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Found 62 results

  1. All Overseas Calls To Start With “+” From 15 Apr, So You’ll Know When Overseas Scammers Are Calling source: https://mustsharenews.com/prevent-scam-calls/ All Overseas Calls Will Start With “+” From 15 Apr To Help Prevent Phone Scams & Spoof Calls If you own a phone, chances are you’ve received a spoof scam call before. Whether it’s a ‘package from DHL’ or someone claiming that you owe them money, you’ve definitely picked up at least one of these pesky calls. If you’re lucky, you probably wouldn’t have fallen for them. Unfortunately, it seems like not all Singaporeans have such great discerning abilities. According to the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the number of crimes reported saw a 6.3% increase in 2019. It would have fallen by 4.6% if scam cases were excluded. In an effort to tackle the increasing number of scams in Singapore, the government is collaborating with local telcos to help phone users identify spoof calls more easily. Government removes “+” prefix so Singaporeans can differentiate overseas calls from local ones From 15 Apr, all international calls will start with a “+” prefix. On the other hand, all local calls will no longer start with Singapore’s international dialing code, “+65”. A “+” prefix indicates an overseas call Image by MS News The government hopes this will reduce the number of Singaporeans who fall victim to international phone scams as they’ll be able to immediately differentiate spoof calls from legitimate ones. Only overseas calls will start with “+” from 15 April The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is currently working with local telcos to implement this measure. From 15 Apr, only calls from overseas will start with a “+” prefix, so all local calls will consist of just numbers. Since our country’s dialing code is “+65”, it’s easy for international spoof callers to make their calls look like local ones. With the removal of the “+” prefix, it’ll be much clearer to tell if the calls are made locally or from overseas. For instance, a local call will now read “67236474” while an international call would read “+67236474”. A local call: An international call: IMDA hopes this will help Singaporeans distinguish international calls from local ones more easily, and thus be less susceptible to spoof calls. In addition to this, Singtel, StarHub, M1, and TPG Telecom will all be required to block commonly-spoofed numbers like 999 and 995. Singaporeans lost S$21 million to scams in 2019 The removal of the “+” prefix from local calls is just one of the measures being rolled out this year to prevent Singaporeans from falling for such scams, reports The Straits Times (ST). As society grows more reliant on technology and digital transactions, spoof calls and scams are becoming more common. In 2019, the number of victims of impersonation scams reportedly increased by 50%. They collectively lost a total of $21 million. Scams pose a serious risk to Singaporeans’ personal privacy ST also reported that the Government is stepping up efforts to protect Singaporeans’ personal information by reviewing and adapting the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), said Dr Janil Putucheary, Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information. He said, Given the increased frequency of scams, it’s clear that they’re not a matter to be taken lightly. Scams often involve victims giving out their personal information like their banking details or personal particulars. With such information, scammers can impersonate victims, drain their bank accounts, and carry out other unscrupulous acts. We hope the new measures will prove successful and that the number of reported scams will fall this year. If you’re not sure about the legitimacy of a caller, it’s always best to avoid giving out any sensitive personal information, lest you fall for a scam.
  2. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...ct-gst-20121121 Win liao loh..
  3. If you have been dreaming of driving in Japan during your travel and want to start planning your vacation, you are lucky enough to chance upon this thread, and we hope by the end of this recommendation, you are equipped with tips and information about you Japan holidays! And we are currently selecting 50 participants that would like to attend! Join This Event! MCF HangOut proudly presents you with an all-new alternative of renting an almost brand new car in Japan. And to make the scenario more real, we narrowed down to Ishikawa Prefecture, 500km away from Tokyo, surrounded on three sides by the Sea of Japan, and on the fourth by Mt. Hakusan, allowing it to enjoy the best of both mountain and sea. Date: July 13, 2019, Saturday Time: 1pm – 4.30pm Venue: Singapore Recreation Club, B Connaught Drive, Singapore 179682 Registration Fee: $10 per registrant (Free goodie bag worth $50 for every registrant) Parking in available. Join This Event! About renting a car in Japan. You need to visit Ishikawa during the Autumn. Here's why. *Limited to 40 participants. Successful registrants will be contacted via phone or e-mail. Payment will be processed only if your registration is successful (payment must be made via Visa or Mastercard). Terms and Conditions There will be a registration fee of $10 once you have confirmed your attendance. The participating party agrees to pay the registration fee when they confirm their participation for the event. The Management of MCF will remunerate the registration fee in the form of $15 shopping voucher or grocery voucher during the event. Registration closes on 11 July 2019.
  4. I would like to share my Car Rental Experience overseas here so you guys will manage the situation better than me when you go for your holiday. Earlier this month, i hired a car with a reputable international car rental company for my Gold Coast holiday for 7 days. I picked up the vehicle from brisbane airport and returned it 7 days later after filling up at the airport back to full, when i returned the keys to the airport counter, i was told their system was down and they couldnt print a receipt for me. I asked if they needed the petrol receipt and they also mentioned it was not required as, if the petrol was not full they will billed it my credit card. I was abit late for my flight because i was stuck in the dreadful M1 highway along with the city bound brisbane traffic on a weekday morning despite leaving my hotel 4 hrs earlier, i decided to practice some trust and just leave it as such. As with our common practice of returning the hotel or rental car via keydrop. Guess you would have guessed by now my credit bill now came with some funny charges, the Singapore office told me the extra charges were due to 1) The car was returned 3 days earlier, so they would charge me more because i only used the cars for 4 days instead of the 7 days. My actual usage aside, this really takes the cake, coming from the business standpoint, if i booked the car for 7 days and PAID for 7 days, by returning on the 4th day, it is to the car rental company advantage because they could have made extra money by leasing out for the 3 days already paid by me. Effectively they are telling me, a 4 days rental will cost MORE than a 7 day rental (not daily rate hor) but the total bill. 2) The car was not returned with a full tank of petrol. i scrutinized the receipt and found another shocking fact, i signed out the car at 18k mileage and returned at 19k mileage. The invoice generated shows i signed out the car at 19k mileage and returned it at 28k mileage. I wrote back n highlighted all the irregularity challenging them what kind of penalty is being imposed on returning the car 3days earlier when it was paid in FULL. 2ndly, i emailed in my petrol receipt showing it was refilled at the airport. 3rd, the mileage in their record was grossly wrong as it was nearly impossible i would have travelled 9700km in 7 days or by right as they claimed 4 days which will worked out to 1300km per day or 2400km per day respectively. While i am sure some of you folks will be able to do that on a GOR, i merely took day trips out as i have my folks with me. My hotel should have my records and my car being parked overnight in the garage as i have a private parking lot accessible by key card only in the hotel. i received a call later from the singapore manager asking me to confirm whether did i actually use the car for 4 days or 7 days because the petrol receipt showed me pumping on the 7th day (DUH). I will not name the company now because its still being investigated, but if they are really behaving in such way, the name will be big big in the coming days to come. Some references for you folks next. 1) Please do a proper handover when you return the car, try not to use the key drop service. Have a personnel inspect the car and the petrol and generate you a proper receipt with the proper mileage ESPECIALLY if your rental has mileage limitations. It was fortunate mine was unlimited mileage. 2) If you are in my case, late for flight, system down and all the bollocks or if die die need to use a keydrop because ur flight is red eye, take a picture of the petrol receipt beside the odometer/ petrol gauge showing the mileage with date/time if possible with the airport in the background. i was lucky i kept the petrol receipt. Let me know what you guys think and if you guys know the consumer authority in Queensland, it would be helpful as well. Have a good friday ahead.
  5. Yamapi

    Lost passport overseas

    Must obtain a document of identity from Singapore embassy in order to return to Singapore?
  6. As a single man (below age 35) in Singapore, basically i cannot do anything with local property. Not rich enough for Condo XD I am hoping to get a decent HDB once I get married later, so as to get some government grants... Hence I am wondering are there brothers here who have participated in overseas property purchases? I have went through the numerous adverts in Straits Times of property purchases in overseas in countries as diverse as Australia, UK, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia etc.. (I wonder why not much of USA property), and is a little skeptical. Someone wrote to the Straits Times forum last week mentioning how many of these property companies tend to "collapse" with many investors burnt with money owed to banks, or even better, the land in mind does not even get developed at all... Are there proper ways to look for properties to buy in overseas market? I am actually thinking of Cambodia, then again..... I do not mind learning and doing research, but with so much scams and "big canon fairies" around, hard to know which knowledge is decent.... Any bros or sisters here with advice or experience to share? =D I was thinking of Capitaland's The Ascott Limited - Somerset Norodom in Phnom Penh Price start from $1xxk which is cheap but i wonder how reliable is the rental guarantee they are offering though. Anyone has experience ? Location any good? From http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/ascott-to-manage-1st-international-serviced-residence-in-cambodia According to the news "Somerset Norodom Phnom Penh is part of a 28-storey mixed-use development located in an exclusive district surrounded by Norodom and Monivong boulevards. Embassies, foreign banks, multinational corporations and government agencies are within the vicinity, along with many F&B outlets. The property offers a range of studio to two-bedroom apartments, with facilities including a playroom, gymnasium, sauna and residents’ lounge." Somerset Norodom Sales page ; http://conversion-page.com/cambodiapropertyinvestment/
  7. Altis72

    Overseas Car Meets

    Hong Kong Ocean Terminal carpark Tokyo
  8. Ahseng

    Overseas ICT

    Hi all, anyone have experiences with overseas ICT? Got one scheduled to go TW this year.
  9. Hi guys, Some of you have responded to my previous post of asking what what is the allowed number of stays in Taiwan and Japan with no visa. As it turn out now, the other company prefer that I quit and join them full time in Japan. So I'm now contemplating if I should join them for a couple of reasons - I liked the job there - Pay wise is not too bad, about 20% more than my current salary, inclusive of employer portion of CPF contribution. Apartment is provided. - I don't like my work here. Being in IT professional, I find myself stagnating here.... On the other hand, - I will need to be stationed in Japan. They proposed to allow me to go back for 2 weeks every 10 weeks but I am requesting to allow me to come back for 2 weeks every 6 weeks. I still have kids in primary school. - Not young anymore. Coming to 40. I had been through such experience 5 years ago but that time, the company just allowed me to go back a week every 4 months and relationship with wife really strained. After a year, I had to quit and come back to look for another job. This time round, it was my wife who suggested why don't I go back to Japan to work since I like the work there and I wasn't happy here.... She was happy to see the improved arrangement on the better salary structure and more time allowed to come back to SG as I started discuss with the Japan counterpart.... So guys who had experience in going oversea to work without family. How do you guys cope?
  10. 4 out of 5?? i think base on the selected group in the survey, they shouldn't conclude such as misleading information. Nevertheless, would you consider sending your kids overseas if you have the mean?
  11. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/man-sentenced-jail-caning-possession-air-pistol-unexecuted-bank-ro According to this article: The court heard that Ng had received the air pistol from his 27-year-old brother, a regular serviceman in the Singapore Navy. His brother had brought it back from Taiwan in May 2013. Does this mean that navy personnel training overseas are smuggling all sorts of contraband into Singapore? I wonder why there is no mention of whether any action has been taken against his brother for importing the gun.
  12. hi everyone. can someone advise if we can listen to home radio channels from overseas? through internet?
  13. Besides shopping, eating, sightseeing, etc, what other interesting things you have discovered on your trips? Some friends do cars-spotting, it can be spotting exotic, supercars, or rare models. Or pick another tourist and guess his or her nationality before you hear he speaks. Sometimes when wife or gf is busy shopping, we men have to kill time while waiting outside the shops I tried pickpockets-spotting in busy train stations, market places in Europe where the cities are notorious for these pickpockets. So far have spotted a few suspects, but no luck seeing them in actual actions. Maybe they are so good, my eyes were too slow to catch their actions!!?
  14. Need some advice from forumers of MCF who travel frequently, what is the best credit card to use overseas? ... particularly for USA, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali and Malaysia. I mean in terms of credit card rewards, bank rates, discounts and such. Thanks!
  15. If forgot how ah? Think this is my second time forgot liao. Anybody encounter before?
  16. Hi all, Time to rejoice at the news of Channel 5 showing the Confederation Cup Live on Channel 5!!! Afterall, it's been a while since we are treated to such football action on free-to-air channels.. Cheers.........
  17. Porker

    Overseas Restaurant

    They have opened a branch at Shaw Tower. I know and have sampled its famed KL main branch so the perennial question is are they as good here in Singapore? As gay as it sounds, the cha siew is to die for Any FRs welcome and appreciated.
  18. they reject insurance claim for my fren car for such silly stuffs. all the items are street legal. 100% screw up.
  19. Besides tele-conversation call, is there anyway either free or cheap to communicate ?? Like message etc.. SMS Skype web cam ? blackberry ? whatsapp ? MSN any telco company locally got some app to use ???
  20. Phuakangtao

    When overseas for vacation

    as above comments?
  21. Is it possible to listen to overseas radio just like on the computer in the car's HU? Advise?
  22. Business Times - 11 Apr 2012 You may have to splash out more for that M'sian property KL could raise floor price for foreigners purchasing homes By PAULINE NG IN KUALA LUMPUR SINGAPOREANS looking to buy properties in Malaysia may see the bar raised. Malaysia is mulling a two-fold increase to the floor price of residential properties purchased by foreigners in a bid to prevent prices from spiralling too rapidly. The possibility of a revision to existing guidelines to raise the minimum price to RM1 million (S$417,000) from RM500,000 was flagged by The Star. In a report yesterday, the local daily cited unnamed sources as saying that the measure was 'in the pipeline', with a forthcoming announcement to be made by Nor Mohamed Yakcop, minister in the Prime Minister's department heading the Economic Planning Unit. It did not say when it would be implemented. One of the sources told The Star that selected growth corridors such as Iskandar Malaysia might be less affected by the proposal, in that a lesser minimum threshold might be applied - RM800,000 for example - to assist with their development success. The government has continued to come under pressure over affordability issues despite recent measures to cool the property market. Pushing the floor price up for foreign buyers - especially in landed properties - could be a welcome move in the eyes of young middle-class Malaysians frustrated with soaring real estate prices when starting salaries have advanced little in two decades. Many believe that foreigners have little difficulty stumping out RM500,000 for homes because their currencies tend to be much stronger. Property consultants say they were aware of the possibility of the new rules, but believe that the move is still at the proposal stage. 'It's a flyer to check public response. Not all states will agree,' Malaysia Property Inc chief executive Kumar Tharmalingam told BT. Foreign buyers of Malaysian property come mainly from China, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, the newspaper said. Even so, foreigners only account for an estimated 2 per cent of the residential market which saw robust growth last year. The volume and value of properties sold last year was the highest in the past five years, according to the Property Market Report 2011 by the Finance Ministry's Valuation and Property Services Department, rising by 19 and 22 per cent respectively from a year ago. Landed property remain popular. They recorded the biggest jump in prices last year, with link houses in Kuala Lumpur registering gains of 8-13 per cent, according to the 2011 property report. Following a revision in lending guidelines this year that benchmark an applicant's criteria to meet his loan obligations against his net rather than gross income, bankers and property players have reported slower loan applications and a softer market, with the rejection rate estimated at 20 per cent. Some reckon that the central bank ought to have tightened lending criteria a year or two ago as ample liquidity and easy credit terms encouraged speculators to buy with a view to flipping the properties before the payments were due. Owing to high take-up rates, developers continued to build and to raise prices. But going by the assortment of auction notices found around the suburbs, many borrowers appear to have defaulted on their loans, especially those taken for apartments.
  23. SINGAPORE: From April 1, Singaporeans returning from overseas and tourists can enjoy more Goods and Services Tax (GST) relief. Those who spend more than 48 hours abroad will be able to enjoy GST relief of up to S$600 - double the current amount of S$300.

 The Singapore Customs said the amount has been revised upwards to keep pace with rising expenditures, and brings the relief amounts closer to international norms.

 Those who are away from Singapore for less than 48 hours can get GST relief for goods valued up to S$150.

 Customs will also do away with the age criterion for GST relief claims. Currently, the GST relief depends on the traveller's age, in addition to the time he spends outside Singapore.

 Those below 18 years old currently claim a lower amount for GST relief.

 The new GST relief will apply to all travellers, including children, with the exception of pass/permit holders and crew members.

 All goods brought into Singapore for local use or consumption are subject to GST of seven per cent.

 To minimise inconvenience to travellers bringing a small amount of goods into Singapore for personal use, they are granted GST relief based on the value of goods they bring in. Such goods include new articles, souvenirs, gifts or food items.

 The GST relief does not apply to liquor, tobacco products, petroleum and goods imported for commercial purposes.

-CNA/ac Currently, no GST relief is given to those, such as day tripper to JB, who usually spent less than 24 hrs away from SG if he is below 18 years old. For day-tripper who are 18 years old & above, gets a GST relief for goods up to S$50. With the new rule to be implemented in Apr, day-tripper to Malaysia/Batam who spent less than 48 hrs away from SG, will get a GST relief for goods up to S$150 regardless of the age. Thus, for a family of 4 on a day trip to JB, the total relief will be S$600, which means a family of 4 can bring back more than RM1400 worth of goods from MY wef 1 Apr. Will this result in Singaporean making more shopping trips across the causeway? And also more traffic jams at the checkpoints?