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Found 128 results

  1. AhJason

    Terrorist Group ISIS

    I guess there are probably reasons why there are certain unspoken SAF manpower policies..... http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/06/isis-5-year-territorial-expansion-plan-map/ ISIS, the radical terrorist group that has seized massive portions of Iraq and also Syria, is apparently looking to expand its territory as far as the East coast of North Africa and all the way into South East Asia, with Malaysia and Indonesia in its sights (or perhaps dreams would be a more appropriate term). This is all according to a map that has been circulating Twitter.
  2. hi people the traditional 0808 is coming up soon! anybody have any plans?
  3. quick question : other than NRIC, is there any other govt online records that will indicate one's blood group ? my friend's NRIC never indicate blood group … so he also dunno how to indicate. he was asking me but mine is indicated on my NRIC.
  4. https://www.vice.com/en_asia/article/ev3jjz/singapore-suicide-elderly-senior-citizens?utm_source=vicefbus
  5. LONDON: Shamima Begum, a teenager who left London when she was aged 15 to join Islamic State in Syria, has had her British citizenship revoked, according to a letter sent to her family published by ITV News on Tuesday (Feb 19). Begum, who gave birth to a son at the weekend, was discovered in a refugee camp in Syria by a London Times journalist earlier this month. Now aged 19, she has told reporters she wants to return to Britain. A debate has broken out about whether Ms Begum, who travelled to Syria in 2015 aged 15, should be allowed to return to Britain having joined Isis, which has claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks on the UK. The Manchester Arena attack in May 2017 killed 22 people after a suicide bomber detonated a device packed with shrapnel at the end of a pop concert. In the latest of a series of interviews she has given while in the camp, Ms Begum told the BBC she had regrets about the Manchester attack: “I do feel that is wrong. Innocent people did get killed,” she said. “It’s one thing to kill a soldier – it’s fine, it’s self-defence. But to kill people like women and children – just like the women and children in Baghuz who are being killed right now unjustly by the bombings – it’s a two-way thing, really.” She continued: “This is kind of retaliation. Their justification was that it was retaliation so I thought that is a fair justification.” “That was unfair on them … They weren’t fighting anyone. They weren’t causing any harm. But neither was I and neither [were the] other women who are being killed right now back in Baghuz.” if you have been following the news, you'd be aware of all interviews the girl had done showing no remorse or whatsoever. She has even gone on to say that if her first baby had survived, she would have wanted him to become a ISIS fighter too. now the QN is, if one day a fellow brother or sister from Sg joins a terrorist group too but years later,regrets doing so and wish to return to sg, what would we do? what would our government do? do we let him/her return? should we risk it all? we dont know how damaged their minds would be then. should we let them return, jail them for an un-determined no of yearS? How many years is enough? how do we determine they are safe to be integrated bk to our society again after that? lets leave all sensitive matters pertaining religion out of this discussion. this is a fight against terrorist and not against our muslim brothers and sisters. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/teenager-who-joined-islamic-state-group-in-syria-to-lose-uk-11260642?cid=FBcna&fbclid=IwAR1qrf4Uhy4FG7Lt1Q1caTnbVaH8ceVDViV6TOiArCGYYQfGsMC4ODJVQWA
  6. https://youtu.be/-VmrDqFNvxs A group meet up among group of Subaru owners. Enjoy
  7. Lightspeed

    Welcome to SkodaSG!

    Welcome to
  8. Volkswagen Owners Voice Grievances At Volkswagen Group Malaysia Headquarters Nearly 50 disgruntled Volkswagen owners gathered at the steps of Volkswagen Group Malaysia’s (VGM) headquarters in Bangsar earlier today to voice their complaints about the poor after sales experience and unreliability of their Volkswagen cars. Executives from the company were present at the lobby to listen to the complaints brought forth by the group. According to the co-organiser of the gathering, Ben Yeo, the group is demanding that VGM would be able to deliver a product that is safe and reliable, as well as improve their after sales service. “We feel cheated about the warranty and safety, a number of Volkswagen owners have had to change the engines and replace the clutch pack in their cars in the span of less than two years,” said Yeo. “Furthermore some of us had our warranty voided by the manufacturer due to minor overruns in the car’s service interval.” Co-organiser Leon Loke claims that his warranty for his Volkswagen Passat CC was voided for exceeding it service interval by a margin of around 1,000km. "A lot of customers including myself would have to book our cars in for service a month in advanced as there are no available slots for me to do so earlier," said Loke. Another owner who identified himself as Mr Low claims that his 2012 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI has been experiencing a multitude of problems ranging from improper replacement parts to unsatisfactory repairs done by his car’s service centre. The group of owners also handed over a list of requests to the Volkswagen management. Their list of requests includes a warranty extension to 10 years for the engine and gearbox, and no voiding of the warranty for mileage overruns under the tolerance of 3,000km. “The reliability issues of the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox are already acknowledged by Volkswagen in China and they have extended their warranty coverage to 10 years. We on the other hand are still left with a 5-year warranty coverage,” explained Yeo. “All we are asking for is a fair treatment from VGM.” The owner demonstration was started and organised on the “VW DSG 7 Defects Community” Facebook group. The group was started by disgruntled Volkswagen owners in May last year, and has so far attracted more than 2,000 followers to date. Yesterday VGM released a statement on steps the company would be taking to improve its after-sales service, whereas its new managing director, Christoph Aringer, is well aware of issues on reliability and after-sales service plaguing Volkswagen owners in Malaysia. According to Aringer, the company are already taking steps to address to improve the company’s after-sales support both in terms of customer care and warranty claims. Volkswagen says issues related to the 7-speed DSG transmission have already been addressed by last year's recall in Malaysia, and assures its customers that all new Volkswagen models are not affected by any transmission reliability issues. The after-sales grievances experienced by Volkswagen customers aren’t exclusive to the German brand. We would also like to point out that fast growing brands such as Ford and Peugeot also experienced similar customer complaints alluding to the lack of after-sales capacity during their period of growth a number of years back. With a fast growing number of new customers, an unprepared after-sales network would be easily overwhelmed by the higher number of customers looking to send their cars in for routine service. Only in the past few years did Ford and Peugeot managed to turn their situation around after expanding their service network and hiring better trained after-sales personnel to meet the needs of their new customers. The question of whether VGM would be able to finally address its customer complaints would depend on the company’s actions and its relationship with its network of dealers. Those steps would take time to bear fruit, but it is crucial steps of the utmost priority nevertheless. http://www.livelifedrive.com/malaysia/news/view/92082/volkswagen-owners-voice-grievances-at-volkswagen-group-malaysia-headquarters
  9. Hi People, I went for the Focus group discussion at LTA yesterday and below are my general comments. 1) We met up with the directors and assistant directors of LTA. The directors are ok but the assistant directors looked really young... is assistant director at LTA an entry level job? Frankly, initial impression is not too good, but this is just my personal opinon. 2) We touched on the dealer COE bidding issue. One of the directors said that currently, consumer has a choice of bidding for themselves and going through the dealer so it is ok. When we mentioned that the car price is higher if we bid COE ourselves, he was surprised. He thought the car price will be lower if we bid ourselves since the dealers does not have to provide the COE bidding service for us. I was shocked how DISCONNECTED the director of LTA is with the situation on the ground. Or am I wrong since it was sometime since I bought my car. Is it still true that car price from the dealer will be significantly higher one bidded for the COE oneself? 3) On the other hand, I applaud the sincerity of the LTA in orgainising this and having their directors talking to the public. I have went to the talk by MND on housing issue and it is a HUGE waste of time. The MND staff there are basically MUTES. They have no OPINONS and just say yes, we will consider it. At MND, it is just public talking to public and they invited every tom dick and harry who signed up. So you ended up listening to really stupid things. LTA's discussion is different as they selected participants based on the survey feedback so you get mostly people who have a pretty good grasp on the situation. The LTA staff are participating actively in the discussion. Although some of the replies are shocking, overall they are MUCH MUCH better than the mutes from MND. Some guy had a pretty good suggestion for COE revamp. Instead of cat A and cat B to differentiate luxury and mas market cars, we should only have one Cat. The COE price will be a multiple of the car "value" set by LTA using a transparent formula (average MSRP of the car in other markets). People bid by points. Assuming a base points of 100. Example, if the winning bid for COE this month is 120 points, a ferarri buyer needs to pay like $500k (LTA determined car value) *120/100=$600k, a Nissan Sunny buyer needs to pay $40k*120/100=$48k This I thought is really good. If LTA thinks that there should be some form of social equity (that is why there is cat A, B in the first place) setting a HARD limit like 1600CC is very hard to do. How do you set the two cats? Why is 1601 CC in catb while 1599 CC is cat A? I think the above suggestion can make luxury car buyers pay more and yet avoid this Categorizing issue. what do you guys think?
  10. http://www.groupon.sg/deals/deals-near-me/...amp;a=715827986 For $38, you get a Sonax Car Polishing + Car Body Wash + Detailed Claybar Treatment + Premium Nano Waxing + Interior Vacuum + Tyre Shine (worth $116). For $58, you get an Additional Xtreme Full Protect Sealant + Sonax Car Polishing + Car Body Wash + Detailed Claybar Treatment + Premium Nano Waxing + Interior Vacuum + Tyre Shine (worth $263). For $73, you get an Additional Rich Leather Conditioning + Xtreme Full Protect Sealant + Sonax Car Polishing + Car Body Wash + Detailed Claybar Treatment + Premium Nano Waxing + Interior Vacuum + Tyre Shine (worth $311). Guys, worth it?
  11. Hi, I would like to reach out to all of you who owns a JDM sports car meet, like how our neighbours have it. Even if yours is not a sport car but of rarity, please include yourself in too. We could mass order parts which would be cheaper to buy and ship from the same distributor in Japan, US or UK. TUNING? Aim is to bring back the nostalgic sports car meets back in the days of Kallang Carpark. Drift outings or practice Autox, Gymkana at our neighbours or safe location. Which may have a food destination. If you are feeling charitable we could organise something for social welfare as well. Is an open discussion and I would like to start the ball rolling. It also would be interesting to see what gems we have in Singapore as well. If your car is not in there like Daihatsu or Datsun, kindly include. Honda Mazda 1. Mazda RX-8 Type RS - Sw20 Mitsubishi Nissan Toyota Subaru
  12. Company Info Established in 1984, Way Fengshui Group is the largest professional feng shui consultancy firm in Singapore. By integrating ancient fengshui knowledge with the latest in quality management, Way Fengshui is able to provide accuracy, dependability and high quality in our services. Not only does this allow us to become the leader in the fengshui industry, it also serves as a guarantee to our clients’ benefits. Recognised for our superior quality management, Way OnNet has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 since 1997. With a history of over 28 years, Way Fengshui has been providing excellent and trustworthy services to our clients, earning prestige amongst our wide clientele. Singapore provides the biggest clientele, but droves flock in from Hong Kong, China, Australia, Europe, USA and other Southeast Asian countries too. Way Fengshui Group consists of five business divisions: namely Consultancy, E-Commerce, Publication, Retail and Education. Each contributes to the success of Way Fengshui Group and the blossoming of the fengshui industry. Brand Vision “To be the most respected exemplar in the fengshui industry in Singapore” With ‘The Righteous Way’ as its guiding principle, WAY aims to become the most respected authority on the practice and integrity of the Singapore fengshui industry. Through its strong beliefs in transparency and integrity, WAY assure its clients that the trust they have placed in it will not be misplaced. Brand Mission “To uplift the credibility and reputation of the fengshui industry and make accessible and relevant fengshui knowledge and insights to modern lifestyles” WAY’s ultimate goal lies in the satisfaction and peace of mind its clients derive. WAY empowers its customers by basing recommendations that are relevant, tangible and upkeeping with times. Brand Value “The Righteous Way” Our commitment to your peace of mind means a lifetime of support. We help you make fruitful and effective decisions as your partners in life’s journey. This is the Righteous Way. Way Fengshui’s Awards in 2016 Way Fengshui Group is honoured to be presented with the Teochew Entrepreneur Award 2016 (Promising Award) and the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2016 (Heritage Brand) as recognition for our contributions to the fengshui industry. - See more at: https://wayfengshui.com/about-us/#sthash.TAQjX0q9.dpuf You can contact us at: Tel: 6338 3800 149 Rochor Road (Fu Lu Shou Complex) #02-11, Singapore 188425 Website: www.wayfengshui.com
  13. Yeobt

    ICE FB Group

    Hi guys, Any nice and active FB group to join to expand my ICE exposure here? The heat here is like a bit low. TIA
  14. Hi Bros & Sis. My Malaysia friends pulled me into their malaysia road wechat grp recently which i think is quite a good thing... everyone in the grp actually post updated road status to inform each other whenever they see any malaysia police having spot checks or any accidents in jb area... thus I am thinking to open a sg traffic wechat grp to inform ourself about any spot checks, accidents to prevent us from kana unnecessary summons, stupid fines or stupid frustrating jams... but dun know if this will work out well.... (cause need everyone to help inform everyone whenever they spot any cheeky tp hiding anywhere..) if u all welcome the idea, shall we revert all yr wechat nick here so i will start adding. think max grp size is 500 people... let us siam all summons and travel safe!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers!
  15. ER-3682

    VW's "Group" Gearbox.

    Just wonder Porsche's PDK,Audi's S-Tronic & VW's DSG,are they almost the same gearbox,but with Different names & tuning.?All are Dual Clutch Gearbox.
  16. And we thought Malaysia will do such cases, Italy also not safe. So where is safe??
  17. How many in MCF from this generation? Sup pow, Go-stun Pow. Gui (ghost) http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/spider-fighting-group-spins-web-camaraderie-too-20160223
  18. Saabretooth

    Novitec Exhaust Group Buy 2012

    Novitec Exhaust Group Buy Please prepare a list for the group buy, and make it a really good sized one so that both sides win, you save money, they make money. and build good rapport. 1 cyanide27 2 Firestorm9 3 Vinil 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 end of the day, the numbers should make sense for all involved. if not, we can take these numbers and I will check with alternative suppliers for it ok? You will need to have it installed, and then visit LTA to have it inspected and approved.
  19. Jaason

    NSRCC Group Signup

    Anyone interested for National Service Resort Country Club group signup/ renewal to take advantage of the discount? See website for detail: http://www.nsrcc.com.sg/membership/membership-promotion Email me at jaasonlim@gmail.com
  20. Can we group buy directly from Toyota or Honda in Japan ? Buy from PI most likely consider no more warranty ..... Since most of the time the PI always got warranty issue . Why not we just buy direct from Japan dealer ? Like this can be done ?
  21. Thaiyotakamli

    Favourite Korean Girl Group

    Lai Lai Lai Who is ur favorite??? Pls specify specific member of ur favourite!
  22. Nowadays Blacklisted is getting very famous and big. Any comment from folks here?
  23. Vincent Tan tries to revive casino plan in Berjaya Hills Resort, says report Published: 17 June 2014 | Updated: 17 June 2014 12:40 PM The Berjaya group wants to build a casino complex in Berjaya Hills Resort, Pahang. It had applied for a licence more than 10 years ago but it was rejected amid protests from some quarters. – Pic courtesy of Berjaya Hills Resort, June 17, 2014.As the debates rages on over Malaysia’s status as a secular state and the renewed interest in hudud, tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan wants to revive his plan to operate a casino at the Berjaya Hills Resort in Pahang. The Berjaya group founder said he hoped there would be no objections from any party as the casino complex would benefit Malaysia in terms of foreign exchange and economic spillovers. “Malaysians and foreigners are spending their money on gambling, hotels and food in Singapore, Macau, Cambodia, the Philippines and Las Vegas. I’m sure they would like to come here. We can expect hundreds of buses from Singapore here,” he told the New Straits today in an exclusive interview. Tan had applied for a licence to operate a casino in Berjaya Hills more than 10 years ago but it was rejected amid protests from some quarters. Berjaya Hills, which is just minutes away from the country’s only casino in Genting Highlands, currently has a permit to operate slot machines. Tan said he intended to invest RM3 billion initially in the casino to turn Berjaya Hillls into a world-class tourist destination and Malaysia’s biggest tourism development. ‎The complex, located near Genting Highlands, will include a gaming centre, indoor and outdoor theme parks, food outlets, a retail mall, hotels, a convention centre and holiday homes. Tan told the paper the casino would provide jobs for about 10,000 locals. “We will reapply for the licence. Malaysia should not stick to one operator. It should be shared with other operators as tourism developments can generate a lot of income for the country," Tan was quoted as saying. “South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are looking to give out licences to operate casinos as they realise the full potential of such developments. “We will market Berjaya Hills as a new casino destination globally. I have 4,600ha in Berjaya Hills and there is lot that can be done with such a licence,” he said. Tan’s plan to revive is his latest shot at a gambling licence. In 2010, Tan’s attempt to launch sports betting was aborted after Putrajaya, which had initially granted a betting licence to Ascot Sports, a company controlled by Tan, developed cold feet and withdrew the licence following stiff opposition. “By legalising sports betting… the government could earn annual revenue of up to RM3 billion through taxes,” Tan was quoted as saying by the English-language New Sunday Times newspaper. “Why are some politicians so against this?” Muslim groups have denounced gambling and three Pakatan Rakyat-controlled states have imposed a ban on legalised sports betting which they fear could cause debt problems for punters and other social woes. Unofficial estimates put the illegal sports betting market in Malaysia as being worth as much as RM20 billion a year. Malaysia bans its majority Muslims from gambling but allows betting at a casino operated by Genting Group, on the national lottery and on horse-racing. – June 17, 2014. - See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/vincent-tan-tries-to-revive-casino-plan-in-berjaya-hills-resort-says-paper#sthash.yvMObPma.dpuf
  24. http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/04/16/pinoy-group-underfire-for-celebrating-independence-day-in-sg/ Pinoy group underfire for celebrating independence day in SG April 16th, 2014 | Author: Editorial The Pilipino Independence Day Council Singapore (PIDCS) had to remove a Facebook posting about celebrating the 116th independence of the Philippines at Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road, after it drew a storm of vitriol and protests from presumably Singaporean netizens: According to PIDCS Facebook page [Link], the council is a non-profit umbrella organization of Filipino Community in Singapore, represented by different societies of the Filipino Community consisting of Filipino Professionals, Skilled Workers, Cultural and Social Societies. PIDCS is mainly tasked with the organization of celebrating the Philippine independence Day Activities that will bring together the different Filipino Community Societies in Singapore. PIDCS began as a committee whose chair was elected annually by representatives of various Filipino Community Societies. It said that the present PIDCS Committee has initiated its registration with the Registry of Societies in Singapore. The online response came as a shock, PIDCS said, though they are still proceeding with their independence celebration at Ngee Ann City’s Civic Plaza on 8 June. This is pending approval of permits from the Singapore authorities. The PIDCS decided to take down the Facebook posting after it drew hundreds of anti-Filipino comments, with many slamming the PIDCS for holding their Independence Day celebration in Singapore. Co-chairman Rychie Andres said the vitriol took him by surprise and that it was “sad and disheartening”. Mr Andres said the council has held celebrations in past years at Hong Lim Park and Suntec City, but has never received criticism on this scale. Some of the comments made by netizens: “It is unfortunate that the images and words used give the impression of the Philippines planting their flag onto Singapore soil and declaring it as part of their own. There seems to be no sensitivity in it. Almost like it was done on purpose.” “Don’t let them celebrate their independence day at Takashimaya. We should stop them and throw them back to their country.” Blogger, Cheated Singaporean, wrote on his blog [Link], “Celebrating your country’s Independence Day and flying your national flag in another country simply means invasion and disrespect to the host country. This event should not be tolerated at all.” He asked, “Did the Singapore Police issue a permit to congregate for this event? The event would most likely see conflicts between Singaporeans and Filipinos, especially when the population of Filipinos in recent years have been getting too large for comfort. Ngee Ann City should also be taken to task for allowing the event to take place.” “Filipinos in Singapore are known to be self-containing. They generally do not see the need to integrate with Singaporeans and often form their own community in enclaves like Lucky Plaza. They believe Singaporeans are racist towards them when Singaporeans are actually equally unfriendly to all foreigners due to overcrowding. Filipinos do not understand the concept of overcrowding and the deteriorating quality of life for Singaporeans because their third world country is equally overcrowded.” He added, “Given how their university degrees obtained in Philippines are not recognized anywhere else in the world and their working experience in the Philippines labour market is largely considered unqualified overseas, it is little wonder why Singaporeans feel unjust to have their jobs taken over…” Most of the negative comments on PIDCS Facebook page have been deleted, except for the following which was left untouched: