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  1. Ford is calling the 2019 Focus their most “accomplished and technically-competent Focus ever”, with the car boasting a new human-centric design philosophy meant to unite exterior styling with class-leading aerodynamics and a more spacious and well-built interior. “We wanted our all-new Focus to be a product customers fall in love with, and stay in love with,” said Ford Europe design director, Amko Leenarts. “Inside and out, our new design philosophy is about creating memorable moments of interaction that build and maintain the relationship between human being and machine.” By extending the
  2. Hi folks, Wondering anyone driving this car now? Wana know how's the reliability and how's the maintenance. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=440625&DL=1213
  3. Freeman


    Hi All Focus fan out there, Dose anyone know the Focus here are made in which country?
  4. It has been a while since the Ford Focus got its global launch. Enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the go-faster version of the hatch to surface. Interestly, several pictures of the hot hatch surfaced on a private forum. Looking less aggressive and sleeker than its predecessor, the 2019 Focus ST still features a prominent honeycomb mesh grill at the front. Other than a new front and rear bumper, the car also gets new side skirts and gloss black door handles. Inferring from the photos that we saw from Carscoops, one can see an uprated high-performance braking system with red calipers
  5. Hi all, Anyone know if changing battery outside of RM will void warranty? Any cons if change outside and which brand is good? Thanks a lot
  6. anyone driving a ford focus here? would appreciate if you can share about the maintenance/servicing cost of ford focus by regent motors, eg, oil change, spark plug charge, timing belt, wheel bearings etc. the more detailed the better. and also major parts cost, eg, brake rotor/pad, transmission, suspension, ECU. thanks in advance. thinking to get a ford focus wagon.
  7. Upon reaching adulthood, you're faced with two choices. You can either take your chances with our public transport network to get to work or spend half of whatever amount of money you have left to your name to buy a car. If you've decided to go with the latter, why not get a hatchback? It's probably the most sensible option for a tiny island country such as ours. In recognition of that, MyCarForum has partnered with Volkswagen to present you one of our favourite hatchbacks - the Volkswagen Golf. Click here to register! Last date of reg is 20 May JOIN US FOR OUR MCF HANGOUT WITH
  8. Source: Saleen In another move signaling the diversity and expansion of Saleen, Inc., the company announced production of the high-performance Focus model for 2004, N2O Focus. According to Steve Saleen,
  9. Hi People, I went for the Focus group discussion at LTA yesterday and below are my general comments. 1) We met up with the directors and assistant directors of LTA. The directors are ok but the assistant directors looked really young... is assistant director at LTA an entry level job? Frankly, initial impression is not too good, but this is just my personal opinon. 2) We touched on the dealer COE bidding issue. One of the directors said that currently, consumer has a choice of bidding for themselves and going through the dealer so it is ok. When we mentioned that the car price i
  10. Anyone checked out the new Ford Focus ST 2012 at the showroom? Anyone in this forum already bought the car? http://www.regentmotors.com.sg/vehicles/focus-st/
  11. I'm currently looking for a replacement for our family car. Considering the Ford Focus, which seems quite well equipped and reasonably priced but don't see many on the roads. Wondering if anyone on MCF is driving one and what it's like to drive on a long term basis (I intend to keep the next car for at least 5-7 years)? Thanks.
  12. http://www.autoblog.com/2015/06/25/ford-focus-rs-345-horsepower-video-official/#image-1 When Ford revealed the new Focus RS at the Geneva Motor Show, it promised it would deliver "well in excess of 315 horsepower." It didn't say exactly how much that would come to, but now it has. On the eve of its dynamic debut at the hands of Ken Block at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford has confirmed that its new hot hatch will pack 350 metric horsepower. Those reaching for their calculators will find that works out to 345 horsepower by our standards. The power output is backed up by 324 pound-f
  13. Christian charity defends workshop which Hwa Chong student called 'sexist' A Christian charity that conducts sexuality and relationship education workshops in schools has defended its programmes, after a student said it promoted gender stereotypes. Student Agatha Tan, a first year junior college student at Hwa Chong Institution, had on Friday attended a workshop in school, run by Focus On The Family Singapore, a pro-family Christian charity. She has written to HCI principal Hon Chiew Weng saying that the workshop "seemed to emphasise and enforce traditional gender roles in a relationshi
  14. http://www.worldcarfans.com/114022270664/2014-ford-focus-facelift-coming-to-geneva---report
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiYKjf8lXA8 Jetta is surprisingly last 1. Focus 2. Mazda3 3. Elantra 4. Cruze 5. Jetta
  16. Don't understand this new rule, that the HDB selling price to be based on recent transaction price instead of COV? do they mean that the HDB price will be based on bank valuation only??? ----------- To improve the long-term stability of the public housing market and encourage buyers and sellers to focus on the sum total of a flat's price, price negotiations for HDB resale flats will now be based on recent transaction prices instead of Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) figures. This according to an MND facebook post summarising National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s speech in Parliament th
  17. Ford's 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine has won the "International Engine of the Year" award for the second consecutive year. Not only that, the turbocharged, direct-injection three-cylinder engine achieved the highest score in the 15 year history of the awards. "With a technology as mature as the internal combustion engine, it's very rare to achieve a true breakthrough, but that is exactly what the team accomplished with this engine," said Joe Bakaj, Ford Vice President, Global Powertrain. "You have to drive it to believe a small three-cylinder engine can deliver such performance and fuel econom
  18. Ford Singapore has posted a Word Search game on its Facebook page. Names of Ford models, not restricted to those on sale in Singapore, are camouflaged in the array of alphabets. I've managed to locate the Focus, Fiesta and Mustang. However, I believe there are a few more models waiting to be discovered. Have fun! Focus Fiesta Mustang
  19. Ford has resuscitated the Escort name plate at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show with the launch of the Escort concept. The badge was previously used on a variety of small cars in different continents. Designed specifically for the Chinese market, the concept previews a potential low cost alternative to the Focus. To clarify, the Escort isn't designed to replace the Focus in China but would be sold alongside with it. Design wise, the Escort Concept seems like the result of a one night stand between the Ford Fusion and the Focus. The Blue Oval's signature 'Aston Martin' hexagonal grille
  20. Hi all, I hope all the ford focus bros can check your boot logo and see if there are lines appearing. If so, please drop me a PM. The sales executive is accusing me of using detergent or chemical to damage my own car. :angry:
  21. Wonder why it was cancelled? Any bros looking forward to this biathlon but now has to be disappointed? From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1245793/1/.html Singapore Biathlon cancelled as organisers focus on other commitments By Leong Wai Kit | Posted: 03 January 2013 1815 hrs SINGAPORE: The annual Singapore Biathlon has been cancelled - for the time being. The race, which attracted about 2,000 competitors a year, had been around for 12 years and was usually held in the first quarter of the year. Competitors have to swim 1.5 kilometres
  22. http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_...p?CarCode=11114 Nice. Made in Germany.
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