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Found 146 results

  1. Hello guys, I am going to HGH on a business trip to meet my suppliers. My last trip i did not make a good choice of hotel as it was too far to walk to anyway and too near to hire a taxi. My budget is about SGD$100/night anyone can help? Thank you.
  2. Hmmm....no wonder their prices often seemed higher than other booking websites
  3. Coolbluewater

    Haunted Hotel in Bangkok

    Any bros got ghost story to share about Berkeley Pratunam Hotel? I'm going to stay there next week, so I hope to know which room to avoid. So far, i googled, only advise I've got was to avoid level 13.
  4. What exquisite pursuits do the ultra wealthy truly fancy? According to Bruce Wayne's personal butler, it would be "driving million dollar souped-up sports cars, dating movie stars, buying things that aren't for sale." As far as luxury real estate developer and boutique hotelier Satinder Garcha is concerned, amassing a treasure trove of rare vintage whiskies from around the world sure puts a smile on his face. Hence bear witness to The Whiskey Library at The Vagabond Club ( a hotel operating out of a series of restored historic shophouses which he owns by the way), where endless sleekly customized glass cabinets stocked with over a thousand carefully curated bottles of prized spirits stand tall in one astoundingly fashioned lobby lounge of sultry red, pink and brass. Indeed The Whiskey Library is Garcha's proud labor of love; admittedly he scoured the globe for a good two years, visiting countless distilleries and procuring top finds in far-flung places. Ardbeg Kildalton 2014, Old Pulteney 1983, Aberlour Single Malt Scotch and 32 year old Bunnahabhain from Scotland, '2018 Kirin Fuji-Gotemba 'Kunpu' Blended Whisky' , 'Kurayoshi 12 Year' Matsui Whisky and Mars IWAI Tradition Wine Cask Finish from Japan, Blood Oath Pact Bourbon from the US, Brighton Gin from the UK and Star of Bombay from Sri Lanka.......suffice to say the inventory cultivated is sheer staggering. https://www.theluxebrigade.com/whiskey-library-at-vagabond-club
  5. StreetFight3r

    Smoke at Grand Hyatt Hotel

    Grand Hyatt incident: Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Police Force on the scene after smoke was seen billowing out of the hotel.
  6. Hi guys, not sure anyone have started this thread before.. Anyway thinking about doing staycation in Singapore soon. Anyone have any great idea/experience which hotel in Singapore give you superb staycation hospitality service, food and places to relax? Going with wife ah... So no naughty stuff...
  7. Anyone stayed there before? How is the parking over here? Safe? Sheltered?
  8. A HDB flat in Woodlands is suspected to have been transformed from a brothel to hotel. From the usual occurrences of having more than 10 male strangers visiting the flat, it has transformed itself into a short-term stay hotel, charging visitors at $100 per day. According to the media report last week, Police conducted island-wide anti-vice operations in 6 housing estates Sembawang, Woodlands, Jurong West, Sengkang, Chinatown and River Valley. 34 prostitutes and 2 pimps were arrested. The HDB flats involved serving as brothel may be confiscated. After the report last week, Chinese media received a tip-off that this former whorehouse has re-surfaced in Woodlands. The unit is located at Blk 686C, Woodlands Dr 73. It was rented out to a Filipino family. About 3 to 4 months ago, it was sublet to one PRC woman. One of the residents in the block told the reporter that after the new tenant moved in, everyday from morning to night, there would be many unknown men aged between 30 to 50 yrs old, constantly streaming in and out of the said unit. She said, They start to appear in the morning about 11am, one after another. Usually after one left, another will turn up about 2 to 3 hours later. There would be more than 10 of them in a single day. She added that these men usually would behave surreptitiously, looking around at the corridor. They seemed to be searching for the correct unit. Once they found the right unit, someone hidden behind the unit door would open it for them. Thereafter, it would be silent without movement. The door of the unit is always closed. Also, we hardly see any of the occupants coming out from the unit. The last time was on Sunday when two women and one man came out to throw rubbish, she said. Another resident revealed that earlier, different unknown men would come to the unit even at 11 plus in the night. Usually, they would make a call after coming out from the lift to ask for the correct unit number. Upon confirmation, they would proceed to the said unit to look for someone. HDB flat turned into a hotel But, according to an insiders tip-off, the unit has actually been transformed into a hotel recently. It was found on WeChat that someone was advertising the flat for short-term rental of rooms at a rate of $50 for 5 hours or less or $70 per night. The pictures of the rooms were also uploaded. Other residents confirmed that they saw people going into the unit with luggage. The reporter called the advertised number on WeChat to test. A lady answered the call and confirmed that there are rooms for rental at $100 per day. Later, the reporter made a second call to enquire. This time round, no one answers the call. The reporter then made a visit to the said unit, but no one responded. Tenant and sub-tenant dispute One of the residents revealed that last Saturday at about 3pm, two policemen appeared at the said unit. They left after talking to the occupants. However, it was not known what actually transpired. According to some sources, the dispute arose between the tenant and sub-tenant over the contractual agreement. The argument became very heated and someone called the police for assistance. Police confirmed the incident and replied that both parties have been advised to settle the matter amicably and they complied. The enforcement actions from the authorities and the publicity from the media have proven that they do not deter foreigners bent on making money illegally in Singapore. Indeed, it appears that our enforcement units are no match to the multi-faceted talents exhibited by the foreigners that PM Lee likes to welcome into our little island with open arms. Singapore belongs to everyone Last year, during a grassroots event in Ang Mo Kio in celebration of the Indian New Year [Link], Mr Lee was reported to have said that the event was an embodiment of the theme as well as on a larger scale where everyone participates as one big Singapore family and that Singapore was a place where we all celebrate one anothers festivals and happy events together. He added that Singapore belongs to all of us, which he said included Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here. Many foreigners are just taking the opportunity given by Mr Lees magnanimous attitude towards foreigners, to make a quick Singapore buck here. And many from third world countries couldnt care less about following the rules and order in Singapore because back in their own countries, they view that rules are meant to be bent. As stated by the new Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say, Singapore is still welcoming FTs at a rate of about 30,000 per year, not including the undisclosed numbers on short-term visits seeking employment here. Can our enforcement units cope with the creativity and entrepreneurship of FTs who couldnt care less about our rules and regulations?
  9. Extremme

    Sutera Mall and Hotel

    Anyone stayed at those boutique hotels near Sutera Mall? Any reviews? Safe to park outside the hotel?
  10. Dear All, Wife's relatives are flying to Singapore next week for about 4 nights' stay (husband and wife). Wife volunteered to find hotel for them, which means I am doing the work. Budget about $100-$120 per night. Walking distance to MRT station - very important, or I might be volunteered to be their driver. And they are going to take the train to airport for the flight back. When it comes to hotels in Singapore, I am stumped as I cannot remember the last time I stayed in a hotel in Singapore. Geylang area is out for obvious reasons. Are the budget hotels in Chinatown ok? Or those at Bencoolen area OK? Saw a V Hotel Bencoolen which has quite good review in Agoda. Tenkiu...
  11. Poor hygiene at 5-star hotels in China: Toilet brush used to clean cups https://youtu.be/F_B7E_eE7Zc Three five-star hotels in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, were punished on Wednesday after authorities found poor hygiene conditions in their guest rooms. The city's health and family planning commission has not disclosed what penalties were given to the properties, which are operated by Kempinski, Shangri-La and Sheraton. It comes after undercover video footage emerged online on Tuesday that showed cleaners at the hotels using the same brushes to wipe the toilets, bathtubs, sinks and other surfaces, sparking public concern over cleanliness. Footage recorded at the Kempinski and Shangri-La properties even showed workers using the same brush to wipe drinking water cups and then drying them with used bath towels. All three luxury hotels were accused of failing to change bath towels, bed sheets and pillow cases for new guests, despite charging from about 800 yuan to 2,800 yuan (S$163 to S$572) for a room per night. Shortly after the video began to spread online, inspectors from the health commission, tourism office, market supervision department, food and drug administration, and legislative affairs office descended on the properties to collect samples for testing, according to the city government. The results of these tests confirmed that the hotels had hygiene problems. "We feel sorry to learn about the substandard conditions found at our hotel," the Kempinski Harbin said in a post on Sina Weibo on Tuesday. "We have been working on providing our guests a friendly and safe environment with strict policies. We will co-operate with the investigation and strengthen measures to avoid similar problems." However, the case has again affected people's faith in the quality of five-star accommodation in China. Undercover footage exposed similar hygiene issues at five high-end hotels in Beijing in September. "I have clients in different cities, so I frequently travel for business," said Sun Chang, 36, the manager of an advertising agency in Beijing. "I've heard such things happen in some midrange hotels, so I usually choose well-known five-star hotels during my trips. I didn't imagine the problems are just as serious there. "I'm considering taking my own sheets, sleeping bags, kettles and bathrobes on my next trip." Harbin has now launched a citywide inspection of all hotels. "It is really difficult to monitor cleaners in the hotel rooms without cameras being installed," Wu Ben, an associate professor of hotel management at Shanghai's Fudan University, told Caixin magazine on Tuesday. "Without the proper detection equipment, one is unlikely to notice dirty bedding and poorly cleaned toilet seats." http://www.asiaone.com/china/poor-hygiene-5-star-hotels-china-same-brush-used-clean-toilets-and-cups
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    Hourly Budget Hotel / Appartment .......

    Let says that you have time to kill but do not know where to kill time whilst with girlfriend or wife. Heard of one such appartment for hourly rental at Amber Glory, Lor 4 Geylang, air-con, TV with Starhub, bath tub and free 2 bottles of mineral water. Charges $15/- per hour and minimum 2 hrs rental. Any other budget hourly hotels or appartments you know and facilities available ?
  13. Any tips on where to exit from NSH to Boulevard Hotel / Mid Valley Megamall? Thanks.
  14. Asking a feedback with you guys, Have you encounter when u booked online hotels through either agoda.com / booking.com / latestays.com Once you made the payment, reached the hotel, check-in process they asked for deposit of certain amount which is refundable when u check out. Is this their policy?? I encountered this, i felt disgusted. Since i have paid fully for hotel which wants me to pay full through creditcard, yet when checking-in they still ask for deposit. I only encounter this in malaysia selected hotels. Whereby those online booking website doesnt stated the requirement clearly, too smoky. Especially booking.com prices stated all "Exclude Taxes" Some websites "Included Taxes" Any tips to handle this kind of issues? Or better suggestion of online hotel booking websites. Especially Malaysia, as i go there frequently.
  15. Hi Guys, need to get feedback from here. any recommendation on Hongkong hotel in Tsim sha shui or Mongkok. Budget around 150-180 sing. I saw this hotel Imperial and Xi hotel. if it fine?
  16. ERC and sakei Sushi suing each other being going on for ages. Now that Big Hotel, which was own by ERC is now sold, is the chapter now closed.?
  17. Neutrino

    Eating places in Port Dickson

    Anyone suggest some good eating places in PD. Also is Bayu Beach resort far from these food places??
  18. A tycoon who owns a chain of budget hotels is suing the authorised agent of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars here over an alleged flaw in a $1.4 million Phantom limousine he bought four years ago. Mr James Koh Wee Meng, 49, the man behind the Fragrance chain of budget hotels, appointed Senior Counsel Davinder Singh of Drew & Napier to file the suit last November. In it, he claimed the car made loud thumping and whirring noises when moving out of a three-point turn when he took delivery of it on or around Dec 23, 2008. He also claimed that he felt 'significant vibration' from its steering wheel. He claimed the agent, Trans Eurokars, had failed to rectify these repeatedly, and is therefore seeking damages. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_759941.html
  19. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/roof-collapses-on-hilton/2343448.html# Looks like better not to go Orchard this year. So many incidents.
  20. Bros, any good recommendations and reviews? http://www.tripzilla.com/singapore-sexy-staycation-ideas/31628
  21. China's Anbang raises offer for Starwood to $14 billionBY GREG ROUMELIOTIS AND MIKE STONE Traders stand by the post where the stock for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc is traded on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange November 16, 2015. REUTERS/BRENDAN MCDERMID China's Anbang Insurance Group Co raised its offer for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc (HOT.N) to almost $14 billion, Starwood said on Monday, in the latest challenge to the U.S. hotel operator's merger with Marriott International Inc (MAR.O). The bidding war for Starwood has pitted Marriott's ambitions to create the world's largest lodging company with about 5,700 hotels against Anbang's drive to create a vast portfolio of U.S. real estate assets. The acquisition of Starwood, owner of the Sheraton and Westin brands, by Anbang would be the largest ever by a Chinese company in the United States. Anbang's consortium, which includes private equity firms J.C. Flowers & Co and Primavera Capital Ltd, has offered $82.75 per share in cash, in what is reasonably likely to lead to a proposal that is superior to the deal with Marriott, Starwood said on Monday. Reuters had reported earlier on Monday that Anbang had raised its offer. Marriott's latest cash-and-stock offer, which was announced on March 21, is currently worth around $78 per share. Starwood's board has not yet changed its recommendation to its shareholders in support of the company's merger with Marriott, Starwood said. A vote for Starwood shareholders to approve the Marriott deal is scheduled for April 8. "Marriott has the financial capacity and the wherewithal to push its bid up higher. However, so much of the transaction is based on Marriott's current share price, I think investors would be less than thrilled if it increased its offer materially at this juncture," said Bill Crow, an analyst at Raymond James. Marriott declined to say on Monday if it would raise its offer further. In a statement, Marriott said it was confident that the previously announced amended merger agreement with Starwood is the best course for both companies. RELATED COVERAGE› Avon strikes deal with Barington Capital to avoid proxy fight "Starwood stockholders should give serious consideration to the question of whether the Anbang-led consortium will be able to close the proposed transaction, with a particular focus on the certainty of the consortium's financing and the timing of any required regulatory approvals," Marriott said in its statement. In any deal with Anbang or Marriott, Starwood shareholders will also receive stock in Interval Leisure Group Inc (IILG.O), which is getting Starwood's vacation ownership business, currently worth $5.91 per Starwood share. Starwood shares were trading up 2.4 percent at $84.07 on Monday. Marriott shares were up 4 percent to $71.40, as some investors hoped Anbang's move would prompt Marriott to walk away from an expensive deal. Anbang's latest offer values Starwood at 13.5 times earnings. By comparison, peers Hyatt Hotels Corp (H.N) and Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc (HLT.N) are trading at around ten times earnings. To be sure, the Anbang offer is still cheaper than some of large real estate deals seen in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis. Buyout firm Blackstone Group LP's (BX.N) $26 billion leveraged buyout of Hilton in 2007, for example, valued that company at 15 times earnings. Marriott said last week it believes it could achieve $250 million in annual cost synergies within two years after closing the deal with Starwood, up from $200 million estimated in November 2015 when it signed its original merger agreement. An acquisition of Starwood by Anbang would probably face scrutiny by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), an interagency panel that reviews deals to ensure they do not harm national security. However, sources have said both Starwood and Anbang believe that deal would receive CFIUS clearance. Under its latest merger agreement with Marriott, Starwood would pay a breakup fee to Marriott of $450 million. Lazard (LAZ.N) and Citigroup Global Markets Inc (C.N) are financial advisers to Starwood, and Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP is its legal counsel. Deutsche Bank Securities (DBKGn.DE) and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher are advising Marriott.
  22. Mockngbrd

    Asia Hotel Bangkok?

    So what's the backstory on this hotel? Initially read/heard it was the hotel with a big fire, but after digging, found out the hotel with fire wasn't Asia at all, but a nearby one called FIRST Hotel, which is still there today. It seems lots of ppl mistake the First hotel's fire for Asia Hotel. Link to First Hotel fire story: First Hotel Bangkok Hauntings So anyone with any backstory to why Asia is so creepy? map of Asia / First: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=first+hotel+...mp;t=m&z=17
  23. Hi, I'll be driving up to Malacca in mid Oct and will be staying at Hotel Equatorial. Any bros here ever parked in the hotel before? Reason I'm asking is that I'm most concerned about the car park security and need to be assured that my car will not be missing when I wake up every morning. So was hoping to hear some feedbacks from u guys here in case some of u have parked there before. Thanx.
  24. anybody have overseas friends staying in these hotel before which is better for the family your advice highly appreciated i have never stayed in any Singapore hotel so dont know how to advice thanks
  25. Not many Singaporeans go there (except the army boys) so appreciate if any of you have stayed there and give recommendations