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  1. Dleodleo

    Back to Nature - scallop picking along East Coast Park

    Wow! Didn't know got 好料 in East Coast. Thanks for sharing! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Dleodleo

    Instant Water Heater

    Indian FT or local indian? How much?
  3. Dleodleo

    Instant Water Heater

    Panasonic 😄
  4. Dleodleo

    Instant Water Heater

    My 1st Cornell heater lasted me for more than 16 years. I replaced it with same brand Cornell 2 years ago when spoilt but 1.5 years spoilt liao. So sad. I bought Panasonic recently.
  5. How i wish leh 🤣🤣 I went during my lunch break one. Fast fast go and fast fast return.
  6. Dleodleo

    Instant Water Heater

    He's an electrician or plumber?
  7. I placed the FD there already 1.78%. Quite fast, everything settled within 15 mins. Not much waiting. 😄
  8. Dleodleo

    Instant Water Heater

    Any electrican or pumber to recommend for instant water replacement? Thank you.
  9. Dleodleo

    Bak Kwas Worth Queuing Up For This CNY (2020)

    Oic. 😄 Actually I also dun really fancy Mei Zhen Xiang cos I find them salty. I prefer frangance and another bwa kua shop in people park hawker centre. Their chilly bwa kua is nice.
  10. Oic. Many banks like that also. So my FD will start on Monday instead of today if I place with them.
  11. Meaning they will issue cash cheque and not to my name and I need to pay $5 for the cheque?
  12. Dleodleo

    FT discrimination agst locals

    My office here got a lot of Malaysians PRs. Many of them started on work permit then apply PR after few years. It seem quite easy to get PR in Singapore. After so many years here, I still cannot stand their Chinese in Malaysian accent and improper chinese. 🙂
  13. Thanks. I'll take a look at Singapure Finance 1.78% cos CIMB I placed last month already.😉
  14. Dleodleo

    Bak Kwas Worth Queuing Up For This CNY (2020)

    Wow! So good of your sister! My neighbour also good, every year he will give us ba kwa too. But is sliced pork, too hard for me. I prefer minced pork. 😀 I think Mei zhen xiang no need to q de. They have a order form, order dun know how many packets got free delivery.