. JKR MARKETPLACE Your Prefered Online Store for SEXtifaction JKR Marketplace is a leading online store hosted on qoo10 selling authentic condom and lubes in their original packaging. Incepted since 2012, we are the first and the trend setter for the rest by introducing discreet packaging on all our mailers. At JKR Marketplace, we respect your privacy, hence all condoms and lubes purchased from our site will be sent in a discreet manner. There will be absolutely no indication of the items on our labels and packages Product safety and authenticity are of our TOPMOST concern hence all our products comes in SEALED, ORIGINAL PACKAGING as seen in the stores. Absolutely no opening or repackaging Gone are the days where you will be embarrassed for picking up a condom or lube in the convenience store Why wait, grab your items for your SEXtifaction today
  9. Safety Bars (also known as Strut Bars) are one of the most easily found aftermarket accessory that help to improve the handling and stability of your car. Benefits of Safety Bars Body Roll The body roll of the car will be reduced with installation of safety bars. This improves the stability of the car, especially when cornering. Chassis Friendly Safety bars are designed to absorb the impact and minimising the possible damages due to the chassis in an event of collision. Chassis Flex Reinforce the framework of the car and minimise chassis flex, which will improve the handling and safety when driving. · Quality Assurance With ISO 9001:2008 · Proven in Worldwide Motorsport Event · Life time Warranty · No modification or drilling is required Interested to know more about Ultra Racing Strut Bars? Fill the Form Below for any enquiries! We'll be glad to be able to assist you
  10. LifePro_Tips

    FRIN Car Valet Services

    Established in 2008, FRIN Valet Services specialises in valet parking for hotels and restaurants, weddings, corporate functions and much more. In addition to valet services, FRIN Valet Services also provide shuttle transportation and marshalling services. FRIN Car Valet is able to cater to your event and provide solutions for all your parking service needs FRIN Car Valet Services is able to provide full services for public and private entities, and there is no event too big or too small. They are able to produce solutions for each client's specific parking needs, and provide qualified and honest personnel trained in providing reliable, attentive, diligent and courteous valet services. FRIN Car Valets offers personal and corporate drivers for their Limo Service, who can drive you in the comfort of your own car by a safe, experienced, and professional driver. They also offer personal drivers available for hire on a contract basis, as well as chauffeur services be it for a few hours or even on a daily or weekly basis. Additionally, they can also do airport transfers from Changi Airport to any destination in Singapore. FRIN Traffic Marshall Services provides trained and qualified traffic marshals with high level of service to help road users with traffic congestion at critical points in the road network. Apart from providing manpower for traffic marshalling, they also have a control system to communicate in an efficient manner to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Their trained marshals and attendants are able to execute temporary traffic management measures in order to reduce congestion and delays, and maximise the turnover of parking spaces of your events. The honest and experience staff at FRIN Car Valet are committed to provide a seamless valet experience FRIN also provides shuttle services for big or small groups with chartered buses for all occasions, from company functions and business visits, family days, weddings and private functions. They provide chartered bus services to various places island-wide, and maintain a fleet of up-to-date vehicles to meet any transportation need. As a full valet service company, FRIN Car Valet Services understands the importance of getting the job done right. Their honest and experienced staff are committed to provide seamless valet experience from start to finish, and are trained to be courteous, well-mannered and ready to lend a helping hand. For more information on FRIN Car Valet Services, do visit their website at www.frincarvalet.com, or contact them at 9145 8482 or 9735 9624.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boT2JOc0njM&feature=youtu.be Many pet owners dread the process of bringing their pets for grooming, as travelling and waiting for the grooming service can easily take up half a day, a luxury that some busy professionals may not be able to afford. Also, it can be difficult to find a suitable groomer, as some may be rough in handling your pet, which is not something anyone wants to experience. Likeable Pets offers professional mobile pet grooming for busy individuals, to solve the hassle of travelling with your pets to the pet shop for grooming. Likeable Pets' own in-house pet-stylist and groomer has four years of experience in pet grooming, and has a Class C qualification with the Singapore Kennel Club, so you can be sure that they will be gentle when it comes to grooming your beloved pet. To engage Likeable Pets' house-call or mobile pet grooming services, simply book an appointment with them to arrange for a scheduled time and date, and the groomer will arrive at your home or chosen location with the grooming equipment. You will need to provide a suitable area for the grooming to be carried out, and Likeable Pets will take care of the rest, including clean-up of the area after the grooming is done. Why groom at home? Grooming your pet at home saves you time, and offers great convenience and assurance - Your pet gets one-to-one personal attention from start to finish. - You save time on travelling and transporting your pet as our groomer will go to your place at your convenience. - You don't have to leave your pet at the salon for the whole day, which means no stress and no separation anxiety for you and your pet. - There is no chance of exposure to diseases, ticks or fleas that can be passed on from another pet to your pet at the salon. - You get great savings for a household with multiple pets as you only need to pay transportation charges for one trip. - It is great for puppies or kittens that have not completed their vaccinations, as they will not be any exposed to other pets. - It avoids stressing or tiring older pets that may have difficulty walking. For more information, visit their website at www.likeablepets.com, or contact them at 8685 2360.
  12. Company Info Established in 1984, Way Fengshui Group is the largest professional feng shui consultancy firm in Singapore. By integrating ancient fengshui knowledge with the latest in quality management, Way Fengshui is able to provide accuracy, dependability and high quality in our services. Not only does this allow us to become the leader in the fengshui industry, it also serves as a guarantee to our clients’ benefits. Recognised for our superior quality management, Way OnNet has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 since 1997. With a history of over 28 years, Way Fengshui has been providing excellent and trustworthy services to our clients, earning prestige amongst our wide clientele. Singapore provides the biggest clientele, but droves flock in from Hong Kong, China, Australia, Europe, USA and other Southeast Asian countries too. Way Fengshui Group consists of five business divisions: namely Consultancy, E-Commerce, Publication, Retail and Education. Each contributes to the success of Way Fengshui Group and the blossoming of the fengshui industry. Brand Vision “To be the most respected exemplar in the fengshui industry in Singapore” With ‘The Righteous Way’ as its guiding principle, WAY aims to become the most respected authority on the practice and integrity of the Singapore fengshui industry. Through its strong beliefs in transparency and integrity, WAY assure its clients that the trust they have placed in it will not be misplaced. Brand Mission “To uplift the credibility and reputation of the fengshui industry and make accessible and relevant fengshui knowledge and insights to modern lifestyles” WAY’s ultimate goal lies in the satisfaction and peace of mind its clients derive. WAY empowers its customers by basing recommendations that are relevant, tangible and upkeeping with times. Brand Value “The Righteous Way” Our commitment to your peace of mind means a lifetime of support. We help you make fruitful and effective decisions as your partners in life’s journey. This is the Righteous Way. Way Fengshui’s Awards in 2016 Way Fengshui Group is honoured to be presented with the Teochew Entrepreneur Award 2016 (Promising Award) and the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2016 (Heritage Brand) as recognition for our contributions to the fengshui industry. - See more at: https://wayfengshui.com/about-us/#sthash.TAQjX0q9.dpuf You can contact us at: Tel: 6338 3800 149 Rochor Road (Fu Lu Shou Complex) #02-11, Singapore 188425 Website: www.wayfengshui.com
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08PG-62ufck CITYBUG2S More power – more fun to drive! The CITYBUG2S has been designed for people with an athletic bent who like to flit about without hassle. With his new powerful 48 V/350 W rear-wheel hub motor the electric scooter will lead you also on hilly roads. Different from Citybug2 the S-version accelerates easily after the kick-start with a thumb throttle used by your right hand. To slow down just release the throttle and apply the supplementary E.A.B. (Electric Assist brake System) on the front wheel of the scooter. To stop the scooter completely, just press the fender brake. The CITYBUG2S can also be folded very small whenever you want to carry it or stow it away somewhere – pure, uncompromising compactness with an outstanding design! GET ON AND GO FASTER Press the Start button and off you go. Then just kick-start the Citybug2S with one Foot so the motor will turn over. To speed up, use the thumb throttle with your right hand and rely on your intuition to experience a carefree, enjoyable ride on your new CITYBUG2S. Having reached the desired speed, you can slow down by releasing the throttle and apply the supplementary E.A.B. SAFETY For us, safety always comes first. All our CITYBUG2S models are therefore equipped with two braking systems that work independently of each other. Both can be operated intuitively. With the new supplementary “Electric Assist brake System” called E.A.B. you can decelerate your Citybug2S gradually. So you always have full control about the speed. This special brake is located on the front wheel of the scooter and slows down the support of the electric motor. The second method of braking your scooter is the fender brake – a robust rear-wheel brake that you can operate with your foot to immediately bring your CITYBUG2S to a full halt. GREEN AND CLEAN No emissions – good for your environment! The CITYBUG2S produces no CO2 pollution whatsoever. Combined with green energy from your power supply company, the sophisticated battery technology, which ensures maximum intervals between charging, means that your actual carbon footprint becomes smaller every day. No noise pollution – The CITYBUG2S is a lightweight electric vehicle that moves through the city without generating any noise. Enjoy the feeling of discovering your city on the quiet. INTUITIVE RIDING Press the Start button and jump on Accelerate up to 5 km/h by kicking off with your foot until the electric drive starts up Speed up until 22km/h by using the thumb throttle with your right hand Once you have reached your desired tempo just enjoy your ride To reduce your speed, release the throttle and apply the supplementary E.A.B. to slow down the motor To stop immediately, step on the rear-wheel brake/on the mudguard THUMB THROTTLE Press the Start button and jump on and kick-start your Citybug2S. To accelerate use the smooth and easy going throttle with your right thumb until you reached your wished speed. You then travel at constant speed. To slow down release the throttle and use the supplementary E.A.B. System. Rely on your intuition to experience a carefree, enjoyable ride. FOLD & GO Arrived at your destination? The CITYBUG2S can be carried effortlessly or parked in a small space practically anywhere: 1. Pull the lever on the bottom side of the handlebar 2. Fold your CITYBUG2S until you hear a slight click 3. Now, you can take it wherever you want to go 4. Reverse the process and drive somewhere else Once folded, the CITYBUG2S is smaller than a folding bicycle. It is light enough to carry up several flights of stairs and small enough to take with you on public transportation or even stow under a shopping cart. STOP & STAND It is a well-known fact that it is often the little things that make all the difference. You can park your CITYBUG2S anywhere you want, without having to look for a wall or fence to lean it against. All you have to do is release the fold lever and pull on the handlebar until the underside of the footboard comes into contact with the ground. Elegantly parked, your CITYBUG2S then sits there, waiting for your next ride. FACTS & FIGURES Spec Product dimension - 986 x 335 x 1081 mm (Unfolded) Weight - 13.5 kg Driving distance - Approx. 18 km (80kg rider) Max speed - 22 km/h (limited) Motor - 350 w Torque - 17 NM Battery - Li-Ion 48 V 4.4 AH Charging - 2A charger, charging time 2.2hrs Riding Control - Thumb Throttle Rear Brake - Fender + Electric Assist Brake Wheel - Front: 8" Air Tire, Rear Wheel: 7.2" Hollow Rubber Front Light - Integrated LED + Reflector Rear Light - Integrated LED + Brake LED Trimen Ventures Pte Ltd 31 Bukit Batok Cresent #01-13 The Splendour Singapore, Singapore 658070 Phone: 67343111 Website: www.facebook.com/TrimenVentures/timeline
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    Concept 42 Pte Ltd

    Concept 42 Pte Ltd With many years of experience in the renovation industry, our work of a professional can make all the difference to your comfort home. Whether your home has 10 bedrooms, or your apartment is 800 square feet, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style. That’s where Concept 42 comes in to assist you distilling your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space. Whether you need help creating a functional space plan, rearranging existing pieces, designing the inside of a new home, or simply sourcing amazing furniture and decor, seeking the help of professional interior designers and decorators is a must. At Concept 42, we delivered luxurious and innovative homes that directly correlate to our client’s needs. Each project starts with a CONCEPT and each concept is created from a very personal connection with our clients. Our priority is to understand the individual needs of each client and apply them throughout the creative process. Result is a COLLABORATION of you and Concept 42 coming together to CREATE an authentic style and home identity for you to cherish for a lifetime. Please do call our friendly consultant for a free quotation. Blk 5035, Ang Mo Kio Ind Pk 2, #01-347 Singapore 569538 HP: 8444 4242 and 9889 3454 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=concept%2042%20pte%20ltd
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    AIBI - Shape Up Your Life

    About AIBI In our continuous quest to emerge as a global leader in the fitness industry, AIBI proudly sets out to become a leading supplier for various products to homes, schools, gyms and institutions. Our portfolio consists of Beauty, Health and Fitness products. We are also the one-stop station to facilitate homes, professional gyms and beauty institutions. We have the ability and experience to offer the finest and most extensive collection of equipment. AIBI also boasts of the largest retail network in South-East Asia, with agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, and Australia. Our sales offices in various parts of the world provide us with the capability to project our presence and to bring a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle to our customers around the globe. Our quality range of products and the wide retail chain have provided excellent services to our valuable clients. As AIBI continues to grow in the international scene by exploring new markets and countries, we strive to develop the best and most innovative products and equipment. We also carry renowned brands to cater to the increasingly demanding market. With our competitive edge and our dedication to long and enriching relationships with our customers, we will continue to enhance the quality of lives through our expertise and quality products. Vision AIBI aims to become the world’s leading innovator and trend-setter for fitness, health and beauty products enabling individuals to perform their personal best and live life to the fullest. Mission To bring the best and the newest range of fitness/health/beauty equipment to individuals as the means of improving their well-being. To advocate, demonstrate and promote healthy living and active lifestyle. Our Services We provide the following services for your convenience: PROFESSIONAL GYM SET-UP We import a wide range of commercial gym equipment of established brand names to meet different needs. • We advise on the best mix of equipment for professional gyms and fitness studios. • Equipment layout will be provided free of charge. • Interior/3D design and renovation services can be arranged. • We can also provide instructors to train your staff on how to fully utilize and care for the equipment. • Service and maintenance contract will be customized to fit your specific needs. MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING We have qualified technicians and engineers to see to your service and maintenance needs. Long-term maintenance and service contract(s) can be arranged. Check out with our Corporate Sales Department. ASSEMBLY Assembly will be provided with delivery, unless otherwise stated or requested by customer. Disassembly and re-assembly of equipment in cases of relocation can be arranged. DELIVERY Door-to-door deliveries can be arranged to most locations in Singapore. Relocation of any equipment bought from AIBI or otherwise can also be arranged. We also provide assistance to arrange for freight to overseas location at no charge. All freight charges and its associated taxes are to be paid by the customer. OTHER SERVICES WE PROVIDE Trade-in services when you would like to upgrade to another exercise equipment. Conditions apply. Free advice on which equipment to suit the fitness needs of your family or staff. WARRANTY Warranties are provided for most exercise equipment. Check out for AIBI’s after-sales service. Kindly visit our website for full ranges of products and services at www.aibifitness.com