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  1. TS You should correct some statements in your ad. Among other things, your ad claims that with CS-II, waxing is not needed. I beg to differ. I had my white car coated with CS-II less than a month ago. Already I'm seeing stains that can't be removed with water alone. I had to wax these stains off. I'm not sure why. Could it be that the performance of CS-II on white surfaces differs greatly compared to other colours? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've not wasted my money on CS-II. Regards
  2. Hensony

    Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel

    Bought my XF last June. Been to the workshop twice. First time was due to EGR valve malfunction. I was given a courtesy car while they tried to resolve the issue. Can't complain. But it got me thinking if I'm driving a lemon car. Second time due to worn brake pads. Only the rear brake pads were worn. Got me a bit worried. My car was about 9 months old at that time. Too early to replace brake pads. Till now, no major issue. Keeping my finger crossed. One thing I like about Wearnes is they give me a complimentary taxi ride each time I visit the workshop. Even when I was there for servicing. Cool!
  3. Hensony

    Grooming Services To Recommend

    I stay away from any car groomers that charge extra for black or white cars. No logic. As if cars of other colours are easier to groom.
  4. Hensony

    Apple CarPlay

    Wonder if these features will be available for cars sold here http://thenextweb.com/apple/2014/03/03/apple-launches-carplay-integrating-your-iphone-in-the-car-with-siri-voice-control/#!yev7y
  5. Hensony

    Is this vandalism or theft?

    Saw this motorbike in the multi-storey at Pasir Ris. Police were present in the late morning. I surmise the owner must have reported the case. Parts of the motorbike were seen scattered all over the place. Makes me wonder. Is this vandalism or theft.
  6. Hensony

    THINKWARE / INAVI Users, Come In

    Where to download? I went to your web site. Couldn't find. Please advise.
  7. Hensony

    THINKWARE / INAVI Users, Come In

    Hi I just PM you. Thanks
  8. I thank the TS for this timely reminder. It doesn't pay to go for private settlement.
  9. Hensony

    THINKWARE / INAVI Users, Come In

    Hi I just checked your web site. But couldn't find the firmware update. Where should I check? Please advise.
  10. Hensony

    THINKWARE / INAVI Users, Come In

    Hi Bro Will the new firmware be ready on 15 June? Still on target?
  11. Hensony

    Any bro joined MCF >10 years ago?

    I agree totally. I'm guilty of that. And when I stepped out of the shadow by starting new threads, I kena yellow cards. Ha...ha...
  12. Hensony

    Any bro joined MCF >10 years ago?

    Wow... you more "senior" than me.
  13. Hensony

    Any bro joined MCF >10 years ago?

    Nowadays got so many members, new topics being created almost every second. Just when I thought I have some breaking news, I realised too late that it had already been "broken". Ha..ha...
  14. I'm curious. Any of you joined MCF more than 10 years ago and is still active? I joined in 2002. And I kena 2 yellow cards in my 11th year and all within the same month! Sigh....
  15. Hensony

    Anyone using Iphone as GPS?

    The revamped IOS map is also very good. My friend used it to guide me to his place when I gave him a lift home. It was very detailed. Brought me right to his gate. I'm impressed.