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Found 83 results

  1. SINGAPORE - The first inspector-general in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will take on a new role to oversee the pre-school sector from Dec 15. Mr Tan Chee Wee, 47, will be appointed chief executive of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). He was appointed CEO-designate on Sept 1, ECDA said on Thursday (Sept 16). He will replace current CEO Jamie Ang, 44, who has been heading ECDA since Oct 1, 2019. Ms Ang's term ends on Dec 14. Mr Tan, who held the rank of brigadier-general in the SAF, established the Inspector-General's Office to strengthen safety governance and management systems in SAF in his role as inspector-general. The role was introduced in Feb 2019 as part of measures to improve safety following a spate of military fatalities. Mr Tan had concurrently served as the SAF Chief of Staff - Joint Staff. In this role, he drove efforts to develop the blueprint for the next-generation SAF in the areas of warfighting concepts and organisation structures, said ECDA. He has also held a range of senior appointments in the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) and the SAF. These include director of joint operations, commander of air defence and operations command, director of the policy office, and defence attache in Washington. He joined the SAF in 1993 as an air traffic controller in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Mr Stanley Loh, the Second Permanent Secretary for Social and Family Development, said: "Mr Tan's extensive leadership and operational experience in Mindef and the SAF positions him well to lead ECDA to partner the pre-school community in the transition towards Covid-19 resilience." He will also help ECDA to deliver on its commitment to improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of pre-schools, he added. Source: ST/ https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/safs-first-inspector-general-to-oversee-preschool-sector-from-dec-15 ----------- Leadership and operational experience in mindef = leadership in early childhood development?? 🤨
  2. calbin7077

    Is sinopec good?

    Do you feel that their 95 feels like esso/shell 92? That's why their 95 is cheaper?
  3. Saw this commentary article on CNA with an interesting question. We all know that anti-vaccination movements in western countries like the US is pretty strong but in sg I feel that its not as prominent?? Are there actually people in sg that are strongly against vaccination? Not sure if its because of gov censorship or Singaporeans generally have a lack of opinion on this matter. So it comes back down to the commentary question: Will you unfriend someone because they refuse to get vaccinated? 😂 Gov also making gatherings with friends harder with the whole only vaccinated people get to dine-in rule and to constantly accommodate that one friend who is unvaccinated may get annoying after a while? Share some stories leh.
  4. Newton Circus, one of singapore's busiest roundabout is getting new facelift. source: Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving IMO this is probably the most stressful roundabout in Singapore. You will encounter all sorts of pattern - Suddenly cuts across two or three lanes because they don't want to miss their exit. - Suddenly dash out to join in the roundabout. - Probably afew of them unable to turn within their lanes. Will these upgrades improve the road conditions and experience? Besides Newton Circus, what other roundabouts you feel stressed with? share with us!
  5. unicornfloof

    Best colour for new car??

    In your opinion, what is the best colour for a new car and why? 🤔 Also, what colours should I avoid when looking to get a new car?
  6. With all the rave over electric cars in Singapore recently... According to Rave Reviews, Tesla is apparently Singapore's most hated brand. https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=25607&fbclid=IwAR12tO1yIbeN82ozi62UuskdsiFJ9xyYkiJgLEon6QocQaHXcFaffLKF0m4 What is your take for it? Would you choose Tesla if an electric car is going to be your next car? Also, if no, why?
  7. lonlonlon

    Tiger Trade vs Moo Moo?

    Hi forumers, i've been mainly trading using my DBSV account for years but recently looking at trying out either Moo moo or Tiger trade. My strategy has always been long term holds so i never got bothered by the expensive trade fees. Nevertheless i got interested when i got intro-ed by my friends who invited me with their referral link and the enticing free AAPL share. Anyone have any experience with these two? what is the difference between each platform? I'm only looking at trying either 1.
  8. I'm still a P plate driver (I haven't really driven much since getting my license oof) and I recently read an article on how some shopping mall carparks have narrow entrances or confusing layouts. As a new driver, I was just wondering if there are any specific carparks in Singapore that I should avoid? 😓
  9. (File photo: AFP/Daniel Roland) SINGAPORE: A set of provisional national standards to guide the safe deployment of fully autonomous vehicles in Singapore has been enhanced following a review, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Standards Council (SSC) announced on Friday (Sep 3). These standards - in the form of technical reference (TR) 68 - will now include new guidelines on the application of machine learning, software updates management, cybersecurity principles and testing framework. This will enable the autonomous vehicles to keep pace with recent technology advancements, and further smoothen the transition from development to operationalisation of the autonomous vehicles, said LTA and SSC in a joint media release. “It also provides updated safety guidelines for the test-bedding of AV (autonomous vehicle) solutions on Singapore roads. To facilitate the co-creation of smart mobility solutions and enhance AV interoperability among different service providers, the revised standards feature updates to data types and formats,” both parties added. This follows a review conducted from March 2020 and July this year by four working groups appointed by the SSC, and overseen by Enterprise Singapore. The review was led by the industry and supported by the LTA, said the SSC and LTA. TR 68 was first published in 2019 and since then, more than 200 enterprises have accessed the TR 68, said LTA and SSC. “The TR provides guidance to industry players in their deployment and deployment of AV solutions and helps to build up Singapore’s AV ecosystems which includes start-ups, SMEs, and testing inspection and certification service providers.” The Singapore Manufacturing Federation - Standards Development Organisation will be scheduling a workshop in October to help companies understand and implement TR 68 effectively. Source - CNA: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/autonomous-vehicles-tr68-enhanced-national-standards-safe-2153946 -------------------- Does this mean that we will be seeing more AVs on sg roads in the near future? What are your thoughts on driverless cars/vehicles on high traffic roads i.e expressways and major road junctions?
  10. welik72

    Mask wearing SHOULD continue!

    Is there anyone out here who thinks that we should continue to mask up even after the covid situation has died down? I’m not saying that it should be made into a law permanently, but rather strongly encourage the general public to do so?? Let’s face it, the coronavirus will most probably become endemic. Aside from concealing boredom in long meetings and everything else you’re hiding beneath that mask, think of how much better hygiene standards will be if we all just kept this habit of putting that mask on. My only worry is the environment with all the disposable masks strewn around… WEAR YOUR REUSABLE MASKS YALL!! ps how many of yall actually use reusable masks vs disposable masks? 🤔
  11. This recent article wrote about Singapore's direction towards a car-lite city. I personally think that the idea of my neighbourhood being car-lite is a good one – if key establishments (grocery stores, eateries, retail, medical and recreational spaces) are integrated well and concentrated in the vicinity, all accessible without the use of a car. It'd encourage less casual use of a car within the neighbourhood as you would only need to use it to get from one neighbourhood to another. I'm curious about your thoughts on this? What kind of infrastructure/policies do you think is needed to encourage car owners like ya'll to drive cars less and embrace a car-lite society? Is it even possible for Singapore to have a completely car-free district and if yes, where?
  12. Just out of curiosity, how well do you think electric vehicles perform in a flood? Are there certain safety features installed to prevent extreme damage to the car? The floods this morning looked quite serious and resulted in a few cars stalling in the middle of the road, which got me thinking about how EVs would be impacted by floods like this. 😅
  13. Virtual Capitalist recently published an article about the best-selling vehicles in the world by country. Well, almost every country. My shortlist Naturally, I wanted to find out what was the best-selling car in Singapore, and I had a couple of guesses. So, here's my list of 5 cars I thought would make it. 1. Honda Fit/Honda Jazz 2. Toyota Altis 3. Mazda 3 4. Honda Vezel 5. KIA Cerato I'm interested to know what your shortlist looks like.
  14. There's this product that's been going viral on TikTok called The Flik, which is this hilarious remote-controlled neon sign that you can attach to the back of your car. You can either thank people when they're being considerate on the road. . . or flip them off when they're not. 🤣 Since it's controlled by a remote, I've seen videos of drivers attaching the remote near their steering wheel so that they can easily flip the sign on when they need to. I personally think this is pretty funny to have but it might not be super practical in Singapore (especially with road-raging uncles and aunties). It could be the next best thing to solve road rage since people can just signal their feelings now instead of getting out of the car and physically fighting others. What do you think? Is this a better alternative to road rage or would it actually backfire and lead to worse fights? 😅
  15. This will be a New Thread For Alfa Discussion: Cheers
  16. So I recently passed my driver's license and have been parking in empty lots whenever I can (because it's easier for me). However, my friends have told me that they think it's much easier to park with cars on either side. I don't agree with them (mainly because I am scared that I will hit a car while reversing), but I do wonder if that is the case for most drivers. Is it true that it is easier to park with cars around and if so, what are some tips in doing it properly? 😓
  17. I know we have a separate property thread, but IMO, this deserves a separate discussion. This area will be big, in size and impact.. https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/9000-housing-units-including-hdb-be-built-keppel-club-site https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ndr-2019-greater-southern-waterfront-pulau-brani-sentosa-keppel-11819376?cid=h3_referral_inarticlelinks_24082018_cna https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/specific-measures-could-dampen-lottery-effect-of-public-housing-11825766 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6xz58yCqGk
  18. LoverofCar

    Discussion on Gout problem

    People As we know, in this modern world, Gout problem is a common disease for city people...Some call it the ''rich man'' sickness...well of course I don't agree as I'm not rich and yet kana it...The issue of this sickness is that it will affect your daily movement when it attacks and you live a life that is so miserable and at times, you feel like dying....It will go away with some medicine after some days but it is undestood that the root cause is very hard to cure.....Let's share your expensive on this.. 1) What food to avoid? 2) What alternative cure, beside western medicine, that you seek to prevent it? 3) How you deal with the pain and what happen to you when it attacks... Open discussion...Hope this helps to share useful info for all...
  19. carlovexes

    Audi A4/A5 Sportback owners thread

    Discussion thread for Audi A4 sedan and A5 Sportback owners. Can share problems and share tips and tricks of technology.
  20. 12 September 2018! https://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2018/ Looking forward to this: https://www.macworld.co.uk/news/apple/when-is-next-apple-event-3658198/ It has been confirmed, Apple's next major iPhone will be unveiled Wednesday September 12th, 10 am PDT (1am in SG). The event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple HQ in Cupertino, Californa. You can watch the live stream (or add it to your calendar for now) here. Apple is also likely to let the audience know when the next version of the Mac and iOS operating systems will be available for download. The rumours surrounding the date and time of this Apple Special Event were originally reported by the French Radio Station, Europe 1, that claims it got the information from two sources. The difficulty is predicting what Apple will call the next iPhone (or iPhones). Below we will run through the products we expect to see at the event, you can read more about what to expect in our: What will Apple announce on 12 September story. iPhone X Plus, 9, Xi, 11, or something else...There are lots of rumours pointing to an iPhone X Plus - expected to launch at the September event. It's likely that this will be a next generation of the iPhone X, launched alongside the new version of that phone, perhaps the iPhone Xi. We may also see an iPhone 9 (or iPhone 9 Plus). Now may be the time it ditches the numbers and refers to the iPhone simply as iPhone and iPhone Plus. What ever happens, it looks like all the new phones will have Face ID - and no home button. Some rumours suggest that Apple will announce three new phones in 2018 - two high-end X models with OLED screens, and one cheaper model with a LCD-TFT display. All three models are said to have all-screen displays (although we assume the notch will remain). Read all the news about the new iPhone for 2018 here. iPad ProApple updated the iPad back in the Spring, but it's now nearly a year since the iPad Pro was last updated. All the rumours point to Apple updating the iPad Pro at its September event, with the new model using a Face ID camera rather than Touch ID - and hence having no Home button. You can expect smaller bezels and the 10.5in version may get an 11in screen without a significant change in dimensions. Read all about the iPad Pro rumours here. iOS 12 & macOS 14The iPhone usually shares its September event with announcements of when the latest version of iOS (in this case iOS 12) and macOS (Mojave) will become available to the public in their final form, having been announced earlier in the year at WWDC 2018. Apple Watch September is also a good time for Apple Watch updates, and in September 2017 we saw the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. Anyone waiting for their phones? https://wccftech.com/what-to-expect-from-apples-gather-round-iphone-event-on-september-12/
  21. Which mobile phone games are you playing and highly recommended ? What are the other popular games like tsum tsum now ? Ok I am having school holidays now. Lol.
  22. LMFAO

    M1 Fibre Broadband Discussion

    This topic is to help out those who are interested with Fibre Broadband and upcoming promotions or help out those who are having issue with fibre broadband.
  23. Discussion: The Aftermath of Repeal of Section 377A We should have a proper discussion on the implications of the repeal of Section 377A, a law which arguable discriminates homosexual males. Recently we see that the gay couple has a lot of support from the community (gay community, i presume), as evidenced by the funds they've received in such a short time, which enables them to file their case of repealing S377A with the higher Courts. New Zealand recently allowed gay marriages and the liberals will be using that to argue their case. Personally I do not agree that Singapore should follow what the liberals and western system advocates. Whatever it works for western countries may not work in Singapore. The westerners think their system is superior and they tend to encourage other nations to adopt their system. One good example is the recent "liberation" of Myanmar, the liberation of Myanmar follows only the U.S standard. I always asked myself why can't the westerners follow the China system or Japanese system instead? What if 377A is repealed? What difference is it going to make to Singaporean's lives? Probably not much. If you want to have sex, you will still have sex in the privacy of your own room. But I think we will be seeing more public display of affection between gay men. I think I am okay with that. My nephew in primary school has asked me why the male bangladeshi workers holding their hands in public. He told me only girls hold hands when they go to the toilet. I told my nephew that that bangldeshis are very brotherly and that is their culture. I don't know what I am going to say to him if he saw 2 guys holding hands or kissing. Naturally, after the successfull repeal of 377A, I think the liberals will lobby for gay marriages. It is going to be a big overhaul of our laws: Woman's charter, Muslim Marriage Act and Inheritance Act as I remember these laws specifically use the word "woman". I am sure the word "spouse" has to be re-defined. Male-gay couples have no problems with adopting children as there is a loophole in the adoption system in Singapore which allows a single male to adopt children as long as the adopter passes the minimum age requirement. How is the gay-couple going to enroll their children in public schools? MOE will have to overhaul their forms to remove the terms "father" and "mother". In other words, the terms "father" and "mother" may even be seen as discriminatory. What about TV drama and media? Is there going to be an overhaul and reflect 2 guys holding hands, "paktor-ing"? I meant, if you only show male-and-female couple, it is discriminatory to the gay couples! Am I thinking too much? Maybe I shouldn't drink so much at night. Gdnite. I'm off to beD.
  24. bryangreene

    Is this helpful for car discussion?

    In my case, I found this site very helpful. "Great! I like it the answer, because every time I post questions, came very quickly, and the answer is by professionals who know what they talk about post, and have a good knowledge of English. Guide to posting: I am trying to put together a guide to good posting here to help newcomers to the forum. I am interested in any ideas you have about what makes for a good post or a bad post for you. Thanks a million of the viewer.