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Found 312 results

  1. Please check in if you are a Audi A3 owners. Please state your type and also year and any other info you like to share. My car info: -A3 Sedan Ambiente trim (Type 8V - model year 2015). -Delivery in Mar 2015. -OMV=27.2K. COE=64.7K AD gross margin=18.5K. During my evaluation, I gathered some info about the A3 compared to other similar cars in Singapore. Just for your information (see table below). I welcome any questions. I have also done a brief review in sgcarmart for this car too.
  2. Dragonong

    K5 owners check in

    Really thinking how many of us here since the model has been launched a while ago (very long in fact) but I just became part of the family so wanna find out my mates here. 1) Dragon (2012) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  3. TTT

    KIA K3 Owners check-in!

    K3 owners-to-be, we are all looking forward to the delivery of our cars let's consolidate an owners' list here! let me start the ball rolling: 1. TTT - Golden Beat 2. ER-3682 - Bright Silver 3. Firedemon15 - Glittering Metal 4. Vyeron - Snow White Pearl 5. Aurorablack - Aurora Black
  4. Oh no, this white Porsche Macan is going to get flamed online by neitzens everywhere with his/her brake-checking skills. Spotted on SG Road Vigilante's page is this video of a Porsche SUV that is pissed with the camera car not giving way on 30th of Nov 2020. Everything started from the junction of Upper Thompson and Braddell Road with the Porsche slowly catching up to the camera car which was going a decent speed. The Porsche then wanted to overtake on Braddell road for a few times but somehow luck was not in his way and the camera car seemed like it was blocking the SUV. With ego getting the best of the SUV driver, the Macan then a bad judgement call at Braddell Underpass, trying to cut into the camera car's lane without signal. Funny thing is throughtout the other parts of the video, the Macan did signal his intentions mostly... From then on, it then seemed like the Macan wanted to give the camera a piece of his mind and brake-checked the camera car after finally overtaking it. Was it solely the fault of the Porsche? Or was the camera car in the wrong for not giving way despite knowing the Porsche had intentions to overtake? It does take two hands to clap afterall...
  5. Hi all I am thinking of buying a used car but before that, i need to check whereabout in the Internet or Phone can i know whether any Malaysia traffic offense for this Singapore Car. Do anyone know? Thanks!
  6. Since everybody has started thread on which cars/models they used... i might as well start one too. so..generally all honda owners... pls check in 1. Redz - Honda Stream (2004) 2. 3. 4.
  7. I am looking to purchase a 2nd hand car either from dealer / direct owner. How do i verify the history of the car if its accident free, mileage etc..? What are the info that i need in order to check? Currently, i only have the plate no. of the car i am keen on. Beisdes checking with AD, can i check with LTA? Thanks for help!
  8. I can see one can check CEA for the agent but there is only basic information on it. What are the information I shall use to ensure I am talking to a normal agent? Name Reg. No. Reg. Period Awards Disciplinary Actions Remarks Est. Agent Name Licence Number
  9. 'Onemotoring' Veh Transfer site used to show the "No. of Owner Transfers". I wonder which smart alex initiated the move to delete this information. 2nd hand car buyers can no longer check on the 'no. of owners' history prior to viewing the car.
  10. Carry over from old thread. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...197&st=1950
  11. Videos of traffic police checking child passengers’ heights stir road rules debate GVGT It’s normal to see police officers scanning Singapore’s roads at night for speeding motorists or drunk drivers. But to halt vehicles for checks on child passengers’ heights? Not so much. Videos showing traffic police officers stopping drivers in broad daylight to measure the heights of child passengers in their cars surfaced on Facebook yesterday. The unusual sight of officers holding measuring tapes against kids who appeared to be around six years old as the adults looked on had piqued the curiosity of many, with all three clips that were posted racking up over 200,000 views accumulatively. It’s unclear where the checks were taking place. Viewers who commented on the post, shared by Facebook user Huang Jiaxing, pointed out that the officers’ actions seemed to be connected to child safety rules on the road. Those below the height of 1.35m are required in Singapore to use the child seat or approved adjustable seat belts to lower the risk of accidental injury. Taxis, however, are exempted from this requirement as it is considered not “reasonable or practical” for parents to carry child seats wherever they go. But a taxi driver could be fined S$120 and given three demerit points if he or she fails to ensure that the children are in the rear seat. If convicted in court, taxi drivers could be fined up to S$1,000 or jailed for up to three months. These rules have been around at least since 2011 but are rarely seen being enforced by the traffic police. Coconuts Singapore has reached out to the police for more details on why the checks on child passengers are taking place only now. Meanwhile, netizens praised authorities for their “good move” on the apparent efforts to ensure child safety on the roads.
  12. Hi, anyone tried this service ? Wonder if there is any gimmick.
  13. nazerath

    Transmission check

    where to go for transmission auto check? When I try to accelerate (Almost flooring) from a filter lane to an expressway, it seems to be lagging, like it would rev high then after a second or so get what I want it to do and then start to accelerate. Is this called gear slip? I do not remember my previous auto being like that it at least not so obvious. Could it be that I am used to the response time of a manual or is the cars transmission giving way?
  14. HELP!!!! I was driving home this evening when my car's (Mitsubitshu Lancer EX) check engine light turned on. The car also suddenly became very sluggish and it limped all the way home. I always use at least 95 RON which is the recommended fuel for the car. What should I do now? Any good workshops to recommend (Alexandra area?). Very jialat.... should I continue to drive?
  15. Since young till now, my earliest memory had always been somewhere when I was 3 to 4 years old. My family used to live in a kampong when I was very young, rearing chicken, ducks, and pigs, and we lived in a wooden house with zinc roof. Back then, the worse thing I could remember was pythons that could swallow livestocks and bigger animals, and I still remember hearing commotion in the middle of the nights when pythons were spotted in the coops feasting on our livelihood, and fearing when would be my turn. I remembered one afternoon when I woke up from napping to finding nobody in the house, when normally my mum would be. It was hysterical moments as I cried and cried fearing the worst, even when my mum showed up moments later as she was tending to something in neighbour's house nearby. The memory and fear was so vivid that I could remember till this day, and I was around 3 to 4 years old then. But all along since young I have been having a weird and unique recollection of certain event. The setting was again in some sort of kampong village. And I remember myself naked, and minding my business, not sure what it was though. All around me, the people were reacting normally, not taken aback by my condition. But I would feel so shameful that I would cringe at the thought. I do not know why, but this memory would keep flashing in the dreams and some idle thoughts, not knowing why it happened that I would be naked and nobody reacting to it. I had even saw an online article recently about an old man who like to roam his kampong naked on a bicycle, and keep thinking am I that kuku bird haha. Then only recently it occurred to me that it must be my brain trying to remember some distant memory when I was very young and trying to make sense of them. Well that naked person is real, and me when I was really young I believe. No wonder nobody gave a hoot because it is normal for a baby to be naked those days. And I was really glad that this mystery had finally been solved. Really happy to be frank, as it sort of proves my sanity haha. Ok I hope I had not bored anyone with this little sharing about myself (Not young anymore, by the way). Do feel free to share what you remember as the earliest event you could still remember. If you have nothing to contribute but just had a laugh reading it, I am also happy with it, as this is really a weird topic to start with. My apologies also if you think you have wasted few minutes of your time reading through the words. Cheers.
  16. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/man-gets-detention-for-removing-bus-stop-bench-he-thought-was-just-the-ticket-for-his-new
  17. Today, I learnt that it is imperative we check the battery that is sold to us when we have the battery of our precious watches replaced. Out of convenience, Wifey had the battery for her Omega watch changed less than six months ago at White Sands SC, which cost her $25. Over the weekend, the watch died on her. Our first thought was that an inferior battery was used. But our main worry was that the malfunction could be due to faulty mechanism. To allay our worries, we brought it to a watch shop in Loyang Point. I trust the proprietor because my Tag Heuer's battery was replaced by him more than a year ago and the watch is still working fine. It was at the shop I learnt something disturbing. The guy removed the battery and showed me that it had leaked, staining part of the internal component. He said he would try his best to remove the leakage from the watch, hoping that the acid had not corroded the mechanism. Much to our relief, he was able to get the watch working again with a new battery. Phew! It seemed that the watch shop at White Sands is not the only unethical shop. I learnt from him that some watch shops in Tampines Central charge customers for a premium battery when the actual battery is of Japan origin, which typically cost only $5. Some are even more unscrupulous, to the extent of using those made in China. I wonder how prevalent is this practice in Singapore. So, it pays to be cynical sometimes. Where our watches are concerned, we should inspect the battery before it is inserted into our beloved watches.
  18. ​Need advise on this issue, ​Presently driving a 2010 Toyota Wish, 5 months ago, the CEL came on with the VSC icon flashing and turn off. So I went to change both the O2 sensor and was ok for the next few mths. ​But recently, the same thing happen again, after a couple of days, the CEL came on with the VSC icon flashing and turn off. It came on and off after a few days. ​Anybody have any idea what might be this issue?
  19. Erictay_82

    P2096 Check engine light

    Hi, My car check engine light was on. I went to a workshop to get it diagnose. The error code is P2096 Told me need to change catalyst convert....few thousand. Any encounter this before?
  20. guys, recently my car's check engine light turns On again. it happened few months ago and i got a mechanic who specialises honda car in ubi area to fix it for $280 in 5 mins. i guess i want to try and get it fix somewhere else to see if i could get it done one and for all without having to be a carrot. well, i'm driving an EK. when the engine light turns ON, sometimes it lost power on gear one. sometimes it works as fine. and sometimes, it goes back to normal after i restart engine. this problem has been a few days. today, it just doesn't turn Off after i tried to restart. all the good honda mec i know are located in the WEST, i wish not to travel that far to fix this. TIA
  21. Davidklt

    Runners check in!

    Just wanna know if there are car lovers that are runners too. ID yourself please. For me I try to run 3 times a week. Tried marathon twice but still like 21 km and 10 km more.. You?
  22. SINGAPORE: Singapore Customs said the number of people who violated the three-quarter-tank rule doubled last year. It said the figure went up to about 4,000 compared to that the year before. The rule, which has been in place since 1991, requires all motorists travelling north out of Singapore, to fill their petrol tanks to at least three-quarter full. One driver said: "The (petrol) prices are pretty high right now. If I'm going to Malaysia, I will go with a three-quarter tank, and top up to a full tank before returning to Singapore. "I think that's the norm -- a lot of people do that". Another said: "Most of the time, I go in with three-quarter tank or more than three quarters, depending on the situation. I mean, since I'm going to Malaysia, I might as well top up there". In Singapore, petrol costs about two dollars per litre, while in Malaysia, it's about RM1.90 or about 80 Singapore cents. The price difference is why Singapore motorists are heading north to fill up their tanks. Singapore Customs said the number of people violating the three-quarter-tank rule has been on the rise between 2008 and 2010. Offenders face a maximum fine of S$500. Some motorists go even further by tampering with their fuel meter. Last year, 23 car owners were charged with that offence, down from 24 in 2009. In 2008, there were only four such cases. Offenders who tamper with their fuel meter face a S$5,000 fine or a year's jail. - CNA
  23. Midorima

    Audi Q3 owners check in

    Have been searching around in the forum, don't seem to see any topics specifically to this model. How is the car for those who have driven it for some time? I have driven my 1.4l 2017 manufactured for about 6 months +. It is great, but noticed these 2 things:- 1. Brakes really squeak loud in the morning, but goes away quickly. Read that the brakes used by Audi tend to have this characteristic 2. Sometimes at around 1800-2000rpm for first 3 gears or so, there is this very soft tone sound, like a very very faint toned whistle. Can't describe it exactly, quite like a soft recorder sound (those you blow into). It is only audible if you don't turn on the radio as it is quite soft. It doesn't always have this sound, and if you rev harder it actually goes away and doesn't come back. I am not sure the source, but hopefully it is not a sign of a bigger problem.
  24. Hi Bro/Sis, Any feedback on the mentioned tyre ? Currently on ad08r but already looking forward to my next set of 4. Therefore seeking some reviews for personal consumption I went to check it out with some of the stores and those who have it are Made in Thailand and 195/50/15 and cost abt SGD110-130.