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Found 234 results

  1. Lala81

    Chemotherapy experience at NCC

    Well. This is more of a sharing experience to help understand what's chemo about. Unfortunately, I am the patient in question. Basically I was diagnosed with early stage cancer in mid march. Operated and confirmed diagnosis. Came to National Cancer center for further treatment. The biggest shock is probably for my parents rather than me, given my background. My cancer is early stage and has good long term prognosis. But has a significant chance of relapse if no preventive chemotherapy is done Hence, after discussion with the oncologist here, will be undergoing 2 x 3 weeks cycles of chemo. My kids still young, so not taking preventive chemo is not really an option. I'm pretty prepared for everything, so all the pros and cons of chemo were q straight forward for me. Immune system will be weakened. So avoid crowded places. Wear mask. Eat only cooked food. Watch for fever etc. Basically once u seen the oncologist and if chemo is needed. U will need to prebook the chemo appt at level 3. Ambulatory treatment unit. Everytime u come must register and measure weight. Then u wait for your chair or bed to receive treatment. U come. U wait at your bed/chair. Can be accompanied by one family member. They come set plug and give u medicines. Then the infusion starts. Which lasts about few hours. I usually nap a bit or read on my phone. Was considering Netflix but no real inclination to watch when I was actually here. First week is pretty intense. 5 days in a row. Forearm veins also sian from being poked. There are different agents given on different days and everyone will experience different side effects. Main side effects are nausea, fatigue and feeling sick. It was pretty rough for mid last week. Even walking around the home is tiring. Supposedly with the latest drugs, vomiting is uncommon though nausea here and there is common. Sleep wake cycle is bit screwed up also. I'm easily 20-30 years younger than most pts here, can imagine these older folks need to be even more stoic. Currently I'm on week 2 of the first cycle. Typing this while I'm waiting for the infusion to finish. If u do have have family or friends having chemo, its pretty depressing to undergo. Family and friends are the most important in distracting you and helping out, though my kids are more annoying now since I'm not in the best of moods. The social connection is undoubtedly the most important though.
  2. Guys, Anyone remember who is Ah Siong from Hankook previously? He was the head Mechanic manager from Toh Guan branch previously. Believe many guys here trust his skills and experience in tyres and battery. Where is he now?
  3. Soya

    Audi Experience

    Anyone else received this? Managed to register and PA gonna drop off a Q7 at my place for a couple of days for me to trash.....opps, I mean try out.
  4. Relacklabrudder

    My experience working in civil service...

    i was in technical line as senior engineer, ok pay is not dat gd. but life is stable come 9am knock off 530pm. got once a yr idle trip to europe by company. then i think perhpas it is time for me to try management but current no management positions la so decide venture into civil service. the current company also not expanding in my area of work and i feel most of time not doing much or learning much, becoming very lazy. oh by the way tis company i joined since graduate for nearly 6 yrs. then there was advert for assistant director. looks damn big but not much salary increment. i got the position after 1 interview mmm...very suspicious but it was willing to wait 2mth notice. best thing is during interview they did not even say what they do. The contract offer say 1 yr contract as with all civil service and convert to perm 1 yr later if good. it is big if in fact it belong to small instituiton inside a big 'umbrella' statboard, so dificult to get info on it. i report to lady supervisor. 1st day work the director already yelling away. then from there it is down hill. the director will yell and criticise everybody in morning and run the institution like a stock exchange. he will say thing like 'give this guy the work la, he is paid $xxxx' i spoke up and the directordislike me from there on. my lady sup is so scared she will pressure me to details correcting my punctuations and spelling , grammar which i felt is totally humiliating. she dun know anything so she will major on the minor things. very sianz... needless to say after 1 yr they decide not renew my contract. so i jobless. they did not even forewarn me or even give me warnings as such , just say contratc not renew 1 month prior to end of contract and justify with lousy reasons. this even cause me to lost a job offer in between the 1 yr tenure even though lower paid as i tot i had a future in tis govt insititution, had i known i would have hop off. tis event happen few yrs ago, last i heard this stupid director was asked to step down before his retirement age due to too many complains against him liao. but still it made a mess of my life. as i think back, would i have make a different decision? i mean life is very very stale at the 1st company, but nice colleagues, ok boss but not learning much or doing much, and a management position came along....how i know it was like a 'trap' anyway manage to pick myself up and went back to technical line but was arduous journey ut dats another story.... thing is would u choose stability and monotony over change, risk taking, possible failure?
  5. Shorty

    Club Med Experience

    Hi guys, i hope this has not been discussed yet cos i searched n find no result for club med. planning to bring my parents n 2 kids to club med bintan for dec holidays. anyone been there b4? or any other club med in asia? how is the experience like? i understand that a lot are included in the package. does it include all the meals? n is it true that food is available round the clock? my plan is to let my kids participate in all the kids' activities while we adults jus laze ard, massage n mayb do some of the less tiring activities. pls also advise what are the additional expenses that i can expect.
  6. hi, What's your experience with your car vacuum cleaner? pls indicate your brand and model. thanks.
  7. I have came across this Surbo Turbo...just wondering if you folk can give me any advise on this product. web link : http://www.surbo.net/
  8. Been driving for 4 years +, no accident, no traffic offence... Suddenly kena 2 red light offence in a row I make no excuses...and learnt a hard lesson (hope bros dont flame me. I already learn from my error... beat 1 more time immediate 2nd suspension!!) Any bro can advice me on what next? 1. After I pay my fine, how long must I wait before I receive suspension letter? 2. What will the suspension letter state? Like, roughly what is the deadline to surrender license? Or is it a fixed date? When will the date be? 3. Upon sign up for DIPS retraining course, can reduce suspension to 1-month right.. then for my case, no accident involved, can reduce to 1 week? Is it confirm can reduce or depend on other factor? Any bro can advice me would be so much appreciated... Also, curious to know what do bros here do with their car when/if kena suspension? If you guys follow my other thread, you will know im buying a new vehicle. Thinking what to do with my vehicle is kena 1month or 3 month suspension... if kena 1 week, i just go overseas a few days, come back the suspension over liao
  9. Who is going? Is it open to public? https://www.audibrandexperience.sg/ Singapore will preview the world of tomorrow through the eyes of Audi with the biggest event of the year - the Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018. Held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre from 10 to 14 October this year, the Audi Brand Experience Singapore will feature the official debut of the brand's highly-anticipated flagship model, the Audi A8, in Singapore. In a spectacular display of innovations spanning over 8,000m2, the Audi Q8, Audi A7 Sportback and Audi A6 will also be making their debuts alongside over 30 models in a choreographed brand show filled with stunning visual light effects. Together with the grand display of Audi's top-notch innovation and technology, visitors will stand a chance to win a brand new Audi A5 Sportback in the lucky draw by taking part in a quiz at the event. This lucky draw is exclusively for ticket-holders, and each ticket purchased qualifies the holder for one chance to win. Tickets are now available with prices starting from $9 for myAudiworld and Audi on demand members. Early bird tickets are also available at $11 until 23 September. Visit www.audibrandexperience.sg to purchase tickets to the Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018 and for more information about this event.
  10. I made my trip last week to JB to change my set of tyres Michelin 195/65R15 XM2 4pcs Made in Thailand 2016 tyres at RM240 per piece. The tyre performance was really great and I got saving of atleast RM500 as compare to changing to Singapore (Saving from Tyres & Petrol). The cheapest price I could get in Singapore for this particular tyre was S$120/piece, and thus the discount is at least 50% as compared to changing tyres in JB. You guys can check it out this seller at Carousel @ https://carousell.com/p/66822027/. The service was great and I enjoyed a good Bak Kut Teh at Taman Sentosa
  11. Theoldjaffa

    Boot camp for women to experience NS

    SEES OVERWHELMING DEMAND WOR MCF LADIES - what say you? https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/boot-camp-for-women-to-experience-ns-sees-overwhelming-demand-more-than-1000-gun-for-100 SINGAPORE - Would you pay to stay in a military bunk, eat combat rations and go on a route march? More than 1,000 women of all ages jumped at the chance to do so, signing up for a women's boot camp to experience what national service is like. Response for the overnight camp was so overwhelming that the organiser, Ang Mo Kio Women's Executive Committee (WEC), had to conduct balloting for the 100 slots up for grabs. The camp, which the organiser promoted as a "golden opportunity" to go through NS activities, will take place from Sept 1 to 2 at Maju Camp in Clementi. Participants will take part in a 3km route march, handle the SAR21 rifle and taste combat rations, among other activities. The women will also get to stay overnight in military bunks. Each participant pays $55. PAssion card members get a $10 discount. The camp was announced on July 17 in a Facebook post by the Women's Integration Network Council, which is the coordinating body for the 105 WECs in Singapore. The post attracted almost 3,000 shares and more than 2,000 comments. Among the 100 who managed to secure a place for the camp, the youngest participant is 13 years old, while the oldest is 64, the organising committee told The Straits Times. The average age of the participants is about 29. Ms Joanna Portilla, chairman of Ang Mo Kio WEC, said: "Through this camp, the organisers hope to give women a glimpse of what our national servicemen go through so that they can better relate to national servicemen's experiences and demonstrate stronger support and involvement in NS and defence. "We are very grateful for the overwhelming response from the public. This shows that women are keen to play a part in supporting national service." Those who failed to clinch a spot will be notified from Sunday (Aug 19) onwards. Ms Portilla added that the committee is open to the possibility of organising similar initiatives in the future. The camp is part of an initiative by the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (Accord) which facilitates initiatives from the community that better support national defence and NS, among other roles. The success of the Dads for Life Camp, which saw more than 200 father-son pairs take part in an overnight camp at the F1 Pit Building last year, inspired Accord to suggest a similar experience for women, said Ms Portilla. That camp was organised by the Centre for Fathering. Administrative executive Tabatha Lim, 19, will be joining the upcoming camp with a friend. Ms Lim, who is excited about being able to handle the SAR21 rifle, told ST: "I was really excited when I got to know about the boot camp as I have always been very curious about what it's like to serve NS. "We spend a lot of time listening to so many stories from our male friends, brothers, fathers, and we never got to experience it ourselves unless we decide to sign on with the army. So this is the perfect opportunity to do so." Civil servant Lee Yet Wei, 30, also applied to join the women's camp because she was curious about NS life, and what it is like to stay in the bunks. She said: "Such an opportunity doesn't always come by, and it is an experience I am looking forward to."
  12. Hey MCF members, MyCarForum (MCF) and Breitling are inviting 30 MCF members to a night of fun-filled activities and to experience Breitling watches. The event will be held on Thursday, 23th April 2015, at the Breitling boutique store from 7.00pm till late. Highlights of the event: - An opportunity to hear from Breitling watchmaker about the exquisite watchmaking of Breitling Watch. - Q&A with Breitling watchmaker - ask the guru any watch questions that you may have. - Receive a Breitling goodie bag worth more than $40! - Receive MCF Cash card worth $20! ($10 value in the card) Brief itinerary of the event: 7:00pm 7:30pm: Registration starts 7:30pm - 7:35pm: Opening of event, short presentation (From MCF team) 7:35pm - 7:40pm: Breitling brands talk 7:40pm - 8:00pm: Breitling watchmaker sharing the experience and the exquisite workmanship of Breitling watches. 8:30pm - Lucky Draw and Group photos Requirements: - Must be a MCF Member - Have passion about watches Register your interest by 18 April 2015. Successful registrants will be notified by email/PM Registration Fee: $15 per pax MCF Hangout with Breitling Appreciate the intrinsic beauty of watch craftsmanship as MCF Hangout holds its first watch workshop with Breitling. Learn about the art of precision timekeeping as the watchmaker guides you through the technologies behind Swiss watchmaking and takes you through a aviation-inspired journey with the Cockpit B50 a watch that represents the ultimate pilots instrument. Also, be charmed by the charismatic mechanical movements of Breitlings first in-house developed engine. In fact, the marque is one of the last remaining independent Swiss watchmakers that still produces its own mechanical chronograph movement. The established watchmaker also offers a whole range of mechanical chronograph movements entirely developed and produced in-house. Join us at the upcoming MCF Hangout with Breitling held at the Breitling Boutique Singapore. Slots are limited and RSVP is a must for this very exclusive event. *Registration of Interest - We will select 30 members to go for the event, make sure all your details in your personal profile are correct. We will use the contact information there. - Once you have submitted the details, in 7 working days we will PM/email you if you're selected or not for the event - If you're selected, you're required to pay the registration fee, else the slot will be given to the next person - We will not refund if there's no show
  13. Good morning fellow MCF bros,Would like to check if anyone has experience/reviews with Victory Cars Trading(65 Ubi Road 1,Oxley Bizhub)? Its my first time buying a car(My 1st car was a transfer within my family),I have read through the forums on tips/advices given by other forumners,So I roughly know what to look out for I am interested in this Honda Civic 1.6 2008 that they are selling http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=647800,Their price seems to be cheaper than other dealers,Car is also in good condition(From the photos),Only 1 Owner I intend to send it to my workshop to lower the chances of buying a lemon car Thanks for your time and advice!
  14. as per above, please share your experience with this workshop
  15. Looking for someone to share on the experiences of travelling from Singapore to Bangkok to Siem Reap. Planning to do it in July.
  16. Do you guys have experience with EPS Power Charger? Many shops selling them these days. i installed one of this in march this year because I was "convinced" that it could help to increase CCA - dealer show the reading after the installation. However, my car battery die on me twice since then. First time was one wk after the install and second time today. I am now having second thoughts with this "Power Charger" thing, my previous battery was 10 months old when it die and second one is barely 4 months old when it was changed today. Luckily, both were changed under warranty. Both batteries were Amaron maintenance free and I thought this is a reliable brand, so it is unlikely that i had two Amaron die on me within a year. Not sure whether the "power charger" is causing the damage to the battery.
  17. I had to leave my car at the Grandstand (Old Turf Club) for a few days to troubleshoot a starting problem. I figured I'd better rent a car from there to tide me over the few car-less days. I accessed sgcarmart.com and called a car rental company cum car dealer located at the same car mall, after seeing it had a Picanto (M), which I fancied for its low rental price and fun-to-drive appeal. I called and was told its available. 10 minutes later, I walked over to the shop and was told by the female sales consultant that it was not available anymore. She said "the car didn't come back, what can I do?" At that moment I feel I had been lied to and snooked, but well, OK lor, so I settled for the next cheapest model which was an old Suzuki Liana (M). It costs a reasonable $60 a day but I was persuaded by her to take the car for 3 days @$50/day instead. I thought about it and agreed. Paid up $150 + $300 deposit in NETS. I was then informed that Insurance coverage was 3rd Party only, with an excess of $2500. Own damage - you make good at your own costs..Gulp! OK lor, I then prayed for good luck. Upon car collection, I found it was dirty inside and outside, and comes standard with a pair of drive-shafts that crackled very loudly when you apply a small amount of steering lock. It was damn embarrassing and I fear that the couplings would break. It was almost un-driveable. I decided to returned the car after 1 day, although I paid for 3 days. I asked for a small rebate on my rental fees, thinking that both parties stood to gain; I get back some money, and they can release the car for rental income again for the next 2 days. My request was refused, the same sales consultant insisted that I had agreed to rent for 3 days and no premature return is allowed. Well.. OK Lor! What to do! I lose again lor! Returned the car grudgingly. Then the sales consultant told me they can't return my $300 deposit back immediately as the boss was not around to sign the cheque and they don't have any cash (!?!?). Unbelievable. Promised to pop a cheque into my bank account the next day. OK Lor! The next day, the promised drop cheque didn't happen. I got a call at 6:30pm from the sales consultant, saying that she didn't receive my account number via SMS (when I had sent it to her HP in front of her the previous day). Crap! AND the boss now insisted that I come pick up the deposit by hand. I was like...WTF! I told her OK I will pick up the deposit by hand personally but this they have just made this already less-than-pleasant experience with IGUA MOTORING totally unpalatable! It somehow also cements the general perception that car dealers are less than scrupulous people...sad! Or maybe I am just a cheapskate!
  18. Recently got a Fiat and sometimes the gear cannot be engaged for unknown reasons. Anybody else facing this same problem?
  19. Few months after TC launched this model. I thought it may be good for owners of Teana to share their experience here. Overall driving experience is good,especially when I managed to get 10 KM/l for FC on 2.5 engine. The only issue I have is the 8" touch screen head unit, following is the problems I encountered. 1. Poor radio reception 2. Blue tooth function is bad when making call using my iPhone. Either to noisy back ground noise or bad reception. 3. Speaker humming noise even volume control is set to zero. You will be able to hear it when you switch off your air con & bring you volume control to zero. After visiting TC service center for 3 times, I have learned that even the all new cars that comes with this HU will have the same issue. TC have yet to find any solution. I'm in touch with TC service manager regarding this issues. I keep all bros posted if they found a solution.
  20. Spiderman302

    Teeth whitening product experience

    Anybody tried teeth whitening products? Saw some brands from watson. 1. Theramed 2. Pearl drops 3. Colgate advanced white 4. Colgate optic white 5. Pearlie white Can share your experience? Tks
  21. Changed an alternator pulley with them some time in May. The mechanic used brute force to try to remove the old alternator pulley causing the tool bit to break off inside the alternator (i kept quiet since he mentioned no impact on alternator, being gullible i accepted) Next he installed a wrong sized alternator pulley cause the alternator to smoke and subsequently jam. More waiting time for correct sized alternator pulley to be installed ( i did not know at that time that could have cause issues with the alternator) About one month later, i encountered alternator failure and towed the vehicle back to them, they told me alternator needs to be replaced ( and charged me $90++ just for diagnostic fees) , Because my car is still under warranty with another workshop and alternator is covered under warranty i decided to tow back to my warranty workshop instead. At my warranty workshop, they told me the cause of the alternator failure was due to the wrong method and wrong sized alternator pulley used by M*M Wheelp0wer, and because i allowed other workshop to service my car, i could not claim warranty and had to cough up cash. When i tried to claim back the amount from M*M Wheelp0wer and request 70% damages instead of the 50% they offered, they told me ...sorry ...now one cent also wont give you cause not our fault. ( you can flame me for not accepting the 50%, but the thing is i REQUESTED not demanded 70% instead) You have been warned regarding this workshop who is also a SGMERC forum sponsor, it seems to me their reputation is worth less than the amount they could have reimbursed me.
  22. Dear all, Wanted to share my experience with Pure Drive located at Harvest at Woodlands. Messaged one of the chaps regarding pricing for a 4 wheel alignment but no reply,so I proceeded to call and ask. Voice on the other line said SGD80, and will take about half an hour to complete. So I went down, since I am around that area that day. When I was there, the technician ramped up my car, did some checks, and when my car was up there, he the proceeded to tell me that he has to 'charge extra SGD40 because I requested to change caster. SGD80 is adjustment for toe only'. Also claimed that his price is one of the lowest around, standard pricing. Since I was there and was out of touch with alignment prices (last alignment was done 3 years ago), I agreed. Workmanship was ok (I mean, what do you expect, it's a standard Hunter machine - a dummy can operate that user-friendly interface). However technician had a lot to say about how difficult it might be to get an exact alignment - because the 'alignment bushing might be worn'. In the end technician managed to adjust the three STANDARD alignment settings - took about an hour from start to finish. After alignment done, out of curiosity I googled alignment prices, and found Kenny's number. I then remembered that Kenny was the expert in alignment around here, and HE was the one who did my alignment 3 years back. But prices posted online were around SGD 50 to 80. I then sms-ed Kenny to just enquire how much he charges for 4 wheel alignment. Reply came back 5 mins later: SGD80. So in summary folks: Do your research BEFORE you commit to any workshop. When it comes to alignment, very hard to beat Kenny's price (and expertise).
  23. Hondacub777

    Experience with kidney stones

    juz wonder if any bro xperience this thing ?what r the cures?can dun operate?any traditional way to flush it out?
  24. Davidklt

    Audi Driving Experience

    Anyone went for the Audi Driving Experience the last few weeks? Sharing some random photos with the Audi fans out there. We got a chance to put the car thru the paces though not as much as we would like. Surprisingly, I had the most fun with the TT. The R8 is surprisingly easy to drive. The RS6 is an absolute rocket!