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Found 11 results

  1. Discussion thread for Audi A4 sedan and A5 Sportback owners. Can share problems and share tips and tricks of technology.
  2. A visitor checking out a car at the Volkswagen Centre showroom on 23 Dec 2012. In a bid to rev up business squeezed by loan curbs introduced six months ago, motor firms are starting to roll out no-frills car leasing plans which require lower monthly payments. In a bid to rev up business squeezed by loan curbs introduced six months ago, motor firms are starting to roll out no-frills car leasing plans which require lower monthly payments. They come on the back of "traditional" leasing plans introduced as early as May to woo buyers. But response from drivers has been lukewarm, desp
  3. I am sure most of us have done it before during school days. Do share your ingenious ideas here during your time. I used to write notes on my thigh which is cover by the shorts i am wearing.
  4. last week one of my colleague who drive red-plated car during conversation actually boast that he never pay $20 for driving during peak hours, he then list out the few points he say will ensure you never get caught driving during peak hours. 1) never drive past ERP gantry 2) never drive on any expressway 3) never park in any ERP payment carpark. 4) make sure the trip is less than 15 minutes. 5) if notice got TP following your car, immediately drive in the direction of the nearest hospital, if kanna stop, quickly tell TP got family member in hospital and rushing there. 6) t
  5. Even though this article is based on the U.S market, alot of it applies to Singapore as well. Sharing it here in the hope it will help MCF forummers. Original article posted here from CarAndDriver.com. Car Dealer Tricks to Watch For - Buyers Info What to be wary of when you
  6. well, i just couldn't find the post.. i knew i read before sometimes back about people receive their cc without even applying....blablabla.... just got to know yesterday, they sent me a checkbook and an atm card back in july to my OLD address, i've moved to my new flat for nearly 1yr already.......wonder where they got my old address from..... gosh.... are they that desperate??.... anyway, just need to confirm, if i ignore it or burn it together with hell money, they will stop bothering me, right?..... btw, is there anywhere i could "feedback" my opinion about such lousy trick t
  7. I just sold my old car to a 2nd hand car dealer. The car is still with me and will transfer to him in about 2 weeks time. He has given me $1K deposits and I have banked in. The price he offered is actually close to $1K more than what the AD can offer me for trading in. Everything seems fine and smooth except... there is a finance form he said I am supposed to sign in order for him to check with the bank regarding my bank loan. After I signed on the line, he asked me to sign again on a blank portion a distance away from my first signature. The form was only printed on half of the paper wi
  8. Tricks & Cheat from the Internet...Beware the u/m . ISOLUX CORSAN SEGUROS S.A EMAIL: [email protected] ATTENTION: Winner, Congratulations from members of our staff,We acknowledge the receipt of your email with request to file for your winning prize. We write to clearify and explain our mode of service that we render to client on lottery claim related issue. Firstly,our ultimate aim is to ensure that the Prime Winner receives his/her winning prize.This is a Millennium Scientific Computer Game in which email addresses were used.It is a promotional program aimed at enc
  9. Last Saturday paper featured property agents and their trade....some claimed to be even making $50000 per mth on the average. ....But then there are agents who are ethtical and those who are termed as rogue agents. There has been talk ( with little results ) after all these years, of rules and regulations to rein in the agents who 'take their customers' for a ride. There are even some who use legal jardons to scare their clients. With the current property boom, it is no wonder many agents are 'up to their old tricks' again. Of course, not to be biased, there are times that th
  10. Some of us may encounter a little hazy after a day with Collinite#476 on the bonnet.This is what you can do to solve it. 1)Apply #476 2)Before buffing it away,spray DG#951 AW on it.Spread it with the applicator 3)Buff everything off.. Second 1)Instead of damping the wax applicator,spray a bit of #951AW on the applicator 2)Apply wax with the applicator damp with #951AW .. 3)Dun drools For DG#105 1)Use #101 to clean up surface. 2)If you are using #601 PBA,apply it after buffing #101 away.Let PBA haze for at least 15mins. 3)Sp
  11. With a few people asking about dyno's i figure its a good idea to post this article up. As you all can guess, i recently found this online mag and i'm going through it... http://turbomagazine.com/tech/0402tur_punkdyno/
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