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Found 165 results

  1. WE PROVIDE QUANLITY & GREAT FINISHING FOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE WE ONLY USE DUPONT PAINTS SPRAY PAINTING BODYKIT BODY TOUCH UP/SCRATCHES/ACCIDENTS/REFURBISH PANEL BEATING RIMS TOUCH UP/REPAIR/REFURBISH CARBON REFURBISH 3RD PARTY INSURANCE CLAIM/CONSULT RESPRAY SAME OR CHANGE COLOUR SPECIAL EFFECT PAINT TOWING SERVICE CONTACT US @ 98520107 ah poh ah_poh20@hotmail.com 68 kaki bukit ave 6 ark@kb #04-11 (417896) IN-HOUSE COMPUTERISE FORMULA PAINT FOR ALL CARS OF MODEL. WE ARE USING DUPONT PAINT GET SICK OF STANDARD NORMAL COLOUR? WE BRING IN NEW PAINT FROM OVERSEA fFOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE ..... BLACK MIRROR EFFECT (PIANO BLACK) SPECIAL EFFECT DIAMOND EFFECT PEARLY EFFECT SUPER PEARL EFFECT SUPER DIAMOND EFFECT RAINBOW EFFECT MULTI-TONE EFFECT COME DOWN TO OUR WORKSHOP TO VIEW FOR YOURSELF THE COLOUR & GET A NEW OUTLOOK FOR YOUR CAR..... We accept Nets & Credit card & AMEX 0% interest free instalment for UOB 6/12/24/36 MONTHS 0% interest free instalment for HSBC 6/12 MONTHS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR ALL CREDIT CARD WITH MINIMUM $500 We carry wide vairety of bodykit BELOW ARE SOME OF OUR WORK PCS PLS ENJOY 😉 BMW F10 RESPRAY & INSTALL W-DESIGN KIT[/size ] E-CLASS RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY WITH CHANGE C63 BODYKIT PORSCHE 911 GT RESPRAY CLS CHANGE COLOUR FROM BLACK TO (SPECIAL EFFECT) SLIVER WHITE & INSTALL WALD FENDER BLACK MIRROR EFFECT http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08372.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08367.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08373.jpg GMS CARWERKZ Call or sms or whats app us for a fast qoute or any enquiry We are glad to serve you 😉 Mon to Sat including P.holiday 10.30am to 7pm Hp : 98520107 (24hrs/365days) Email : ah_poh20@hotmail.com HSBC credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12 mths UOB credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12/24/36 months No extra surcharge or interest with minimum $500 Specialise in special effect paint Spray painting Bodykit Panel beating Rims repair Airbrush Towing Insurance claim Customise paint & bodykit
  2. Hi all anyone can share a reputable workshop you have used before to do bodywork repairs like dents, scratches and spray painting? don't mind share your experience, repair done and price of repair. thanks.
  3. I was reading this review https://www.toolazine.com/best-rust-proofing-inhibitor-spray-cars-prevent-scratches-review-buyer-guide/, and looking for more option to remove rust into my car. Has anyone used preventive paint for rust? Any recommendation?
  4. Rogersk8ter

    Spray Painting @ Bt Indah Johor

    Has anyone any experience spray paint at BTS Bt. Indah near Tesco? Ive sent in my car today for some knocking and spray paint bumpers for my Mit Grandis. Will be collecting it tmr evening. Will post result here. As for price, one bumper is $150 MYR.
  5. Variety: Ranging from Matte , Satin, Glossed, Color Shifting and even 3D Textured Vinyl Wraps ! ⭐ Wrapping your vehicle allow to achieved a unique look . Customed design works are also available to suit your very own design. Cost: It is cheaper when you choose to wrap instead of quality spray painting that last . Many faced the problem of paint chips, over spray, paint drips or even improper preparation works before spray. One can choose to wrap their vehicle for as long or little as one desires. Resale Value: Having the option to keep your vehicle original factory colour will allow you to keep your resale value intact. Easily Remove: Paint jobs are permanent where as a car wrap is easy to remove and you can restore the car original colour by removing the wrap. Installation Time: Less waiting time when it comes to wrapping a vehicle compared to spray painting. Protection: Vinyl protect your OEM paint from prolong sun exposures, stone chip, abrasion etc. Allowing your vehicle to have a original look since the day you installed the Vinyl Wrap. Maintenance: Eliminating the need to polish your car once in a few months , Vinyl wrap requires only to wash and clean or maybe a quick wax for enhanced look and durability . Misconceptions: Many owners out there think that vinyl wraps will harm your original paintwork and will damage them upon removal . Facts: Original Factory Paintwork will not be damaged in the process of removal. As aftermarket spray paint might not been prepared or installed well which cause the layer of paint to peel off with the vinyl wrap . [media]https://www.facebook.com/ArchPerformanceSG/videos/361111301146441/[/media] Singapore Authorise Vinyl Wrap Installer providing the most precise and detailed works to all kinds of vehicle. With only one goal in mind, giving the best to all their customers. Arch Performance, The Wrap Specialist Singapore. List of automotive services they offer: Get a Quote Fill the Form Below for any enquiries! We'll be glad to be able to assist you
  6. Passion

    Spray Painting

    Hi guys, need you guys advise. How much to respray a car? last thursday, a contractor doing a spray painting job at my workplace, the paint particle fall onto my car. He has offer to send my car to polishing and I agree, but after polishing the some of the particle still there. The polisher said the paint may have eat into my paint work. Now, I'm offered respray. Thinking of bringing it back to toyota. I called up toyota and he quoted me $4300 to respray the whole car back to same colour. To me, I think it's a crazy price. So now you guys pls help, I heard of Lye design, is it good? Else, anywhere else got good one? Try to keep it to AMK or Sin Ming area. Thanks in advance.
  7. Unknown_G7

    STP Carb Spray

    Anyone know where can I get it from?
  8. i call all the famous ones and the freelancers one, all of them will not remove the tyre from the rim to respray. neither will they remove the calipers to spray. i was wondering if anyone has a contact to a professional who can spray paint in that manner.
  9. Hi All, accidently scratch my car, now need to respray portion of it might have some knocking to do. Also thinking to touch part other area that have some minor scratches. Any cheap / reasonable workshop to recommend?? Preferbably do not take more than 1 days. I can send in the morning and collect it back in the evening. Can post here or email to me at guezs@yahoo.com Preferbably with contact number and address. I will go down on thursday 22nd feb for a quote. Need to get it done fast.
  10. Ronnieseah

    Flat tire sealant

    anyone here has use those flat tire repair kit that come in a spray can? if encounter a flat, just connect into the valve and spray into the tire. want to know whether this work? as I feel getting this is better than having a spare tire.
  11. Hyun

    Spray painting rims

    hi, what's the usual procedure when u buy rims and want it spray-painted? u pay up, bring them to spray-painting shop to be done, then bring back to rim shop to fit tyres ... or just let them handle everything also can hor. any1 knows the usual charges per rim or set for spraying, and any particular disadvantages of a sprayed rim? i suppose upon rubbing, the paint comes off and underneath colour can be seen. so best is to start with a similar-toned colour before spraying?
  12. why the price so different? thanks! my new purchase is a black lexus, but i'm thinking of respraying it into the lexus dark grey mica.
  13. WELCOME TO LYNSTON MOTOR & SPRAY WORKS Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #05-66/68, Synergy at KB, Singapore 417800 Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:00AM to 8:00PM Tel: 9637 7254 (Louis) Website: www.lynston.sg Facebook: www.facebook.com/LynstonWorks OUR CORE VALUES EFFICIENCY We understand that time is money. Our mechanics are committed to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly and in a timely manner. FAIR & TRANSPARENT PRICING We offer honest, fair and transparent pricing for the most suitable parts and materials, obtained from reputable suppliers. WE MAKE IT EASY Our experienced team can help you every step of the way towards a seamless and hassle-free process for you. WHY CHOOSE LSM? We serve as the perfect alternative to the dealership, with the service and professionalism you expect at prices that you can afford. Our specialized workshop in bodywork is equipped with the most advanced machinery and employs only the best-trained craftsmen. OUR SERVICES · Vehicle servicing · Collision repair · Aircon repair · Vehicle diagnosis · Battery replacement · Dent repair or removal · Paint scratch repair · Respraying works · Insurance claim CURRENT PROMOTIONS: Ushering in the festive season with Lynston Xmas Promotions: Respray your vehicle from $800, coupled with tag a friend to respray together to enjoy additional $100 off! Price varies from different car model, call or send a message to enquiry. Promotion valid till 24 Dec 2017, however you can place a 50% deposit before the promo end and schedule the respray works within a month from the time you place the deposit. Upcoming Chinese New Year 2018 Promotion!
  14. hey guys came across this not sure if anyone has tried or bought before? useful? https://ezbuy.sg/product/10203761.html spray on car mirror/window
  15. allthingscar

    Spray paint car badge emblem .

    any recommendations where to spray paint the car badge to matte black or any other colors?
  16. Any bro done this before? I think it should be legal given that this will not affect the operation of the headlights or circuitry, distract other road users...any bro know otherwise? Finally where can I get this done and how many days will this take?
  17. Sunnycrowe

    Spray interior cabin

    Is it possible to spray the interior car cabin (plastic parts) from beige to black? The dashboard is black, but below is beige. Stock is two tone color. Want to convert to all black
  18. Extramint

    Spray painting for rims.

    hi. my dad felt itchy one day and bought a new set of rims for my ride which i didnt like.. i couldn't get my $$$ refunded as well as my stock rims returned because the boss wasnt keen. all i could do was to find another set of rims at the shop which looked nicer than the one my dad chose.. damn. the thing is, i have looked around and it seems that newer designs nowadays are chrome, dark chrome or black chrome usually. those silver / polished metal also will have something dark or black. mine is half polished metal, half black spray painted (9 spokes). (the spokes are polished metal.. the side of the spokes where brake dust is usually found is black). i would like to keep the polished metal untouched and spray paint the black to silver.. can be done right? any lobangs? no point getting new rims, this is a new set but to any other rims shop, it's considered 2nd hand and only worth 200+.. zzz. thanks in advance. one day im gg to change my dad's rims when he's not around.
  19. Recently wifey got into a little parking accident and scrapped a rear passenger door against a pillar. Two mass stretch of lines and the door got indented like an mini inverted wok. Only 1 single door was affected. Guess will need some panel beating and re-spray of the affected door. Anyone any recommendations where to do repairs? Got quoted $380 from a workshop recommended by a friend. Is it considered reasonable?
  20. Subaru WRX D.I.Y. Do it yourself everything in a day ! Managed to D.I.Y. connecting a car camera to a direct-wired power supply drawn from the cigarette lighter socket internally, hidden from view, and still able to have access to the stock cigarette lighter socket. Also, a cool peek on how the WRX owner D.I.Y his own STI Inter cooler mist spray ! Followed with a wire mesh wrap for his lower front bumper to prevent bugs and leaves, debris from collecting at the radiator or damaging it from pebbles and road debris. Next I have a requiem short drive in the WRX around the car park in its coil over suspension. It was comfortable actually ! Enjoy the video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6EeFxcCfVU
  21. Hello, Thank you for your interest in this post. Any expert in shipyard industry with lots is exposure of their car in spraying painting and sand blasting environment can advice if these glass coating and protective film is of any use. If do glasscoating can still Claybar or what more advance thing to remove the paint stick on to the car paint. The good old car cover has it limitation.
  22. Got a few scratches which I've touched up but now it looked even worse. Is there any workshop (preferably) in the West that I can go to sand and spray on that particular portion? Biggest scratch is abt 50 cents coins. My ride is pearl white so I hope they can mix the correct colors. I saw several workshop at Alexandra village near Queensway shopping centre. Anyone can recommend? Thanx in advance.
  23. Ghostami

    Spray Can Primer

    Rather its primer spray can, anyone knows where I can get such stuff in Singapore? Wanna do a small diy project, many thanks in advance.
  24. Which will be cheaper, sg or jb? Any recommended shops? Many thanks in advance!
  25. Chuapcd

    Spray reverse sensor

    Hi, got a set of black reverse sensors and need to spray silver colour...can someone recommend me a place prferability in the WEST and the estimated cost? Thank you!