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  1. planning to do some minor renovation to my ageing flat, with the kitchen being one of the top priorities. anyone able to provide tips or experiences? i'm staying in an executive hdb in pasir ris so there's abit of kitchen space. what fittings did you guys used for your kitchen? blum / hafele? thanks!
  2. Friends I need some tips on places to go, stay, eat and more I know there's a Hokkaido thread, but I didn't want to OT there, and if there's another Kyoto thread, please do the needful. So basically, I'm hoping to go in Mid November or thereabout, making using of the public holiday in SG and bring my baby over before the airfares get much higher. In December my little 'un will be two, so it's also a good time to go before I get charge full rates. I'm hoping to spend about 5-6 days there Some basic aims: - see the Autumn leaves - let baby have fun - yeah I know, the memories of this trip may be minimal, but for lao pek, I get to make some memories - put baby in a Jinbei / Kimono / Ninja suit (heh) - enjoy good food - onsen will be nice - ryokan is nice, but even now, many good places are sold out or unavailable My budget is about S$250 a night or so for hotels and they need to be baby friendly, and ideally near attractions or central Kyoto and a train station. I was told to land in Kansai airport and take an express train to Kyoto station direct. So please share tips on food, hotels / ryokans / places of interest especially for babies with shorter attention spans and more, thanks!
  3. Hey, For people who are about to buy their first car, or recently did, here are very good tips for maintenance you NEED to do regularly, to keep your car in good shape and avoid damage!
  4. Discussion thread for Audi A4 sedan and A5 Sportback owners. Can share problems and share tips and tricks of technology.
  5. So I recently passed my driver's license and have been parking in empty lots whenever I can (because it's easier for me). However, my friends have told me that they think it's much easier to park with cars on either side. I don't agree with them (mainly because I am scared that I will hit a car while reversing), but I do wonder if that is the case for most drivers. Is it true that it is easier to park with cars around and if so, what are some tips in doing it properly? 😓
  6. Hi All,already on the way to be the owner of Brand new Honda Shuttle 2021.. anything to diacuss under the cloud?..Your concerns will be my best appreciation..thanks🤗
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm going to Italy in June for two weeks. Going Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Any tips on things to look out for? Any things that I should or must buy? Any restaurant or food that I must try? Any places that is out of the ordinary that I should or must go? Appreciate everyone's contribution. Thank you! Rayd8or
  8. Recommendations, suggestions, from accommodation to attractions to food, travel tips etc... The list goes on! I've filled up some information which I've picked up here and there. 1. Where to stay Shibuya / Shinjuku (Recommendations for affordable + clean hotels? I am also considering Airbnb again after my last two satisfied experience from my GC trip) 2. Places of interest / attractions Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Sensōji Shrine (浅草寺), Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea, Ikebukuro, Meiji-Jingu Shrine, Cherry Blossom Festivals (Ueno Onshi Park, Asukayama Park, the Meguro River, Chidorigafuchi, Sumida River bank) 3. Shopping Centers / Night markets Shibuya 109 & Shibuya Crossing 4. Transportation 5. Cafe / Restaurants Cat Café Nekorobi 6. MUST BUY souvenirs / local food Tokyo banana, amulets 7. Travel tips Thank you in advance.
  9. I am starting this thread as a complement to the main thread on property news and prices. I hope some of these tips/suggestions gained from actual dealing on the ground would be helpful to homeowners/buyers. I will start off with the below burning question that I get all the time....why some units break record prices but some could not be sold for months and months. Selling your property for top dollar Firstly, let's define what is top dollar? In my terms, top dollar would means selling above market valuation. Often, it also means breaking the record price of similar units in the same estate/condo. Over time, I observed that these price record transactions had a similar trend. To get top dollar, contrary to most beliefs, it definitely has much more science to it than art. Top dollar deals seldom come from just listing and pray; it has a method to it. Unfortunately most sellers/agents never really took the method seriously and in most cases, never get top dollar for their units. As this is a post and not a blog, I will keep it short and concise. To sell for top dollar, you need to understand the below on the psychology of a buyer when they come for viewing: 1) Buyers use very little logic when viewing, they tend to follow their emotions more 2) Emotions arise not just from what they see, but also from the other senses such as smell, feel, touch and hear 3) Sellers always make mistake by assuming that the buyer can imagine an empty house. The buyers don't and they won't 4) The key then is to be able to reach down to the sub-conscious of a buyer by invoking their positive emotions during viewing. Houses that gets top dollar often make the buyer feel 'right" and they then use their emotion to justify their logic. Failure to consider the above is the key difference between getting no offers (or market valuation at best) and one with a top dollar offer. Understanding the above,here are my 10 tips for sellers based on my experience: 1) A cluttered house kills good emotions. Always un-clutter the house before viewing. Throw away junks and keep the house tidy. The owner is selling the house and will need to move soon...use that opportunity to start clearing the house. This issue is so prevalent in many units that the seller think that the buyer will imagine an empty house. Again they won't! 2) Fix all minor defects. Again, too many sellers thinking that the house gonna be sold, what is the point of fixing it up. You don't have to renovate the house, but you should fix up all visible defects. Even a new coat of paint on any old house does miracles in getting good offers 3) Clean the kitchen top and uncluttered it. A clean good looking kitchen makes a lot of difference in getting top dollar. If there is one place that make the difference in offers, it is the kitchen. The buyer's wife/gf/mother has a lot of emotions attached to the kitchen and in most cases, they are also the CFO to the purchase. Unclutter the kitchen top and make sure the stove and built-in oven looks clean. I even had a seller once storing his microwave away just to clear up space for his very limited kitchen top space. 4) Dining table. Another culprit which is always full of everything except dining stuff. Clear it, and put an attractive piece, a vase with flowers, etc at the center. Pull the buyer eyes to the center of the dining table and let him feel that they can eat comfortably at that table. 5) A well lit, unblock, entrance door. Clear away your shoes or anything untidy at the entrance. An unblock well lit entrance creates eagerness to explore more of your house. 6) Masterbed room is important and it must look like it is ready for relaxation and sleep. I have seen many master bedrooms that has clothes hang in it, or the seller cramped a study table into the master. If you confuse the buyer over the purpose of that room, chances of getting a good offer is as good as nil. 7) Always give exclusive to your trusted agent. I seldom see record selling deals that are from open listing. Open listing agents are prone to be "tested" by the buyer agent and their motivation to close will bring you a lower price. Furthermore exclusive agents are motivated to do every viewing for you hence has minimal viewing leakage. 8) Be flexible in your ability to open doors for viewing. Great offers can come from any viewing time and if you restrict your viewing time to evening or weekends only, you are restraining your ability to get good offers, Two of my record breaking sales came from afternoon weekday viewing. Hence, never, never have viewing leakage. 9) Check if your house has certain odors especially for those with pets. The houseowner is often immune to any smell, but the buyer will sense it at a distance. And if you have pets that could walk around the house, (or make noise, for.e.g barking) , please bring them out somewhere if you have viewings. Again, please don't assume that the buyer can imagine that your pet won't be there when they make the purchase. They won't. Remember, the sense of smell and hearing invoke powerful emotions so if you want to get top dollar, make sure those senses of the buyer are not affected. 10) I leave the last point to the advertising. Good advertising attracts viewers. Unfortunately I've seen many seller/agents use mediocre handphone photos to advertise. Some photos are so bad that a young Instagram-obsessed teen would probably take better. If you already took the effort to do fix up, unclutter the house, etc, the last thing you want is to have photos that does not depict your house accurately. Wide angle photos, imo, is the minimal requirement. Videos and virtual tour are great, but only if your house is of a certain size. Buyers will sub-consciously drawn to sellers/agents who take pride in advertising their house and first impression does count in this business. Don't neglect this which I somewhat keep seeing all the time. There are many more concepts that I can keep going (the use of colours for e.g) but the above is suffice for most sellers if they want their property to fetch good offers. Infact, I seldom see all 10 points click into place, but if they do, that property should get good offers. It is very often for me to hear that some units could not be sold for months, but when another agent took over, it get sold within one month at the same asking price. I don't believe it is all luck. It has to do with the method right from advertising to preparing the house for sale. I hope the above helps in giving some ideas in getting good offers for your property at your location. Your property is one of your biggest investment so it is worth the effort in putting the right "sciences" into it and get the top dollar offers.
  10. Six essential tips for becoming a smarter parallel import car buyer https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=312
  11. What to do in a flood when you're stuck in a car? So we have been seeing more pondings of late and also cars that plunge into Singapore River or whatever river for no reasons. Came across this article which may be useful if you find yourself caught in this potential life and death situation. No harm reading anyway. One of the things I may choose to invest in is the glass breaker, since you can't possible break the glass using barehands or our mobile phones, not to mention you'd be panicking by then. But don't keep it in the boot!!! Some of these tips may sound like common sense but you never know if you're ever caught in this, all common sense may be lost! Article from: https://www.globalcarsbrands.com/car-flood-emergency-tips/ One of the scariest scenarios drivers and passengers can experience is being trapped inside a car when flood suddenly covers the streets. If you have no knowledge of how to handle this situation, your predicament would be so much worse. Should you stay inside until help arrives? Or, is it necessary for you to go out immediately and find help? Since there are a lot of possible solutions, some of which are completely wrong, we are here to guide you on what to do in a flood when you are inside a car. Just a bit of advice before we proceed on what to do in a flood: never underestimate shallow waters. Based on a certain natural hazard guideline released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, six inches of water can already contribute to a steering failure, making it hard for you to control your car. Meanwhile, one foot of water can surprisingly make cars gradually float away. Lastly, two feet of water is enough to quickly sweep away vehicles – even big ones such as SUVs and pickup trucks. See, as soon as the car is surrounded by water, you have all the right to be concerned but never panic. Do not wait for the flood to rise to a deadly level. You really have to remember the following guidelines on what to do in a flood if it is still rising around your car: BE VISIBLE. No, we do not mean going to the roof of your car and wave your hands up in the air. You can stop ridiculous ideas such as this one by staying calm. The first thing you have to do is to make your car visible by turning on the hazard lights and the headlights. If you can already spot emergency personnel, you are so lucky. These modern heroes will surely notice the lights from your car and help you immediately. Wait for them to reach you. DO NOT SECURE YOURSELF INSIDE. Ironically, you have to be 100% free from any constraint inside the car. We are specifically referring to your seat belt. Do not believe the notion that the seat belt would keep you safe when the vehicle starts floating away. After all, once the car floats, you are already in big trouble. As soon as you see water surrounding your car, stop the vehicle and release yourself from the seat belt immediately. Also, unlock all doors. If there are authorities nearby, they can easily open your car door and save you. REMOVE LAYERS OF CLOTHING. If you are simply wearing two pieces of clothes, top and bottom, disregard this tip. However, if you are wearing a jacket and other types of layers, immediately remove them all. This initiative keeps you from sinking if you have to swim. OPEN A WINDOW. Now, let’s start thinking about worst-case scenarios. What if you are stranded in the middle of the flood without safety personnel around you? Before you even get to this point, it is always a good idea to stay indoors whenever it rains. However, when push comes to shove, lower one window but not in an abrupt way. Just do it slowly. As long as the car is not yet underwater, electric windows usually work even in a flood. Once you successfully lower the window, climb out straight away. GO TO PLAN B IF YOU CANNOT OPEN A WINDOW. Worse, there is a possibility that you cannot open the windows anymore, especially if they are electronic ones. So, you have to resort to car doors. Forget about the passenger compartment getting wet. That is the least of your worries in emergency situations. If you are too weak to open the car door, break a window. Make sure to bring a glass breaker with you at all times. It is hard to forcefully shatter a window inside a compact space if you use other tools. Just a heads-up, these tips are only applicable if the water is still at low level. Of course, you may suffer from wounds when you climb over a shattered glass window. However, your number one priority is to keep breathing. Wounds are nothing compared to drowning. Unfortunately, car doors are impossible to open when the water level is already too high. Why? Two words: water pressure. You cannot open a car door if there is massive pressure outside. A solution is to equalize the pressure between the inner and outer part of the car. To achieve this, there is nothing left for you to do but wait for water to fill your car. Hold your breath once submersion is complete and open the door at once. That is why we told you to unbuckle your seat belt, unlock the doors, and avoid waiting for water to rise up unless the car is already submerged. As you can see, not only do you have to take driving lessons. Knowing how to swim is essential. Water pressure is also the reason why you cannot break a window during your car’s submersion. The explosion of shattered glass will severely hurt you. LEAVE YOUR POSSESSIONS BEHIND. Unless the water level is still low, forget about your belongings inside the car. You cannot swim properly if you are busy carrying your bag. If you can still walk on water, prioritize your phone so you can call for help anytime. DO NOT SAVE YOUR CAR. Just because you can still stand on water does not mean you can push your car towards a safe place. The main reason why we are advising you to get out of your car immediately is to find a high ground. Flood can still rise to an extreme level so better avoid that pronto. So what if your car is expensive? As a car owner, you should be totally updated about storm signals. LET THE AUTHORITIES TOW YOUR CAR. When the flood finally subsides, do not go back to your vehicle. You might use a lot of time starting or pushing your car until the water level rises again. Besides, emergency personnel always use proper means of taking cars to a safer place. WHAT TO DO IN A FLOOD WHEN YOU’RE IN A CAR In summary, the first solution is to keep calm. When you are calm, your mind easily remembers what to do in a flood when you are inside a vehicle. Your main goal is to get out of the car and go to a higher place if there are no authorities around. Never wait for the water level to rise up. In case you haven’t noticed from our guidelines, the solutions progress from the easiest ones to the worst-case scenarios. Do not let yourself be exposed to a more dangerous situation. Lastly, always catch up with weather updates and learn how to swim – just in case.
  12. Let’s start a thread on freebies given by ADs & PIs. So tat all can share & compare.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYbeTmIvbJE&t=104s Having trouble with video shooting while on a vacation or didn't know what to do with hundreds of photography you've taken ? ( Not an advertisement of affiliation post ) Well I have just the right tips for you to share when I did this recent very short trip to Penang. Using the Canon Hybrid Auto mode on the camera feature I am able to capture still photograph with video all at the same time at a snap of one single shutter press. What's great is the Hybrid Auto edits and stitch all the video together for you so you only need to upload the final finished hybrid video to your Facebook or YouTube without even going through the hassle of a video editor. Find out more on this cool feature and for those who didn't want to know about this Canon ( because you are a Nikon fan , hahaha ) do check out the scenery in Penang !
  14. Car is very important in our daily work, aside it shorten our time travel it brings us everywhere we want. However car maintenance and repair is another significant responsibility of every car owner. There are things you need to consider if time comes when you need significant decision in order to keep your car running for a long time and to avoid any headaches in the future. First thing is how to choose the car service center. Choosing the ideal car service center for maintenance and repair will prevent you from any headache in the long run. Checking the accreditation and the credentials of the specific car service center is important. The next thing to do is choosing what kind of car you want to use. Whether you use brand new or second hand car there will be things to do. Brand new car is absolutely at the start will have no problem about it . All you need to do is to follow the maintenance and guidelines, just like changing oil and regular checkup. For the second hand car you need to learn the background and the mileage of your car because you will use this range on how to take care of your car rightly. To continue to have a good car with great performance trading car should be the best choice.
  15. http://www.todayonline.com/sports/motor-racing/singapore-wants-drop-f1-race-says-ecclestone News on F1 http://www.tnp.sg/sports/all-other-sports/formula-e-could-debut-singapore-next-year News on formula E
  16. Bros I figured that I want to do a little road trip with friends before I have to give up my car.. See some of the nice places around M'sia, and not just the typical stuff. The plan is to go in October just before the school holidays, or end of Sept.. so I can also see the East coast before the annual monsoon. Some ideas: Perak rice fields Makan in Ipoh Tasik Kenyir in Trengganu Food in Penang I won't mind stopping in Malacca along the way, but I have been there a lot of times If anyone has a similar plan or done this before, please share, thanks! Also please share if you have tips on food spots, places to stay (under $100Sin), and sights to see. Cheers
  17. Long Distance Driving Tips Heading for the highway With the June holidays around the corner The Highway offers you and your family some crucial pointers on preparing both yourself and your car for long distance haul, whether its just across the Causeway or even further afield. Things to check before a long trip Tyres Check if the tyre treads are still good - there should be a minimum of between 2-3mm thread depth. A thread wear indicator is a raised part of the tread that will appear when the thread is reaching its minimum safe tread depth. On most cars the front tyres will wear out faster than the rear ones. If they have about 5,000km on them, it might be good to have them rotated with the rear tyres. Tyres should be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000km in order for all four tyres to wear evenly. Note: on some high-performance models, the rear tyres will be a different size to the front tyres. In this instance the tyres should never be swapped over. Always check that front and rear tyres are the same size before rotation. Remember to check that the spare tyre is useable - it tends to be forgotten until it needs to be used - by which time it's too late. It should be under slightly more pressure than the other four tyres. The owner's manual should have the recommended pressures for each tyre, including the spare. Always set the tyre pressures when cold to ensure the correct inflation pressures. Engine Long distance driving is actually less taxing on an engine than stop and go city traffic. Even so, if it hasn't been serviced for a while, it would be wise to bring the car in for a check-up. Another thing to look out for might be the condition of the various rubber hoses - if they are soft and swollen, they should be changed before they burst. Other things to look into are levels for coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the windscreen washer reservoir. If you are not mechanically familiar with your vehicle, the AA offers a comprehensive pre-trip vehicle inspection for you. Emergency Equipment Anyone driving along a highway must have is a reflective warning triangle. Should a car breakdown, you should pull over to the road shoulder and deploy the triangle at least 60m behind the car - more if you can safely do so. It should be placed far enough to allow the other cars to reduce speed and avoid your car. Also remember to get all the passengers out of the car and off the highway. Other things that might come in handy include a can of tyre foam, a multi-purpose flashlight that includes a blinker, and an empty emergency petrol can. Should you suffer a breadown, remember that as AAS members, you have access to the services of AA (Malaysia) when you are across the Causeway. Call their toll free 24-hour emergency hotline at 1800 880 808 for assistance or advice on the location if the nearest approved workshop. More details are available on the internet at www.aas.com.sg. Pre-Trip Health Inspection Basic checks you should always carry out on your car before a long distance trip. Headlights Carry spare headlight bulbs and ensure main beam and dip are working. Engine Check fluid levels for coolant, brakes, power steering and windscreen washer. Tyres and Wheels Ensure no sharp objects are embedded and tread is at least 2mm deep. Baby Seat Should be securely fastened. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Petrol Have at least 3/4 tank filled before reaching Singapore customs. Overseas driving tips Take frequent breaks Most Singaporeans are not used to long distance driving as we don't get much exposure to journeys longer than an hour. In most instances highway driving is quite a monotonous activity and spending many hours behind the wheel puts a tremendous strain on the driver. If there is a single designated driver, make frequent rest stops, and someone should be assigned to keep the driver alert and entertained. Not all highways are equal Most of us are used to the PIE or CTE, which are wide and well-lit, but this may not be the case for highways outside the major city areas overseas. Because of night lighting is often poor or non-existent, try to avoid doing any long distance driving at night. Beware of jetlag Jumping into a rented car immediately after a 12-hour intercontinental flight is not a good idea. The combination of jetlag, unfamiliar roads and the unfamiliarity of the car increase the chances of an accident happening. It is probably more prudent to take a taxi or airport limousine to one's hotel immediately after the flight, and collecting the rental car after a night's rest. A handy rule of thumb for overcoming jetlag is that it takes one day for every timezone crossed. This means if the time difference between Singapore and London is seven hours, it will take seven days for one's body to fully recover. Few of us will have the luxury of this time frame to adjust our body clocks, so caffeine and exposure to sunlight are some of the more popular short cuts that people used to adjust their body clocks. Getting prepared Try to do some research before embarking on a long distance drive. The information one gets from maps and guidebooks of the place you are going to visit seldom goes to waste. A host of maps are available from the AA. More often than not, there may trains or buses to most locations you want to visit. Whenever possible, renting a car should be limited to local drives to out-of-the-way locations. Should you be driving, the AA has offices all over the world which can help one to plan suitable itineraries and driving routes. Using the right rubber Save fuel with the right tyre To really stretch the fuel dollar and get the most mileage from each tank of petrol, you should consider installing energy conserving tyres, otherwise known as tyres with low rolling resistance. Not only do these tyres save fuel, they are also designed to last longer than normal. Here are just some low rolling resistance tyres worth considering: Bridgestone Turanza GR-80 The successor to the popular Turanza GR-50, the GR-80 boasts a tread pattern that is specifically designed to suppress vibration and noise from the road surface. This tyre also uses AQ Donut II technology, which consists of a unique compound that promotes wet handling and improves durability. Michelin XM1 Apart from being a quiet and comfortable tyre, the XM1 uses Michelin's Energy Green X compound to allow it to have low rolling resistance. Michelin claims that cars fitted with this tyre will save about two litres of fuel for every 1000 kilometres travelled. Also, the XM1's generous silica content should provide first-class wet performance and excellent longevity. Pirelli P3000 Energy The P3000 Energy is a "green" tyre that is like no other. It not only promotes better fuel consumption, but Pirelli also managed to place it in the "T" speed rating (up to 190km/h) segment, which is a rarity for this kind of tyre. This incredible performance is due to the development a the newly developed tread compund and pattern. Those seeking for a tyre that is capable of providing both performance and fuel-saving benefits should give the P3000 a try. Passion for Performance On the other side of the spectrum, a long distance drive may be an excuse to really push your car to the limit. For these performance enthusiasts gripping power and high-speed stability are paramount, and fuel efficiency, longevity and noise are secondary. Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position Jam-packed with Bridgestone's technical know-how from their Formula One racing experience, their flagship Potenza S-03 is one of the top players in the ultra-high performance tyre category. By applying the AQ Donut II technology, the S-03 has better straight-line stability and a consistent surface contact that enhances both wet and dry handling. Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Hoping to continue the success of the Pilot Sport, the second-generation Pilot Sport is a completely new tyre from its predecessor. It has a more rigid construction, softer compound and a reduced grooved tread pattern for better contact patch and more responsive handling. The VCP (Variable Contact Patch) system allows the rubber contact area to increase during cornering, while the asymmetric tread pattern should provide outstanding wet and dry handling. Pirelli P Zero Rosso "Zero" refers to zero limit or no limit, and the "Rosso" name is there because it symbolises the love of driving fast cars. By formulating some of the most technologically advanced ingredients for the tread compound, the P Zero Rosso is circuit-ready and should also provide excellent performance in the wet also. Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini are some of the manufacturers that equip their cars with the P Zero Rosso from the factory. If you can afford it . . . For drivers who are willing to invest a bit more money, a long distance trip might be a good excuse to install the following equipment: Ttinted window film For long drives, the full-strength of the equatorial sun beating down on a car can turn its interior into a green house. The installation of a window film can help to significantly reduce the heat penetration into the passenger compartment and reduce the glare of the sun. As the airconditioning has less work to do to cool the car down, there could be a fuel savings of about 3% on fuel. Note: Ensure the film you purchase is accepted by the LTA's Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING). Legally, the light transmission for the front windescreen and two passenger windows must be at least 70% and the rear windscreen and passenger windows must be at least 50%. Automatic fire extinguisher An automatic fire extinguisher containing a fire suppression agent can be installed directly around the engine. If and when a fire occurs, a pressurised canister of halotron gas will be released, absorbing the surrounding oxygen and extinguishing the flame. The extinguisher system is completely self-contained and requires no external wiring or electrical supply. In-Car Entertainment Passengers - especially children - easily get restless when in the car for an extended period of time. You might want to consider installing an in-car entertainment system that can play DVDs and VCDs in addition to conventional CDs and radio. There are many of these kinds of systems to choose from now, such as the Blaupunkt IVDM-7002 with its built-in 7-inch screen to save you the hassle and additional expense of separate monitors. What do all those signs mean . . . Malaysian road signs aren't all in convenient English - many are written in Bahasa Melayu. DOn't drive ignorantly into danger. Stay safe by learning what these signs mean - take this guide on your holiday trip with you. THANKS TO AA
  18. Just sharing my trip as I go along, and I hope to share some tips about the places I visit, as well photos and the adventures along the way.. I think most will be somewhat familiar with Beijing, the current capital of China. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing Some common attractions there include some must see places like: Great Wall of China TianAnMen Temple of Heaven and many many more. Truly it's a place of history and culture. Lots of food and shopping too! Where is Ningxia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ningxia Stay tuned as I travelled across China! Some info: No Facebook or whatsapp across the Great Firewall of China - will see if I can remain in touch with Singtel Autoroam... Just a taster... My tour guide in Beijing.. Hope she has friends.... BTW If any knows a place near Dongcheng to buy DVDs/Blu Rays, and tea, please sound out! Thanks
  19. Hi all, Will be flying off to KK in June due to Tiger Airways promo... (pay only taxes). Will be there for 6 days and 5 nites.... Appreciate if anyone can provide with ideas or interesting places to see, visit or do. Some ideas in hand subject to confirmation. 1. Stay and play golf at Sutera Harbour... 2. Day trip to some island?? Many thanks in advance....
  20. Been looking to get a good set of 2nd hand rims. Been told to look out for cracks, warps, signs of welding etc... is it also advisable to bring it to a tire shop for balancing before purchasing ? any recommendations or tips ?
  21. Hi Bros, Just confirmed my trip to Harbin 2nd week of Jan. Going to stop over at Beijing on return leg. AirChina flight (yes!) with ChanB. I have some questions, hoping bros here can advise. Knowing that our bros here got all sorts of experience hehee 1) Clothing for -30+degrees Current temperature in Harbin. Even Beijing got snowstorm -17degrees. I stayed in winter countries for 2 weeks at -10 only wearing shirt + sweater + myjacket and walk outdoors for hours no prob. I hate long johns but was told this -30degress don't play play -> must get wool long john But my thinking is that for tours, normally the time outside is minimal so it won't be that cold? Was thinking of skipping my long john and sticking to my shirt + sweater + myjacket. Any comments? 2) Photography - Going to bring my super trusty 20mm + 60mm fixed lenses + D80. Going to borrow my BrotherInLaw's D80 battery as spare (anyway his D80 is broken and waiting to be sent to Japan for warranty coz I helped him buy there ) Anyway my lenses don't have filters. Just wondering if I should go buy a CPol (better skies?), or Skylight (cut away the blue from snow). Any suggestions and place to buy? Thinking of running past MSColour + Mustafa later. Some times surprised that Mustafa can be quite cheap on things but not sure about photographic stuff. Thanks
  22. How to be a Money Savvy Teen in SG with these 8 Simple Tips! May 14, 2017 Source : http://accdenteach.blogspot.sg/2017/05/how-to-be-money-savvy-teen-in-sg-with.html Being a teenager in Singapore is no joke. Almost every activity on our beloved little red dot requires money! So many things to do but so little money - What should I do? Fret not! Want to “Yolo” without breaking the bank? Here are our eight great tips on how to manage your money in Singapore! 1 : Start habit of saving spare cash when young We have heard too many stories of fellow teens overspending their allowances – spending on whatever takes their fancy with nary a thought. I suppose you think that it doesn’t matter right? Since Mom or Dad will always 'bail' you out if you're short of cash. Such thinking is wrong and dangerous as your parents will not always be with you in your life to save you from your financial mistakes!. Cultivating a habit of savings is a good virtue and will set you on the right way in life. How to do this? Read on in our next tip. 2 : Establish a steady income We don’t mean to give up your full-time studies now but to find opportunities to gain a steady source of income. It could be helping out at your parent’s food stall. Or helping your siblings in exchange for some allowance from your parents. Or perhaps you could offer your services to help clean your neighbour’s car every week! If you have a bicycle or motorbike why not take up delivery (UberEats, Deliveroo) while you are at it. You can keep yourself fit while earning money! The point is to obtain a source of steady income so that you will rely less on your parents and be more independent. It will also set you well for adult life and help you to discover where your interests are! 3 : Set a budget and start a savings account Now with a steady source of income it is important for you to set a budget each month. Hopefully with this means of steady income you will understand that money does not come easily and has to be earned. And with this virtue you can perhaps resolve to set aside a fixed portion of your income every month. It also pays to set goals while setting a budget. Want to go for a bikepacking trip to Thailand? Start saving for it every month! 4 : Learn to recognize wants and distinguish them from needs. This is one of the most important virtues to learn at a young age. Sure that brand new Samsung S8 might be all so desirable. But a XiaoMi does the same functions for so much less money! Identifying what you need from what you want will help you save so much money! 5 : Make use of your student pass! You might not know this but being a student entities you to some great deals in Singapore. KFC for example offers student meals on weekday afternoons and evenings. Various restaurants such as Jacks Place and Manhattan Fish Market also offer special meals for students! Running low on mobile data? Make use of your student pass and sign up for the youth mobile plans to get free extra data at Starhub! Yes don’t hide away your student pass with the dorky photo. Your student pass is useful in Singapore! 6 : Have fun working together with friends to avoid spending! Peer support is the biggest motivator among teens. Instead of competing to see who can spend more – compete to see who can save more! Anyone can spend but it takes someone with real passion and determination to save real cash in Singapore! Pair up with your friends to get that one for one deal! Want to watch a movie? Go to Johor Bahru! You can watch 2 movies for the price of 1 in Singapore! 7 : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Wise old adage and still so applicable in our time. Don’t feel down getting those hand-me-downs from your older sibling. Rejoice for you can save up on those textbooks for your next big bike packing trip! Have some old junk lying around – don’t just throw them away. Put them up on Carousell! People might be willing to pay to offload your unwanted items off you! 8 : Start retirement savings as early as possible. It is never too early to think about retirement. The truth is that the earlier one starts saving the earlier one can retire. Starting a savings plan from young, even depositing small amounts each month can eventually lead up to a sizable and secure retirement amount well into your future!
  23. With the price of petrol at sky high levels this days, I have been adopting a conservative driving styles with grade 95 petrol and it is amazing how much I am able to hit 16.05km/lit with my face lifted 7th Gen Civic. I also would like to know if I can use grade 92 now. Anybody can give me some insight here? Thanks in advance! Rgds, GigaCrusher
  24. Hi MCFers, I am talking a cruise to penang and has about 5 hours in George Town. Wondering what are the places to go within this time frame. I have in mind Kek Lok Si temple, Chew Jetty, Fort Cornwallis and Penang street art. Is this overly ambitious ? And I would appreciate if you could advise the taxi charges. I heard can book them for a few hours on a fixed rate...
  25. WS requested me to need to change Rear Brake discs & Rear brake pad . I decided to change outside , Should be able to get cheaper ........... Any recommendation for workshop where i get ? Estimated price for Brake Pad & Brake Discs ??
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