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  1. Anyone knows if there are ample parking there, it says b3 1 level only for guest parking, going there this sat for wedding dinner, some old building, cp v small, lots also small, makes going up and down difficult. Any comments on the parkig there, lots big or small? Thanks
  2. Taxi drivers are our saviours when we’ve had one too many drinks too late in the night, especially when public transport has ended. But I think no matter how many drinks they've had, even this passenger can tell something has gone horribly wrong. What happened? A cyclist in Anchorvale was having a cool, relaxing ride at the PCN (Park Connector Network) when they saw a taxi that definitely was not supposed to be there. The exclamation of “Yo, what the f*** boi??” sums up everything. The taxi got on the grass in order to turn around and get back on the pedestrian path, continuing it’s adventure to wherever the destination is. We need to know what navigation system or application the driver is using. So we never make the mistake of using it. Online chatter A variety of reasons were made for why the taxi went off course (pls lah, no way this was deliberate). ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. Bye bye Sunday school for many oldies https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/horse-racing-singapore-turf-club-close-kranji-site-redevelopment-housing-government-3539386?cid=internal_sharetool_iphone_05062023_cna
  4. So far so good!
  5. hi all started this new thread for perodua owners in s'pore. can share tips on modi, spare parts n accessories, etc.
  6. Hi bro n sista, wonder if there are any member here hold the arena country club membership. Want to know if it still worth to continue the membership.
  7. Is country club membership worth it? Lately thinking of joining one. It's the one at sentosa. Sign up fee is now $11000++ plus monthly about $124. The value of the membership has dropped cos of covid so theoretically I can sell it at a higher price later. This is at sentosa. The one fifteen club. Benefits are gym, swimming pool, a nice place to chill out and free parking and entrance to sentosa. Reason why I thinking of this is because with covid, not sure where I can chill out cos I normally chill out outside and this club looks interesting and nice place to relax. For some reason I am more relaxed at sentosa than anywhere else on mainland. Con is for $11000+, I can enter sentosa and pay for parking, use facilities at the beach almost unlimited. The main thing is I need a place to relax and normally I relax overseas. Just not sure if I will get the chance in the foreseeable future.
  8. Dear Fellow Reds, Nearly a year ago, I started the 2018/19, wishing that Klopp powers us to greater heights. That was achieved when we bring back number 6. But I think a lot of us is wishing for him to end the 30 year wait. So this time round, for season 2019/2020, it shall be our dream. YNWA.
  9. Here's a break from all the negativity surrounding the circuit breaker measures and our roads. A bunch of Singaporeans have joined hands to help donate 121 drums of surface sanitisers to 44 different foreign dormitories. According to Christopher Kwek's facebook post, many of these people who have donated are from our local car clubs, with a few private companies joining in the fun. With each drum holding 209 litres worth of sanitisers, the total cost of the donation amounted to an impressive $20,000. Curious which car clubs donated? Find you answers in the list below!
  10. Hi, Anyone out there reading this and owns a Toyota Starlet? Just thought of gathering a group of us together. Cheers Chris
  11. Dear fellow REDS, starting a new thread for our beloved club. May JK and the lads power us to greater heights/glory. YNWA
  12. dont talk about it! new rule in this era is, dont take video and post online lah. though is wrong to engage in fighting in school but good sportsmanship between the two boys lah. after fight still handshake and hug. just playing around for fun https://mothership.sg/2019/05/tampines-sparring-secondary-school-students/
  13. What exquisite pursuits do the ultra wealthy truly fancy? According to Bruce Wayne's personal butler, it would be "driving million dollar souped-up sports cars, dating movie stars, buying things that aren't for sale." As far as luxury real estate developer and boutique hotelier Satinder Garcha is concerned, amassing a treasure trove of rare vintage whiskies from around the world sure puts a smile on his face. Hence bear witness to The Whiskey Library at The Vagabond Club ( a hotel operating out of a series of restored historic shophouses which he owns by the way), where endless sleekly customized glass cabinets stocked with over a thousand carefully curated bottles of prized spirits stand tall in one astoundingly fashioned lobby lounge of sultry red, pink and brass. Indeed The Whiskey Library is Garcha's proud labor of love; admittedly he scoured the globe for a good two years, visiting countless distilleries and procuring top finds in far-flung places. Ardbeg Kildalton 2014, Old Pulteney 1983, Aberlour Single Malt Scotch and 32 year old Bunnahabhain from Scotland, '2018 Kirin Fuji-Gotemba 'Kunpu' Blended Whisky' , 'Kurayoshi 12 Year' Matsui Whisky and Mars IWAI Tradition Wine Cask Finish from Japan, Blood Oath Pact Bourbon from the US, Brighton Gin from the UK and Star of Bombay from Sri Lanka.......suffice to say the inventory cultivated is sheer staggering. https://www.theluxebrigade.com/whiskey-library-at-vagabond-club
  14. Hi guys, i hope this has not been discussed yet cos i searched n find no result for club med. planning to bring my parents n 2 kids to club med bintan for dec holidays. anyone been there b4? or any other club med in asia? how is the experience like? i understand that a lot are included in the package. does it include all the meals? n is it true that food is available round the clock? my plan is to let my kids participate in all the kids' activities while we adults jus laze ard, massage n mayb do some of the less tiring activities. pls also advise what are the additional expenses that i can expect.
  15. http://www.marketing-interactive.com/neelofa-under-fire-for-launching-hijab-collection-at-zouk/ Malaysian actress partying it up in Zouk. A pretty interesting read for those into social satire. Though I must stress that no racism is intended in this post (people get offended at just about anything these days), just sharing what seemed to be a trending article.
  16. Hi, Alot of chery owner have come across expensive parts and servicing by the local agent I myself is driving a qq and have plenty of hands on experience on it If u need some help, post here. See if can help.
  17. SINGAPORE: Police have seized firearms from the Singapore Gun Club and the Singapore Rifle Association due to "serious licensing irregularities," the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 6). SPF said its Police Licensing and Regulatory Department had found these irregularities while conducting an audit at the armouries of the two clubs on Tuesday. Police investigations are ongoing, it added. Channel NewsAsia understands that more than 70 guns were unaccounted for. These guns belonged to members who have died, quit the clubs or left Singapore, and no proper records were kept. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/police-seize-arms-from/2494178.html
  18. Wahahahaha ! Just saw these! Feel damm nostalgic now!
  19. May I know if the VolvoSg Club is still alive or dead already?
  20. Here are the videos I made of the 7 dinners we had on a cruise ship called the MSC Preziosa. It is a big ship, at 140,000GT, carrying 4,000 passengers. It was a sailing out of Genoa, Italy. We stayed in the Yacht Club, which is like a premium product within the ship itself. Yacht Club guests eat at a separate, dedicated restaurant, away from the crowds which dine at the Main Dining Room. Since this the Makan Corner, let me share with you the 7 dinners so you get an insight into the type of food served. Day 1 - Mediterranean Flavours and Savours Day 2 - Mediterranean Flavours and Savours - Tex Mex Day 3 - Gala Dinner Day 4 - Italian Flavours and Savours Day 5 - Italian Flavours and Savours (Sea Day) Day 6 - Gala Dinner (Lobster) in Barcelona Day 7 - Mediterranean Flavours and Savours - Final Dinner before disembarkation the next day Cheers and have a great evening!
  21. http://m.todayonline.com/singapore/singapore-island-country-club-offers-poverty-simulation-programme-members BY FRANCIS LAW [email protected] PUBLISHED: 8:24 PM, FEBRUARY 4, 2016 UPDATED: 10:50 PM, FEBRUARY 4, 2016 SINGAPORE — At one of Singapore’s most prestigious country clubs, members will have a chance to see life from the perspective of those living on the poverty line, through a workshop conducted by a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO). Called a poverty simulation exercise, the workshop was advertised in the Singapore Island Country Club’s (SICC) members magazine, and is set to be held next month. Typically conducted for schools and volunteers, it is the first time Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) is holding the workshop for a country club. Participants will be called upon to role-play and manage challenging scenarios, like supporting a family and making ends meet on a meagre income while juggling health issues. An MWS spokesperson, responding to queries, said the programme aims to stir compassion and nudge participants towards doing more for the community. “Based on real-life family profiles, the poverty simulation exercise helps participants to be aware of situations and the consequent hard decisions that people living in poverty have to face every day,” the spokesperson said. SICC members TODAY spoke to had mixed reactions, calling it a good effort on the part of the club, but pointed out the club could go further and organise more community service activities, for example. One member, Mr Joseph Ng, 54, the chief executive officer of a company in the energy sector, said he hoped the workshop was not a “stunt” and would serve its purpose. “Hopefully somebody (will be) touched, but I’m not so sure about that,” he said. He suggested that club members spend more time on volunteer work instead. “When you go to the homes you actually see the state they are in, you actually see the situation, the circumstances and the environment that they live in, and how people actually live,” he said. Another member, Mr Frankie Lim, 65, felt it was “a worthy cause” that could “highlight the concerns of the poor and to create awareness among members of the public”. “It’s good to start off this kind of thing, so maybe other organisations can follow. They might say ‘hey, since SICC is doing it, why not we do it too’,” he said. Adding that he would consider signing up, Mr Lim said: “For me, I grew up in poverty. We had to give up our bus fares and walk to school just to buy simple luxuries, so I think it will be good to experience what it’s like to be poor now.” Contacted by TODAY on why it decided to hold the workshop, the SICC would only say: “The club organises various programmes and activities to cater to the wide interest of our members.” MWS has been conducting the programme since 2011 for its church members, other VWOs, and schools. Participants are given roles, such as a single parent, or a person living alone. They then go through “four weeks” of the person’s life — spending 15 minutes on each “week” during the exercise on various scenarios that crop up, such as getting their children to school, seeking medical attention and keeping up with bills. For example, they could be “Casey”, a 45-year-old technician working in a small company who has to pay S$200 a week to cover his renovation loan from a bank, while providing for his hearing-impaired wife and two children. The MWS spokesperson said participants who took part in such workshops generally came away with a better understanding of poverty. “They are able to better understand and empathise with the challenges and frustrations faced by people in need,” he said.
  22. Hi, Anyone heard of Mariott vacation club membership??? Understand that it is some sort of a timeshare. Is it worth it??? Would like comments or inputs from those who actually bought it.
  23. Hey Everyone, Hasn't work out for a while but has the itch to get some casual soccer action? Looking for regular soccer action weekly for fun sake or just to maintain your fitness? We are a social soccer club enjoying an easy football game among ourselves every sunday. Since we are not that competitive, the pace will suits a wide range of players. We have players as young as 16 to as old as 50+ & they are still actively participating in our weekly game. If this sounds like something you're looking for, join us athttp://www.bugisbeatles.com Email us at [email protected] if you have any question Our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/BugisBeatles Our next soccer game is on 22-Jun-2014! http://goo.gl/gqpzQC
  24. Just thought I start this thread Hope to get more inputs from CBS, MO and gang For those who are interested to find out more, please visit www.dietdoctor.com/lchf
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