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Found 192 results

  1. I will start the ball rolling.... There is one at the Sheng Siong in Elias Mall. I asked for sweet and not too creamy durian and he said MSW is like dat. He said his MSW was $18 a kg. Luckily only bought a small one. It was fragrant but bitter and the yellow colour looked more like D24 XO. First and last time I will patronise the store.
  2. Hiton

    Car mat recommendations

    Anyone has any recommendations? Thinking of getting 3m one. Not sure how it compares to other brands. Pls share if you have any lobang ?
  3. Recommendations, suggestions, from accommodation to attractions to food, travel tips etc... The list goes on! I've filled up some information which I've picked up here and there. 1. Where to stay Shibuya / Shinjuku (Recommendations for affordable + clean hotels? I am also considering Airbnb again after my last two satisfied experience from my GC trip) 2. Places of interest / attractions Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Sensōji Shrine (浅草寺), Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea, Ikebukuro, Meiji-Jingu Shrine, Cherry Blossom Festivals (Ueno Onshi Park, Asukayama Park, the Meguro River, Chidorigafuchi, Sumida River bank) 3. Shopping Centers / Night markets Shibuya 109 & Shibuya Crossing 4. Transportation 5. Cafe / Restaurants Cat Café Nekorobi 6. MUST BUY souvenirs / local food Tokyo banana, amulets 7. Travel tips Thank you in advance.
  4. This design will encourage commuters to move to the rear. LTA to begin rolling out three-door double-deck buses in January These buses have a second staircase as well as an additional exit door at the rear, features aimed at improving the flow of commuters. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-to-begin-rolling-out-three-door-double-deck-buses-in-january-13937108
  5. Any one can recommend contractor or company to install wood deck strips on patio? Patio size about 300 sq ft or less. Any tips on what kind of wood or material to use for our weather? I know there are real wood and WPC, and some other artificial material. I need something that doesn't retain heat and lesser maintenance fuss. Real wood will get discoloration over time? Must vanish regularly? What's the cost of the vanishing?
  6. I want to get this off my chest. Why do people not move back in the bus? As a frequent bus traveller, I want to explain why it is not so easy to move back. If you look at the below picture, you realise this is standard for SMRT buses. So why do people not move back? 1) With no space to put the foot under the chair, it is impossible for people to stand behind the other when standing at the back. Hence, people can only stand in a single file. Unless they are very small. 2) With the upraised end at the end, people cannot stand on it safely when the bus is in motion. From the outside, it does appear that the people do not move back. 3) With the curve at the back, it appears from outside that people are not standing closely to each other when in reality it is not always the case. It just appears that there is a distance between the standing passengers at the back. It is true there are inconsiderate jokers around but the design of the bus is not helping. Recommendations 1) Widen the standing space at the back 2) Have an overhead compartment like the tour buses so thart people can put their backpacks, haversacks and briefcases on it so that there will be more standing room overall. A lot of the space is taken up by the backpacks, school bags and so on. I am writing this to SMRT also but tot of posting it here as well. Will update on outcome
  7. Hi guys. I want to bring my family to go take a family portrait. To make the old folks happy... Any recommendations? I checked out broadway... but it seems ridiculously exp. 2.8k for a family portrait Any more value for money alternatives? Or isit market rate?
  8. what recommendations and why please? I hope to have easier wash and harder for sio langs to scratch or ding with door.
  9. Hello all, Any good recommendations for shops selling wall paintings ? Walls on my living room is pretty empty and would like to add some colours to it. Not looking for those masterpiece painting. Budget about S$200.
  10. Can anybody offer any recommendations on things to do and eat in Taiping? Thanks!
  11. BabyBlade

    Recommendations for Braces?

    As the title suggests, any recommendations for places to get braces done? Those who have gotten braces before, please help me! Location: Either Central or East area preferred. Thanks for the help!
  12. I noticed a lot of people like to buy SSD hard disks for whatever reasons. Do you use them with USB hubs ? If you know, any recommendations for powered USB hubs that are reliable for plugging in at least two hard disks ? I'm now using the Amazon Basics 7-Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub that supposedly supply up to 5V 900mA to every port, from its 5V 3A power adapter. The drives power up fine, but "hangs" with high speed data transfers between drives. It will just hang there until the drive is plugged out. It's essentially useless except for lower demand devices like mouse, keyboard. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-Power-Adapter/dp/B00E6GX4BG/ Any good ones you using now, whether from Amazon or Lazada or retail ?
  13. Would appreciate recommendations on models that are reliable and have reasonable service costs. Looking at those that are 7 years old or more or even COE renewal type. Any particular models to check out? Not sure if the kangos are ok or I should stick to Japanese brands. Thanks.
  14. Restaurant are practically everywhere in this small island. Recommend the restaurants that you have tried before and discuss why you recommend other to go there. Is it because of food, ambience, costs, service standards, variety, trend, etc? It can be any cuisine, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Western, Thai, Brazilian, Turkish, Italian, African, etc. Indoors or open air, old names or Michelin stars awarded, atas or non atas. Please discuss here.
  15. I am wondering whether there are heavy duty curtains which can prevent rain and elements getting into the balcony where my washing machine resides? My balcony is only 1 meter deep so any rain would get it wet. At times when it rains badly I have to cover up the power outlet also for safety because curtain flies around.
  16. Need an approximately 30 sqft space to store some personal items for a long period (2-3 years). Sought out quotations from the big names like BigOrange, ExtraStorage, etc but the prices are way ex. Thought there could be something cheaper in the industrial areas that I do not know about. Any recommendations?
  17. Dear friends I will be looking to replace some tires and the 205/55/R16 is one of the most popular around, and there are a plethora of choices, from the most budget, all the way to the more exotic. I am looking to spend under $130 for a tire which has a balance of comfort, noise control and safety. These are the current candidates under consideration: Continental: CPC 5 ~ $115-130 (sadly the CPC 6 doesn't seem to be made for 16" tires) Pirelli Pirelli Cinturato P7 Bridgestone The new Bridgestone Turanza T005A ~ $120-$130 looks very interesting as an alternative to the GR 100 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance? Michelin Primacy 3 / PS 4 ~ $120 Some recent tests: http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2018-ADAC-Summer-Tyre-Test-205-55-R16.htm I hope to get some ideas from friends here.. thanks! Some ideas on my needs: I typically keep to the speed limits, but will do runs up north on the NSH, and in SG, do a lot of town driving, and am looking to replace some Goodyear RFTs.. cheers :) The CPC 5 looks pretty promising and is mentioned in a few reviews: http://www.tirereviews.info/reviews-and-tests/summer-tires/r16-summer-tires/8-2018-summer-tire-test-results-205-55-r16
  18. Hi fellow forumers, wanted to find out if you have any recommendations for Sorento CRDi - Diesel service shops around other then C&C? TIA!!
  19. hi guys. i need some recommendations for electrician to help to install tv points in room. i asked one that quoted me $130 per point. is that the market rate? thanks in advance
  20. Littleknown

    Private nursing home recommendations

    Any one has any good private nursing home to recommend? Asking for friend.. he stays with unmarried elderly aunt who has grown old and needs one person assistance. But she relatively well educated type and she herself is keen to explore a nursing/aged home where she can meet similar likeminded people and can talk to and go do stuff like visit zoo together .. I think she feels bored at home and wants to try out an alternative arrangement.. money and fear of abandonment not a concern here.. Anyone in similar situation or know a good private nursing home which can meet these kind of needs? Any input from social worker also greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  21. Guys, my nine year old Sylphy is giving me problems so I need to get a new car asap. I am looking for a reliable and cheap to maintain car for my family, two adults two kids. Don't care how it looks or how the drive is. I usually service with the authorised dealer so servicing is a concern too. Budget is flexible but looking at the cheaper models unless the more expensive one is very fuel efficient or reliable. I am thinking like Toyota or Honda. No more Nissan due to bad experience with Sylphy. Toyota Corolla or wish? Honda city? Going down to the showrooms today. Any suggestions is appreciated
  22. Vroomtattat

    Bidet: Recommendations please!

    Konichiwa brudders! Any idea where to buy those fix-on bidet for my toilet, preferably a more reliable one which can hit the "butt eye" zhun zhun Got hooked to using the bidet when in Japan last week. Wah, love it man! Checked the internet but got so many types to choose from, I'm looking for one which need not use electricity. Any recommendations?
  23. hi fellow forummers does anyone have recommendations for a reliable car servicing shop near cck or bukit batok? i used to send my tucson to hyundai for servicing but find it very ex. also far from my place. thanks in advance!
  24. Any shops that sell the above? Looking for the custom cutting that can fit and cover the whole dashboard. Pls recommend thanks!
  25. As per title. Did some googling but no leads. Any suggestion ?