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Found 62 results

  1. if supposing a p plate commits a demerit point offense on march 15, and licence only becomes 1 year old in april 3, when the letter comes, will the point deduction start at the day of the offense or the the day of the processing. after april 3rd, how much points will one have now that the driver is no longer a p plate? what about on 4th april 2016 if theres no other points accumulated? when would the other 12 point kick in? thanks in advance.
  2. Mockngbrd

    * Where to redeem points? *

    I see I got 63,012 points. Where to redeem my points ah? Got album or catalogue to choose my reward? Got travel voucher or les amis voucher boh? Aston's I also don't mind.
  3. hi all, to those who pump Esso fuel, or have a Smiles card account but have not pumped Esso fuel for a period of time, based on your own impression and knowledge, without going to the Esso website to check, do you know if your Smiles points can expire? appreciate your response. thanks! (note: i am not working for Esso and this is not a commissioned market survey of any sort)
  4. Been driving for 4 years +, no accident, no traffic offence... Suddenly kena 2 red light offence in a row I make no excuses...and learnt a hard lesson (hope bros dont flame me. I already learn from my error... beat 1 more time immediate 2nd suspension!!) Any bro can advice me on what next? 1. After I pay my fine, how long must I wait before I receive suspension letter? 2. What will the suspension letter state? Like, roughly what is the deadline to surrender license? Or is it a fixed date? When will the date be? 3. Upon sign up for DIPS retraining course, can reduce suspension to 1-month right.. then for my case, no accident involved, can reduce to 1 week? Is it confirm can reduce or depend on other factor? Any bro can advice me would be so much appreciated... Also, curious to know what do bros here do with their car when/if kena suspension? If you guys follow my other thread, you will know im buying a new vehicle. Thinking what to do with my vehicle is kena 1month or 3 month suspension... if kena 1 week, i just go overseas a few days, come back the suspension over liao
  5. hi guys. i need some recommendations for electrician to help to install tv points in room. i asked one that quoted me $130 per point. is that the market rate? thanks in advance
  6. 0 Demerit Points but with fines * Not displaying P-Plate for drivers on probation for the first time. ($120 fine) * Most parking offences (except for parking along zig-zag lines etc. Refer to HDB/URA link for fine amount.) * Failure to give signal ($70 fine) * Tinted windows/helmet visors not meeting LTA regulations of allowing 70% light transmittance on the front and 30% an the rear. ($70 fine + inspection) * Illegal modifications (up to $1000 fine + 3 mth jail depending on mod) * Faulty lights * Driving inside bus-lane during prohibited timings ($130) * Emission of excessive smoke (up to $150) * Not displaying a valid or displaying a tampered OPC coupon/license (for off-peak-cars) when driving during peak hours * Failing to give way to bus at a Mandatory Give Way to Bus lane. ($130) An offender can be fined up to $10,000 for using an OPC without displaying a valid day licence. For tampering with the day licence, the penalty is a fine not exceeding $20,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 12 months or both. About one-third of those convicted were found to have tampered with the licences - a more serious offence. The punishment is a fine of up to $10,000 for the first offence. Subsequent convictions carry fines of up to $20,000, a maximum jail term of 12 months, or both. They also face an additional charge of driving without a valid supplementary licence, which carries a maximum fine of $5,000 for first-time offenders. On average, the tamperers were fined $8,000 - equivalent to almost half their tax savings. Those who drive without a supplementary licence or an invalid one face fines of up to $5,000, which can double for repeat offenders. 3 Demerit Points * Disobeying traffic direction of Police Officer * Carrying excess pillion or carrying pillion sitting not astride * Riders failing to wear or wear insecurely on his head a protective helmet * Driver failing to wear a seat belt * Driver failing to ensure that front/rear seat passenger wears a seat belt * Allowing a child below 8 years of age who is a front/rear passenger to be secured with an unapproved child restraint * Using a motor vehicle where a child below 8 years of age, who is a front/rear passenger is not properly secured by an approved child restraint when there is seat belt available for the use of such passenger * Parking within a Demerit Points No Parking Zone * Stopping within a Demerit Points No Stopping Zone * Parking abreast of another vehicle * Parking within a pedestrian crossing * Stopping in a zebra-controlled area * Carrying passengers on goods vehicle without a permit * Conveying load not properly secured * Using tyre with ply or cord carcass exposed In addition, a fine is imposed as follows: Light Vehicle (unladen weight of 2500 kg and below): S$120.00 Heavy Vehicle (unladen weight exceeds 2500 kg): S$150.00 4 Demerit Points * Exceeding speed limit of vehicle up to 20km/h. * Exceeding speed limit of the road up to 20km/h. * Failing to give way to oncoming traffic at controlled junction. * Failing to give way at uncontrolled junction. * Failing to give way at junction. * Failing to give way at roundabout. * Crossing double white lines. * Crossing road divider. * Hindering flow of traffic. * Failing to give way to ambulance or fire brigade or police vehicle. * Driving while carrying load on a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner. * Stop or allow vehicle to remain at rest on shoulder of an expressway. * Stopping or remaining at rest on the carriageway of an expressway. * Forming up incorrectly when turning left or right. In addition, a fine is imposed as follows: Light Vehicle (unladen weight of 2500 kg and below): S$130.00 Heavy Vehicle (unladen weight exceeds 2500 kg): S$160.00 6 Demerit Points * Driving or riding against the flow of traffic. * Driving on a shoulder of an expressway. * Load falling off from the vehicle. * Exceeding speed limit of the road by more than 20km/h up to 30km/h. * Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by more than 20km/h up to 30km/h. * Offences committed by motorists at a pedestrian crossing 1. Failing to give way to pedestrian at pedestrian crossing. 2. Unable to stop your vehicle before reaching a pedestrian crossing. 3. Failing to allow free and uninterrupted passage to pedestrian. 4. Failing to give way to pedestrian at controlled intersection. * Careless driving. * Carrying passengers on a goods vehicle in a dangerous manner. * Carrying passengers on a motor vehicle or trailer in a dangerous manner. * Reversing unnecessarily along an expressway. In addition, a fine is imposed as follows: Light Vehicle (unladen weight of 2500 kg and below) : S$150.00 Heavy Vehicle (unladen weight exceeds 2500 kg) : S$180.00 8 Demerit Points * Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by more than 30km/h up to 40km/h. * Exceeding the speed limit of the road by more than 30km/h up to 40km/h. In addition, a fine is imposed as follows: Light Vehicle (unladen weight of 2500 kg and below): S$170.00 Heavy Vehicle (unladen weight exceeds 2500 kg): S$200.00 9 Demerit Points * Driving without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users. In addition, a fine is imposed as follows: Light Vehicle (unladen weight of 2500 kg and below): S$170.00 Heavy Vehicle (unladen weight exceeds 2500 kg): S$200.00 12 Demerit Points * Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by more than 40km/h up to 50km/h. * Exceeding the speed limit of the road by more than 40km/h up to 50km/h. These offenders will be prosecuted in court. * Failing to conform to traffic red light signals. In addition, a fine is imposed as follows: Light Vehicle (unladen weight of 2500 kg and below) : S$200.00 Heavy Vehicle (unladen weight exceeds 2500 kg) : S$230.00 * Use of mobile telephone whilst driving. Offender will be prosecuted in court, and may face a driving disqualification and forfeiture of handphone. In addition: 1st time offender- Fine not exceeding $1000.00 or jail sentence of up to 6 months or both. 2nd or subsequent conviction- Fine not exceeding $2000.00 or jail sentence of up to 12 months or both. 18 Demerit Points * Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by more than 50 km/h up to 60km/h. * Exceeding speed limit of the road by more than 50km/h up to 60km/h. Offender will be prosecuted in court. 24 Demerit Points * Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by more than 60 km/h. * Exceeding speed limit of the road by more than 60km/h. * Reckless or dangerous driving. Offender will be prosecuted in court. License suspension * Accumulated more than 24 demerit points within 2 years Disqualified from driving * Driving without valid license (no license, or driving manual cars with Class 3A license) * Driving without valid insurance coverage * Drink driving * Accumulated more than 12 demerit points during probation (P-Plate) * Caught twice driving without display P-Plate for drivers on probation.
  7. Hi, need to check with bros here who using the Caltex Thanks Card. Yesterday, I went to the Caltex station at Tampines to check whether can I redeem a carton of F&N can drinks with my Thanks Points. The staff at the counter told me that I need to purchase petrol first before I can redeem the drinks. Is it true?
  8. tenyawph

    Once in a life-time points in MCF

    Sorry moderators, but I cannot resist posting this one-in-a-lifetime in MCF, when this number will appear fleetingly, before disappearing, never to repeat for me again. The next auspicious number, 88,888 is going to take a long time to manifest......... I am going to buy TOTO. If I strike 1st prize, I will treat everyone in the next MCF gathering.
  9. Santafe

    LTA Fine 120 + 3 demerit points

    I just received a letter from LTA Fine 120 + 3 demerit points for parking at double zig zag line. Anyone appeal before? Any success story? My 1st time kanna such offence.
  10. Hi everyone, I have read some threads that they say you will be fined and get demerit points when you got into an accident. So I was curious whether how will it work for my case. I have met 2 accident on the same day. One of the accident is the bike hit the rear of my car on the highway, while the other accident is I was going straight on the green light and hit a right turning vehicle. I made a police report and went to consult a doctor and got two days of MC. So for this case, will I get 6 demerit points and $200 fine two times (total 12 points and $400 dollars fine) since its two accident on the same day? Thanks for the help *I am still on P-plate...
  11. Hi all, I received a letter from Traffic Police Department, saying that I crossed a double white line in between Havelock Road and Upper Pickering Street. any bro / sis know that where is the double white line ar? Can i appeal for this case? Demerit point: 4 Find: $130
  12. Neutralsg

    Praise & Dislike

    It is not really amusing to find some of us naturally irked over comments or posts being junked especially when it is anonymously disliked. Somehow, it can become a pain in the pinny when the dislike is not accompanied or supported by reasons or opposing views. Perhaps, this forum should follow what facebook does i.e. have only *like* without dislike or have dislike but compel the one who junks a post to log-in as a member but deny those who want to dislike as an anonymous. This way, those who dislike a post or comment will have to take some kind of responsibility to oppose a view? Will this be of any help? Perhaps, more will feel better this way since their post may not be junked by someone with ill intention? No?? Just my 2 cents as a member.
  13. Just curious... Besides fine, does Malaysian drivers get demerit points for traffic offences in Singapore? Vice versa, does Singaporean drivers get demerit points for traffic offences in Malaysia?
  14. Intel

    Sands Casino Member Points

    Guys anyone know if the points in the Sands member card can be used to redeem carpark? I know Resort World needs 2 point to redeem carpark and more points for buffet, universal studio and stuff... The points for Sands member card can be use for what?
  15. Stocks Tumble; Dow Drops Over 200 Points Equities Post Biggest One-Day Drop Since Feb. 3 By CHRIS DIETERICH Updated March 13, 2014 4:38 p.m. ET The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 200 points on Thursday as soft economic data from China and rising tensions in Ukraine helped trigger the biggest one-day drop for U.S. stocks in more than six weeks. Stocks have struggled to find traction in 2014 after a nearly unimpeded rally last year. Concerns over the true strength of the U.S. economy, turmoil in emerging markets and worries about Federal Reserve policy have kept investors on edge, making them reticent to buy stocks that are near all-time highs. The Dow fell 231.19 points, or 1.4%, to 16108.89, notching its fourth decline in a row and biggest one-day drop since Feb. 3. The S&P 500 slumped 21.86 points, or 1.2%, to 1846.34. Thursday's slump dragged the index 0.1% lower for the year. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 62.91 points, or 1.5%, to 4260.42. There was no single piece of news driving the selloff. Stocks quickly turned lower in the morning and accelerated losses as the session progressed. The sharp decline came as investors considered more weak data from China, the world's second-largest economy, and incremental developments in tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine. High valuations for stocks as well as the S&P 500's decline below a key level of technical support likely contributed to the selloff as well, traders said. Wall Street's trading desks saw investors seeking out haven assets amid the slide in stocks. Mohit Bajaj, director of ETF and portfolio trading services at broker WallachBeth Capital, saw some clients swapping out of U.S. stocks and into Treasury bond exchange-traded funds. "We've been busy," Mr. Bajaj said. "There is been rotation out of equities and into Treasury names." Bonds rallied, with the yield on the 10-year Treasury note falling to 2.659% from 2.726% late Wednesday. Gold futures rose 0.1% to $1,372.20 a troy ounce, settling at a six-month high. Utility stocks, viewed as defensive, were the only of the S&P 500's 10 sectors to gain ground. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, often called the market's "fear gauge," jumped 12% to finish at its highest level since February. Despite the sharp declines, many traders said Thursday's activity didn't feature panicked selling and took place on average volumes. The S&P 500 posted a record high Friday, and investors have shown willingness to step in and buy stocks after big drops for the past year. "We saw real selling, but certainly not panic," said Ian Winer, director of trading at Wedbush Securities. Daily volume in the SPDR S&P 500 exchange-traded fund finished just slightly above its average over the past month, according to FactSet. Recent gains for stocks, as well as uncertainty about the global economy, are enough to keep even bullish investors wary. Jerry Braakman, chief investment officer at First American Trust, prefers U.S. stocks to other markets, but has been concerned about China's soft economic reports. On Thursday, Chinese industrial output in the January-February period rose less than expected from the year-earlier period and down from December. Retail-sales gains in January-February also undershot expectations. "The market is looking for its next catalyst," said Mr. Braakman, whose firm oversees about $1.1 billion in Santa Ana, Calif. He anticipates "sideways" trading until greater clarity emerges on corporate earnings and the global economy. In the U.S., data showed retail sales for February rose 0.3% on the month, slightly topping expectations. Excluding autos, sales grew 0.3%, also beating expectations. Initial claims for jobless benefits in the latest week fell by 9,000, more than expected, to 315,000, the lowest level since November. The dollar fell 1.1% to 101.64 Japanese yen, while the euro fell 0.3% to $1.39 after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said the central bank has been preparing additional nonstandard monetary-policy measures should the euro zone slide into deflation. European markets fell, with the Stoxx Europe 600 ending down 1.1%. China's Shanghai Composite rose 1.1%, after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang promised to keep economic growth at a reasonable pace this year. Japan's Nikkei Stock Average eased 0.1%. Amazon.com Inc. climbed 0.2% after the company said it would raise the rate for its prime membership, which offers perks such as free and expedited shipping, to $99 a year from $79, the first price increase in the shipping and video-streaming service's nine-year history. Dow component General Electric Co. fell 1.6% after the company said it filed for an initial public offering of its North American retail finance business. Dollar General Corp. slid 2.8% after the discount retailer's quarterly profit fell below Wall Street expectations. Williams-Sonoma Inc. rallied 9.8% after the housewares and furniture retailer's quarterly profit increased on higher sales, namely from its West Elm and Pottery Barn brands.
  16. SDP speech transcript: Friends and fellow Singaporeans, We have just celebrated our 48th National Day. We take pride in what we have achieved in past decades which has been no mean feat. Through hard work and sacrifice, we have built up a country worthy of praise. But just as we take stock of how far we've come, we must be mindful that our country has arrived at a stage where without change we face a bleak future and all that we have worked for will be lost. Already we are seeing signs of things going wrong.Our economy has been registering disappointing GDP growth this year. Last year, we managed only 1.3% compared to our neighbours who averaged 6% GDP growth. Our workers have seen their real wages diminish even though they work the most number of hours. Income inequality continues to widen. Among advanced economies, Singapore has the widest gap between the rich and the poor. All this has made us the unhappiest people in the world. A global survey of 148 countries showed that Singapore ranked last in terms of happiness. Last year, we recorded 467 suicides - a 30 percent jump from 2011, the highest number in 20 years. How did all this come about? A major factor is that the Government continues to be more interested in keeping up the image of a Singapore that is doing well than tackling the problems that confront ordinary Singaporeans. In his National Day message, PM Lee said that many countries admire Singapore. That's because the world only sees the glitter of the casinos and the billionaires that we attract from other countries. It doesn't see the negative effects of these policies on our people. Still, the SDP commends the Prime Minister's announcement in changes to policies regarding housing, healthcare and education. We are happy to see that some of these changes are aimed at helping Singaporeans who are in need. It is a step in the right direction. Our concern is that these changes are piecemeal and they don't address the root cause of our problems. For example, Mr Lee conspicuously avoided talking about the Government's white paper of pushing our population to 6.9 million, a policy that Singaporeans vehemently oppose. He said nothing about curtailing the excessively liberal intake of foreigners which is causing our island to be overcrowded and the unfair competition for our jobs. The SDP, on the other hand, has proposed an alternative plan. We want to introduce a points system which will rate the qualifications of foreigners, especially PMETs, who wish to work in Singapore. Singaporean employers will then be able to hire these professionals but only if they demonstrate that they have made every effort to employ a Singaporean first but cannot find a local with the required skills. It this way, we ensure that foreigners do not take away jobs that Singaporeans can do while, at the same, not depriving employers of the foreign workers they need. In addition, we can maintain our population at a manageable level and enhance the quality of life and happiness of our people. In the area of healthcare, we welcome the Government's attempt to make the system universal, an initiative that the SDP announced last year. But we are concerned that the Government will still make Singaporeans pay the bulk of their healthcare expenses, a financial burden for the elderly and those who face chronic and catastrophic illness. In 2012, we drew up our National Healthcare Plan: In it, we proposed that Medisave, Medishield and Medifund be scrapped and the funds in our Medisave accounts be returned to our CPF for our retirement. In its place, we want establish a national health insurance scheme into which working Singaporeans pay an average of $40 per month taken from our CPF. In the event that we are hospitalized, we pay only 10% of the bill. The remaining 90% will be paid by the Government through the insurance scheme. To make this scheme work, the Government must assume more of the responsibility by increasing its healthcare expenditure from 30% to 70%. The SDP's healthcare plan ensures that everyone, rich and poor, can afford quality healthcare in Singapore and, equally important, that Singaporeans will not go into debt as a result of high medical bills. As for housing, the Government has proposed changes which do not address the real problem - which is the unaffordability of HDB flats and whose prices are causing a dangerous housing bubble that, when burst, will wreak havoc on our economy. In the SDP's housing plan, we propose two types of flats: Non-Open-Market, or NOM, flats and Open-Market flats. NOM flats is where the Government sells flats without including the land cost. This will make our flats substantially cheaperabout $150,000 for a 4-room flat compared to more than double the amount presently. However, NOM-flat owners cannot sell their flats in the open market. They have to sell them back to the HDB. For Singaporeans who do want to sell their flats in the open-market, they can still purchase HDB flats at current prices. The advantage of the SDP's housing policy is that Singaporeans have a choice of whether to buy an NOM or OM flat. Opting for an NOM flat would mean that owners won't be saddled by huge loans and will have enough CPF to retire on or to make other investments. In addition to these policies we are currently working on our National Economic Plan to further enhance job security for Singaporeans and to ensure that our workers are paid fair wages. We will also be publishing our paper on the education system. The SDP has been working hard over the years to come up with alternative policies because, as I pointed out, things are not going well for Singapore and we need a better set of polices to make our future more secure and happier, a future that is centred on the people. The Singapore Democratic Party will do our part to make this future happen. We will continue to work to be the competent, constructive and compassionate opposition that you want to see. Thank you and I wish you and your loved ones the very best.
  17. You know, asking for directions is inevitable if you are driving around a place you aren't that familiar with. Unfortunately, doing it over and over again may somehow become quite an annoyance and it'll feel tiring, too. This is probably why street signs were built in the first place. However, street signs are not always easy to read, especially if you are driving at night. In order to see what is written on a street sign at night, it is often the case that drivers have to slow down their car or even pull over and take a close look at the sign. Nevertheless, thanks to the evolution of digital technologies these days, drivers may no longer have to deal with such cases as mentioned earlier. This is especially true if the countries in the world finally start using 'Points'. It's a digital street sign developed by Breakfast Products. It took the company no less than three years to be able to build such an impressive device. Yet, the result is, well, quite impressive indeed if the sign works just as it's advertised. 'Points' has a pole that is about as tall as a human being where it displays a five-segment interface menu. This menu is continuously updated by utilising an internet connection. This digital street sign fetches data from a number of onboard sensors in addition to social networks such as Foursquare, Twitter, and even RSS feeds, among others. Then, based on the data, 'Points' will display information on its three directional arms. Seeing the directional arms in motion, I believe some of you may wonder if the electrical wires inside them will be tangled. Well, as Breakfast Products takes advantage of rotary electrical interfaces and micro transmissions (consisting of 11 gears as well as multiple motors), tangled wires are really nothing to worry about in the case of 'Points'. As a matter of fact, the arms can swing smoothly up to 360 degrees regardless of how bad the temperature or weather may be at any given time. Additionally, this digital street sign also uses a processor which can remain cool most of the time, preventing the power from being drained quickly. Oh yeah, did I mention that 'Points' is mostly made of aluminium? Aluminium is chosen for the sake of durability and strength in a diverse set of environments. Earlier, I mentioned that drivers would possibly no longer have to slow down or pull over to read street signs, didn't I? Well, this is very possible because 'Points' utilises over 16,000 ultra-efficient and super bright LEDs. So, even during the night, you'll be able to clearly see what's displayed on this particular digital street sign. Although 'Points' is made in America, hopefully it makes its way here to Singapore as well.
  18. Do not agree with the writer. IMHO 3 months is not what he envisioned a "reasonable time to reflect" but a short period to lie low for some to chut pattern once again once over. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...-point-20121023 Expunge demerit points after three months AS MANY people need to drive as part of their work, I hope that the Traffic Police can consider expunging demerit points after three months instead of a year. Motorists are already punished with a monetary fine, but still have to wait for 12 months for the demerit points to be zero again. Three months is a reasonable time for a motorist to reflect on the traffic offence committed. Chan Ban Choon
  19. Motorists can expect traffic snarls along some roads where the Thomson MRT Line is being built, transport experts say. They expect the roads around the Upper Thomson, Stevens and Orchard stations to be most affected by the construction. The 30km, $18 billion line will start in Woodlands and traverse heavily used roads such as Upper Thomson Road and Stevens Road. It will have 22 stations, six of which are interchange stations, and open in three phases from 2019 to 2021. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...uction-20120831
  20. Calvinus

    USB Power points

    I find that we are increasingly having more and more devices in the car. Mobile phones (sometimes got 2), GPS, in-car camera, electronic ionizers etc... The supplied 12v cigarette lighter point is just insufficient to accomodate these devices. Is there anyway I can integrate more power points in the car and where I can get this done professionally or do it myself?
  21. so this means it is possible to get 0 DP for TP? I know someone who had 6 points for TP. But 2 points .. She wore hot pants during test? :p http://alina-mak.blogspot.sg/2012/07/bye-cdc.html
  22. Hi all just to vent my anger here. I am surprised that there are still people who behaved in such a hooligan manner. I am not sure if they are aware of the consequences. I have already emailed TransCab and waiting for their reply. Just to share with all like-minded folks here. I was driving along lane 1 of AYE towards Tuas along Clementi at about 5.15pm earlier (2 Feb 2012) when I noticed this taxi SHD733C infront of me, cruising at around 80km/h. This vehicle was advertising for the chilli crabs of the Paradise Group of restaurants. Since he was hogging lane 1, I high beamed at him once, hoping that he can be considerate enough to give way, instead of hogging the overtaking lane, with the rest of us queuing behind him. However, he continued to cruise along at the same speed and only moved to the second lane when we were approaching Teban Flyover. I turned to my left to see who is the inconsiderate colleague of yours and saw him pointing his middle finger! I am surprised that such things can happen in a civilized society of ours. I slowed down, and took down the car plate number of this taxi. After that, when I was driving past him again, I saw him pointing his middle finger for the second time! I am utterly disgusted by the action of this driver and have already sent my feedback to TransCab. Too bad that I did not turn on my car camera after I sent it for grooming. Probably I should so that next time I can just send in the video to LTA/SPF! Thanks for reading!
  23. As per topic, what would you do if a passenger(not driver) points middle finger at you? Yesterday morning fetching my gf to work and on my way to work, I was driving along tamp ave 5 pass the mosque towards PIE. It was a 2 lane street and I was on the left lane. Happen that a old camery was crusing alongside me at almost the same speed. I took a quick glance at the car and saw a mum fetching her son (probably aged 18-20) to who knows where. 1st glance at them I noticed the boy staring at me. I looked away and continued driving. Hahaha but i was so curious then I look towards the car again. Realised the boy still staring at me. This time he smiled at me then pretend to adjust his hair and showed the middle finger sign. WHOA knnbccb made me damn hot. I did not want to jump to conclusions so I looked away then look back again. He showed me the middle finger for the 2nd time. Anger took over me and I blasted my horn at them and wind down my window ask him what is his problem. The mum realised what had happened and sped up. I maintained my speed with their car followed them till the traffic light and cut in front of them and stopped with hazard light. Could not make them stop and they overtook me. Less then 10 sec the car reached a stand still cause of traffic. I stopped my car at the road side and on hazard lights. I opened my car door and can you believe it or not, the young punk from inside the car still can act guai lan and gave me the expression (u dare you come la) Before I could come out traffic lights turned green and the camery sped off. I gave chase cause i was kan pua dulan and hot ( all this while my gf ask me not to do anything rash if I were to confront them I will be the 1 with road rage). I went back to my car and followed them. I think the mum was kinda scared and made a sharp right turn into a car park. lost them there... I know I caused some disruptions to traffic last morning. But let me know, if it were you, what would u have done.
  24. Sunday monring, I exited SLE (toward BKE) via Woodlands Ave 2. At the 1st t-juncture turning into Ave 1, there is this odd traffic light which has the red/amber/green light for right-turning lane. when the entire direction turned green light, the right-turning light also turned green. Then suddenly it turned amber and then red. I was the 3rd car in the waiting lane and was trailing behind a slow pickup. Being the 3rd car, I togt I should be able to clear the traffic light. Howver, I didnt expect the right-turn green light to change to amber then red so soon. I think I was just before the stop-line when the turning light became red. The slow pick-up caused me to over-estimate my speed of turning and I was overly optmisstic that I could make it. On hindsight, I should have stopped. I drove past the junction again and realised that there is a redlight camera. I dun recall seeing a flash at all. As the entire traffic direction was still green light except that this right-turn lane which was turned red, I wonder if the camera will activate. The funny thing about this junction is that after the red light for the right turn comes on, it will go off after 5 sec. It becomes a "normal" right-turning lane when the red light goes off. i reckon that the camera wont activate for a single lane (general traffic direction is still green) or due to the weird set-up for this right-turning lane (turns red then turns off). Any expert opinion? Having said the above, I am absolutely sure it was a mistake on my judgement. I will definitely be less optimssitic when crossing traffic lights...