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Found 106 results

  1. Hope this information is useful... ACTION WORLDWIDE CORP. (S) PTE LTD Blk 261, Waterloo Street #01-40 Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 8370135, 8370136 Fax: (65) 8370137 Contact Name: SUNNY CHANG,PETER CHAN Email Address: action@mol.net.my Core Business: Bendix France brake parts, Jurid disc pad & coupling, Hitachi carburator & ignition coil, Utilux Australia, Paul Journee wiper blade, 156 rubber parts, Stoplus disc pad. Brands: BENDIX, JURID, HITACHI CARBURATOR/IGNITION COIL, UTILUX, PAUL JOURNEE W/BLADE, 156 RUBBER PARTS, STOPLUS DISC PAD. AIK HOE MOTOR PTE LTD Blk 681 Race Course Road #01-307 Singapore 210681 Tel: (65) 2982929 Fax: (65) 2930430 Contact Name: ONG YONG HWA, ONG YONG MENG Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Automotive Spare Parts, Tyres And DYNA Brand Automotive Batteries. Brands: DYNA AIK HUAT CHOP Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-39/41,#02-43/44 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3383394, 3377890, 3381552, 3362522 Fax: (65) 3362576 Contact Name: ONG LAY KHOON Core Business: FORD, DAIHATSU, BMC, KONI, GABRIEL, MONROE, TOKICO, QHL, 555, NWB, DAIKIN, FBK, FUJI, CHAMPION plugs and HOLT'S products. Brands: FORD, DAIHATSU, BMC, KONI, GABRIEL, MONROE, TOKICO, QHL, 555, NWB, DAIKIN, F.B.K., FUJI CHAMPION, BOSTIK, HOLT. AIK KIONG ENGINEERING CO 90 Dunlop Street Singapore 209414 Tel: (65) 3372959, 3372854 Fax: (65) 3396157 Contact Name: TAN YONG HOO Core Business: Specialise in all Brands & all kinds of filters. Wholesalers & Retail. Manufacture in accordance to buyer's specifications. AIK LEE AUTO SPARE PARTS CO 912 Upper Bukit Timah Road 10 m.s. Singapore 678197 Tel: (65) 7655285, 7655286 Fax: (65) 7655286 Contact Name: TEO CHOON HUAT Core Business: Motor Car Spare Parts & Engine Parts. AIK WAH ENGINEERING CO PTE LTD 2 & 22/24 Foch Road Singapore 209252 Tel: (65) 2982944, 2966440 Fax: (65) 2982359 Contact Name: LEE BOON TEIK, LEE KHIN THERN Email Address: aikwah@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Spares For All Tyres Of Japanese, British & European Made. Brands: ISUZU, NISSAN UD, TOYOTA, GMB, HKT. AIK BENG MFG TRADING CO PTE LTD Blk 635 Veerasamy Road #01-150 Singapore 200635 Tel: (65) 2911235, 2911209 Fax: (65) 2915468 Contact Name: ER SWEE PIN Core Business: Mfr. & Stockists Of Filters For Ind. & Com. use. ALLIEDSIGNAL SINGAPORE PTE LTD 16A Science Park Drive #01-04 The Pascal Singapore 118228 Tel: (65) 7751162 Fax: (65) 7751886 Contact Name: BETTY SEAH BEE LING Core Business: Manufacturers Of Brake Parts And Friction Materials. Brands: BENDIX ALLTRADE INDUSTRIAL & MOTOR SUPPLIES Blk 1034 Eunos Ave 5 #01-52 Singapore 409743 Tel: (65) 7442442, Fax: (65) 7444649 Contact Name: RICHARD NG , ALICIA NG Email Address: attrade@smartnet.com.sg Core Business: Authorised stockist and exporter for Toyota, Komatsu, Nissan, Mitsubishi, TCM, Vale, Kayaba & Shimadzu pump, Forklift parts. Brands: TOYOTA, KOMATSU, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, TCM, VALE, KAYABA, SHIMADZU AMIGO INTERNATIONAL AUTO 343-B Jalan Besar Singapore 208986 Tel: (65) 2937606, 2929852 Fax: (65) 2970897 Contact Name: C H LIM Email Address: amig0343@mbox2.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Importer/Exporter of Automotive/Motorcycle Spare parts, of Genuine & Replacement Brand New Parts, and Manufacturer's Representative. Brands: ACELITE, CENTURY, EFFE, F.A, F.D, FUJI, KENS, NIKKO, KSK, NILES, SUPER, 555, STANLEY, CULTURE, MIKUNI, KEIHIN, URW, MATSUBA, RIK, T.E.C., TCL, T.K.R., HINO, ISUZU, MIT, K.S., T.S.K., TOP, PB, SWALLOW, SUN, ASK, JBS, ART, IZUMI, HONDA ANG BROTHER'S AUTO SUPPLY Blk 24 Sin Ming Road #01-33 Singapore 570024 Tel: (65) 4593077, 5542061, 5542063 Fax: (65) 4593137 Contact Name: ANG BOON MENG Core Business: Honda Auto Parts. Brands: HONDA ASIA OILSEALS MANUFACTURING CO Blk 5052 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-1089 Singapore 569555 Tel: (65) 4813315, 4813316 Fax: (65) 4823337 Contact Name: LIM TIAM HOE Core Business: Automotive Oilseals, Hydraulic Seals, Cylinder Seal Kit, Engine Liners. AUTO UNITED MOTOR PTE LTD Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-32 Singapore 151119 Tel: (65) 2785117, 2785118, 2787815 Fax: (65) 2764020 Contact Name: ONG SENG KEE, ONG SENG LAI Core Business: Vehicle Spare Parts And Accessories. AUTOACC TRADING PTE LTD 40 Loyang Drive Singapore 508961 Tel: (65) 5427388 Fax: (65) 5427988 Contact Name: LOW CHEE MENG Email Address: lowcmeng@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Car Audio, Alloy Wheel, Tyres. Brands: PIRELLI, BBS, RONAL AUTOBACS VENTURE SINGAPORE PTE LTD 126 Paya Lebar Road Singapore 409012 Tel: (65) 7495600 Fax: (65) 7434200 Contact Name: OSAMU SUGIKAWA Core Business: Retailing Of Car Accessories And General Servicing. AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES PTE LTD 596 Serangoon Road Singapore 218209 Tel: (65) 2980522, 2948759 Fax: (65) 2989145 Contact Name: NG KEH KEE Core Business: Importers & Exporters Of Auto Parts. AUTOZONE AUTOMOTIVE ENTERPRISE 27 Roberts Lane Singapore 218306 Tel: (65) 2932557 Fax: (65) 2938445 Contact Name: NEO CHIN AIK Core Business: Body Parts, Lamps, Mirrors, Door Handles & Locks, Filters, Fuel & Radiator Caps, Wiper Arms & Blades, Bulbs & Fuses, Disc Rotors, Disc Pads, Brake Shoes, Wheel cylinder & etc. Brands: THM, LUCID, EIKO, FLEETGUARD, SY, MOUNTAIN, BENDIX, BAN HOCK HIN CO PTE LTD 6 Defu Lane 4 Singapore 539410 Tel: (65) 2816520, 2989122, 2989228, 2989501 Fax: (65) 2812830, 2989974, 2972716 Contact Name: RICHARD TAN KAH CHUAN,ROBERT TAN BEE CHUAN Email Address: bhh01@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Motorcycles & Motor Scooters. Spareparts & accessories, Hire Purchase, Financing, Insurance. Brands: BHH BAN LEE THONG TRADING CO PTE LTD 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road #02-12 Da Jin Factory Building Singapore 534963 Tel: (65) 2891863 Fax: (65) 2891138 Contact Name: ONG BAN KIM, KENNY ONG WEE BOON Core Business: Importer & exporter of Toyata 4WD vehicle"Landcruiser" & Hilux spare parts. Brands: JointFUJI, MAIC, TEZUKA, TOYO, GEN, DOKURO etc. Brands: FUJI, MAIC, TEZUKA, TOYO, GEN, DOKURO BANLY SPARE PARTS PTE LTD Blk 2001 Bukit Batok Industrial Park A #01-28 Singapore 659712 Tel: (65) 5656818 Fax: (65) 5656411 Contact Name: YAP BOON HIAN, KWOH HENG Core Business: Sub-Distributor For Gates Automotive Products. Authorise Dealer For Mitsubishi, Fuso & Canter, Daihatsu Genuine Parts. Stockists of Filters for all kindsof engines, Tractors, Construction equipment, Trucksindustries etc. Brands: GATES, MITSUBISHI, FUSO, CANTER, POWERGRIP, DAIHATSU. BATU PAHAT MOTOR CO Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-28 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3372998, 3378772 Fax: (65) 3378772 Contact Name: ONG ENG CHEN Core Business: Automotive Spare Parts. BENZLINE AUTO PTE LTD 56 Tannery Lane Singapore 347801 Tel: (65) 2929200, 3339400, 3339500 Fax: (65) 2921022, 3339600 Contact Name: KEVIN NG SENG KEONG Email Address: benzline@mbox2.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Authorised stockist for Mercedes Benz ACC. AMG. Importer & Exporter for Mercedes Benz & BMW Accessories, Alloy Wheels, Tyres, Sport suspension. Brands: MERCEDES BENZ, AMG, BMW. C C POON (S) PTE LTD 5001 Beach Road #06-07 Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199588 Tel: (65) 2989855, 2989767, 2919822 Fax: (65) 2967288 Contact Name: POON CHAN KEE Email Address: ccpoonsg@mbox4.singnet.com.sg Core Business: TRW Auto Parts. Brands: TRW C P NG AGENCIES PTE LTD 101 Kitchener Road #03-12 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511 Tel: (65) 2983766 Fax: (65) 2967522 Contact Name: RICKY NG Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Automotive, Motorcycle Spare Parts & Accessories Manufacturers' Representatives. CAPCO PTE LTD 6001 Beach Road #13-07 Golden Mile Tower Singapore 199589 Tel: (65) 2967913, 2941915 Fax: (65) 2965173 Contact Name: LIM TECK GUAN, M. MURANAKA Core Business: Singapore office of Central AutomotiveProducts Ltd., Japan. Importer & Exporter of Automotive Spare Parts, . Air-Conditioner & Accessories. CEDRIC LEONG AUTO SUPPLY CO 23 Kelantan Lane Singapore 208642 Tel: (65) 2945901, 2945930 Fax: (65) 2960953 Contact Name: NORDON LIM, L C LIM Core Business: Wholesaler & Retailer Oilseals & O-Rings. Brands: KOYO, M, NOK. CEDRIC MOTOR PTE LTD 94 Rangoon Road Singapore 218379 Tel: (65) 2988288, 7474884, 7474886 Fax: (65) 2965782, 7470584 Contact Name: LEE MOON SOO,YEO KIM ING Core Business: Nissan Authorised Stockist, Sales Of Cars, Hire Purchase, Insurance. Brands: NISSAN CHEAP CHEE CO PTE LTD Blk 405 Victoria Street #01-760 Singapore 180405 Tel: (65) 2928376, 2944602, 2944438, 2942020 Fax: (65) 2970506 Contact Name: TEO SER ONN,S H TEO Core Business: Imp., Exp., Dist. Spare Parts - German & Japan Cars/Trucks. Specialty: MERCEDES, MAN. Brands: MERCEDES, MAN CHEAP HUAT AUTO CO Blk 640 Rowell Road #01-70 Singapore 200640 Tel: (65) 2931818, 2932819 Fax: (65) 2945150 Contact Name: NG CHENG SIM,NG CHENG HAI Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Of Auto Spare Parts & Accessories. CHEE HWA CO Blk 681 Race Course Road #01-297 Singapore 210681 Tel: (65) 2930578, 2939332 Fax: (65) 2927824 Contact Name: ONG SIN HEO Core Business: Bearings. Importers & Exporters Of Motor Accessories, Spare Parts. CHIN AIK CO PTE LTD 295-297 Jalan Besar Singapore 208956 Tel: (65) 2937055, 2951175, 2980919, 2981978 Fax: (65) 2967696, 2961578 Contact Name: YEO ENG ANN Core Business: Machinery Parts, Diesel Engine Spare Parts & Accessories. CHIN HON MOTOR & TRADING PTE LTD 62 Race Course Road Singapore 218568 Tel: (65) 2963915 Fax: (65) 2966306 Contact Name: GEORGE LEE CHIN HON Core Business: Importers & Exporters of all kinds of Japanese Vehicles & Trucks Spareparts. CHIP ENG AUTO PTE LTD Blk 1085 Eunos Avenue 7A #01-36 Singapore 409535 Tel: (65) 7471541 Fax: (65) 7476098 Contact Name: TAY CHENG TECK,CHEW BOON HOE Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Of All Kinds Auto Spare Parts & Accessories. CHIP LIAN AUTO PTE LTD 59 Dickson Road Singapore 209527 Tel: (65) 2927581, 2941770, 2941748 Fax: (65) 2971231 Contact Name: KEE LIANG SOON Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Of All Kinds Of Japanese Spare Parts. CHIP SOON AUTO SUPPLY CO Blk 9002 Tampines Street 93 #01-74 Tampines Ind. Park Singapore 528836 Tel: (65) 7862811 Fax: (65) 7886517 Contact Name: SEOW CHEAH CHIN Core Business: Sales & Service of automotive parts. CHIP YEW CO PTE LTD 405 Jalan Besar Singapore 209011 Tel: (65) 2984330, 2961863, 3537690 Fax: (65) 2941418 Contact Name: TAY ENG HUAT,KEE YAW CHYUAN Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Of Auto Spare Parts, Stockists And Distributor Of Daikin, Asco, GMB, HKT, Newera, Tokico, Niles, Kyosan, Stanley, Fuji carbon, 555, Seiwa, NWB, PB & Swallow, Nikkohorn, FBK, Keyster, Flosser, Hitachi, Tama, Utilux. Brands: DAIKIN, GMB, 555, NEWERA, HKT, ASCO, TOKICO, NILES, KYOSAN, STANLEY, FUJI, SEIWA, NWB, PB, SWALLOW, NIKKOHORN, FBK, KEYSTER, FLOSSER, HITACHI, TAMA, UTILUX. CHIP YEW MACHINERY PTE LTD 1080 Serangoon Road Singapore 328183 Tel: (65) 2912009 Contact Name: LEE CHOY SENG,LEE TIEN CHYE Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Of All Kinds Motor Spare Parts. CHIP YONG MACHINERY PTE LTD 39 Rowell Road Singapore 207991 Tel: (65) 2996375, 2996728 Fax: (65) 2993632 Contact Name: CHIAM CHENG YONG,KHEE BOON ANN Core Business: Import & Export Of Auto Spare Parts. Brands: DAIKIN, 555, TOYO CHONG FU TRADING CO Kitchener Road P.O. Box 20 Singapore 912001 Tel: (65) 2918767 Fax: (65) 4592270 Contact Name: TONY LIAN KIAT PENG Email Address: tonylkp@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Automobile Mufflers, Exhaust Pipes & Accessories. Automobile Spare Parts. CHOON CHONG AUTO CO 226 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574358 Tel: (65) 4598068 Fax: (65) 4585108 Contact Name: LIM CHEE CHONG Core Business: Car Stereo, Auto Accessories. CHU AUTO SUPPLY 447 Race Course Road Singapore 218690 Tel: (65) 3920758 Fax: (65) 3920759 Contact Name: CHU KIAN CHEONG,CHU KIAN LEONG Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Of Genuine Mercedes & Japanese Auto Parts. Brands: MERCEDES CHU CHEONG CO PTE LTD 135 Middle Road #03-02 Bylands Building Singapore 188975 Tel: (65) 3382256 Fax: (65) 3394976 Contact Name: NG GHIT CHEONG Core Business: Industrial Sewing Machines And Garment Equipments, Uniform, Shoes, Rubber, Tyres, & General Merchandise. CHU HOCK ENGINEERING PTE LTD 85 Genting Lane #01-01 Guan Hua Warehouse Building Singapore 349569 Tel: (65) 7438583, 2958583 Fax: (65) 7488507, 2918583 Contact Name: LEE CHOON SIN Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Auto Spare Parts. CHU HOE HIN TRADING PTE LTD 167-A Thomson Road Goldhill Centre Singapore307619 Tel: (65) 2535376, 2535888, 7588854, 7522888 Fax: (65) 2508508, 2558044, 7589911 Contact Name: JERRY T H TAN,TAN TJIN GUAN Email Address: ocean@cyberway.com.sg Core Business: Engine Parts, Piston, Liner, Ring, Clutch Disc, Electrical Parts, Brake Pads/Shoes OEM Manufacturers Of Gasket For Automobile, Used Japanese car/truck engines, Axle, Body parts. Brands: CHH, OCEAN CITY TRADING CO PTE LTD 14 Upper Aljunied Road Lot.2 Singapore 367842 Tel: (65) 2808722, 2828475 Fax: (65) 2828479 Contact Name: HO CHEW HOON,HO LAY WAH Core Business: Import & Export of Vehicles and parts. CONCORDE AUTO ACCESSORIES (S) PTE LTD 89 Short Street B1-03 Golden Wall Centre Singapore188216 Tel: (65) 3381744, 3381705, 3389175 Fax: (65) 3394281, 3344109 Contact Name: WONG KAM WAN, WONG KAM CHIANG Email Address: concorde@swiftech.com.sg Core Business: Auto Accessories, Auto Spare Parts, Racing Accessories & Hi-Fi Stereo. CONNALD MOTOR PTE LTD 34 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207338 Tel: (65) 2934210, 7477313 Fax: (65) 4566786 Contact Name: HONG BOON CHONG Core Business: Genuine Toyota & Mitsubishi Parts. Brands: TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI CYCLE & CARRIAGE INDUSTRIES (1986) PTE LTD 209 Pandan Gardens Singapore 609339 Tel: (65) 5609844 Fax: (65) 5678117 Contact Name: TEO YOU TIN, RONALD CHUA Core Business: Automotive Vehicles, Parts & Accessories, Franchise Distributor for Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi & Proton Saga. Brands: MERCEDES BENZ, MITSUBISHI, PROTON SAGA D'INDUSTRIAL CO 230 Jalan Besar #05-01 Hong Leong Chamber Singapore 208906 Tel: (65) 2933029, 97027477 Fax: (65) 2985075 Contact Name: SOH SENG KOK Core Business: Automotive and tractors spare parts. DAFONG TRADING PTE LTD 100 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207676 Tel: (65) 2970979 Fax: (65) 2971905, 2992071 Contact Name: TAY GEOK HUA, TAY KER SEE Core Business: Automotive, Industrial, Marine Spare Parts Suppliers & Commercial Agent. DAHA AUTO PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-15 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3377422, 3363083 Fax: (65) 3361445 Contact Name: LIAN CHIAN HUA Core Business: Importers, Exporters & Distributors Of Japanese Auto Parts ( Daihatsu/Isuzu ). Brands: DAIHATSU, ISUZU DANA ASIA (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD 9 Tai Seng Drive #02-02 Suite J, Singapore 535227 Tel: (65) 4870600, 4874464 Fax: (65) 4870676, 4876674 Contact Name: BRUCE ENG, NG BOON WAH Core Business: Regional distribution centre for heavy duty & automotive spare parts & industrial/hydraulic hoses & fittings. Brands: DANA, SPICER, PERFECT CIRCLE, VICTOR REINZ, WIX, WEATHERHEAD. DEVELOPMENT MOTORS PTE LTD Blk 20 Woodlands Link #01-06 Woodlands East Ind. Estate Singapore 738733 Tel: (65) 7558755, 3392929 Fax: (65) 7559755, 3388138 Contact Name: ONG WOO TENG, ONG WOO THIAM Email Address: dmpl1@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Importer, Exporter Of Genuine Mercedes Benz Spare Parts & Accessories. Brands: MERCEDES BENZ EAGLE AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTD 733 Bukit Timah Road #02-05 Second Avenue Junction Singapore 269748 Tel: (65) 4663922 Fax: (65) 4683966 Contact Name: MICHAEL LOE, KELVIN TEO Email Address: eaglepl@mbox2.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Manufacturers' representatives for automotive parts. EMINENT EQUIPMENT PTE LTD 3 Shenton Way #16-09 Shenton House Singapore068805 Tel: (65) 2261295, 2209666 Fax: (65) 2261296 Contact Name: LIM YAP LENG Core Business: Stockists, Importer/Exporter Of Genuine & OEM Parts for: - Renault/Berliet, Logging Truck. Brands: RENAULT, BERLIET. EMPIRE MOTOR CO OF SINGAPORE PTE LTD 200 Jalan Sultan #12-11 Textile Centre Singapore199018 Tel: (65) 2919077, 2919623 Fax: (65) 2911548 Contact Name: STEVEN TAN Email Address: emcsin@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Indentor Of Automotive Spare Parts & Accessories. Brands: DAIKIN,DAIDO,FUJI OOZX, MIYACO, CHERRY, TBK, RIK, MK, JKC, IZUMI ENERGIT AUTO TRADING CO Blk 261 Waterloo Street #02-27/28 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3383972 Fax: (65) 3389625 Contact Name: LEE WENG KONG Core Business: Importers & Exporters, stockists & distributors of genuine spare parts for Alfa Romeo and BMW Brands: ALFA ROMEO, BMW ENERGY MOTOR ACCESSORIES PTE LTD 17 Sam Leong Road Singapore 207908 Tel: (65) 2946662 Fax: (65) 2984730 Contact Name: TAY KIM MENG Core Business: Toyota Parts. Brands: TOYOTA ENG CHUAN & CO Blk 41 Bendemeer Road #01-1256 Singapore330041 Tel: (65) 2927626, 2927845, 2939615, 2939616 Fax: (65) 2960480 Contact Name: WEE KIM CHENG Core Business: Auto Spares, Marine & Engineering Parts & Hardware. ENG HOE AUTO SUPPLY PTE LTD 176 Serangoon Road Singapore 218055 Tel: (65) 2931062 Fax: (65) 2935382 Contact Name: SIM KIM TECK, A K TAN Core Business: Import & Export Of Auto Parts & Accessories. ENG HUAT & CO 11 Sam Leong Road Singapore 207903 Tel: (65) 2913274, 2940258, 2949301, 8410021 Fax: (65) 2972243 Contact Name: TAN AH PONG Core Business: Specialised In Automobile Electrical Parts, Re-Conditioned Dynamo Starters. ENG JOO TRADING CO Blk 12 Short Street #01-04 Singapore 180012 Tel: (65) 3383155, 3379549 Fax: (65) 3386701 Contact Name: GOH SIEW CHEE, LIM MONG ENG Core Business: Motorcycle Spare Parts, Cylinder Boring And Honing Machine, Press Jacks, Bottle Jacks, Piston & Ring Set. ENG KIAT AUTO SUPPLY Blk 11 Kempas Road #01-59 Singapore 330011 Tel: (65) 2966565, 2930913 Fax: (65) 2930913 Contact Name: WILLIE ONG Core Business: Auto Parts & Accessories, Wholesale & Retail. ENG LEE AUTO PTE LTD 85 Genting Lane #04-03 Guan Hua Warehouse Building Singapore 349569 Tel: (65) 7448874, 7416361 Fax: (65) 7415052 Contact Name: NG SING KUEI, NG SING KEE Core Business: Importers & Exporters Of Auto Spare Parts. ENG LEE MACHINERY PTE LTD Blk 633 Veerasamy Road #01-126 Singapore 200633 Tel: (65) 2942550 Fax: (65) 2964509 Contact Name: LOO LIAN CHIAT Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Of Marine Ind. & Truck Diesel Spare Parts: AEC, Leyland, Cummins, Ford, Gardner, Bedford, Perkins. Bowman: Oil coolers and heat exchangers,Tonanco, Nico, Twin Disc, Borg Warner, Hydraulic Disc Plate. Brands: BOWMAN, PERKINS, NISSAN UD, ISUZU, HINO, ACE, LEYLAND, CUMMINS, FORD, BEDFORD, GARDNER. ENG SOON AUTO TRADING CO 1090 & 1094 Serangoon Road Singapore 328189 Tel: (65) 2917775 Fax: (65) 2982670 Contact Name: KELVIN NG SENG KEONG Core Business: Import & Export Of Genuine BMW Parts & Mercedes Benz Accessories. Brands: BMW, MERCEDES ENG THYE AUTO PTE LTD 221 Jalan Besar Singapore 208901 Tel: (65) 2920091, 2920092 Fax: (65) 2962130 Contact Name: NG KEH SIONG Core Business: Importers & Exporters Of Motor Spare Parts. Brands: QH, NPR, AE EUROASIA LINK PTE LTD 37 Tannery Lane #05-05 Tannery House Singapore 347790 Tel: (65) 8428133 Fax: (65) 8428122 Contact Name: ONG CHOO KEE Core Business: General agent for Kolbenschmidt (Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia & Thailand) and various European automotive spare parts. Brands: SK, GK, L'ORANGE, ASP, DIP, SBS, PEX, WAHLER EVERSURE MOTOR PTE LTD 15 Birch Road Singapore 219885 Tel: (65) 2971111, 2946625 Fax: (65) 2948782 Contact Name: LIM SOON ANN Email Address: sanwalim@mbox4.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Gasket And Oil Seals. Brands: CHERRY, PAYEN, FUJI, STONE FEDERAL-MOGUL WORLD TRADE PTE LTD 1 Maritime Square #09-22 World Trade Centre Singapore 099253 Tel: (65) 2754626 Fax: (65) 2753370, 2753371 Contact Name: RICHARD YIP KUEN PENG Email Address: fmsin@cyberway.com.sg Core Business: Regional distribution centre for automotive and heavy duty spare parts. Brands: FEDERAL-MOGUL, AE, PAYEN FONG EE INDUSTRIAL PTE LTD 949/951 Serangoon Road Singapore 328145 Tel: (65) 2970688, 7455824, 4542288, 4537180 Fax: (65) 2970774, 2985270 Contact Name: TAN SEONG KOK Core Business: Honda & Hyundai Genuine Spare Parts, OEM Parts; Importers And Exporters. Brands: HONDA, HYUNDAI FONG TAT MOTOR CO PTE LTD 355/357 Serangoon Road Singapore 218115 Tel: (65) 2949832, 2954402, 2985333, 2970688, 2935722, Fax: (65) 2992158, 2962093 Contact Name: RICHARD TAN Email Address: ftgrpnet@mbox3.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Authorised Stockist For NISSAN, TOYOTA, OPEL. Genuine Spare Parts, OEM Parts, Importers and Exporters. Brands:, NISSAN, OPEL, URW, ROCKY, TOKICO, RIK, ASCO, NIKKI, NOC, HITACHI. FONG YAT MOTOR CO PTE LTD Blk 685 Race Course Road #01-324 Singapore 210685 Tel: (65) 2935722, 2935161, 2935308, 2988679 Fax: (65) 2942251 Contact Name: LIANG CHIN PO Core Business: Authorise Stockist For " Mazda ", " Ford ". Genuine Spare Parts, OEM Parts. Importer & Exporter. Brands: MAZDA, FORD FULL-SPEED AUTO TRADING Blk 9004, Tampines Ind. Park A, St 93, #01-84 Singapore 528838 Tel: (65) 7843669, 7841842 Fax: (65) 7830013 Contact Name: BERNARD TAY Core Business: Autospares parts, GABRIEL shock absorbers stockist Brands: GABRIEL FUPEK AUTO SUPPLIES PTE LTD 442 Serangoon Road Singapore 218135 Tel: (65) 2978055 Fax: (65) 2978056 Contact Name: JOHNNY CHOO KIM TAH Core Business: Importer, Exporter And Distributor Of Auto Spare Parts. Brands: GLOW, LUCID, TYC, VIKI. G S AUTO SUPPLY PTE LTD 83 Owen Road Singapore 218898 Tel: (65) 2932064, 2932065, 2932066 Fax: (65) 2967005 Contact Name: VICTOR LIM Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Motor Vehicles Spare Parts. Brands: TOYOTA GALLOP AUTOPARTS 3 Pemimpin Drive #02-05 Lip Hing Industrial Building Singapore 576147 Tel: (65) 2587203, 2587204 Fax: (65) 2587395 Contact Name: YEO HUI CHOON Email Address: gallop@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Mercedes Benz Spare Parts. Brands: MERCEDES H J AUTO PTE LTD Blk 1001 Eunos Avenue 8 #01-36 Singapore 409496 Tel: (65) 7467302, 7467391, 7441769 Fax: (65) 7451723 Contact Name: CHANG HONG CHIN Core Business: Nissan " UD" & Other Japanese Truck Spare Parts. Brands: NISSAN UD HANDSOME MACHINERY CO PTE LTD 26, Cavan Road, Singapore 209854 Tel: (65) 2985655 Fax: (65) 2984602, 2986786 Contact Name: CHOW CHEONG HONG Core Business: Toyota Landcrusier, Hi-Lux, Truck, Nissan UD, Isuzu, NPR , RIK, Izumi Piston Ring & Liner Kit. Brands: TOYOTA, NISSAN UD, ISUZU, NPR, RIK, IZUMI, HE XING AUTO SUPPLY 76 Dunlop Street Singapore 209403 Tel: (65) 2912827, 2911886 Fax: (65) 2964390, 2917717 Contact Name: ONG KIM POR Email Address: hexing@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Dealers In All Kinds Of Auto Spare Parts Accessories. Brands: TOYOTA, ROVER, SUZUKI HENG HOCK HENG AUTO PARTS Blk 3024 Ubi Road 3 #01-71 / #02-79 Singapore 408652 Tel: (65) 7442636, 7445152, 4551121 Fax: (65) 7423946 Contact Name: GEANNIE POH Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Proton & Rover spare parts. Brands: PROTON, ROVER. UNIPART HENG HOE MOTOR CO 130 Race Course Road Singapore 218587 Tel: (65) 2938900 Fax: (65) 2921967 Contact Name: TAN MING CHING Core Business: Specialist In Assembly Cables-All Types Of Speedo & Tachometer, MECHNICAL Control Cables For Motorcycles, Automotive, Marine & Industrial. Brands: SUPER, MORSE, OFK, TSK, SBK HENG LEE AUTO SUPPLY PTE LTD 4 & 6 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207312 Tel: (65) 2940133 Fax: (65) 2940166 Contact Name: LOW NGIAN WOO Email Address: hlauto@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Importer, Exporter And Dealer Of "Ford", "Mazda" And "Kia" Genuine Parts & Accessories. Brands: MAZDA, FORD, KIA HENLEY AGENCIES PTE LTD 711 Geylang Road #02-01 Oriental Venture Building Singapore 389626 Tel: (65) 7463233 Fax: (65) 7461833 Contact Name: DAVE ONG Core Business: Importer/ Exporter Of Car, Trucks, Pick-Ups, Buses & Motorcycles, Agricultural Products, Electrical Goods, Building Materials, and General Commodities HIAP AIK TRADING CO PTE LTD 286 MacPherson Road Singapore 348609 Tel: (65) 7489940, 7489464 Fax: (65) 7486594 Contact Name: ALLAN HONG Core Business: Sole Agent, P.G.O., Scooters Importer & Exporter. Brands: P.G.O./SCOOTER HIGHLINE ENTERPRISE PTE LTD Blk 681 Race Course Road #01-313 Singapore 210681 Tel: (65) 2960715 Fax: (65) 2966648, Contact Name: KOH GEAK LING Email Address: komura@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Authorised Agent & Stockist for "BANDO".Automotive Fan Belt-SPRAF & RPF, Timing Belt, Rib-Ace Belt, Auto Spare Parts. Brands: BANDO, SPRAF, RPF, RIB-ACE. HO LEE AUTO CO PTE LTD 138 Serangoon Road Singapore 218040 Tel: (65) 2939384, 2934292, 2934057 Fax: (65) 2934057 Contact Name: HO KAH SIONG Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Automobile Spare Parts And Accessories. HOCK CHIN JOO TRADING CO Blk 15 Defu Lane 10 #01-392 Singapore 539196 Tel: (65) 2883824 Fax: (65) 2847324 Contact Name: ONG CHIN JOO Core Business: Importers & Exporters Of Trucks Spare Parts & Accessories. Brands: NISSAN UD, MITSUBISHI HOCK HIN AUTO TRADING CO 36 Desker Road Singapore 209568 Tel: (65) 2943868 Fax: (65) 2932483 Contact Name: WILLIAM NG THIAM HUAT Core Business: Dealers In Auto Spare Parts & Accessories, Importer & Exporter Of Dynamo + Starters, Japanese Body Parts. Brands: DYNAMO, THM, GLD, TYC, LUCID, HOCK HWA TRADING (PTE) LTD 261 Jalan Besar Singapore 208936 Tel: (65) 2980224, 2954266, 2927939, 7487159 Fax: (65) 2968750 Contact Name: NG KAY MENG Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Motorcycle Spare Parts, Batteries, Tyres And Tubes. HOCK SENG CO PTE LTD 27 Foch Road #02-03 Hoa Nam Building Singapore 209264 Tel: (65) 2981108, 2938755, 4819778, 4811925 Fax: (65) 2927644, 4816539 Contact Name: EDWARD K H TING Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Auto Spare Parts For GM/Bedford, Hino, Nissan UD, Isuzu & Fuso Trucks & Buses. Brands: GM/BEDFORD, HINO, NISSAN UD, ISUZU, FUSO HONG KIM TRADING PTE LTD Blk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #01-200/2 Singapore 408704 Tel: (65) 7485722, 7411121, 94189767 Fax: (65) 7415190, 7487321 Contact Name: RICKY TAN, SAM TAN Core Business: Specialists In Exhausts System For All Japanese, Korean And European Vehicles. HONG SENG HENG AUTO PARTS Blk 23 Sin Ming Road #01-15 Singapore 570023 Tel: (65) 4516566 Fax: (65) 4577865 Contact Name: ROBIN LIAW YEW CHYE Core Business: Importer & Exporter of genunie spare parts, and windscreen for Proton, Rover and Isuzu Brands: PROTON, ROVER, ISUZU HUP CHEONG AUTO TRADING CO 3 Mayo Street Singapore 208303 Tel: (65) 2945266 Fax: (65) 2931614 Contact Name: NG SOON KENG Core Business: Autoparts Retailers. HUP KHOON ENGINEERING PTE LTD Blk 637 Veerasamy Road #02-113 Singapore 200637 Tel: (65) 2967162, 2969757 Fax: (65) 2965451 Contact Name: LIM MONG HUE Core Business: Specialists in Brake shoe, "NPD" Brand Brake pad, "NPW" Water Pump, ASCO & NKK clutch Disc & Cover. Brands: NPD, NPW, ASCO, NKK. HUP LECK AUTO PART CO PTE LTD 18 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207326 Tel: (65) 2939213 Fax: (65) 2963450 Contact Name: SEAH KER TONG,SEAH BOON HUA Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Auto Spare Parts And All Diesel Engine Parts Of Isuzu, Nissan, Hino, Fuso, Daihatsu, Toyota. Brands:ASAHI, CHEERY, FUJI, NPR, RIK; ISUZU, NISSAN, HINO, FUSO, DAIHATSU, TOYOTA. HWA KONG TRADING CO (PTE) LTD 34 Liu Fang Road Singapore 628684 Tel: (65) 2621311, 2654840 Fax: (65) 2621722 Contact Name: HONG KAI KOK, HONG KAI TIONG Email Address: hwakong@cyberway.com.sg Core Business: Wholesaler of Tyre and Battery. "VARTA", "AURORA" & "OHAYO" Car Batteries, "ACE" Light Truck Tires. "APOLLO" & "FAVOURABLE WIND" Truck Tires. "OREGON" Chain Saw Accessories. Brands: VARTA, AURORA, OHAYO, ACE, APOLLO, FAVOURABLE WIND, OREGON. HWA SENG MOTOR CO Blk 12 Short Street #01-08 Singapore 180012 Tel: (65) 3361341, 3361011, 7445076 Fax: (65) 3390393, Contact Name: ONG KIM HAI, LARRY. Core Business: Autoparts Wholesale & Distributor Autoparts Retailers. Brands: MITSUBISHI/FUSO HWA YEW AUTO PTE LTD 51 Dickson Road Singapore 209524 Tel: (65) 2965270 Fax: (65) 2916795 Contact Name: CHUA HIAN AIK Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Automotive Spare Parts. HWEE LAI CO PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-20 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3385066 Fax: (65) 3371932 Contact Name: TAN KEE KONG Email Address: hly@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Gaskets And Oil Seals. INCHCAPE TECHNICAL (A Div. of Inchcape Timuran S'pore Pte Ltd) 58 Toh Guan Road #03-00 Singapore 608829 Tel: (65) 5650322 Fax: (65) 5614590 Contact Name: DAVID CHUA ENG HOE Core Business: Trading - Marketing INTERNATIONAL BEARINGS PTE LTD 73-75, 77 & 79 Owen Road Singapore 218891 Tel: (65) 2930760, 2930288, 2930054, 2664244 Fax: (65) 2913668, 2934496 Contact Name: NG PENG ENG, NG KIAN SENG Email Address: export@intbearing.com.sg Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of All Kinds Of Ball And Roller Bearings And Stockist. INWAH PTE LTD 338 King George's Avenue King George's Building Singapore 208573 Tel: (65) 2921352, 2915129, 2980338 Fax: (65) 2960120, 2911038 Contact Name: H L TAN, TAN CHEE KIONG Core Business: Importers & Exporters Of Automotive Spare Parts & Accessoeies. Specialist In Land-Rover Spare Parts. Brands: LAND ROVER J. UNIQUE SINGAPORE PTE LTD 10-A Dalhouse Lane Singapore 209679 Tel: (65) 2964429 Fax: (65) 2972178 Contact Name: VINCENT TAN, JOHN NG Core Business: Autoparts Brands:HKT, NABCO, N-ROCKY, NIKKI, NPR, NICHIRIN, NHK, NILES, MOUNTAN, NKK, ELEPHANT, PACIFIC, TSK, OSK, ZUIKO. J.L. SIM LIM PTE LTD 3 Maju Avenue Singapore 556681 Tel: (65) 2826180, 2874241 Fax: (65) 2848501 Contact Name: LIM HAN KWONG Core Business: Car Auto Accessories. JAE AUTO PTE LTD Blk 3018 Ubi Road 1, #02-123 Singapore 408710 Tel: (65) 7453833, 7458565 Fax: (65) 7454442 Contact Name: JIMMY WONG Core Business: Importer, Exporter & Distributor Of Windscreens & Auto Spare Parts. JAYA ABADI TRADING PTE LTD 40 Jalan Pemimpin #02-09 Tat Ann Building Singapore 577185 Tel: (65) 2599202, 2598630, 2596967, 3544371 Fax: (65) 3544437 Contact Name: ERWIN SALIM, HADI SUJANTO Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Auto Parts. JEBSEN & JESSEN MARKETING (S) PTE 102 Neythal Road Singapore 628590 Tel: (65) 2651221 Fax: (65) 2651191 Contact Name: DESMOND S K CHEN Email: atan@jjms.com.sg Core Business: Sole Agent For Automotive Spare Parts. Brands: GOETZE, AE, CLEVITE, PIERBURG, SM, SWEDISH LORRY PARTS ab, BEHR, GK. JEEP CHEE TRADING PTE LTD Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 Singapore 408701 Tel: (65) 7438174, 7454700, 7494260, Fax: (65) 7432059 Contact Name: ERIC HONG, HONG BOON SIONG Core Business: Importer & Exporter, Wholesaler & Retailer Of All Kind Of Exhaust Pipes & installations. Brands: JEEP CHEE JEEP SENG MOTOR CO PTE LTD 1092 Serangoon Road Singapore 328191 Tel: (65) 2934592 Fax: (65) 2968307 Contact Name: ONG CHAI KEONG Email Address: jeepseng@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Ford Motor Company's Authorised Agent-Parts and Accessories, and Importer & Exporter Of Automotive Spare Parts. Brands: FORD JINDA AUTO TRADING CO 57 Jalan Besar Singapore 208809 Tel: (65) 2945934 Fax: (65) 2917680 Contact Name: AGNES LEE Core Business: Importers & Exporters Of Automotive Spare Parts & Accessories. JIT AIK & CO Blk 13 Albert Street #01-147/149 Singapore 180013 Tel: (65) 3376157, 3385184, 3382102 Fax: (65) 3388040 Contact Name: ONG CHENG TOH Core Business: Air-Conditioning & Ventilation Hoses, Oil Sealing Ring & Oil Seal High Pressure & Low Pressure Hoses, Hardware & Tools. JOINING CAR PARTS CO Blk 23 Sin Ming Road #01-19 Singapore 570023 Tel: (65) 4533788 Fax: (65) 4590928 Contact Name: ALAN ONG KIAN SIN, ONG CHWEE AIK Core Business: Quality Range Of Japanese Automotive Applications. JPS AUTO PARTS PTE LTD 19 Roberts Lane Singapore 218298 Tel: (65) 2993218, 2993284, 2993285 Fax: (65) 2993225 Contact Name: PEH HIAN LENG (AH YONG) Core Business: Japanese Auto Spare Parts. Brands: MSG, GATES, ASUKI, LOKCO JURID ENTERPRISE PTE LTD 35, Genting Road, Singapore 349483 Tel: (65) 7425516(5lines) Fax: (65) 7495516 Contact Name: ONG MUN WAH Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Tractor Parts, Marine Parts, Engrg. Parts, Heavy Machinery and Generators. Heavy equipment - Tractors, Excavators, Cranes, Marine Engines, Air Compressors & Heavy Trucks. JYLIC TRADING CO 15 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207323 Tel: (65) 2966223, 2936793 Fax: (65) 2966487 Contact Name: PETER K H TEO Core Business: Auto Spare Parts & Accessories.General merchandise. K & HIN AUTO SUPPLY 84 Cambridge Road Singapore 219749 Tel: (65) 2912150, Fax: (65) 2952724 Contact Name: HONG KOK HIN, HONG GEOK LENG Core Business: Import & Export of Auto Parts & Accessories. K K AUTO PTE LTD 6001 Beach Road #10-07 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589 Tel: (65) 2925653, 2925654 Fax: (65) 2963983 Contact Name: K K ONG Core Business: Manufacturers' Representative For Autoparts. F.E. Representative for FLOSSER GMBH & CO. K-TECH PTE LTD Blk 3018 Ubi Road 1 #03-115 Singapore 408710 Tel: (65) 7455177 Fax: (65) 7454011 Contact Name: SONNY LIM, TAN HAI TECK Email: ktech@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Auto Spare Parts & Accessories. KAWA AUTO PTE LTD Blk 1085 Eunos Avenue 7A #01-50 Singapore 409535 Tel: (65) 7479222, 7479223, 7479224 Fax: (65) 7479224 Contact Name: YEOH KIM KOCK, TEO TUA CHANG Core Business: Autoparts Imp. & Exp. KEE BENG FILTERS (S) PTE LTD Blk 10 Kempas Road #01-41/43 Singapore 330010 Tel: (65) 2936732, 3366732, 2887113, 7482569 Fax: (65) 2960131, 3383738 Contact Name: NG CHAI KEE Core Business: Filters Stockist, Wholesale and Retail. Import & Export. Brands: SAKURA, MICRO, DONALDSON, BANKEI, KNECHT, WIX, GEP, AC, BALOWIN, FULL, FLEETGUARD KEONG HOE CHAN PTE LTD 26 Defu Lane 12 Singapore 539133 Tel: (65) 2872626 Fax: (65) 2853382 Contact Name: LIM HONG PENG, JOHNNY LIM SOON HOE Email Address: jI2626@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Importers, Exporters of used and reconditioned Japanese trucks and lorry diesel Engines & Auto Spare Parts etc. KHAI RICK ENGINEERING Blk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #03-226 Singapore 408704 Tel: (65) 8412850 Fax: (65) 8416550, 2418158 Contact Name: RICK TAN Email : khairick@pacific.net.sg Core Business: 12V and 24V alternator/starter, auto electrical parts KHEE HUNG AUTO PARTS TRADING 127 Rangoon Road Singapore 218405 Tel: (65) 2942056 Fax: (65) 2943418 Contact Name: PHAN FOOK SING, ONG CHII SHI Core Business: Import & Export of Genuine Mercedes Spare Parts. Brands: MERCEDES KIAN CHUE HWA AUTO PTE LTD 28 Beatty Road Singapore 209951 Tel: (65) 2934677 Fax: (65) 2980241 Contact Name: K H LIN, K C LIN Email : kchauto@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Industrial Automotive Spare Parts. Incl: Daimler Benz, Hino, Mitsubishi, Sachs, ZF, Wabco, Lemforder, Elring, Mahle etc. Brands: DAIMLER BENZ, HINO, MITSUBISHI, SACHS, ZF, WABCO, LEMFORDER, ELRING, MAHLE. KIAN HENG AUTO SPARE PARTS CO 64 Dunlop Street Singapore 209392 Tel: (65) 2974662, 2974668 Contact Name: LIM KIAN AN Core Business: Oil Seal, Ring Hydraulic U.V. Packing etc. KIAN HO BEARINGS LTD 605 MacPherson Road #01-16/17 Citimac Industrial Complex Singapore 368239 Tel: (65) 2875866, 2946488, 2985976 Fax: (65) 2866200 Contact Name: KWEK CHEE CHUAN Core Business: Importer & Exporter of All Kind Ball & Roller Bearings, Seal O-Ring & U-Packing. KIAN HUA MOTOR CO 31 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207335 Tel: (65) 2933850, 3551800 Fax: (65) 2966006 Contact Name: EDWARD NG, MICHAEL NG Core Business: Import, Export and Stockist of Vehicle Spare Parts, Mainly Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Seat and Full Range of Windscreen Glasses for all cars. Brands: PEUGEOT, RENAULT, CITROEN, SEAT, ROVER. KIAN THYE MOTOR SUPPLY PTE LTD Blk 1003 Toa Payoh Ind Park #01-1529 Singapore 319075 Tel: (65) 2548838, 3530829 Fax: (65) 3532747 Contact Name: TAN KHENG KWEE Core Business: Imp. & Exp. of Motor Spares & Accessories. KIM BOK HUAT (IMP & EXP) PTE LTD 111 Ubi Avenue 4 Civic Terrace Warehouse Singapore 408761 Tel: (65) 8415992, 8415993 Fax: (65) 8415994 Contact Name: LIM CHIEW HUAT Core Business: New & Used Motor Vehicles Spare Parts. KIM ENGINEERING (PTE) LTD 3 Irving Road #01-06 Irving Industrial Building Singapore 369522 Tel: (65) 2803933, 2691788 Fax: (65) 2808516, 3688081 Contact Name: SIAW ENG JOO, LEE CHANG HUAT Core Business: Importer & Exporter of " Nissan " & " Isuzu " Truck Parts. Brands: NISSAN UD, ISUZU KIM HUAT ENGINEERING PTE LTD 37 Tannery Lane #01-02 Tannery House Singapore 347790 Tel:(65) 7489593, 7487574, 7481658 Fax: (65) 7484939 Contact Name: ONG ENG WAH, ONN KIM MIN Email: Kimhuat@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Marine & Industrial Engine Parts, Detroit Diesel Allison, Electro-motive Division(EMD) Brands: DETROIT, ALLISON, EMD. KIM HWA MOTOR CO Blk 9 Selegie House #01-28 Singapore 180009 Tel: (65) 3381426, 3381078 Fax: (65) 3362760 Contact Name: DAVID ONG S.H. Email Address: kimhua@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Land Rover engine parts stockist. Brands: LAND ROVER. KIM LIH HONG MACHINERY PTE LTD Blk 47 Owen Road #01-201 Singapore 210047 Tel: (65) 2952710, 2952711 Fax: (65) 2962151 Contact Name: HONG KAY HONG Core Business: Dealers in All Sports of Motor Spare Parts & Fan Belts. KIM POH AUTO PTE LTD Blk 126 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-210 Singapore 150126 Tel: (65) 2782283, 2782284, 2782285, 2782474 Fax (65) 2703772 Contact Name: LIAN POH KOK, TEO CHEE BOON Core Business: Dealers in Auto Spare Parts & Accessories. Importers & Exporters. Brands: VOLVO, MONROE, FORD. KING CHOON RUBBER PRODUCT MFG CO Blk 42 Cambridge Road #01-04 Singapore 210042 Tel: (65) 2934521 Fax: (65) 2934779 Contact Name: NGOR BOON CHYE, NGOR BOON LEONG Core Business: Importer and Manufacturer Automotive Rubber Parts, Pick-up Rear Tail Body and Taiwan Lamp. KOH CHEK YEE TRADING CO Blk 22 Sin Ming Road #01-236 Singapore 570022 Tel: (65) 4598818, 4577295, 4535197, 4533243 Fax: (65) 4593752 Contact Name: KOH TIANG HENG, KOH TIANG LANG Core Business: Sales of Vehicles Spare Parts. KOK CHENG COMPANY 70 Desker Road Singapore 209593 Tel: (65) 2925402, 2925403 Fax: (65) 2950366 Contact Name: LOW SEOK ENG, CHUA KOK CHENG Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Genuine Jaguar & BMW Auto Spare Parts. Brands: JAGUAR, BMW KOMURA TRADING CO Blk 681 Race Course Road #01-313 Singapore 210681 Tel: (65) 2960715 Fax; (65) 2966648 Contact Name: KOH KWANG SIN, KOH GEAK LING Email : komura@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Import & Export of Auto Spare Parts, C.V. Joint, Gasket, Oil Seal, Belting, Suspension Parts, Cable, AE etc. Brands: BANDO, AE, NKN, PAYEN, SAFETY, SUN. KOON SING ENTERPRISE 40 Dunlop Street Singapore 209368 Tel: (65) 2941243, 2937697 Fax: (65) 2983693 Contact Name: SHARON HO, HO TENG HAI Core Business: Honda Auto Spare Parts, Genuine Windscreen. Brands: HONDA KUAN KUNG ENTERPRISES PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #04-20/21 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3389935 Fax: (65) 3387532 FRANCIS HO TENG POOK Contact Name: TAN BIE HOA Email: kuankung@swiftech.com.sg Core Business: Commission Agent, Import & Export of Auto Vehicle Parts. LAWRENCE ONG TRADING Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-09 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3381007 Fax: (65) 3390682 Contact Name: LAWRENCE ONG Core Business: Specialise in all Genuine Suzuki Parts and Monroe Shock Absorbers. Brands: SUZUKI, MONROE LECK ENG CO PTE LTD 51 Lavender Street Singapore 338710 Tel: (65) 2940164, 2983866, 2981867, 2940587, 2944502. Fax: (65) 2986075, 2911215, 2917566 Contact Name: KAM ENG HWEE, CHIA SOO LOCK Core Business: Auto Spare Parts. LEE KIM TECK TRADING PTE LTD 81 Rangoon Road Singapore 218367 Tel: (65) 2945368 Fax: (65) 2946425 Contact Name: FRANCIS LEE, SIMON LEE Core Business: Toyota & Nissan parts Brands: TOYOTA, NISSAN LEE MACHINERY CO PTE LTD 74 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207653 Tel: (65) 2941182, 2945617. Fax: (65) 2945617 Contact Name: LEE WAY MING Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Motorcycle Spare Parts. LEE MIN MOTOR CO Blk 683 Tessensohn Road #01-111 Singapore 210683 Tel: (65) 2935020, 2936971 Fax: (65) 2965479 Contact Name: LEE KAI CHONG Core Business: Imp. & Exp. of Autoparts, Autoparts Wholesale & Distributor. LEE TAT MACHINERY PTE LTD 86 Dunlop Street Singapore 209412 Tel: (65) 3377343 Fax: (65) 3397005 Contact Name: NG KIM LEONG, VINCENT LEE Email: ltmpl@mbox3.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Imp. & Exp. of Hino Spare Parts & Heavy Equipment Parts Supplies. Brands: HINO LEECO PTE LTD 257 Lavender Street Singapore 338792 Tel: (65) 2962222 Fax: (65) 2989191 Contact Name: WILLIAM ONG Email Address: leeco@fish.com.sg Core Business: Importers & Exporters of All Kinds of Fiat, Lada, Seat, Alfa Romeo & Lancia Automotive Spare Parts and Genuine parts for Honda, Suzuki and Toyota. Brands: FIAT, LADA, SEAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, HONDA, SUZUKI, TOYOTA. LEONARD AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTD 402A East Coast Road Singapore 428997 Tel: (65) 3463632 Fax: 65) 3467108 Contact Name: TERRY GOON, LEONARD LIM Email: leonard8@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Motor Vehicle Spare Parts. Sole Agent for GHE, BODE (Door Mechanisms ), Taraflex (Bus Flooring) & Doga (Wipers). Brands: GHE, BODE, TARAFLEX, DOGA. LEONG KAI AUTO SUPPLY 101 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207677 Tel: (65) 2925313 Fax: (65) 2925328 Contact Name: LIM PIOW LEONG Core Business: Import & Export of Automobile Spare Parts. LEP AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTD 35 Cuff Road Singapore 209743 Tel: (65) 2965957 Fax: (65) 2968370 Contact Name: ALFRED TAN Core Business: Impoter, Exporter & Stockist of Automotive Spare Parts. Brands: LEP, HMC, AKEBONO, GCK, FERODO, DAEWOO, MOUNTAIN LEVER CAR SPAREPARTS & CO (PTE) LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-17 Waterloo Auto Parts Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3389965, 3389976 Fax: (65) 3367024 Contact Name: THOMAS LIM, LIM HOCK CHOO Core Business: Diesel Injection Parts. Brands: CAV, ND. LIAN HOE MOTOR CO 40 Upper Dickson Road Singapore 207498 Tel: (65) 2935503, 2936475, 3363619 Fax: (65) 2960707 Contact Name: JEFFREY TAN, TAN CHIN TONG Core Business: Import & Export of Automobile Spare Parts (Wholesale & Distributor). Brands: AUTO MIRRORS, LUCID, SHIH AIKI, HALOGEN, ZEEMAN LIAN HONG CYCLE PTE LTD 431 Race Course Road Singapore 218677 Tel: (65) 2987028, 2989149 Fax: (65) 2960140 Contact Name: ENG BOON Core Business: Tricycle, Bicycle & Bicycle Spare Parts & Accessories. LIAN HUAT MOTOR CO Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-14 & #02-15 Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3361087, 3375576 Fax: (65) 3378329 Contact Name: CELESTE L. M. LEE, K L LEE Core Business: Motor Scooter Genuine Spare Parts. LIAN SIONG SPARE PARTS CO Blk 12 Short Street/Albert Street #01-152 Singapore 180012 Tel: 65) 3371101, 3382086 Fax: (65) 3370719 Contact Name: TAN SEE KIONG Core Business: Motor car accessories with widest range. LIANG YEW CO (PTE) LTD 5 Jalan Besar #05-01 Singapore 208785 Fax: (65) 2715203 Contact Name: JOHN ONG, ONG SIN LIM Core Business: Import & Export Auto Spare Parts. LIAT ENTERPRISES PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-24 Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3383227, 3383790 Fax: (65) 3390482 Contact Name: ALBERT YEO CHENG LIAT Core Business: Motor Car, Air Con. & Parts & New & Used Cars. LING MOTOR CO 7 Rangoon Lane Singapore 218503 Tel: (65) 2911098, 2933726 Fax: (65) 2933726 Contact Name: HONG BOON LING Core Business: Dealer in All Kinds of Auto Parts, Wholesale & Retail. LINTREX PRIVATE LIMITED 26 Riverside Road Singapore 739084 Tel: (65) 3638411 Fax: (65) 3627371 Contact Name: CHAN WENG KAN, LIM CHENG LEONG Email: mail@lintrex.com.sg Core Business: Sole Agent & Distributor Of Contitech Belting, Boge Shock Absorbers, Beral Clutch & Brake Linings, Febi Engine & Suspension Parts, LUK clutches, & BREMI IGNITION Parts, Brembo brake discs and FERODO disc pads. Brands: LUK, FEBI, BREMI, BOGE, BERAL, BREMBO, FERODO, CONTITECH LKH INDUSTRY & AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTD Blk 637 Veerasamy Road #01-103 Singapore 200637 Tel: (65) 2942876 Fax: (65) 2966162, 2913493 Contact Name: EDWINA LIM, LOUIS LIM TIONG WAH Email: lkhia@lkh.com.sg Core Business: Authorised distributor for MITSUBOSHI, OPTIBELT, GATES and TRW belting, pulley, coupling and all kinds of Automotive and Industrial Power Transmission products. Brands: MITSUBOSHI, OPTIBELT, GATES, TRW. MANDARIN AUTO PTE LTD 148 Tagore Lane Singapore 787564 Tel: (65) 4583939, 2938491, 2545002 Fax: (65) 4566786 Contact Name: HONG BOON CHONG, HONG MONG HWA Core Business: Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Automotive, Tokico. Brands: MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA, NISSAN, TOKICO, PARAUT MASINDO MOTOR TRADING PTE LTD 21 Harvey Road Maxindo House Singapore 369619 Tel: (65) 2962266 Fax: (65) 2917766 Contact Name: VICTOR C S KOH, KOH CHUAN LOK Core Business: Stockist For Nissan Diesel TZ 50/TZA 52 & Renault / Berliet Logging Trucks Spares Parts. Brands: NISSAN UD, RENAULT, BERLIET MEI SIN AUTO SUPPLY & TRADING 8 Dickson Road Singapore 209496 Tel: (65) 2993461 Fax: (65) 2993463 Contact Name: LEE HONG BEE, LEE HONG BENG Core Business: Sales of all Kinds of Spare Parts. METROPOLITAN MACHINERY PTE LTD Blk 38 Defu Lane 10 #01-15 Singapore 539215 Tel: (65) 2813138 Fax: (65) 2812985 Contact Name: ONG SING HIAP Core Business: for Mitsubishi Fuso & Canter Genuine Parts, Nissan Diesel, Isuzu, Hino, Heavy Equipment Parts & Accessories. Brands: MITSUBISHI, CANTER, NISSAN, ISUZU, HINO. IZUMI, RIK. MEWAH AUTO TRADING PTE LTD 23 Sam Leong Road Singapore 207914 Tel: (65) 2931010, 2931421, 2931646 Fax: (65) 2984173 Contact Name: KO KIAN SENG, SOON PAW Email: mewah@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Importer & Exporter of auto spare parts Brands:SPK,H.S.,SINGWON,THM,MITOYO,TYC,DEPO,LUCID,MURORAN,FUJISAN, ATSUBA, FBK. MIN GHEE AUTO PTE LTD 29-31 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207533 Tel: (65) 2911382, 2933015, 2919395, 2963067,4592834, Fax: (65) 2970863, 2999617, 2941450 Contact Name: T B TAN, B H TAN Email: minghee@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Authorised Stockist for Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Proton Sage Genuine Parts. Exclusive Distributor for " HDK " C.V. Joint, " KANAE " C.V. Joint. Importers Exporters. Brands: HDK, KANAE, MITSUBISHI, PROTON, HYUNDAI, HONDA, MERCEDES BENZ. MIN SENG AUTO PTE LTD 20 Genting Road The Blue Building Singapore349479 Tel: (65) 8412588, 8412511 Fax: (65) 8412522 Contact Name: LIM KONG BIN, LIM HUA MIN Core Business: Import & Export of Auto Spare Parts, Stockist of TOYOTA, NISSAN, SUZUKI, DAIHATSU, ISUZU, MITSUBISHI, DAIKIN, TOKICO, STANLEY, KYOSAN, AKEBONO, KEYSTER, NBW, "555" SAM, GMB, NPR, FBK, SEIWA, KOITO, NDC Brands: TOYOTA, NISSAN, SUZUKI, DAIHATSU, ISUZU, MITSUBISHI, DAIKIN, TOKICO, STANLEY, KYOSAN, AKEBONO, KEYSTER, NBW, 555, SAM, GMB, NPR, FBK, SEIWA, KOITO, NDC. MIN SENG CO PTE LTD 29 - 31 Hindoo Road Singapore 209118 Tel: (65) 2985688, 2969464, Fax: (65) 2971863 Contact Name: LIM CHIM MIN, LIM SIAN BIN Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Automotive Spare Parts, Stockists and Distributors MERCEDES- BENZ etc. Brands: MERCEDES BENZ MIN SOON AUTO CO Blk 22 Sin Ming Road #01-240 Singapore 570022 Tel: (65) 4534744, 4568968, 4568969 Fax: (65) 4568313 Contact Name: KWAN KAI MING, LIM CHI LIANG Core Business: Spare Parts. NAM CHOON PTE LTD 211 Lavender Street Singapore 338769 Tel: (65) 2950333 Fax: (65) 2966127 Contact Name: SEAH CHING YONG Core Business: Automotive Tyres, Batteries And Spare Parts. NAM HOE & CO PTE LTD 6001 Beach Road #12-03 Golden MileTower Singapore 199589 Tel: (65) 2933356, 2941451 Fax: (65) 2980633 Contact Name: YEOW Core Business: Importer & Exporter Cycle & Auto Spare Parts. NAM LEE TRADING PTE LTD Blk 13 North Bridge Road #01-3976 Singapore 190013 Tel: (65) 2920158 Fax: (65) 2987985 Contact Name: NG MENG YEOW, NG MENG HUI Core Business: Import & Export/Packing Transportation & Purchasing Services Transhipment. NAN HWA ENTERPRISE PTE LTD 315-317 Jalan Besar Singapore 208973 Tel: (65) 2941911, 2943744 Fax: (65) 2984853 Contact Name: LOW CHEE MENG, LIOE SIN LAU Core Business: Sole Agent Of China Made Auto Spare Parts, Bicycle And Parts, Tyres, Hand Tools, Batteries. NANYANG MOTOR PTE LTD Blk 633 Veerasamy Road #01-112/114 Singapore 200633 Tel: (65) 2937117, 2931582 Fax: (65) 2941737 Contact Name: ONG SIN BIN Core Business: Importers & Exporters all Kinds of Motor & Diesel Engines Spare Parts etc. Brands: BOSCH, SACHS, QH, MERCEDES BENZ, REPCO, PBR, AKEBONO OLYMPIA ENGINEERING PTE LTD 33 Cuff Road Singapore 209741 Tel: (65) 2927442, 2928726 Fax: (65) 2910055 Contact Name: TAN PEK SIONG Core Business: Import & Export for all kinds of Automotive Parts and machineries. ONG BAN HONG LEONG (PTE) LTD 15 & 17 Mayo Street Singapore 208312 Tel: (65) 2944655, 2970650 Fax: (65) 2960583 Contact Name: ONG CHU ENG Email: obhl@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Ford Main Distributor and Import & Export of Automotive Spare Parts and Distributor of all Kinds of Germany, Japan, British Auto Parts. Brands: FORD ONG BROTHERS AUTO CO PTE LTD 10-C Jalan Ampas #02-02 Ho Seng Lee Flatted Warehouse Singapore 329513 Tel: (65) 2518786, 2516608 Fax: (65) 2510810 Contact Name: ONG SWEE CHEONG, ONG SWEE HUAT Core Business: Honda, Mazda Genuine Parts, 3 Borol Liquid Gasket. Brands: HONDA, MAZDA, 3 BOROL. OVERSEAS MOTORS (PTE) LTD 19 Fourth Chin Bee Road Singapore 619705 Tel: (65) 2647288 Fax: (65) 2647188, 2647189 Contact Name: ONG CHONG HOO, ONG ENG HONG Email: oseamo@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Sole Agent for: Tanaka Brush Cutter/Hedge Trimmers & Chain Saw. M.T.D. Lawn Mover, Jabsco Marine Pump, Fuji Robin Sprayer, Kranzle/Ehrle High Pressure Cleaner, Ise Submersible Pump, Pedrollo Pump, Prosser Pump, Cat Pump, Leader Pump. Brands: TANAKA, HEDGE, M.T.D., JABSCO, FUJI,OBIN, KRANZLE, EHRLE, ISE, PEDROLLO, PROSSER, CAT, LEADER. P T MOTOR CO 21 Mackenzie Road Singapore 228679 Tel: (65) 3361348, 3388580 Contact Name: EDDIE ONG, ONG SING ANN Core Business: Importers & Exporters Automotive Spare Parts & Merchants. PACIFIC AUTOCOM ENTERPRISE PTE LTD 89 Tagore Lane Singapore 787531 Tel: (65) 4589090 Fax: (65) 4589898 Contact Name: LAURENT LEE, LEE MENG ENG Core Business: Importer & Exporter of U.S., European and Japanese Auto and Trailer Parts, Auto Air-Conditioning Parts, Anti-Seize & Speciality Lubricants. PAO SENG AUTO SPAREPART PTE LTD 27A Jurong Port Road #01-44 JTC Industrial Service Centre, Blk 2 Singapore 619101 Tel: (65) 2659955, 2655872, 2655882 Fax: (65) 2663137 Contact Name: LEE HO LIANG Core Business: Importers & Exporters of All Kinds of Auto Spare Parts. PARAUT SINGAPORE PTE LTD 458 Tagore Industrial Avenue Singapore 787827 Tel: (65) 4536511 Fax: (65) 4558580 Contact Name: HONG MONG HWA Core Business: Importers, exporters of Automotive products. Brands: PARAUT PELIKAN & CO 21 Hindoo Road Singapore 209114 Tel: (65) 2954583, 2982719, 2984138 Fax: (65) 2931804 Contact Name: GOH EE LING Core Business: Importers & Exporters Motorcycle Spare Parts, Auto Parts, Auto Gasket, Material Products. Full Range of Oil Seals, O Ring "SIDI" Helmet. Brands: SIDI PEOPLE'S MOTORS (PTE) LTD Blk 45 Bendemeer Road #01-1455 Singapore 330045 Tel: (65) 2980492, 2981398, 2966458 Fax: (65) 2962964 Contact Name: LIM ENG POH, NG SENG KOOI Core Business:Dealers in Automotive Spare Parts & Accessories and Importers & Exporters. PIONEER AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTD Blk 803 King George's Avenue #02-228 Singapore 200803 Tel: (65) 2961567, 2916698, 2992866, 2913976 Fax: (65) 2960192 Contact Name: ONG TECK WAH, ONG TECK SONG Email: county@cyberway.com.sg Core Business: Imp. & Exp. of Automotive Spares & LANDROVER Spares. Brands: LANDROVER POH SIN AUTO PTE LTD Blk. 7 Pioneer Road North #01-46 Singapore 628459 Tel: (65) 2611391, 2610391, 2610581 Fax: (65) 2617714 Contact Name: TAN CHUAN CHIANG Core Business: Imports & Exports of auto parts. POLYMOTOR PTE LTD Blk 23 Bendemeer Road #01-515 Singapore 330023 Tel: (65) 2928742 Fax: (65) 2960428 Contact Name: LOH SONG HUAT, KOH GUAN POH Core Business: Imports & Exports Auto Spare Parts. POPULAR MOTOR CO (PTE) LTD 40 Race Course Road Singapore 218556 Tel: (65) 2934430, 2935408, 2927140 Fax: (65) 2971911 Contact Name: NG CHIN KEONG, NG KAH CHYE Email: popmotor@mbox2.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Suzuki, Isuzu, Land Rover, Range Rover Spare Parts. Brands: SUZUKI, ISUZU, LAND ROVER, RANGE ROVER. PPI (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD 3 Upper Aljunied Link #01-06 Joo Seng Warehouise Complex Blk B Singapore 367902 Tel: (65) 2858335, 2857324 Fax: (65) 2845853 Contact Name: DAVID LEONG CHAN HWA, LEUNG YUK CHEUNG Core Business: Manuf. Rubber auto parts. General wholesale trade and general Importer & Exporter PRESIDENT MOTOR EXPORT PTE LTD 78 Playfair Road #04-00 Pak Chong Building Singapore 367997 Tel: (65) 3830933 Fax: (65) 3832933 Contact Name: FRANK KOH L. C. Email: president@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Manufacturer of Automotive Oil, Air & Fuel Filters, Brake Shoes & Disc Pads and Importer & Exporter of Auto Spare Parts. Brands: DAI-ICHI PROSPER TRADING 17-A Birch Road Singapore 219886 Tel: (65) 2972802, 2910154 Fax: (65) 2991481 Contact Name: CHING HAI Core Business: Supplies of Auto Spare Parts. R S MACHINERY PTE LTD 31 Opal Crescent Singapore 328423 Tel: (65) 2964341, 2964346, 2964088 Fax: (65) 2911893 Contact Name: K T ANG, C T LAU Core Business: All kinds of Bearings & Silicone. Brands: SKF, NTN, NSK, NACHI, KOYO REGENT MOTORS LTD 1 Ubi Road 4 Singapore 408607 Tel: (65) 7468880, 2644422 Fax: (65) 8464633 Contact Name: CHEONG KOK LEONG Core Business: Motor Vehicles Distributor Including Servicing & Parts Sales For Ford And Land Rover. Brands: FORD, LAND ROVER ROYAL AUTO & GENERAL AGENCIES PTE LTD 17-A Birch Road Singapore 219885 Tel: (65) 3925808, 2963715 Fax: (65) 3925809 Contact Name: HENRY CHIAM Core Business: Automotive, Marine & Tractor Parts Manufacturers' Brands: EFEL, HDS, MITSUBISHI, NIKKO, ND, RCP, F.C.C. FIC, MAIC, SUN, MUFFLER, NPR, RIK, IZUMI S.T. TAN AGENCIES 27 Hindoo Road Singapore 209117 Tel: (65) 2974675, 2973868, 2973920 Fax: (65) 2973878 Contact Name: A K TAN Core Business: Manufacturers' Representatives , Distributor , Importer & Exporter Of Automotive Industrial Parts And Accessories. SAGA PACIFIC PTE LTD Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #04-444 Singapore 408701 Tel: (65) 7479622, 7429050 Fax: (65) 7429056 Contact Name: SEAH CHIN AIK Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Auto Spare Parts, Batteries, Tyres & Tubes. SEALAND TURBO-DIESEL ASIA PTE LTD 13 Kian Teck Crescent Singapore 628878 Tel: (65) 6615822, 6615866. 3384556, 3387277 Fax: (65) 2689066 Contact Name: ALBERT TOH Email: sea-land@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Distributor of Turbochargers & Injection Pumps. Brands: BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, DISA, KKK, GARRETT, IHI, MITSUBISHI. SELEGIE SPAREPARTS PTE LTD 257 Selegie Road #01 & 02-299 Selegie Complex Singapore 188350 Tel: (65) 3383573 Fax: (65) 3380746 Contact: Soon WAH, Kong Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Motor Spare Parts for Volvo, "KONI" Shock Absorbers & Progressive Spring. Brands: VOLVO, KONI, PROGRESSIVE SPRING. SENG CHEONG AUTO SUPPLY CO 16 Upper Weld Road Singapore 207373 Tel: (65) 2949257, 2971482 Fax: (65) 2964397 Contact Name: LEE HONG TEE Core Business: Autoparts Imp. & Exp. Wholesale & Distributor. SENG HUAT CO PTE LTD 19 Tessensohn Road Singapore 217651 Tel: (65) 2940508 Fax: (65) 2986459 Contact Name: SEOW HOCK MENG Core Business: Import & Export of Automotive Spare Parts. Bolts & Nuts. SENG LONG CO (S) PTE LTD 320 Jalan Besar Singapore 208978 Tel: (65) 2983011 Fax: (65) 2961823 Contact Name: CHIA KOK CHOR Email: slcsl@m.4.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Sole Dealer for DEUTZ and DEUTZ-MWM Diesel Engine Spare Parts. Brands: DEUTZ, DEUTZ-MWM. SENLEY CO Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-21 Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3384557 Contact Name: SUNNY NG KIM SAN Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Cycle & Automotive Spare Parts & Accessories. SIM KHEE MENG ENTERPRISES PTE LTD 60 Marsiling Road Singapore 739107 Tel: (65) 3633383 Fax: (65) 3631311 Contact Name: BENNY GOH LI NEE,JASON SIM MONG HENG Core Business: Import/Export/Wholesale/Assembly/Packaging/Manufacturers' Representatives in Auto Accessories. Brands: BOSTON, DENON, WHEELS, CARALL, CARMATE, NAPOLEX, EIKOSHA, SPARK THUNDER, UNUS, HAMG SHING, IPF, FIAMM, KASIDAR, YOKOWO, SIMONIZ, DAYTONA, MAXTEL, ISOTTD, ROADOBOY, SUNUP, ROCKY PODA, UNICAR, TALMU, SOLUX. SIN GUAN HIN AUTO PARTS CO 24 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207329 Tel: (65) 2930863, 2981222 Fax: (65) 2967648, 2981472 Contact Name: LOW SAY LOO Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Mazda, Ford, BMW Genuine Parts. Brands: MAZDA, FORD, BMW SIN KIAN WAH TRADING PTE LTD 151 Ubi Avenue 4 Henson Warehouse Singapore 408779 Tel: (65) 7411622 Fax: (65) 7419869 Contact Name: TER BOON SENG Core Business: Importer & Exporter. Specialist for VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, Truck & Buses Spare Parts. Brands: VOLVO, MERCEDES BENZ, SCANIA SIN LIAN HONG CO PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-30 Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3371134, 3371135, 4587833, 3926055 Fax: (65) 3397251, 4589510, 2965733 Contact Name: ERIC TAY BOON YEOW, TEH BOON LING Core Business: Authorised Stockists for Mercedes Benz, BMW & Mitsubishi Spare Parts. Importers, Exporters & Distributor of Genuine Automotive Spare Parts. Brands: MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, MITSUBISHI. SIN MA MOTOR AGENCY 257 Selegie Road #14-285 Selegie Complex Singapore 188350 Tel: (65) 3360223, 3382531 Fax: (65) 3399483 Contact Name: A RETTY Core Business: Manufacturers' Representatives. SIN MIN AUTO CO PTE LTD Blk 24 Sin Ming Road #01-47/49 Singapore 570024 Tel: (65) 4532800, 4535736 Fax: (65) 4597080 Contact Name: ONG SIOW AIK Email :smauto@mbox5.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Imports & Exports of Mercedes Benz Car, Spare Parts. Brands: MERCEDES BENZ SIN THYE LOKE MACHINERY (S) PTE LTD 82 Rangoon Road Singapore 218368 Tel: (65) 2972100 Fax: (65) 2968213 Contact Name: KOK SENG Core Business: Hino Spare Parts, Importers, Exporters. Brands: HINO SINDO DIESEL TRACTOR SPARES SUPPLIERS Blk 681 Race Course Road #01-299 Singapore 210681 Tel: (65) 2942924, 2943043 Fax: (65) 2982972 Contact Name: TAN CHER NEO Core Business: Stockists: Genuine & Replacement Parts for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Perkins Cummins, Detroit (GM), Hyster, Fiat Allis & Import/Export. Brands: CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, PERKINS CUMMINS, DETROIT DIESEL(GM), HYSTER, FIAT ALLIS, PLAKING. SING HONG & CO 7 Mayo Street Singapore 208307 Tel: (65) 2947657, 2985603 Contact Name: TAN BOON CHONG Core Business: Auto Spares, Motorcycle Parts Imp. & Exp. SING LEE MACHINERY & TRADING PTE LTD 37 Cuff Road Singapore 209747 Tel: (65) 2920355 Fax: (65) 2923002 Contact Name: NG KIM CHOON, ALBERT NG Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Automobiles Parts. Manufacturers:Exhaust Pipes & Mufflers, Fuel Injection Pipes, Brake Pipes & Hoses. Hydraulic Pipes & Hoses, U-Bolts & "EVERCO" Exhaust Systems. Brands: SLM, EVERCO, MEIJI SINGAPORE AUTO AIR-CONDITIONING CO Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-01 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3377468, 3373789, 2718724, 2782088 Fax: (65) 3389811 Contact Name: TAN GEOK CHENG Core Business: Sales, Installation, Service-Aircon. Speed Warning Device, Accessories, Spare Parts. SINGUP ENTERPRISE PTE LTD 176 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068624 Tel: (65) 2275227 Fax: (65) 2275506 Contact Name: TAN WEN CHEN Core Business: Import & Export of Motorcar Parts. SINTONG TRADING CO 20 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328838 Tel: (65) 2500952 , 2500953, 2929430, 2505427, 7455504 Fax: (65) 2503768 Contact Name: CHUA KIM CHU, CHUA KIN KHONG Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Automotive Parts. SONG YI AUTO PARTS TRADING Blk 634 Veerasamy Road #01-140 Singapore 200634 Tel: (65) 2973700, 2973900 Fax: (65) 2973839 Contact Name: RAYMOND LAU Core Business: Authorised Stockist For Hyundai and Daewoo Genuine Parts. Brands: HYUNDAI, DAEWOO SOON AIK AUTO PARTS TRADING CO PTE LTD Blk 37 Defu Lane 10 #01-77 & #02-77/79 Singapore 539214 Tel: (65) 2879195, 3837560, 2883090, 3837540 Fax: (65) 2889747, 2887882. Contact Name: NEO CHIN HENG, NEO CHEE ENG Email: neoch@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Nissan UD, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU, HINO truck parts. Also Specialise in Automotive and Industrial Filters. Brands: NISSAN UD, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU, HINO. SOON HOCK AUTO SPARES (PTE) LTD 1375/1377, 1379/1381 Serangoon Road Singapore 328252 Tel: (65) 2970022 Fax: (65) 2960336 Contact Name: YU TAI PING, YU ENG CHIN Email: shauto@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Importers/Exporters of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Parts. Stocks for CAV, BOSCH, ZEXEL, NIPPON DENSO, OMAP, SPACO, NOK. USA Replacement parts for G.M., Cummin, Caterpillar. Brands: CAV, BOSCH, ZEXEL, NIPPON DENSO, OMAP, SPACO, NOK, G.M. CUMMIN, CATERPILLAR. SOON HOE TRADING PTE LTD 87 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207666 Tel: (65) 2943003, 2941781 Fax: (65) 2936240 Contact Name: TENG KIM YAM Core Business: Importer & Exporter Of Bicycles And Bicycle Spare Parts. SOON YEE AUTO PARTS & TRADING CO PTE LTD Blk 682 Race Course Road #01-323 Singapore 210682 Tel: (65) 2971677 Fax: (65) 2970046 Contact Name: K L CHIANG, JEFFREY ANG PENG QUEE Core Business: Autoparts Wholesale & Distributor. Autoparts Retailers. SOURCING & PROCUREMENT ASIA PACIFIC 50 East Coast Road #01- 83 Roxy Square Singapore 428769 Tel: (65) 3460992 Fax: (65) 3460997 Contact Name: DANNY LEE Core Business: Manufacturer's Representatives. Sole agents for AGMIEX autoglass, ANNEX-TECHNIK, AKG, AMV, HIRSCHMANN. Brands: AGIMEX, AKG, AMV, ANNEX-TECHNIK, HIRSCHMANN SOUTH EAST MOTOR SUPPLY CO (PTE) LTD 209 Lavender Street Singapore 338767 Tel: (65) 2984791, 2984792, Fax: (65) 2982377 Contact Name: ONG WEE KIAT, TEO CHER CHAI Core Business: Importer & Exporter of AUSTIN ROVER Genuine Parts. Brands: AUSTIN, ROVER SPECTRUM AUTO PTE LTD Blk 3004 Ubi Ave 3 #01-96 / #01-100 Singapore408860 Tel: (65) 7410606 Fax: (65) 8421138 Contact Name: QUAK SENG MIN Core Business: Importer, Exporter & Stockist Automotive spare parts SPK SINGAPORE PTE LTD 151 Chin Swee Road #09-03 Manhattan House Singapore 169876 Tel: (65) 7338713, 7327857 Fax: (65) 7339137 Contact Name: M. MIYAZAKI, MIKE LIM G L Email: spksin@mbox3.singnet.com.sg Brands: DAIKIN, AKEBONO, NPR, 555, ART, EIKO, KYOSAN, AISAN, MIKUNI, STANLEY, SANKEI,NWB,MUSASHI,MATSUBA,MOUNTAIN,KGK,MARUSAN,CULTURE,KEYSTER,DAI-,CENTURY,TOKYO,OSK,ZUIKO.ASMO,TZK,TCL,SHIN,FCC,HKR,SENJU,NS,5'825,COMPASS, TAMA, SEIWA, STATE MOTOR CO (PTE) LTD 102 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207678 Tel: (65) 2985455 Fax: (65) 2985686 Contact Name: TAN KHENG CHOON Core Business: Toyota Landcrusier, Nissan Truck Parts, "NKN" C.V. Joint, "TOYO" U Joint, Torque Rod Bush, Crown Wheel & Pinion, "NKK" Clutch Plate, "MAIC", "FUJI", "TY" Produts, "ASAHI" Water Pums & Repair Kit, "HKT" Safety Valve, "Golden" Gasket, "NDC" Engine Bearing, Brands: NISSAN, TOYOTA, LAND ROVER, HINO, NKN, C.V. JOINT, TOYO, TORQUE, CROWN, NKK, MAIC, FUJI, TY, ASAHI, HKT, GOLDEN, NDC, RIK, KOITO, SK. STEADYGROW PTE LTD 848 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 10 m.s. Singapore678165 Tel: (65) 7691262, 7695302, 7695303 Fax: (65) 7624033 Contact Name: ONG SIN HUA Core Business: Importer & Exporters of Auto Spare Parts for Mercedes & Japanese Genuine Parts. Brands: MERCEDES BENZ SUN HING AUTO TRADING 166 Rangoon Road Singapore 218436 Tel: (65) 2944020, 2928038 FaX: (65) 2929157 Contact Name: TAN HOCK ENG Core Business: Authorised stockist for Toyota & Nissan & Taxi spare parts Brands: TOYOTA, NISSAN SUN YEW & CO Blk 5069 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-1533 Singapore 569572 Tel: (65) 4824065 Fax: (65) 4813758 Contact Name: KUAN TIONG HENG Core Business: Dealers in Motor Cycle & Motor Car Parts. SYNDICATE AGENCY CO PTE LTD 27 Foch Road #02-01 Hoa Nam Building Singapore209264 Tel: (65) 2984606, 2982660 Fax: (65) 2972031 Contact Name: ANG TING CHIN Email: newera@cyberway.com.sg Core Business: Manufacturers' Representatives Of Auto Spare Parts. T K MACHINERY TRADING Blk 635 Veerasamy Road #01-152 Singapore200635 Tel: (65) 2963658, 2937112, 2937127 Fax: (65) 2970924 Contact Name: TAN KIM HWA Core Business: Imp. & Exp. of Engine, Gasket & Oil Seals. T-PIONEER AUTO PTE LTD 344/344A King George's Avenue Singapore 208576 Tel: (65) 2963322 Fax: (65) 2963323 Contact Name: CHUA HAN HWEE Core Business: STOCKIST - Complete range of Nissan Diesel & Mitsubishi Truck Genuine & Replacement Parts. Brands: MITSUBISHI, NISSAN UD. TAI AIK CO PTE LTD Blk 465 North Bridge Road #01-5059/5061 Crawford Centre Singapore 191465 Tel: (65) 2934973, 2954927, 2913022, 2943107 Fax: (65) 2960019 Contact Name: LIM SWEE ENG Core Business: Importer and Exporter of Automotive spare parts. Brands: FORD, MONROE TAI CHEONG MOTOR CO PTE LTD 288-290 Lavender Street Singapore 338804 Tel: (65) 2984777, 2984234, 2984745 Fax: (65) 2929800 Contact Name: TEO CHOO WAH Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Automobiles Parts. TAI TIONG CO PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-02 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3360317, 3376941 Fax: (65) 3383413 Contact Name: ONG MING HOR Core Business: Genuine Parts for MITSUBISHI & NISSAN. Brands: MITSUBISHI, NISSAN. TAN CHONG & SONS MOTOR CO (S) PTE LTD 911 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 589622 Tel: (65) 4667711 Fax: (65) 4698395 Contact Name: JOHN LEE C. M. Core Business: NISSAN Parts & Accessories. Brands: NISSAN TANLY MOTOR PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-03/04/05 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3362600 Fax: (65) 3373268 Contact Name: H K TAN Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Honda, Lada, Lancia & Seat Spare Parts. Brands: ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, HONDA, LADA, LANCIA, SEAT. TAT HUAT AUTO PTE LTD 43 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207634 Tel: (65) 2988884, 2921873 Contact Name: LIM LAI WATT Core Business: Gasket & Oil Seal. TEBAN AUTO SPARES PTE LTD Blk 54 Teban Gardens Road #01-551 Singapore 600054 Tel: (65) 5653325, 7451989, 7454409, 4874268 Fax: (65) 5652162 Contact Name: SOH KIM HOO Core Business: Stockists of Auto Spare Parts & Accessories. TECK GUAN MOTOR SUPPLY CO PTE LTD 355 & 357 Jalan Besar Singapore 208990 Tel: (65) 2949023, 2982411 Fax: (65) 2912193, 2950768 Contact Name: STEVEN ONG C H Core Business: Stockists of Nissan & Toyota. Importer/Exporter of Seiken Brake Parts & All Japanese Spare Parts. Brands: SEIKEN, TOYOTA, NISSAN. TECK HOE AUTO TRADING PTE LTD 32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #04-15 Sing Industrial Complex Singapore 569510 Tel: (65) 4831318, 4832138 Fax: (65) 4832538 Contact Name: ONG SIN FONG Core Business: THM Auto Mirrors, LUMAX Bulbs & BKT Battery Clamp. Brands: THM, LUMAX, BKT. TECK LAM TRADING CO 8 Moonstone Lane Singapore 328453 Tel: (65) 2913800 Fax: (65) 2980398 Contact Name: SOON KAI TECK Core Business: Importer/Exporter & Wholesaler of Japanese Automobile Spare Parts. Brands: VIC, 555, AIKI, ASCO, GMB, GEN, PB TECK SENG CYCLE PTE LTD 41 Desker Road Singapore 209572 Tel: (65) 2942813, 2941880, 2942729, 2946991 Fax: (65) 2963555 Contact Name: LIM KWANG CHOO Core Business: Bicycle & Parts, Motorcycle Parts. TECK SOON LEE AUTO SUPPLY CO 24 Owen Road Singapore 218853 Tel: (65) 2933857, 2927854, 2969872, 2936108, 2936148, Fax: (65) 2969318 Contact Name: PHILIP LIM HOON MIN Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Auto Spare Parts. Stockists of CAV, LUCAS, NISSAN, BORG & BECK, SUBARU, ZEXEL, NIPPON DENSO. Brands: NIPPON DENSO, ZEXEL, LUCAS, CAV, NISSAN, BORG & BECK, SUBARU. TERUS JAYA AUTO (S) PTE LTD 91 Rangoon Road Singapore 218377 Tel: (65) 2999368 Fax: (65) 2990203 Contact Name: LEE YEO JOO Core Business: Importer & Exporter, Wholesaler & Stockist of Mercedes and Japanese Vehicles Spare Parts. Brands: MERCEDES THAILIM TRADING 33 Rowell Road Singapore 207988 Tel: (65) 2931186, 2933607 Fax: (65) 2933914 Contact Name: TEO TIONG HUAT Core Business: Specialized in Auto Spare Parts, Hardware, Household Product, Electronic, Fine wine. THIAN SENG MOTORS PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-22 / #02-24 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3371795, 3369777, 2782407, 2782408, 2741110, Fax: (65) 3361670, 2782407, 7432651 Contact Name: WILLIAM TAN SENG CHUAN Email: thiansengmotors@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Auto Spare Parts & accessories. Authorised Dealer for Honda Spare Parts.Brands: HONDA THYE LYE (PTE) LTD Blk 9 Selegie Road #01-24 Selegie House Singapore 180009 Tel: (65) 3374617 Contact Name: KHOO SWEE POH Core Business: Wholesalers, Imp. & Exp. of Auto Spare Parts. TMY SINGAPORE PTE LTD 420 North Bridge Road #06-03 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727 Tel: (65) 3388719, 3383710 Fax: (65) 3381272 Contact Name: ONG MIANG HO Email: tmyspore@mbox3.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Special Steel & Automotive Spare Parts. TOKICO SINGAPORE PTE LTD 400 Orchard Road #08-01 Orchard Tower Singapore 238875 Tel: (65) 7381193 Fax: (65) 7381939 Contact Name: NOBUHIRO YAMAMOTO Core Business: TOKICO Shock Absorbers, Adjustable Absorbers, Prodra-G High Performance Absorbers, Steering Dampers, TOKICO Hydraulic Brake Parts and Repair Kits. Brands: TOKICO, PRODRA-G. TOKYO MOTOR CO PTE LTD 103 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207679 Tel: (65) 2987700 Fax: (65) 2970586 Contact Name: ONG KIM LOONG Core Business: Specialised and Authorised Dealer of "SEIKEN" Brake Parts, "MUSASHI" Oil Seal, "ASAHI" Water Pump & Repair Rit, Gasket etc. Brands: SEIKEN, MUSASHI, ASAHI. TONG LEE AUTO PARTS SUPPLIES (PTE) LTD Blk 1080 Eunos Ave 7 #01-151 Singapore 409583 Tel: (65) 7460555 Fax: (65) 7439555 Contact Name: KOH CHENG LIN Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Isuzu, Nissan Truck Spare Parts. Brands: ISUZU, NISSAN UD. TORINO ENTERPRISE PTE LTD Blk 635 Veerasamy Road #01-174 Singapore 200635 Tel: (65) 2938840, 4824496 Fax: (65) 2911229, 4833484 Contact Name: GERALD KOH Email: torino@pacific.net.sg Core Business: DAIHATSU & SUBARU Genuine Parts. Brake pad & Brake Shoes. Brands: DAIHATSU, SUBARU. TRANSPORT MACHINERY PTE LTD Blk 29 Defu Lane 10 #01-128 Singapore 539210 Tel: (65) 2831616, 3686588 Fax: (65) 2841708, 3683001 Contact Name: VINCENT NG Core Business: Authorised Parts Dealer & Stockists. Brands: NISSAN UD, MITSUBISHI/FUSO, ISUZU, HINO TRANSGLOBER AUTO PTE LTD 66 Tannery Lane #01-05B Sindo Building Singapore 347805 Tel: (65) 68423393 Fax: (65) 62952292 Contact Name: Gwen Email: tgauto@singnet.com.sg Core Business: Authorised Parts Dealer & Stockists Brands: Toyota Genuine Parts TRIANGLE AUTO PTE LTD 20 Tuas Avenue 2 Singapore 639451 Tel: (65) 8616800 Fax: (65) 8634876 Contact Name: YAM KOK LEONG Core Business: ISUZU Vehicle & Spare Parts Distributor. Brands: ISUZU TYE SOON LIMITED 64 Toh Guan Road Singapore 608832 Tel: (65) 567 8101, 567 8601 Fax: (65) 567 8884 Contact Name: PETER ONG HUAT YEW Email: busdevt@tyesoon.com Core Business: Imp. & Exp. of Automotive Spare Parts, Stockistsand Distributor of Various German and Japanese Brands of Auto Parts, including: Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Hella, Sachs, Ate, Febi, VDO, TRW, Elring, Goetze, SKF, Daikin, FIC, Stanley, NPW, Matsuba, Brands: MERCEDES BENZ, BOSCH, PHILIPS, LEMFORDER, TEXTAR, DAIKIN, 555, TOKICO, GMB, NKN, MITSUBISHI, HELLA, SACHS, ATE, FEBI, VDO, TRW, ELRING, GOETZE, SKF, FIC,STANLEY, NPW, MATSUBA, KYOSAN, MK, TP, ASCO, KAYABA, TOYOTA, NISSAN, ISUZU, BEHR, BILSTEIN, EZ, PIERB ULTRA AUTOPARTS PTE LTD 68 Desker Road Singapore 209591 Tel: (65) 2910095 Fax: (65) 2984815 Contact Name: CHAN CHI NGAI Email: ultra@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Automotive, Marine and Tractor spare parts. UMW TRADING & ENGINEERING PTE LTD 12 Jurong Port Road Singapore 619090 Tel: (65) 2653155 Fax: (65) 2658494 Contact Name: TAN HOCK HAI Core Business: Pennzoil, GEP Filter, Clayton, Dewandre, Sundaram Clayton, MGM, A C Filter & Delco Remy, Abal & Allen. Brands: UMW, PENNZOIL, GEP, CLAYTON, DEWANDRE, SUNDARAM CLAYTON, MGM, AC FILTER DELCO REMY, ABAL ALLEN. UNICO MOTOR (PTE) LTD Blk 9 Selegie Road #01-23 Selegie House Singapore180009 Tel: (65) 3361828, 4535221 Fax :(65) 3372043, 4532878. Contact Name: LIM AH MEH Core Business: Importer & Exporter of Automotive Spare Parts. Brands: VOLVO, SAAB, MONROE, BOGE UNION AUTO SUPPLY (S) PTE LTD 343 Jalan Besar Singapore 208986 Tel: (65) 2980155 Fax: (65) 2961746 Contact Name: TAN KWANG HWEE Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Motor Vehicles Spares. UNITED AUTO CO PTE LTD 231 Selegie Road Singapore 188345 Tel: (65) 3371010 Fax: (65) 3393593 Contact Name: CHUA KIM YAN Core Business: Import & Export of Vehicle Spare Parts, of Isuzu, Bedford, GM, Toyota Etc. Brands: ISUZU, BEDFORD, GM, TOYOTA. UNITED CHINESE MOTORS PTE LTD 5 Mayo Street Singapore 208305 Tel: (65) 2941595, 2942624, 2942851 Contact Name: TAN HONG SAN Core Business: Imp. & Exp. Wholesalers and Retailer of Vehicle Spare Parts. UNITED MOTOR TRADING PTE LTD 12 Norris Road Singapore 208254 Tel: (65) 2953363, 2948744, 7863266, 7842463 Fax: (65) 2968788, 7863166 Contact Name: CARL NG Email: umtemail@mbox3.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Import, Export and Stockist of Full Range motor Spare Parts for Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Seat, Audi, Alfa Romeo & Volkswagen. Brands: CITROEN, ALFA ROMEO, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, SEAT, OPEL, ROVER, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN UNIVERSAL UNION TRADING CO PTE LTD 32 Lorong 32, Geylang Singapore 398292 Tel: (65) 7442566, 7445811 Fax: (65) 7449890 Contact Name: IRENE SEE Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Automotive Spare Parts & Accessories. VEHICLE PARTS (S) PTE LTD 525 Serangoon Road Singapore 218160 Tel: (65) 2945236, 2932877 Fax: (65) 2938277 Contact Name: TONY THAM Core Business: Import, Export, & Wholesale & Manufacturer of Japanese Car Parts, esp. Commercial Vehicles & Trucks. VICTORIA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD Blk 683 Tessensohn Road #01-121 Singapore 210683 Tel: (65) 2952909, 2928121, 2929134 Fax: (65) 2924096 Contact Name: VINCENT NG HUAT Core Business: Auto Spare Parts & Industrial Chemicals. WAH BEE AUTO SUPPLY 816 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 678149 Tel: (65) 7691835, 7699468 Fax: (65) 7694854 Contact Name: SIEW SWEE HAK Core Business: Auto Spare Parts. WAN TAI CO 4 Defu Lane 12 Singapore 539113 Tel: (65) 2848820, 2835010, 2571219. Fax: (65) 2847238 Contact Name: YAP BENG CHENG Email :wantai@wantai.net Core Business: Importer/Exporter, Stockist of Heavy Machinery and Parts & Auto Parts for All Vehicles Use. WARTA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION 145 Selegie Road Singapore 188312 Tel: (65) 3399966 Fax: (65) 3395703 Contact Name: ONG ENG BING Core Business: Auto Parts, Bearings, Oil Seals, Films and Mufflers. WOODLANDS AUTO SPARE PTE LTD 26 Sungei Kadut Avenue Singapore 729659 Tel: (65) 3687244, 3682022, 2691485 Fax: (65) 2697606 Contact Name: SOH SENG KEE Core Business: Importer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Retailer of All Sorts of Auto Spare Parts & Accessories. Brands: VOLKSWAGEN, MITSUBISHI, HINO, ISUZU, MERCEDES BENZ, NISSAN UD, BEDFORD. WULF GAERTNER (S) PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #02-33 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3389288 Fax: (65) 3374560 Contact Name: MIKE NG CHOON YEOW Email: wulfsin@cyberway.com.sg Core Business: Manufacturers' Representative, Importer & Exporter. XIANDA (SINGAPORE) HOLDINGS PTE LTD 3 Kallang Junction #05-07 Geotechnique Building Singapore 339265 Tel: (65) 2977515 Fax: (65) 2977516 Contact Name: YEO TIONG BOON Core Business: Manufacturing, assembling and retail of automobile parts, equipment and accessories. XIN ZHONG AUTO ENTERPRISE 251 Lavender Street Singapore 338789 Tel: (65) 2913083, 2916051, 2916052 Fax: (65) 2916052 Contact Name: ALAN CHIOW Core Business: Automotive Parts for Audi & Volkswagen. Brands: AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN. XINSHENG AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTD 28 Upper Weld Road Singapore 207385 Tel: (65) 2929926 Fax: (65) 2926909 Contact Name: C K LEE Email: xinshengauto@pacific.net.sg Core Business: Importer, Exporter & Stockist of automotive spare parts Brands: FORD, SSANGYONG, SS, KIA, DAEWOO, GCK, HMC, NBC. YEE FONG AUTO CO PTE LTD 15 Tung Po Avenue Singapore 787157 Tel: (65) 4561231, 96370502, 96169373 Fax: (65) 4552542 Contact Name: LIAN PIN SUN Core Business: Import & Export of Audi & Volkswagen Spare Parts. Brands: AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN YEW ENG AUTO PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-16, Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3365678, 3397661, 3375331, 8415678. Fax: (65) 3367026, 7415678. Contact Name: TAN PING KIM Core Business: Authorised Distributor & Stockist for Bosch Electrical& Jetronic Fuel Injection Parts. Importer & Exporter of genuine parts & accessories for Mercedes Benz & BMW. Brands: BOSCH, MERCEDES BENZ, BMW. YEW ENG TRADING CO 6 Defu Lane 3 Defu Industrial Park Singapore539440 Tel: (65) 2885822, 2884588 Fax: (65) 2845238 Contact Name: TAN WEE HOE Core Business: Importers & Expoters in Motor Vehicle & Logging Truck Spare Parts, Engines Etc. YEW HUAT (S) TRADING CO PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-12 Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3382173 Fax: (65) 3397159 Contact Name: TAN GUAN HUAT Email: yewhuat@mbox3.singnet.com.sg Core Business: Import & Export Of Motor Car Accesories And Spare Parts. YONG SHENG TRADING & TRANSPORT CO Blk 41 Bendemeer Road #01-1250 Singapore330041 Tel: (65) 2942112, 2942141 Fax: (65) 2960054 Contact Name: THOMAS LEE Core Business: Importers & Exporters of Commercial Vehicles and Container Trailer Spare Parts. Stockist for Vauxhall GM, Bosch, Bendix, BPW, ROR, YORK and all air-brake parts. Brands: BEDFORD, BOSCH, BENDIX, BWP, ROR, YORK, BOSCH, VAUXHALL GM. YPO SINGAPORE PTE LTD Blk 261 Waterloo Street #02-19 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261 Tel: (65) 3394219 Fax: (65) 3382067 Contact Name: WILFRED ONG Email: ypospore@cyberway.com.sg Core Business: Manufacturers' representatives YUEN THONG & CO (PTE) LTD 32 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207336 Tel: (65) 2935249 Fax: (65) 2968572 Contact Name: H C SIM Core Business: Brake Parts, Suspension Parts, Specialist of Engine Component Parts for Japanese Vehicles. Brands: KITAHARA, ROCKY, 555, KYB, IZUMI, NPR, TAIHO, 5825, TOYOTA YUNG SOON AUTO SUPPLY CO 24 Upper Weld Road Singapore 207381 Tel: (65) 2986988 Fax: (65) 2968731 Contact Name: SIOW KIM PEOW Core Business: Import & Export Automotive Spare Parts and Accessories. Also Wholesale & Retail.
  2. Mustank

    Taobao Sure Can Buy List

    Ok folks, I start a small effort I slowly build up this thread, but take time lah The item i list one, I consperm sure good one, if not wont gai siao brothers here one I buy already, but haven't use one, I won't gai siao one Torchlights brand (过路者) Basically, 过路者 is a cn brand For driver: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=16611133626 Can break glass and cut seat belt to escape A must have item in the car $13.44 only, you get full metal body and a Cree XML bulb You can get anything close in sg, moi chop For the rest of 过路者 torchlight: http://yanghua6224.taobao.com/?spm=a1z2c.6792737.991222461.1.QGCm2x I also bought a miner headlamp, I find this the most useful http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=17251832864 $8 only Batteries is 18650: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10007853785
  3. Mandrew


    Just came across an interesting article while browsing. Not sure how reliable this is ... I verified few of the parts on my vehicle and they are correct but not sure about the pricing (assume that is in RM). Sharing as it may benefit some.... SPARE PARTS LIST http://mforum.cari.com.my/home.php?mod=spa...pace&page=1
  4. For the benefit of those who are considering buying cars, this will actually give u rough idea of the rate that is going on the market....I will giving a constant scenerio.... Disclaimer: Prices are only for discussion purpose, might not apply to everyone. Age and experience play a factor also. Hyundai Avante (OPC)- Age 50 Company Chin* = $868 Company NT** = $832 Company E* = $842 Company Lib***** = $879 Civic 2.0 - Age 35 Company Chin* = $1232 Company NT** = $1103 Company E* = $1020 Company Lib***** = $1123 Toyota Corolla 1.6 - Age 34 Company Chin* = $902 Company NT** = $1020 Company E* = $1129 Company Lib***** = $821 Company MSI* = $1000 Will update if i get more infos
  5. therock

    Singapore Bib Gourmand list

    How many have you tried? https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/17-new-entrants-to-michelins-bib-gourmand-list-for-2018-50-hawker-stalls-and Let's go try some.. These are the hawker food... not the high end stuff... Next gathering guys? BIB GOURMAND SELECTION _ MICHELIN GUIDE SINGAPORE 2018.pdf
  6. Japanese women list the things men do that make them look cool without even realizing it https://en.rocketnews24.com/2017/11/15/japanese-women-list-the-things-men-do-that-make-them-look-cool-without-even-realizing-it/ Tiny gestures can make big differences in how these women see a man. Japan puts a lot of effort into personal appearance, as thorough grooming and stylish, seasonal attire are considered by many to be prerequisites for going out the door in the morning. But recently women on Internet forum Oshiete Goo highlighted the fact that often a man is at his most attractive when he’s not actively trying to look cool. The discussion was kicked off when one woman, going by the screen name kozakura, posted: “What are the little gestures and moments that make you think you could fall for a guy? For me, it’s when a man gets a serious look on his face when he’s putting something together or repairing something. Or when he’s talking to an animal…that gets me every time.” From there, others were quick to chime in with their personal favorites, some of which, like kozakura’s mention of household repairs, included old-fashioned masculine activities, or simply the overall atmosphere of the strong silent type. “I like the look a guy gets in his eyes when he’s driving and checks the next lane before crossing over into it.” “When he reaches up to change a lightbulb, or gets something off a high shelf and hands it to me with a smile.” “For me, more so than talkative guys, I like men who are sort of resonant. Guys who have a cool quietness to them, and who only show their smile to people they’re really close to, those are the kind of guys who get my heart racing. Seeing them smile, there’s a childlike cuteness that just pierces my heart.” But as some women pointed out, even the most mundane motions can be enough to make them feel drawn to a guy. “When a guy takes off his glasses, to casually scratch his eye, wipe the lenses, or put in eye drops.” “The way his hands look when he’s dividing up a large plate of food for everyone at the table.” “The way he walks. If I think a guy is cool or handsome, he always has a gallant stride. It’s like his attitude and life philosophy are all reflected in the way he walks.” Of course, some were willing to admit that they might be reading a bit too much into these mannerisms, such as the woman who said: “There’s something attractive about a guy who’s looking off into the distance. It’s like he’s getting ready to take on a big challenge, or chase after a fervent dream…or maybe he’s just admiring the view.” But as far as providing that initial spark of attraction, these little things can be enough. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your thoughts?
  7. Poortraveller

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    Hi All, For Mazda Owner discussion please continue here http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706188-mazda-owner-check-in-list-part-2/ For Vezel Discussion please continue here http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706185-honda-vezel-part-3/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Hitman 2) Norm_Aspirated 3) Maz75 4) Owen_fan 5) pokie 6) chermin 7) M323 (Mazda 8=3+2+3) 1.6M Sports 8) Protege 9) Epoch (Protege 1.6A Sports) 10) Ecaf (Protege 1.6A Classic) 11) Failuredrill (1.6 Auto Classic) 12) Flaser (Ford Laser 1.6) 13) Ahliew(astina 323 1.6 hb) 14) midreef (Protege 1.6A) 15) w2k_83 (Protege 1.6A Classic) 16) M_protege (Protege 1.6M Sports) 17) Bossman (Mazda 6) 18) Jcers (Mazda Protege 1.6A Black Sports) 19) Laser (Ford Laser 1.6(A)) 20) Akbk (Mazda 6, coming soon) 21) Greatodin (Protege 1.6M Classic) 22) zoomm (Protege 1.6A Sports Black) 23) Mhb9 (323HB) 24) Avatar_mp3 (Protege 1.6M) 25) Moneyplant 26) jonjees (Mazda 3 Sports, July) [Readding] 27) Lennonisdead 28) Law_ong (Protege 1.6M Classic) 29) Linus (Protege 1.6A Classic) 30) Mazda_Mad (Mazda 323 1.6A Auto) 31) Zoomprotege (323 Classic - Champagne* Just got rear-end 32) kosten1982 (Mazda3 1.6A Sports Titanium Grey, COMING SOON!wheeee... 33) Chutzup (Famili 1.6A) 34) Tenminste (323 Protege 1.6A) 35) Homey (Mazda6) 36) Altum (Protege 1.6A - Also just got rear-ended 1 week ago, now brand new bumper and boot cover) 37) RobinChoo (Black Protege 03 (A)) 38) Elina 39) Hockmeng 40) Husky (Black Mazda2 - only Mazda2 so far?????) 41) Jamestan (Mazda 323 1.6A) 42) Supermario (MZ3 Basic Grey) 43) Sheltie2306 (Me too, Silver Mazda 323 1.6A, with 4 tail lamps and rear fog light) 44) Zealot (Silver Mazda 323 1.6A 45) Tan280 (Mazda 6) 46) Superman (Mazda 323 1.6A) 47) CyberET (Silver Protege 03 1.6A) 48) Panda (Ex-owner 323 1.6M) 49) Kevinalexandria (Silver protege 1.6A) for TKSS, refer to http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/Asian_Make...P945977/#945977
  8. Showing 60 of 60 comments Sort by Popular now Best rating Newest first Oldest first Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS Real-time updating is paused. (Resume) 0 new comment was just posted. Show Swei 5 hours ago The exact same experience happened to me -- I was told my Infinity membership was revoked about a year ago due to late payments. I spoke at length to a CalFit manager, and subsequently wrote a lengthy email to headquarters in Hong Kong, but was delivered the news that the appeal was rejected. I even offered to pay an additional late fee above the $8 late payments, buy they claimed that because I had paid previous $8 fees before, I "had no excuse for unknowing late payments". Since then, I have decided to boycott California Fitness due to poor customer service. I enquired how come I wasn't even given a late notice reminder, but was rebuffed that "their policy has changed". I relate this experience to all I know, and encourage others to join gyms that provide more desirable service recovery. Flag Like ReplyReply simonyw2007 7 hours ago Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! California Fitness! All this are unreasonable. Let the whole of Singapore peoples aware of this. Should not joined the membership. Flag Like ReplyReply Ntm-song 14 hours ago Victims !Pls step forward to stop them from conning people again my brothers so called diamond or platinum membership was seldom. The manager has no sense of shame working when we threw our card into his face when they told us to complain to case if we not happy Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to Ntm-song I am a victim! Why don't we gather and sue them together? Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Kimakb2003 5 hours ago in reply to Chris That's a good idea. I am sure there must be hundreds who are affected. Perhaps A good way to start is a Facebook account or get a good lawyer and start a class action against cg Flag Like ReplyReply fatsparrow 15 hours ago Does California Fitness have any affiliation to the state of California, or to the Governator? And what do London Weight Management, New York Skin Solutions, and Yunnan Hair have in common? Hokkaido Ice Cream? All the way from Hokkaido? Flag Like ReplyReply Angelina Susanti 16 hours ago Thanks a million, Charmayne! I was on the verge of signing up for lifetime membership at California Fitness, when I read her ST Forum letter. I will be content with exercising at my condo gym after work and on weekends, instead of doing my workouts in the morning or during lunch hour. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply leongfamily 17 hours ago If the intent is a lifetime membership, they should have waived the annual $8 admin fee. I'm afraid they have a reputation for such and I'm sure you are not the first to experience this. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Phototod 17 hours ago My wife thought she was the only one when she got booted out because she overlooked the $8 admin fee. She received no reminder. When she tried to use the gym their reply was "sorry you did not pay the admin fee ". When she protested that she did not receive any reminder they bluntly told her that she should keep track of when she should pay the admin fee. You want to use the facilities then pay $3000 for the membership. This is big news. I hope all the newspapers here and hong kong and mediacorp report this unscrupulous gym operator. Flag 3 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie 18 hours ago "When we tried to reason with her, she brusquely replied that the decision was final and we could complain to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) if we were dissatisfied." The above mention quoted, i find that the CASE should STAND UP for the VICTIMS and should do somthing about it rather than nothin and there will be more and more VICTIMS like US and also the Service Provider will be more and more BULLY. Flag Like ReplyReply Gussaxy 19 hours ago I am also a victim of California Fitness's unscrupulous business practice - I was a 'LIFETIME' member who on top of that signed up about 5k worth of Personal Training sessions. To simplify my story, I suspended my menbership and personal training program because I got pregnant, had a misscarriage, took time to recover, got pregnant again and delivered a healthy baby. All these while I thought I could continue with my membership and P.T program after my delivery. To my great dissapointment, California Fitness told me that my 'LIFETIME' membership had EXPIRED bacause I had not paid my annual $8 fee. On top of that my P.T program had also expired because the max time they allow members to suspend their membership was 1 year. I had lost not only the few thousand dollars worth of membership but also estimated 3.5K worth of P.T sessions. CALIFORNIA FITNESS pls stop treating your clients like dirt and refund us those money you don't deserve to earn! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Geraldine 19 hours ago Dear charmayne My brother who bought the $4k life membership package faced the same problem as you. His was over due for 2 weeks due to outstation but they refuse to accept the explanation instead he was told to re purchase the membership again if he is still keen to use the facilities. I think this is the way they make money hopping that members overlooked the yearly renewal. Flag 6 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie Lim 18 hours ago in reply to Geraldine Yes my husband encounter that too! He was told the same thing and was handled the same manner!!! Its was very very UNFAIR for the members when they are keen in exercising and now couldn't just because of the $8!!!! i think Carlifornia should not handle member that way!!! Flag Like ReplyReply Midnight2010sun 20 hours ago NEVER EVER trust any company that sells any kind of 'lifetime membership". Thats how they scam you upfront! And 'lifetime' doesn't mean YOUR lifetime..the company can close or tajen over by another company and your 'lifetime membership' can expire much shorter than you think! Flag Like ReplyReply Gunni 21 hours ago I think it unfortunate that some people here miss the point and instead brush the writer's concern away as 'petty' and a non-issue. Yes, there may have been a clause. And yes, it is the customer's responsibility to read them even though the agent/salesperson may have failed to highlight it. However, 'throwing' out customers who have paid $3000 each for a lifetime membership just because they have missed the deadline for the $8 payment? Shocking and unbelievable. One cannot help but think that any company that prides itself on providing good service to their customers, and have basic respect and regard for them -- potential, past or current ones -- would have reacted differently. I wonder if there were any attempts made to the customers to remind them of the $8 payment. And was there any customer service officer who were present or who contacted the couple to alley their fears and questions? From the writer's experience, it sure sounds like the company adopted a firm 'No, you're out. No space for negotiation or clarifications. It's your fault you did not read the clauses nor pay up on time. Unhappy? Then bring it to CASE'. The only 'human touch' here seems to be the receptionist who conveyed the outright rejection of her superiors, and even borders on smugness with an unspoken challenge to 'bring the matter to CASE. All this does not bode well with the integrity of the company at all. In the long run, greed and a lost of good, sturdy values will bring them to their knees. They may win the battle this time around, but eventually lose the war. Flag SEAH1975 and 6 more liked this Like ReplyReply Jonathan 21 hours ago Had the same experience with california fitness centre. They dont bother about being considerate, they just care about the money i suppose. Suggest to try other gyms and stop patronizng cfc. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply James Ong 21 hours ago Take it up with CASE. Even if one fails to pay a utility bill on time, there would be a reminder notice to pay up, before the utility is cut. I truly cannot comprehend how such a case can exist. It is mind boggling. I definitely will have to read every single fine print on all membership documents before signing them. Also, i think due to the complexity of some words on such agreement, I think it is best to be vetted by a lawyer. There must be posters put up around Singapore to remind consumers to be very very careful in taking up membership of any form, when the membership amount is high.. Flag SEAH1975 liked this Like ReplyReply Xiuxiu Wang 21 hours ago Money in the pocket is the best policy. Pay as you use, never mind the discounts. Treat discounts lost as insurance. Flag shantelle88 liked this Like ReplyReply hotwoks 22 hours ago Pay another $3K and become a member again. What a way for business to rip money off consumers when they say they can forfeit membership for late payment of fee. Really easy money for them when people are generally forgetful or late in paying up. I think you have to waste another $3k to engage a lawyer to seek redress. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply chubbycat 22 hours ago hmmm. I happened to be a california gym member and I remembered that there was a clause stating contract termination if I fail to make payment on time, I make it a point to pay in advance and to check with the reception regularly. Since the writer didn't pay on time, why make such a fuss out of it ? Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to chubbycat I guess you do not understand that the customer lost 3000SGD because of not paying and 8 SGD admin fee => Unreasonable! Flag Like ReplyReply Maria Loi-terer 22 hours ago Why can't clients settle their problems with the respective organisations? Why does the whole nation have to be privy to this petty woman's $8 problem? What is the total number of Singaporeans who patronise these gyms? What is their percentage as a ratio to our population? So, why does the whole nation need to know of her squabble? She is a minute minority within a minute minority. Flag Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer Sorry, you are missing the point. Its about people having the right to go after bad practices of companies. May be you don't care and don't bother but there are people trying to do something about cheating companies. Flag Like ReplyReply Burnt 21 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer You obviously miss the point. The issue is not the $8 admin fee, but the high handedness and arrogance spas and fitness clubs are acting with impunity, hiding behind small print and vague conditions in contracts. It's about time this industry is regulated. Flag SEAH1975 and 3 more liked this Like ReplyReply hotwoks 22 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer At least victims have an avenue through ST Forum to share their plight to the rest of Spore. It is a good thing that sufferings of people are made known publicly so that people would be more careful and not fall into similar situations. Flag 3 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Gsuest 22 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer It is to the public's benefit that such underhanded practices by unscrupulous retailers are highlighted in the media so that we can watched for ourselves and avoid becoming similarly victimised. Flag 6 people liked this. Like ReplyReply taekniu 23 hours ago CASE will only try their best to help. CASE does not even have any power when it comes to such dispute. Consumers sign up at their own risk. Little is done to protect consumers. Look at the spas etc.. These are good examples. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie 18 hours ago in reply to taekniu Very very SAD to learn that!! Flag Like ReplyReply Chee Kit 23 hours ago same thing happened to me... im sure they say this to all customers in the same position! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Zill Yvonne Tan 1 day ago have u complainted to CASE? Flag Like ReplyReply Leong 1 day ago The instructors are full of filthy filipinos Flag 32 people liked this. Like ReplyReply E2 23 hours ago in reply to Leong Shame on you. You filthy low/middle income, hdb dwelling, MRT traveling racist. Flag 5 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Bryan Choong 23 hours ago in reply to Leong I am truly disappointed with this remark. Clearly this is an unfair corporate decision that has nothing to do with nationalities or races, and nothing to do with the instructors. Why don't you say it is filthy Hong Kongers since it was the Hong Kong HQ who made the decision? What makes you think that the decision was not made by a Chinese boss in HK? Flag Like ReplyReply Antoinette Patterson 1 day ago in reply to Leong Sorry for your loss; hopefully CASE will actually do something about it once it's reported. Aside to Leong, that's just racist and irrelevant to her situation. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply shantelle88 1 day ago I am a true fitness member and I wouldn't say it's more expensive than other gyms (you can bargain actually). They regularly maintain facilities and call in advance to inform you of any membership renewal or late payment (if there is). Before this I went to California fitness for trial and had a terrible experience with their staff attitude and the way they do things. I was speechless. When I see this article's title i knew it's gonna be somewhere Ive been. I feel sorry for you. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply friedbeehoon33 1 day ago i used to be california gym member, i can only say the membership fee is not expensive as compared to true, pure and fitness first. and it ends there. then equipments are old, towels flimsy, crowded classes, smelly toilets. cali members used to be able to visit their overseas branches in seoul, kl, bangkok, taipei, but now the only overseas branch they can visit is hkg seems like they are not growing any more. Flag Henry Wong and 1 more liked this Like ReplyReply Henry Wong 1 day ago I have switched to Fitness First 3 years ago. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Cherish 1 day ago I will never in my life buy any lifetime memberships. thanks for sharing this and I'm sorry for your loss! If I ever get a membership, it'll never be California fitness . come to think of it, 6k is enough for me to buy my own gym equipments! Flag 5 people liked this. Like ReplyReply RGS001 1 day ago rules are rules. too bad Ms. Lim....sometimes you have to read the fine print. Flag chubbycat liked this Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to RGS001 Hi RGS You must be working for California gym or you are used to bad customer service and accept being cheated through fine prints! Flag Like ReplyReply AJ 1 day ago Now its time that we ban them her and send them packing! I think they are broke, even their towels is like my floor mat and i would gladly provide them with my floor mat and maybe the boss would like to use it for his tears when his business go belly up! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Jousterr 1 day ago There are many ways of amassing money. Robbery is one. Calofornia Fitness does this. Flag RGS001 and 2 more liked this Like ReplyReply Tweeseeng 1 day ago Good that Ms Charmayne Lim brought this up. CASE also mentioned there were many victims of California Fitness Centre (CFC) of this case. Life Membership or Platinium? I had the same problem, I had a overseas assignment for 5 years and when I came back and happy march into Fitness Center, they refuse my entry and told me that they no longer do Life membership and I have to buy a new membership for I did not pay the yearly $8 renewal fees (without any reminders from them). The Staff the sold me the membership- Atiq Chowdhury and the Personal Trainer who became the GM of Novena Branch-Collin both said they could not do anything and that's their policy from Hong Kong. I brought this to CASE and CFC Hong Kong replied that its the T&C which I did not read despite the salesman not pointing out. Flag Like ReplyReply SEAH1975 20 hours ago in reply to Tweeseeng REALLY!!! I signed up for the Platinium Lifetime Membership with California Fitness somewhere in 2005/2006 & have not visited the gym for the past couple of years too!!! So now...instead of telling people that
  10. I thought it would be good to compile a list of to do before purchase Sort of a sharing and paying back to the forum Those that have additional infor, feel free to add 1. Check out how much you can loan. Yes, there are times when you "feel" you can meet the monthly payment, but then , the bank thinks otherwise. Lets not debate in dubious ways like overstating sales agreement and "football" payment. Yu may also want to check out the citiloan assist and there are good rates to be gotten for new cars. just be aware there will be some work on your part to be done so a good sales person is required. You are ideally cutting out the sales person comm of 800 to 1000 dollars on average. If like most, you have a condo loan or a condo is on the horizon, BUY condo FIRST as that will also hit your loan for the Condo. 2. check out which credit card is having a promotion for that month. a 10000 to 20000 down payment by card can gain you a lot of rebate / cashback. 3. Forecasting COE is as good as buying 2 coconut to point to the sky to contact your MP for tips on COE increase or not. Be aware that the 6 bids and top up only helps to lock you in on the down payment . Your choice of cars that you could have gotten IF it rise can be quite disappointing. imagine you book a 1.5L car and because of the top up, you would have being buying a 1.6L car as compare to the car at that point in time where you put ink to paper. 4. New car launches as they say early bird gets the worm. Can be as good at 6 K off. Cars that are in stock in that configuration would get you better discount. BUT note that lime green and orange coulors will be sticking with you way long after many CNY is over. So have to take the color that you like. But that's me. 5. Event cars maybe cheap, but its also DUMB specs. The savings may negate the fact that when selling, you are also getting lower resale. WHY ? 2nd hand car dealers has a list of specs that they note down. so things like a normal car sold with all the bells and whistle vs a dump down version will very quickly be identified by the second hand car dealers. Bi xenon head lights and LED are one example and IF its a second owner car, its even worst. So be careful not to be happy to have a 4K discount and getting short change in the end. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. 6. Getting a pre own may not be so bad. Do note that the 6 - 9 months old car is normally 30 - 45 K different . You not buying a car from NTUC. So bargain away. Do check the TnC. 7. Check out the various insurance as that is also a big unknown. It varies and if you can ask on your own, the savings are as large as 300 to 400. Do note that the Sales will not be happy, so you have to check with the sales on what is the final price without loan and insurance. As the loan interest rate can varies do not be mistaken that its 1% different only. Car loan interest is very different from how other loans are calculated. ITS a lot of MONEY. Those that think otherwise can try out the apps on the SGCARMART to have a taste of the delta of 1% for 50K loan for 5 years. If its easy peasy lemon queezy, then good for you. 8. Do check when the YOM is. we are in 2015. If you still getting 2014 or earlier, there are insurance implication when it comes to fair market value. Do also check when you will be registering the car. If you register in dec 31 vs 2 Jan, your resale value can be as different as 4k to 6 K when its time to sell. ************ This is not exhaustive and as money is involved, those that buy do note of the risk that you take base on my insights
  11. What three motoring things would you like to achieve before you go? (that you have a reasonable chance of) For me it would have to be 1. Own a classic muscle car of some sort 2. Drive the Nurburgring 3. Own a Caterham / Ariel (or one of it's derivatives)
  12. Hi All, Just to check still these cars are hit list in JB especially Honda Rav4 & Toyota Harrier? Would Honda Vezel be one of them?
  13. <link removed by admin> Hope will be relevant to parents with children heading to P1 next year
  14. Thaiyotakamli

    List of MCF Member Ride

    Ever wonder what our mcf members drive? Which brand is the most driven? What rare model they drive? Whats their choice? Let me start the ball rolling (filling in some members that i know ) Post ur model below. Just copy paste the list. If similar model, just put ur name beside the model itself to avoid long list TOYOTA 1. Ktglfc (Altis) HONDA 1. Spring (civic) 2. Ben (stream) NISSAN 1. Spawn (GTR) 2. MAZDA 1. MITSUBISHI 1. HYUNDAI 1. MERCEDES BENZ 1. Vid (CLS) 2. Tyco kia (C class) VOLKSWAGEN 1. Chowfatt (caddy) KIA 1. Echelon (sorento) BMW 1. RadX, Thaiyo, WTknow, Vid (5 series) 2. 3. 4. Turboflat (M5) 5. FORD 1. 7hm (laser) PORSCHE 1. Tablewiper FERRARI 1.
  15. Hi all, these are the places whereby you can get free LKY decals =) 1) Dynamics Mechanic Garage - Vinyl Dynamics Synergy @ KB25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, #01-36 S417800 Tel: 6341 6164 2) Wrapstyle 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #05-01/02 Premier @ Kaki Bukit Singapore 415875 3) CarbonRevo - no more stocks Please add on if you know other places that give out free LKY decals
  16. I looking into buying lv bags in malaysia as currently our currency is strong and exchange rate is better but i has not racky the pricing of lv in malaysia yet. Anyone bought this stuff in malaysia care to share the opinion compare to buying in singapore?
  17. Wow, one of Singapore's pastor is among the world's top 10 earning pastor. see today's Today paper Pg 17 attached. img-X23163432.pdf
  18. Anyone know of others apart from the below? 1. Fortuner 2. Sante Fe 3. Chev Captiva
  19. Most luxurious models can't make it. But wondering which cars are close to the 20K mark and avoids the new ARF tax?
  20. Pippo20

    Toyota New Price List

    Usually buying a Toyota will be on the Classic Price with Non-Guaranteed COE ($), now they have a Saver Price with Non-Guaranteed COE ($) which is $30k less from the last bidding result Toyota prices.. Which means to say Borneo Motors is predicting a $30k drop in the next bidding?
  21. Dear all, Please check out this list of loyalty programs and discount cards below, will appreciate all comments, and will be good if there are any noteworthy ones that have not been mentioned! http://www.cheaponana.com/2013/01/05/list-...discount-cards/
  22. I kpo, happened to see the above. Kindly see attached: http://www.pdf-archive.com/2012/12/20/list...d-19-dec-12.pdf
  23. Have you guys done your christmas shopping yet? Just saw this table on Cheaponana.com, quite useful for those planning to do their purchases this month
  24. From Andrew Kok-Kin Lim Jul 16 I refer to the letter "Can HDB step up enforcement?" (July 13). The Housing and Development Board would have the means if it lists all authorised sublet flats in a public database online. A S$500 reward should be given to anyone who reports unauthorised subletting, to be paid by the offender. The HDB should also increase the penalty for first-time offenders to the equivalent of six months of rent. If it cannot do this, it can outsource the job. This was first posted as a comment at www.todayonline.com/voices Quote from today online, so what do you guys think?
  25. Seem that the forum have changed it's format not to show the post with other member replies. Instead it is showing the hierarchy discussion. I find this very unintuitive/not user friendly. Mods' any comments?