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Found 36 results

  1. Hi, Anyone would be able to advice on how to replace the GPS software on China DVD player ? Mine is currently running WINCE 6.0 and comes with built in GPS, but without Singapore map. And there isnt a Singapore map for me to download. Not sure if i can replace the stock software? Please advise. Thank you
  2. Today, I learnt that it is imperative we check the battery that is sold to us when we have the battery of our precious watches replaced. Out of convenience, Wifey had the battery for her Omega watch changed less than six months ago at White Sands SC, which cost her $25. Over the weekend, the watch died on her. Our first thought was that an inferior battery was used. But our main worry was that the malfunction could be due to faulty mechanism. To allay our worries, we brought it to a watch shop in Loyang Point. I trust the proprietor because my Tag Heuer's battery was replaced by him more than a year ago and the watch is still working fine. It was at the shop I learnt something disturbing. The guy removed the battery and showed me that it had leaked, staining part of the internal component. He said he would try his best to remove the leakage from the watch, hoping that the acid had not corroded the mechanism. Much to our relief, he was able to get the watch working again with a new battery. Phew! It seemed that the watch shop at White Sands is not the only unethical shop. I learnt from him that some watch shops in Tampines Central charge customers for a premium battery when the actual battery is of Japan origin, which typically cost only $5. Some are even more unscrupulous, to the extent of using those made in China. I wonder how prevalent is this practice in Singapore. So, it pays to be cynical sometimes. Where our watches are concerned, we should inspect the battery before it is inserted into our beloved watches.
  3. Kungfu

    Replacing Main door lock

    Want to replace main door lock but tried several shops still hard to find this Union lock.............just need to buy a similar model and just replace.......do not want to modify anything!!!! Anyone can help???Where in singapore plenty of shops selling door lock???? Whatsapp me at 94369018
  4. How much will it cost to change each oxygen sensor? my car has 4 of them. 2 before catalytic converter and 2 after it. anybody did it before? hope to know the prices before i go down to the workshop tomorrow.
  5. Well my 10 year old car got the COE renewed so am thinking of replacing the fuel filter, not oil filter, not air filter. The fuel filter is in the fuel pump near the fuel tank. CnC quote 600 to replace both the fuel pump and filer as it comes together in as assembly, should I change it, it is pretty ex but the filter should be already dirty.
  6. Hi my old trusty Kia picanto may have to renew COE for another 5yrs. do any one know the estimate price to replace the front and back absorber (including Labour)
  7. Hi guys I am currently using tyres 225/65/R18 and is planning to change the front two tyres soon. I called up one of those workshop and was recommended to change the front two tyres to 235/60/R18 instead. That would also mean a difference of $60 for two tyres. My question is whether is this recommended? Will it hurt the car in anyway? Thank you.
  8. flashbang

    Replacing car camera

    My car camera has stopped working, it only captures 2 second black screen videos. Is it possible to swap it with another one and reuse the wiring? The wiring was concealed and done pretty nicely so having to remove everything would be a chore.
  9. I learn my lesson, always try to be around when your workshop is trying something major or major servicing. First time is ask for Denso spark plug, i ended up with a NGK copper plug. Today when i do a major undercarriage overhaul to solve some knocking sound, one of the item is the bushings. I went under the lift and inspected the rubber bushing and found only one side is changed. The blur technician had took the old bushing from the left side and install it on the right side. Had to re-disconnect the linkage and redo. It not bad to stay around while the tech is working on your car.
  10. Rskeisuke

    Replacing coolant

    my car manual states to use "ethylene glycol base coolant for aluminum radiator mixed with water". The original coolant is green in colour. Where can i buy suitable replacement coolant mix?
  11. RadX

    Replacing iPhone 4S battery

    almost wanted to get a new phone, then realised, heck, just change battery. Ebay sells replacement kits for $10. Saved a few $$$
  12. Hi, my neighbour's 6 pot brake calipers having slight brake fluid leak from the piston area. Most likely due to damage rubber O ring seal within. Anybody got contact or know of any wkshop that can repair brake caliper or hardware store that sell various/custom size rubber O ring. Thank you in advance. Regards,
  13. Hi all, I am looking at replacing my stock springs with a set of lowering springs (already purchased the lowering springs). How much do shops here generally charge in labour to swap out the stock ones? Thanks.
  14. Newdrive

    Replacing rear view mirror

    Hi guys, How do you change the rear view mirror (pre FL vios)? I bought this rear view mirror + camera... currently it works by piggy back on the existing rear view mirror (its also smaller and not as wide anyway)... but whenever its a hot day... the mirror will start to drop downwards due to the weight of this piggy backed rear view mirror + camera. So I thought of replacing the existing rear view mirror with this piggy back rear view mirror + camera... but problem is I cannot figure out how to replace... besides... there is no latch or anything behind this rear view mirror + camera to stick to the windscreen... any advise will be appreciated!
  15. Any recommendation for swopping my illegal to original exo as my inspection is coming in soon then after which I will swop back to my illegal again within a day. Any recommendation for good workmanship and such?
  16. Tinydog

    Replacing car lock

    Hi guys, asking on behalf of a friend. My friend drives a latio and ytd he accidentally lost his car keys. He's worried that someone knows his car and steal it hence he is thinking of changing the car lock. His car is a key less system of Nissan. Advice? Thanks.
  17. My tranny is leaky. Mit Grandis. May cost thousand cos need to remove the trans. Anyone tried AT 205 reseal to stop leak?
  18. Hey bros can recommend a shop for replacing my battery? Im only looking at Varta
  19. any1 know how to solve this problem?got this message on my laptop....
  20. My Honda Stream's battery is beginning to go flat, and not sure if I can start the car tomorrow. Is there any where that I can go to replace tomorrow (ie. on Hari Raya Puasa PH)? Any contacts on 24 hours rescue?service
  21. since LED uses much less electricity? or is the difference not significant?
  22. Hosaybo

    replacing dining chair leather

    Hi, I have a set of dinning chairs (5 )from barang barang which is leather based. Seems like over time and use, there is wear and tear. the chair is still good except for the leather part. Wonder if any bro/sis here knows of any company who can replace the leather for a good price??
  23. Ahseng

    Replacing Micro SD

    Hi guys, nvr did this before and don't wan to cok up all the data in my exising HTC TYTN II phone. What i want to do is to upgrade the microsd card to a bigger capacity and then transferring all the existing data/songs/programs or better still copy wholesale whatever the current card has to the new one and make it work. How is the sequence/procedure to doing this? regards
  24. my friend went to service his ride and was told by the mechanic that it's alright to use ATF oil inplace of power steering fuild.. it's pass 3 months already and his ride is still doing fine.. Anyone tried before?
  25. Ldawn88

    Replacing Tail light cover

    Hi bros and sis, Today damaged my si fei lou's tail light cover while reversing into a parking lot today . Beside going back to TCM... any idea where I can replace my tail light cover? Thanks in advance!