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Found 16 results

  1. Ok folks, I start a small effort I slowly build up this thread, but take time lah The item i list one, I consperm sure good one, if not wont gai siao brothers here one I buy already, but haven't use one, I won't gai siao one Torchlights brand (过路者) Basically, 过路者 is a cn brand For driver: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=16611133626 Can break glass and cut seat belt to escape A must have item in the car $13.44 only, you get full metal body and a Cree XML bulb You can get anything close in sg, moi chop For the rest of 过路者 torchlight: http://yanghua6224.taobao.com/?spm=a1z2c.6792737.991222461.1.QGCm2x I also bought a miner headlamp, I find this the most useful http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=17251832864 $8 only Batteries is 18650: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10007853785
  2. Just for sharing here. Recently I bought a headunit, face plate and harness from Taobao, costing less than $150. Touchscreen quality is as good as other branded head units, sound quality I have no comments. Bascially it comes with a harness that fits to your vehicle without any cable cutting or whatsoever. Plug and Play. Best it comes with andrioid auto and Apple Carplay. I saw other basic headunit that cost than $100 with all in accessories. My unit was a stock HU that was removed from a Nissan Vehicle. They managed to do modification to the stock head unit to make it usable on any other Japanese/korean cars. Just doing a sharing here. No sale or advertisement.
  3. Hi, has anyone ordered bodykit from taobao before? Any spray shop to recommend that does spray paint and installation for such request?
  4. Hi there, anyone using items similar to this to allow wireless carplay? https://bit.ly/32mrhEL
  5. Anyone bought car parts and accessories from taobao and care to share their experience? Been looking around and prices are really affordable for many things likes accessories and even service parts. Of course I am concerned about imitations but seems like some items are genuine but made for their local market. Currently, I am looking at stuffs like car door visors, windshield wipers and diy soundproofing rubber strips.
  6. ok folks!!! this time no more cool sex story!!! this time is really ho liao!!! woohoo!!! Got link got talk!!! CHONG AH!!!!! http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/dis...odeId=201214770
  7. Plaza Singapura’s new Nomadx also combines eating and shopping with gaming for an interactive experience. Taobao fans can now take their shopping sprees offline at the new retail concept Nomadx at Plaza Singapura. Spanning 11,000 square feet across two levels of the mall, Nomadx houses Singapore’s first physical Taobao store, as well as 17 other brands offering fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, food and drinks. Taobao is only one of the online stores that has a physical outlet for the first time. The other brands include clothing rental service Style Theory; fragrance design and mixology label Oo La Lab; Digital Fashion Week’s multi-label boutique; and F&B brands Teapasar and By Peapods. But while Nomadx is bringing digital shopping into the physical realm, it’s also enhancing the shopping experience through digital technology. For instance, at the Mamonde skincare counter, you can place any product on a reader and have its information displayed on a screen. Over at Style Theory, you can scan QR codes to receive sizing and styling recommendations. Fashionistas can also shop for new-to-market Nomadx exclusives from fashion brands, such as Karl Lagerfeld’s Pins collection of bags and accessories rolled out in partnership with Robinsons. If you are more used to spending time in the virtual world than offline, you can choose to take part in a “game”. When you sign up through one of the store’s tablets, you’ll be assigned to a “tribe” based on the shopper’s profile you relate to best. You’ll then be able to receive products and deal recommendations based on your tribe profile, as well as see what other shoppers in your tribe bought. To complete your shopping experience, Nomadx also houses F&B outlets Bizen Wagyu Steakhouse By Aston Soon, Coco & Frank, and Waa Cow! Express.
  8. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/army-fake-reviews-online-taobao-amazon-tripadvisor-sales-10448454 marketing strategy or a scam? i dont mind getting paid $1,600 a month just from writing them though... usually before buying stuff on taobao/ezbuy i'll read through the reviews first. esp in the case of ezbuy, it's easy to spot real from fake reviews. usually genuine ones will have actual product photos. and i would prefer to read reviews weighing both the pros and cons. if company A has 20 good reviews, it may just look dubious. but in any case, take any reviews with a pinch of salt. especially items from taobao. one man's meat may be another man's poison. it's the same for bloggers/influencer. they are paid to advertise and endorse products from their sponsors, if not how are they going to earn? though there are genuine ones out there. you usually see the new "influencers" or the less popular ones being more eager to say niceties about their sponsors. those are the ones you should avoid.
  9. hey guys!!! ho liao!!!! http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...ao-4390356.html
  10. So... Story goes I ordered a study table with shelf from ezbuy. Cheap at $45 and looks decent. The problem is... Item arrived and there's no manual. Too many nuts, bolts, screws whatever of all different shapes and sizes, and I suspect even with missing screws. The unfixed table has been left sitting at my house for the past two months. I don't wanna classify it under the white elephant purchase on ezbuy yet, so, my question is... In such a situation where you have furnitures bought online and unable to fix yourself, are there any contacts we can call to get them to fix for us, maybe even use their own tools etc, and then we pay them for labor? TIA.
  11. good luck if your item are still in order and good condition
  12. Guys, Taobao is really super powerful. I happen to found this. haha.
  13. Any body got info? Buying spares in bulk from taobao.
  14. Dear all, I would like to seek feedback from those who bought their on board car cam from Taobao how good their car cam is. As I am keen of getting 1. Thanks Reagrds, rustyz
  15. eh the group buy cancelled? the original TS thread gone, email no reply leh :(
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