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Found 49 results

  1. Jezzmatezz

    Updating of maps in GPS software

    Hi all Hope to seek your advice. I currently drive a Nissan slyphy 2015 model. The maps a little outdated as new roads are not detected. Is there a place for me to update my maps software?
  2. Hi, anyone tried this service ? Wonder if there is any gimmick.
  3. MTMAutomotive

    BMW CIC Navigation Software update

    Keep your Navigation Software Up to date Anyone need this, can PM... thx thx
  4. Hi all, I lost my original SD card for my Nissan QashQai in car camera, I then insert another new SD card but it cannot work. Anybody know why? Or actually, it needs certain software? Please advise.
  5. Hi, Anyone would be able to advice on how to replace the GPS software on China DVD player ? Mine is currently running WINCE 6.0 and comes with built in GPS, but without Singapore map. And there isnt a Singapore map for me to download. Not sure if i can replace the stock software? Please advise. Thank you
  6. Anyone know of any workshop that have the scanner and software for 2015 voxy? I have a smart start stop malfunction on my voxy and it have shut down my aircon. The car is so new my warranty workshop do not have the software to diagnose the problem. So anyone know any workshop who have the diagnostic tools for this car?
  7. Guys, Can recommend some good and free software to download for editing mp3 songs ? That is like to cut certain portion of the songs away. Thanks in advance !
  8. Hi Software Experts, Asking on behalf of a friend who runs a SME and is looking for such software: "we are looking for an integrated software solution comprises of POS, Retail Management system, Wholesales distribution(Sales Order entry and Inventory management) and Manufacturing (Production tracking, WIP and delivery tracking) components. All these mentioned components must share a common Financial Accounting software platform. The solution is expected to be cost effective coupled with prompt and reliable support from the vendor. We need to first find out the pricing structure and the vendor's interest in conducting a product demonstration at our premises without obligation." If you have lobang, let me have the contact info and I will pass it to my friend. Thank you very much Regards,
  9. Shouyi

    Data Recovery software ?

    Hi, my PC went into system recovery mode and I selected an option that reads roughly "restart as a brand new PC". The data in the hard disk seemed to be wiped out. Is there anyway recommended data recovery software that I can use to retrieve the lost information ? Thanks your your help.
  10. LifePro_Tips

    Perdure Computer and IT Services

    Perdure Technology Pte Ltd * We repair computer / laptop / MacBook / iPad / Smart Phone * Solve Your Office & Home IT issues * Custom Make Your Software * We build mobile Applications Perdure Solution first started in year 2000 as a software company, and was renamed to Perdure Software and IT Services in 2006. In 2007, the company was privatized and became Perdure Technology Pte Ltd as the business increased its scope of IT services by providing total solution concept. In August 2008, "Perdure Computer & IT Services", the 1st retail outlet was opened at Eunos MRT Station.Besides providing a wide range of Computer hardware & software products, our expertise in Computer Repair Services has gained much popularity especially so with our reasonable price and quality of service.In October 2009, our 100 sq meter Office cum Service Centre was setup at 10E Enterprise Road. This Service Centre has well-equipped repair stations with the aim of cutting down the repair turnaround time for servicing of laptops & PC Desktops. In September 2010, our 2nd retail shop were opened at Choa Chu Kang MRT Station. Today, as the company continues to expand, it grew from a one-man operation to a team of more than 10 staff. Yes, we have expanded and we are still expanding as we bring IT closer to you! Carry-in Repair & Onsite Service We repair all brands and models of laptop / PC / iPad / smart phone Onsite service for your network / modem / router / printer. Trade-In We buy your Laptop / MacBook / iPad / Smart Phone Eunos Branch 30 Eunos Crescent , Eunos MRT Station , #01-11 , Singapore 409423 Tel : 6742 9965 / 9529 Fax : 6742 4595 Website : www.perdure.com.sg Choa Chu Kang Branch 10 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 , Choa Chu Kang MRT Station , #01-31 , Singapore 689810 Tel : 6766 4182 / 4155 Fax : 6766 3321 Website : www.perdure.com.sg Opening Hours : Mon – Sun : 10.30am to 9.00pm ( Including Public Holiday ) Feel Free To Contact Us : sales@perdure.com.sg
  11. I guess that explains the breakdowns.. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/smrt-states-its-case-why-disruptions-happen-and-what-its-doing-minimise-downtime?singlepage=true
  12. This free, cut-down version of Office includes basic versions of Word and Excel. Download from this website. Just sharing. Useful for those using netbooks or just doing basic office jobs. Will not work on Windows 8.
  13. Anyone did a full backup and restore using the Samsung Kies? Is the backup/ restore as reliable as Iphone Itunes?
  14. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...404-337663.html I asked the mechanic, he said is upgrade for ECU, but for the mechatronics for the DSG. Said will make shifting of gear faster. Anyone got this already? My servicing was on 16th March, so I actually got it then (mine is Scirocco, strangely not mentioned in the article). Felt any different? I thought the gear change really smoother. Hope is not psychological effect. And hope DSG will last longer...
  15. Phuakangtao

    Pirated software cd shops

    It seems Singapore has successfully eradicated 100% of vcd DVD shops selling pirated software and games ! How do you think they did that?
  16. Yeobh

    PDF free coversion software

    Hello To All IT gurus, Need adv where to get get hold of free PDF software to convert MS Publication flyers to PDF format. Currently my computer is loaded with Win 7 OS. Any help will be much appreciated. TIA
  17. Yeobh

    FTP free software

    Hello to all computer gurus, My very old Dreamweaver program with built in FTP seems not able to work with Win 7. I am trying to locate a simple FTP free software to allow me to up load my webpages to my hosting computer. All feedbacks will be much welcome TIA
  18. Yeobh

    WebEasy 8 design software

    Come across this very interesting web design software for non-IT online sellers. Thought of using this program to further improve my simple wedsite to be more interactive online site. Has anyone out there use this or similar program, if yes please let me have your comments.
  19. Looking to convert some manuals and memos from year 1994..... Anyone? Thanks.
  20. Hi Think my notebook is affected by some spyware...some of the keys on the keyboard are not working and my avg anti-virus failed to update...can any computer shi fu recommend a good software that I can solve this problem? Many thanks!
  21. Eastsidex

    Any GPS software for iphone?

    Hi bros, I'm just wondering if any of you had a GPS software installed in your iphone 3g. I suck at road directions and thinking that a GPS might help but didn't wanna spend too much for a gps. Any alternative software which i can DL f or free and use without using wifi on iphone? Thanks in advance. Below link what i meant. but i want it in sg version http://www.thedigitalnewsroom.com/en/News/...s_available.htm
  22. heard from the technician of eastgear, there will no longer be support for holux papago softwares. i have already upgraded my software to galatcio or something. more fucntions with this new software. eg toll charges, max speed of current road, etc. mine is holux 62f with warrenty, so upgrade free. do check it out with eastgear before yr warrenty ends.