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Found 144 results

  1. Wow... that's a lot https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/study-finds-1379-a-month-needed-to-meet-basic-living-standard-for-single-elderly
  2. South Korean President Moon Jae-in -- who accompanied Trump to the heavily-guarded frontier -- said "for the first time in history the leaders of the US and North Korea will be standing face to face in Panmunjom," the border village in the DMZ. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/29/politics/kim-jong-un-donald-trump-dmz-north-korea/index.html
  3. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singpost-fined-record-300000-failing-meet-delivery-standards-2018-060935281.html?fbclid=IwAR3lf6WGvU1WD_lr1GGPLy0bTus7QbuAYBFjc5QunahDwQSw8EqiKk_cDYk
  4. It's the new Lamborghini SUV! Meet the Urus https://www.topgear.com/car-news/suvs/its-new-lamborghini-suv-meet-urus Lambo's long-awaited return to the SUV sector is here. Full details on 641bhp Urus here The Urus is Lamborghini’s long-awaited re-entrance into the SUV market. It’s also the perfect representation of its 55-year journey from seller of mad things with an allergy to ergonomics, to an ultra-modern supercar manufacturer with the quality, reliability and business sense of Audi. Few would argue the latter is a bad thing when it spawns a family of supercars that you can actually see out of and start on the button every time… but the big fat question here is, is a spacious, high-riding, five-seater family SUV pushing the Germanic sensibleness too far? Let’s start with the way it looks. No doubt you made your mind up within seconds of seeing it, but hopefully we can agree on one thing: of the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and Audi Q7 bunch with which it shares its steel and aluminium MLB platform, it’s not pug-ugly like the Bentley, and has more presence than the other two put together. In the interim five-and-a-half years since we saw the Urus concept, it’s become a little larger, rounder and wider of arse, but the overall shape is surprisingly faithful. There’s the same arrowhead bonnet shut line, but beneath that there’s a lot more going on. Layer upon layer of mesh, intakes and splitters with a cycloptic sensor housing parked in the middle of it. You’ll notice the yellow car here is maximum jazzy – fortunately, more subdued specs, like the grey car with mostly blacked-out elements, are available. Around the back, the concept’s tailpipes have dropped, but the small rear windscreen and full-width tail-light have survived. From this angle, perhaps more so than the front, it’s instantly a Lamborghini. But the Urus’s real trick is to combine a downward-sloping, BMW X6-esque roofline, which keeps things pinched and muscular around the rear wheelarch, with masses of interior space. We’re talking six-footer behind a six-footer with a good chunk of leg- and headroom to spare. It also has a 600-litre boot – enough for a grown man to climb in on all fours and do a convincing impression of a large dog. Big wheels (21-inch as standard, up to 23-inch if you must) and edgier styling than its rivals isn’t enough to earn the Lamborghini badge. For that, it must possess a vicious turn of speed, which is where 641bhp, 627lb ft of torque (available from 2,250rpm), 0–62mph in 3.6 seconds and 190mph flat out come into play. Before you start Googling furiously, the 707bhp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk also takes 3.6secs, but that’s from 0-60mph, and it trails by 10mph at the top end. That makes the 2.2-tonne Urus officially the fastest SUV out there. Frankly, we’d be perturbed if it wasn’t. Where mild perturbing might occur is under the bonnet. You won’t find a highly strung, naturally aspirated V10 or V12 on loan from the Huracán or Aventador, but a version of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 from the Bentley Continental GT and Audi RS6, connected to an eight-speed auto and redlining at 6,800rpm. If you can get over the fact that it’s more likely to woofle and rumble than bark and shriek, it’s actually a far better fit for an off-roader – offering more torque at lower rpm. And yes, you can take your Urus off-road should you wish. The V8’s other trick is being the most fuel-efficient engine ever in a Lamborghini (22.2mpg, 290g/km CO2) thanks in part to a cylinder-deactivation system that works below 3,000rpm and gives you 173lb ft to work with. That’s right, tickle the throttle and you’ll find yourself driving a four-cylinder Lamborghini with less torque than a diesel Ford Fiesta. But let’s not be churlish. It’s a familiar and brilliant engine ably supported by all the weight-cloaking chassis aids Lambo could lay its hands on. Firstly, the standard torque split is 40/60 front/rear (up to 70 per cent can be sent to the front, or 87 per cent to the rear as and when the conditions dictate), with active torque-vectoring from front to back axles, and between the rear tyres, via centre and rear differentials. Long story short: on loose surfaces, it’ll power oversteer, but on tarmac it should stick. And stop, thanks to standard carbon-ceramic brakes – 440mm rotors at the front, 370mm at the rear – currently the largest on any production car. Adaptive dampers work alongside an electromechanical active roll stabilisation system. It’s basically the same set-up that’s already left us stunned in the Bentayga and SQ7 – compliant in a straight line, magically flat in the corners. And then there’s the performance tech du jour, four-wheel steering, which twists the rear tyres by plus or minus three degrees, effectively shortening the wheelbase by 600mm at low speeds (by turning in the opposite direction to the fronts), or lengthening it by 600mm at higher speeds (by turning in parallel to the fronts). Getting the thing started, moving and in your mode of choice is done via a bank of industrial-sized levers. In the centre, the start button lurks beneath a flip-up cover, itself in the shadow of a palm-sized gear-selector. To the left of that is your Anima lever, used to toggle through the four standard modes: Strada, Sport, Corsa and Neve (snow), plus two optional modes: Terra (off-road) and Sabbia (sand) if you genuinely want to get grubby. Each tweaks the diffs, sound, steering, suspension, throttle and gearbox response, and raises (Neve, Terra, Sabbia) or lowers (Sport, Corsa) the air suspension accordingly. Alternatively, you can set your ideal combo of ride, steering and powertrain with the Ego switch on the right. Assume the driving position and, although physically high, you feel low, snuggled below the shoulder line. WE set about looking for some ergonomic nightmare – a lorry-sized blind spot, tortuous seats, razor-sharp trim gaps – alas, there are none to be found. The skin of this interior is very much Lamborghini – all hexagons and Alcantara – but the hardware and execution is pure Audi. Right down to the twin screen (triple if you count the instrument cluster) infotainment system lifted wholesale from the new A8. Unusually then, this is a Lamborghini, tech-wise, allowed to sit above its Bentley and Audi cousins. An indication of just how crucial this car is for the long-term health of the company, and how badly the VW Group wants it to succeed. Inside and out, it’s an impressive engineering achievement, especially from a relative minnow that sold just under 3,500 cars in 2016, although Lamborghini hopes to double that with the £165,000 Urus by 2019. Picking over the spec sheet and poking around the interior is all well and good, but this is a Lamborghini and therefore needs some Lambo DNA in its bones. Can it really be both – a family van with the heart of supercar?
  5. Lai lai lai, MUMUMU!!!! Dont say I no steady, ppl keep asking and I no reply hor. TM kick start the chain of MU, let me start with the 1st one in the chain, in the EAST!!! Date: 23 Nov 2017, Thursday Time: 7pm till last man leave Venue: My Briyani House Marine Cove, 1000 ECP, Singapore449876. All are welcome. Place is big enough, parking big enough, food there are plenty. Got prata, got chinese noodle, got McD. Smokers walk 20m to the service road and enjoy under the stars. Ai TCSS list your nick below 1) Tianmo
  6. Hi friends Am meeting a few friends here, and since there are a few car enthusiasts in the group, I figure, why not open it up to anyone who is keen? Anyways here is the place: Address Stall 01-04,, 48A Tanglin Halt Rd, Stall 01-04, Singapore 142048 Tanglin Halt Rd, Singapore 142048 Time 7pm onwards 31st August Thursday night (Friday is a public holiday) Parking There's an open car park just opposite the hawker centre More info on the place: https://thebondingtool.com/2014/09/02/wanton-mee-noodles-guangdong-mian-shi-%E5%90%9E%E9%9D%A2%E9%A3%9F/ http://www.asiaone.com/content/tanglin-halts-guangdong-wanton-mee-one-best-0 http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/st-food-critics-pick-15-places-to-go-for-good-wonton-mee Even Eric Khoo goes to this place! Come and chill, talk cars and make friends? Cheers PM me for more details and contacts...
  7. Lai lai lai, as promised earlier, Lunch meet up in town for march 2017, All are welcome, makan, drink kopi, and talk cock. Date: 3 March 2017 (Friday) time: starting 12pm venue: Blujaz cafe, 11 bali lane, Historic kampong Glam, S189848. Those driving can park at village hotel, $1.90 for 1st hr. Raffles hospital, $2.50 for 1st hr. park royal, $2.50 for 1st hr and walk over. for those park and ride, nearest mrt is bugis mrt station. Bus stop in front of blujaz only has bus no 48, opp the plaza has bus no 100, 107, 980, 961. map attached. Blujaz has a set lunch offer starting from $10++, menu for other food can be found in their website. http://www.blujazcafe.net/ attached some pictures FYR. PS, all information accurate as of time of posting, details courtesy of @jman888.
  8. Ok lai, so we have some bros asking for liu lian MU. Lets have a show of how many interested. I dont think now is a good time for liu lian yet, next month mayb the starting of the season. If we have enough interest, I can go find out more information and mayb make some arrangements. Time and venue to be cfm later, but likely to be in early-mid May, in the eastern area this time ( we had recently in West, town and North. Also there is a Hyundai event coming up end April). And pls hor, we are talking about the fruit here, not the ah lian with the surname Liu hor. I attach photo in case ppl start asking me about the ah lian. Anyway, I rushing for a meeting, you guys discuss, will join when I am done.
  9. Hi, I would like to reach out to all of you who owns a JDM sports car meet, like how our neighbours have it. Even if yours is not a sport car but of rarity, please include yourself in too. We could mass order parts which would be cheaper to buy and ship from the same distributor in Japan, US or UK. TUNING? Aim is to bring back the nostalgic sports car meets back in the days of Kallang Carpark. Drift outings or practice Autox, Gymkana at our neighbours or safe location. Which may have a food destination. If you are feeling charitable we could organise something for social welfare as well. Is an open discussion and I would like to start the ball rolling. It also would be interesting to see what gems we have in Singapore as well. If your car is not in there like Daihatsu or Datsun, kindly include. Honda Mazda 1. Mazda RX-8 Type RS - Sw20 Mitsubishi Nissan Toyota Subaru
  10. Lai lai lai, as requested, Meet up on 1 Feb 2017, Wed afternoon lunch time (fifth day of CNY). All are welcome, eat prata, drink kopi, and talk cock. Date: 1 Feb 2017 time: starting 12pm venue: 303 Jurong East st 32, S600303. Tianmo @therock @RH1667 pls fill in the blanks.
  11. Mockngbrd

    Pagani meet in Tokyo

    Happened just last week. Spot the SG car that most likely flew up.
  12. Mockngbrd

    Porsche Air-cooled breakfast meet

    Click for more >> https://garage36.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/breakfast-with-the-air-cooled-family/
  13. Altis72

    Overseas Car Meets

    Hong Kong Ocean Terminal carpark Tokyo
  14. As Usual. Meeting up at Kallang carpark with at least 10 to 20 cars. Let's see if we can beat the biggest gathering of of 29 cars. Hopefully we get to see the latest import from Japan and have a nice feel of it.. And many new members too. 1. Please prepare carpark coupons 2. Umbrella if it's hot 3. Drink lots of water. 5. Drive safe
  15. Lack of concentration? Please focus while driving and exit early.
  16. There might be an inpromto meet up at Kallang today. Will try to remember to update this thread.
  17. Hey guys, Old and New Meet up this Sunday at 4pm. We wanted to try another place, but it seems to be crowded. SO...... Its still the same Ol Kallang Car Park where Burger King is facing. See you guys there, old and new. Actually, I don't think I'll be able to make it due to work commitments, but the regular guys should still be there.
  18. Saabretooth

    Alfa Romeo Meet Up 26 4pm

    Hi guys, Time to catch up again End of the Month Sunday 26 April. All you owners New and Old... Young and Young at heart.. Lets catch up after such a long break Venue Kallang Leisure Park Carpark Time 4pm till last car leaves Attire: Come in any thing comfortable.
  19. I saw this article on forbes and what this company is pursuing very interesting, could literally revolutionize the medical testing industry. What makes it more interesting is the CEO apparently got the idea while doing an intern in Singapore on a project to find Sars in patients. http://www.mercurynews.com/michelle-quinn/ci_26147649/quinn-meet-elizabeth-holmes-silicon-valleys-latest-phenom Quinn: Meet Elizabeth Holmes, Silicon Valley's latest phenom By Michelle Quinn mquinn@mercurynews.com POSTED: 07/15/2014 06:11:39 AM PDT6 COMMENTS| UPDATED: 5 MONTHS AGO Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford in 2003 as a 19-year-old to start Theranos, a company now poised to disrupt the medical diagnostic test market. She spoke about the company's vision at their headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., Thursday afternoon July 3, 2014. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group) ( Karl Mondon ) Silicon Valley, much like baseball, has its share of phenoms, those up-and-comers who demonstrate extraordinary promise. Meet the latest: Elizabeth Holmes. The 30-year-old Stanford dropout turned paper multibillionaire has quietly worked for 11 years on her startup, which aims to give all of us better information about our bodies in a quest to revolutionize how we manage our health. "If people can really begin to understand their bodies, that can help them change their lives," she said during a recent interview at the Palo Alto headquarters of Theranos, a mix of the words "therapy" and "diagnosis." Over the past year, Holmes has embraced a more public profile, recently snagging the cover of Fortune magazine in what bore all the hallmarks of a carefully orchestrated media push. Her board includes a Who's Who of American political influence -- former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, former Defense Secretary Bill Perry, a couple of former U.S. senators, a Marine general. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is one of her investors. FAMILIAR QUALITIES Holmes' drive to change the world has a familiar ring here. She may actually do it -- or not. It's always hard to know in Silicon Valley whether the hype matches the reality. Advertisement The tech industry has seen phenoms before. They are typically young, bold and single-minded with boundless ambition. Think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg. What often distinguishes great leaders are qualities like determination and persistence, but something else too, said Bob Sutton, a Stanford engineering school professor and co-author of "Scaling Up Excellence." "They believe they are destined to do something special," he said. Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford in 2003 as a 19-year-old to start Theranos, a company now poised to disrupt the medical diagnostic test market. She spoke about the company's vision at their headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., Thursday afternoon July 3, 2014. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group) ( Karl Mondon ) In that respect, Holmes is cast from the same mold as Jobs et al. She launched the company, she told me, after "thinking about what is the greatest change I could make in the world." Holmes, who hates needles, zeroed in on blood tests as a starting point. If blood tests were easier, cheaper and more convenient -- Theranos aims to put a lab within a mile of any city dweller -- people could take multiple tests over time and see signs of a disease or condition before it's too late, Holmes argues. She recalled the death of her uncle, whose skin cancer progressed rapidly to brain cancer. "You look at something like that and it doesn't make sense," she said softly. "If it was caught in time, it's a completely manageable condition." To that end, Theranos has devised software and hardware so that with just one pinprick of blood, critical medical tests can be run more cheaply and more conveniently. In September, Theranos and Walgreens announced a deal to open Theranos "wellness centers" at one Walgreens in Palo Alto as well as 20 stores in Phoenix. The goal is to expand to all 8,200 Walgreens stores nationwide. Theranos' main revenue stream is payment from customers or their insurance providers for lab tests. The company has other revenue streams through its long-term strategic partners, which it declined to discuss. With Theranos, Holmes is taking on the $70 billion U.S. blood-testing industry dominated by companies such as Quest and LabCorp. But she says her aim is something bigger, creating a new market called "consumer health technology," which Holmes describes as engaging and empowering people about their health. "Here in California, I can go and buy a gun and shoot myself but I can't order a vitamin D test because I might do something quote 'clinically dangerous,' " she said. "We feel strongly over time that this has to change." Shultz, who meets weekly with Holmes to discuss the business, described Theranos as "on the cusp of a real movement in preventive medicine." "What Elizabeth is doing is important in diagnostics, that the more you are able to spot something before it occurs, the more you can do something about it," he said. 'CRITICAL PIECE' Theranos faces numerous regulatory, logistical and market challenges, said Eric Lakin, an analyst with DeciBio Consulting, a market research firm. Still, the potential is great. "With current efforts to realize the dream of personalized medicine, Theranos may play a critical piece in this puzzle," he said. "But as with all puzzles, it often takes time to collect these pieces and put them together in a meaningful way." Holmes' background is right out of the phenom playbook. Growing up in Texas, Holmes taught herself Mandarin and launched a business in high school selling C++ compilers to Chinese universities. She applied for her first patent while at Stanford, where she majored in chemical engineering. In the summer before her sophomore year, she went to Singapore to work at the Genome Institute on the SARS virus. Then she dropped out of Stanford to begin working on Theranos, using the money her parents had saved for college for the business. "She may be the female Mark Zuckerberg that Silicon Valley has been waiting for," said Vivek Wadhwa, a professor and researcher at Stanford and Duke and a lecturer on entrepreneurship. "She started when she was young, defied the odds and built a great technology, and is doing good for the world." Tim Draper, the venture capitalist, said Holmes, who was friends with his daughter growing up, is the first entrepreneur he knows who kept quiet about her business for so long "so that the competition wouldn't get a chance to start." "She had a winner and knew it," he said. His firm DFJ Venture was the first to invest. In recent years, Theranos' head count has mushroomed to about 500 employees, up from 100 in 2010. It took over the former offices of Facebook at the Stanford Research Park. Holmes has raised $400 million, valuing the entire company at $9 billion. She has a 50 percent stake, leading Forbes to call her "the youngest woman to become a self-made billionaire." As for her gender, Holmes, who wears all black suits and heels and speaks in a deep, soft voice, has never allowed herself to think of it as an issue, she says. But she knows people are paying attention. "If I can show that in this country, a 19-year-old girl can drop out of school and build something like this," she said, "then other women should be doing it."
  20. Hi Guys, Time for our meet up this coming Sunday. We shall be meeting again at 4pm at Kallang Car Park! Looking forward to see you guys 1.GMann 2.
  21. Saabretooth

    26 Oct Alfa Meet up Kallang!

    Dear Alfisti Old and New Time for our meet up this coming Sunday! We shall be meeting again at 4pm at Kallang Car Park! There will be handouts of our special customized Umbrellas, courtesy of a very helpful and proactive Alfisti. Please bring the exact amount of change when you collect the umbrella as is tough for him to have enough change for everyone. Lets make it easy for him to manage it. Also, we will discuss a morning breakfast drive up North for either Nov or Dec meet up. Looking forward to see you guys 1. Saabretooth 2. 3 4 5 6
  22. Here we go again! Lots of new faces to meet, alots of old faces haven't been meeting... please come and share your thoughts, passion and viewing of many variants of our beloved Alfas! 1. Saabretooth 2. Gmann 3. Wraithchild 4. Vickuah 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Come come. Will share with you more about the special for Nanopulsar for the Alfa community. Cheers!
  23. Dear all, Its the time of the month again to meet up and exchange ideas, tips and all round chit chat with new and existing owners. We will be meeting at Kallang Open Air Carpark at 4pm till about 6pm or late. 1. Saabretooth 2. Wraithchild 3. Gmann 4. Thingy 5. 6.
  24. I would love to start a similar business leh.............but for female customer only............. [laugh] https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/meet-woman-cuddles-strangers-60-192750139.html Professional cuddler Samantha Hess relaxes with Portland musician KaiKani Seven Vanity. "Let's hold hands and cuddle up on the couch, or listen to some soft music while we curl up in your bed — I am happy to be the big spoon or the little spoon." This is one of the first things you'll read when you visit Samantha Hess' website, Cuddle Up To Me . At the age of 30, Hess is a professional cuddler. For $60 an hour, she'll intimately snuggle with strangers of all types, and bring them one-on-one cuddle time without the complications of a relationship. The idea came to her in 2012, when she read an article about a guy with a "Free Hugs" sign at a local Saturday market. Another man stood next to him with a "Deluxe hugs, $2" sign, and ended up getting more hugs than the first guy. "That was my lightbulb moment," Hess says. "I was at a place in my life, out of a 13-year relationship, where I needed a service that didn't exist. I was struggling and not ready for another relationship, but still had an inherent need to be accepted and loved." Hess didn't know where to turn. She wanted physical comfort that was safe and socially acceptable to reach out to. So in May 2013, she started Cuddle Up To Me. A month later, a local newspaper featured her business in its annual "Best of Portland" issue, which helped the company gain traction. From there, the story spread to over 40 TV stations across the country, accumulating over 17 million views — and her business took off. Currently, professional cuddling is her only job, and Hess says she is making far more money from this business than she did in her previous jobs as a customer service representative or personal trainer. "It's definitely enough to make a living just doing this job, and I never need to take more than five sessions a day," she explains. By working six days a week, Hess can make up to $7,200 in a month. About 90% of her clientele are men between the ages of 20 and 75, and she says many suffer from severe traumatic diseases or disabilities that prevent them from having frequent human contact. "I call my service a 'massage for the mind,'" says Hess. "It's meant to rejuvenate you and make you feel that openness and happiness in your brain by resetting your system from top to bottom." Within 24 hours of her first session with a client, Hess usually gets a phone call or email about how much it meant to them. "I can't tell you how many times I've had to turn down tips, because people are so excited about it," Hess says. What makes her service so great? Hess loves each and every one of her clients with a "human grace." "It's about being able to genuinely look anyone in the eye and make them feel loved and accepted exactly as they are," she says. "My clients know that I don't judge them at all, I just accept people." She treats everyone like her family, no matter who they are. Plus, Hess will go almost anywhere for a cuddle session, whether it's a love seat in a movie theatre, local park, or their bedroom. What's most important to her is keeping her client comfortable. She has pre-arranged cuddle mixes and meditation music to set the mood. Hess will even wear make-up, a certain color of clothing, or specific hairstyle if her clients request i Carla Axtman Samantha Hess, 30, is a professional cuddler. For her clients who are less comfortable with physical contact, she also created her own cuddling positions. "The Tarantino," for example, is for those who want to keep their personal space. "We sit facing each other with a good three feet between us, but our knees go over each other's, and we're cuddling with our legs and arms," says Hess. Although rewarding, Hess' work doesn't come without challenges. "It can be a little tough, because my clients get extremely attached to me," she says. One gave her a physical key to their heart. "It was the sweetest thing, but I had to remind him what the service is, and that we weren't going to be anything romantic," she recalls. She is quick to prevent any inappropriate actions, through her in-person vetting process, a full-page waiver with preset rules and boundaries, and transparency with her clients. "In our culture, the only experience someone has with this kind of touching has been in a romantic sense," says Hess. "It's not always easy for people to switch their brains to simply being platonic about it." Hess emphasizes that it is only appropriate to touch her where it would be okay to touch a child. If she's uncomfortable with anything, she gives her client two taps to signal for them to stop. "If they're looking for a replacement for sex, they're not going to be happy with my service," she says. This work also comes with its share of emotional burdens. "It can be very draining," she says. " Some people have difficult emotional issues they want to talk to me about during our sessions." To cope with this, she meditates before every session. She also showers and changes into different clothes afterwards, because she wants to make sure she's completely fresh in both her mind and her body before taking on her next client. Hess has a boyfriend who is very accepting of her service. "He knows what I do is a form of therapy and that it really makes a difference to people," she says. Next month, Hess will open her first retail store and create a national cuddling certification through a 40-hour-long training program. "This is my life's work. I want to change the view of Western culture on platonic touch," she says. "Everybody should have a way to reach out and feel comfortable with that."
  25. Dear Alfisti! Its the time of the month again for all you serpents to gather and catch up on the latest poisons and related antidotes to solve all your problems, and also to make things better! Date 29 June 2014 Location: Kallang Carpark, early birds, please try to find a shaded area, if any. Time: 4pm till the last car leaves. Cheers and See you all! 1. Saabretooth 2. Gmann 3. 4. 5.