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Found 498 results

  1. Kudos to the Honda Shuttle for not falling victim to this Mercedes driver’s antics! With 2022 drawing near, this Mercedes driver decides to pull one last trick out of his sleeve to end his year with a bang. In this video, a cam car is driving in the middle lane towards Paya Lebar Road. A silver Honda Shuttle is traveling right in front of him. After both vehicles pass a junction, the Shuttle shifts to the left lane. The Mercedes in front of it quickly mirrors his actions, blocking the silver vehicle. Here's a close up of the action: Determined, the Shuttle quickly merges to the middle lane. However, to the driver’s dismay, the Mercedes manages to copy his actions and shifts to the right as well. The Honda Shuttle immediately hits the brakes to avoid bumping into the Mercedes, narrowly missing the vehicle by a hair’s length. Here's a close up of the action: The cam car slows down and merges to the right lane, where the Mercedes can be seen blocking the Shuttle’s path. What is a brake check? Brake checking is the act of sharply hitting the brakes whilst driving to make an unsuspecting driver behind slam on his brakes or swerve out of the way to avoid an accident. Perpetrators can then make insurance claims against the victim, with the common thought that the insurance companies would fault the victim for not leaving enough space to react or brake in the event of an emergency. In Singapore, brake checking is an offence and anyone who purposefully brake checks will be fined by the TP. Victims can file for insurance claims, no matter what had happened before the brake check. Netizens’ reactions Exactly! No matter what has happened before this incident, there is no excuse for brake checking. It is simply a douche move! 😤 I hope the TP catches this guy before he actually causes an accident. 😭 ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  2. Ever since I changed to bigger rims, my brakes start to squeak every morning when I start the car. It goes away after a few brakings. I doubt changing rims make this noise. Anyone can advise what could be the problem? Thx
  3. HI Guys, Just wanna see how you all decide on the brake pad you use on your car. Price quoted from Work shop base on Front brake pad for Toyota Vios 1) Cheap type from Malaysia, China, Vetto, Azuki, ... Around $50+ 2) Good one such as OEM,Advice Akebono from Japan ... Around $80 3) Genuine Toyota from Japan .... Around $110 Cheers
  4. CarLearner

    2014 Jetta Brake Servo Failure

    My VW Jetta 2014 model recently have "brake servo failure" with 3 error signs shown (photo). Now this sign came out every time after engine starts. In march 2021 VW Singapore quoted me replacement of ABS/EDL Control Unit for $3,974, of course I refused to do so. Anyone can offer your solution?
  5. Can Anyone VW car owners, advise if u had such experience code? The code came out but it goes away after some distance. But this had been coming back a few time already. As no error code when I drive to workshop. They can’t check for me!!! Don’t feel comfortable. Thanks
  6. You can control the color of the light from your smartphone. Brembo is a world leader in braking technology, but its new G Sessanta caliper concept is a very weird idea. These stoppers light up, and owners can control the color of the illumination from a smartphone app. The company's video (above) shows the G Sessanta on a motorcycle. However, our pals at Motor1 Italy spoke to Brembo and confirmed this caliper concept applied to automotive applications, too. Brembo sees the illuminated calipers as having two major applications. First, they could look cool aesthetically. It's not hard to imagine rolling through a city at night and getting attention by having the brakes going through a rainbow of colors. Alternatively, the lights could be a way for the brakes to communicate with a driver or rider. As an example, think about how useful it could be to see a red light flashing to advise you to change the brake pads. Another possibility is having them function as additional brake lights to make the vehicle more visible when slowing down. The exterior design of the G Sessanta concept takes styling inspiration from Brembo's first brake caliper from 1972. The shape is the company's vision for calipers of the future. The illuminated caliper seems like a perfect match with Brembo's mirror-finish Greentive rotors because the light would bounce off of them. When showing them off last year, Brembo said that the discs lasted longer than traditional ones. A cool touch was that a Brembo logo appeared when the surface was worn down enough as a way to advise people that it was time to swap them out. Brembo has been working on more stylish calipers for a while. In 2019, the company introduced concepts for patterned stoppers at the Geneva Motor Show. The designs included argyle, orange camouflage, neon letters, cheetah print, leaves, Keith Haring drawings, and a dragon.
  7. Having fiddle and fondle with a few models (car models, that is) over the past few days, I learnt that hand-pulling brake is still in use in some cars, foot-stepping brake hardly around anymore, and the new trend ... EPB, electronic parking brake, aka flap brake. Really love those hand-pulling brakes! The satisfaction that you get when you hold the stick and pull it up is so immense. You can feel the direct relationship between how high you pull the stick and how tight the brakes are. And you can do it swiftly, loudly, gently or quietly, depending on your mood or road circumstances. And you can also fiddle with the button at the tip or head of the stick just for fun. I using foot-operated parking brake currently and although you can step gently or stomp heavily on the pedal depending on how tight you want, the feel is not quite right because the shoe or footwear numb the feel. Now as for the electronic parking brake, there is totally no feel at all. You pull up a tiny flap to engage the brake and push down that flap to disengage it, no sound, no sensation. You only see a notification light in the instrument cluster display whether it is on or off. And most times you will not even know where that little flap is and have to look to find it. With a handbrake stick it is so easy to find and grab it. But the merits are that electronic parking brake can free up some space in the centre console, and also such system comes with brake-hold or auto-hold function when car is stationery in Drive mode. Seems that the hand-brake stick is still quite a gold standard, although EPB will be the dominant trend. It's pitiful that sometimes technology takes away our enjoyment.
  8. It is of utmost importance that we keep our brake systems working and healthy at all times. The following video perfectly illustrates why. Seen on 8th of December is a Honda Vezel exiting onto a busy Dunearn Road from one of the smaller lanes. The law-abiding drivers would know that you should never turn into the middle lane but this Vezel bravely crossed the double white line without hesitation. This caused the Honda Civic Type R camera car that submitted the video to SG Road Vigilante to claim that he had to slam on his brakes real hard, causing the brake hose to erm... break. In our opinion, the Honda Vezel driver is a joke but we must point out that the Type R camera car was also going at a good nick in the drizzle. Thankfully, there was no contact between the cars but the camera car driver made sure to give the Vezel driver a piece of his mind (Watch until the final moments of the video).
  9. Oh no, this white Porsche Macan is going to get flamed online by neitzens everywhere with his/her brake-checking skills. Spotted on SG Road Vigilante's page is this video of a Porsche SUV that is pissed with the camera car not giving way on 30th of Nov 2020. Everything started from the junction of Upper Thompson and Braddell Road with the Porsche slowly catching up to the camera car which was going a decent speed. The Porsche then wanted to overtake on Braddell road for a few times but somehow luck was not in his way and the camera car seemed like it was blocking the SUV. With ego getting the best of the SUV driver, the Macan then a bad judgement call at Braddell Underpass, trying to cut into the camera car's lane without signal. Funny thing is throughtout the other parts of the video, the Macan did signal his intentions mostly... From then on, it then seemed like the Macan wanted to give the camera a piece of his mind and brake-checked the camera car after finally overtaking it. Was it solely the fault of the Porsche? Or was the camera car in the wrong for not giving way despite knowing the Porsche had intentions to overtake? It does take two hands to clap afterall...
  10. Hi Guys, Am driving a Manual Kia Rio. Just would like to check, while car at stationary, and i pull up the handbrake lever, will the brake lights comes on? I've check on my car, and the brake light doesn't come on, so wondering whats the norm or it needs some attention. Thanks for giving me some advice on what's observed on your car even if its not a Kia.
  11. Motul Brake Fluids for the street or the race track Motul lubricants protects and takes care of you and your vehicle. From engine and transmission oils, to coolant and brake fluids, Motul offers you a huge selection of products to suit almost any application. The Motul range of 100% synthetic brake fluids comprises of 5 different options which are specifically engineered for the highly-developed vehicles of today, including: • RBF (Racing Brake Fluid) 600 and 660 Factory Line; • DOT 3&4, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 Brake Fluids. The RBF 600 Factory Line and RBF 660 Factory Line are a poly glycol-based brake fluid designed for the most demanding racing conditions. Poly glycol-based brake fluids are less compressible compared to those that are silicone-based even when heated, which prevents a spongy-feeling brake pedal in instances of long and hard brake application. Both RBF 600 and RBF 660 Factory Line are compatible with all types of hydraulic-actuated brake and clutch systems requiring a non-silicone synthetic fluid. Developed to resist high temperature and wet-weather conditions with a high dry boiling point of 312°C and a wet boiling point of 216°Cfor extreme thermal resistance and stability, RBF 600 Factory Line is specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of racing brakes.Itis superior to conventional DOT 5.1 (non silicone-based), DOT 5 and conventional DOT 4 (silicone-based) brake fluids, which ensures effective braking is maintainedat all times throughout races. RBF 660 Factory Line features a dry boiling point of 325°C, higher than RBF 600 Factory Line. It isdesigned to resist the extreme temperatures generated in carbon and ceramic racing brakesystems, which can rapidly rise to over 900°C in extreme conditions,however it can also be used with conventional steel brake discs. RBF 600 and RBF 660 Factory Linegreatly exceeds the performance of DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 standards.Combined with their outstanding anti-vapour lock performance, RBF 600 and RBF 660Factory Line have become well-trusted brake fluids in many races. RBF Factory Line brake fluids should not be mixed with brake fluids of lower performance, particularly silicone-based or mineral-based (LHM) brake fluids. Motul DOT 3&4 Brake Fluid is a polyglycol-based brake fluid designed for normal driving andin all types of applications including hydraulic-actuated brake and clutch systems meeting DOT 4 and DOT 3 manufacturer’s recommendations. The dry and wet boiling points of 245°C and 155°C respectively is superior to regular DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids, which allows DOT 3&4 to last longer in your vehicle. It is also perfectly neutral and anti-corrosive, so you can be sure the seals in your vehicle’s braking system won’t suffer as a result. Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid is a polyglycol-based brake fluid for all types of hydraulic-actuated brake and clutch systems in accordance with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 manufacturer’s recommendations. It maintains a higher dry and wet boiling point of 272°C and 185°C respectively compared to DOT3&4 and DOT 4 brake fluids. The lower viscosity of 820mm2/s allows for easier fluid circulation in the brake lines,making it particularly suited foranti-lock braking systems (ABS) as well as heavy-duty uses such as fleet vehicles or trucks. Motul DOT 3&4, DOT 5.1 and RBF 600 and 660 is mixable with other non silicone-based brake fluids. For more information on the full range of Motul Brake Fluids
  12. Dear all, I am driving a Chevrolet Optra 1.6 (A), i this "spongy" feeling of the brakes... whereby i have to depress the brakes pedal alot before the pad will bite. This casue me difficult to control light braking and sometime even dangerous in some situation. (i had done bleeding and changing to aftermarket pads already.. the "spongy" feeling still comes back after a month of usage) As disscussion with my mechanic, conclusion is that the master brake booster cannot build up adequate pressure to allow effective braking feel on the brakes. Q: Other then changing the master brake booster, is there other ways to reduce this "spongy" feeling or to build up the master brake booster pressure? Comments? thank you
  13. Mazdarati

    CLA Shooting Brake

    Search the entire forum and it seems like there is no discussion on CLA Shooting brake........any feedback (be it + or -) on this particular model?
  14. kobayashiGT

    ASMR Brake Restoration!

    I find this video very therapeutic. Got the ASMR feel. haha.
  15. Nowadays, more and more new car model have replaced the hand brake with the foot pedal brake. Any one knows what is the main reason for the change? Maybe cost savings perhaps as I don't see this as an improvement. With the hand brake visible next to us, we sometimes still forget to release it before moving off. Wonder if the hand brake now changed to foot pedal brake, will this kind of mistake be more frequent? Any bro or sis using foot padel brake can share their experience?
  16. General Motors has fitted the new Corvette with a brake-by-wire system that allows its owners to adjust the braking feel according to their moods. Making use of a brake-by-wire system, this setup has allowed engineers to combine the braking master cylinder, vacuum booster, vacuum pump, and electronic brake control module into one single unit, thereby also allowing them to tune the amount of braking force needed to be applied on the pedal when stopping the car. According to its press materials, the drivers have a choice of three different modes, Tour, Sport and Track. In Tour mode, drivers will not need to apply a lot of force to stop the car and will have a comfortable brake feel for everyday driving. Sport will give a more immediate and stronger-biting feel while in Track, the braking will be more linear while still having an aggressive feel at the limit to allow drivers to trail-brake during hard driving. That said, the Corvette is not the first nor only car to have such a feature. BMW's M8 is touted to have such a similarly advance braking system.
  17. Currently driving a subaru impreza 2008 5d 1.5r i wanted to get this, any advice? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KT5C88I/?tag=powsto07-20
  18. I recently installed a set of AP racing big brake kit. Right after installation, it produce a loud squealing noise during braking. This was resolved after adding brake shim and grease and chamfering the pads. It has a groaning noise when car is in D gear trying to crawl forward while I depressed the brake pedal slightly to catering for creeping of the car. I noticed many auto gear cars have this noise but it didn’t have on my stock brakes. Can any gurus advise please is it his normal and how to resolve it? Thanks.
  19. Tigershark1976

    Where to buy Brake cleaner

    Looking for brake cleaner at Toh Guan area. Anyone came across which shop selling? Pls do not recomend engine degreaser/ carb cleaner as Im not sure it will attack piston seal or any rubber parts on the caliper.... Thanks.
  20. Hulk

    Brake sound

    Hi bros, Recently when I depress my brake padal, there is a "tock" sound heard. Serviced brake but sound still come back. I am driving a Toyota, heard that this is a known problem for Toyota that the "tock" sound come from the brake caliper. Any bro who have this problem before? The sound is so irritating that I feel want to replace the whole brake caliper. How much to get stock caliper? Which stockist to get?
  21. i call all the famous ones and the freelancers one, all of them will not remove the tyre from the rim to respray. neither will they remove the calipers to spray. i was wondering if anyone has a contact to a professional who can spray paint in that manner.
  22. Hi All, As most cars here need to have their car brake fluid replace every 2-3 yrs (fluid absorbs moisture and lose braking efficiency) and properly bleed the system (avoid air pockets), let us all contribute some places to go and estimated costs. Brake system is important and safety aspect even more so due to high humidity here in Singapore. Some drivers even change brake fluid every year. Well done guys! With more info, so hoping more drivers will inclined to maintain their brake system whichever part of the island you're at. Cars with ABS system need to be bleed by vacuum method and those without ABS may simply use the leg pump method. Let's contribute : 1) Stamf Tyres = bleed by vacuum method, uses Caltex DOT4 , est $40 (Feb 2011) 2) Yap Bro = by vacuum method, uses Indemitsu DOT 4, est $45-$50 (Feb 2011). 3) 4)
  23. flashbang

    Correct way of driving

    How many drivers here use right foot for stepping accelerator and brake pedal? How many use left foot to step brake and right foot to step accelerator? Believe it or not, the correct way is to use right foot only! Quite shocking to know some of my friends are driving wrongly...
  24. Robo

    Brake Pads..

    last week when i went for my 50k servicing, mechanic advise that my brake pads almost gone liao. by next servicing have to change already... I'm wondering which pads are good for aveo5.. i hoping to find those low brake dust ones. i know song yi is selling original ones at $50 bucks and one aftermarket ones that i tink cost the same.they look exactly the same too.. question is should i just back originals or please recommend 1 set of good pads that aint so dusty... also.. i have read in webbies that when change pads u have to skim e rotors and change fluid... i'm wondering whether i have to do it anot... please advise...
  25. Franwilliam

    Brake Pads

    Hi guys, Anyone can recommend where can I change my front brake pads? I believe they need to be replaced. My car is Honda Civic FD4. And my tyres are producing sounds when I drive at higher speed. Normally the sounds will come out when I drive above 80/90km/h. Is it because it needed to do tyre rotation or alignment? Please share the info if you know. Thank you so much