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Found 119 results

  1. Are LED lights subject to brightness checks? Sources: https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-on-the-web/led-lights-on-cars-can-cause-momentary-blindness Many new cars are being fitted with LED lights. While LED lights come with benefits, such as being more energy-efficient, long-lasting and are cheaper, their main drawback is that they are too bright. Often, they can cause momentary blindness for drivers on the road. More often than not, many drivers on the road at night are tired after a long day at work and are eager to drive home quickly. Add to that the glare from these lights, and the driver's judgment may be impaired momentarily, leading to an accident. Does the Land Transport Authority conduct quality checks to regulate the appropriate use of such lights? Action ought to be taken against drivers who deliberately switch to their high beam to irritate other road users.
  2. Fourwheels

    H7 LED Headlight bulbs

    My headlight burnt. Is the following LED H7 bulb approved by LTA? Has anyone try before? Or similar. Thanks
  3. rickbath

    Brighter headlights needed

    Hi All, I'm driving a '08 Toyota Axio which i bought about 2 months ago. During a recent drive to KL and back, i realised the headlights are not bright enough especially during the stretch when there are no streetlights. I would like to change the headlights to something with is LTA compliant. I saw there are tonn of LED headlights but need to change back to stock during the inspection. I'd rather not take the trouble and change to something which is compliant and brighter than the current. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  4. Tleslie

    Headlights turn yellowish

    recently i noticed my headlights turn yellowish. the clear plastic cover the light bulb... looks like stain. i saw some of the cars with such condition too. anyone can advise how to remove the stain?
  5. Relagsingh

    Headlight polishing kit

    Guys, Tried to search but no joy... Anybody knows whether headlight polishing kits are available in Singapore? Tried looking around as well and seems like no one is selling. Knn, headlight covers start to haze liao
  6. Guys, My car headlight has some scratches and a bit blurish but not yellow stain on them. Anyway to get rid of the scratches? Read on the internet, using sandpaper method or some polish cream. Any good recommendation ? DIY or Professional services ? I called Autobac, only can get rid of yellow stain. Thanks in advance.
  7. NOTE: I am required by MCF forum software to pick a "Related Car Brand" - and hence went with the one which I see the most regular occurrence of. This is by no means a flame or "axe-to-grind" post. Do you ever notice, ever so often, that a car's headlights are not turned on even though it is pitch black as coal in the sky? I certainly do, and I confirm this by looking at the most obvious tell-tale sign - their rear license plate lights. If you notice, when you do turn on your headlights meant for illuminating the road ahead of you, your rear license lights will turn on. They will not turn on if you are on DRL (or low light) mode. So why am I raising this topic? Because I am finding that more and more modern models from Honda, Toyota, etc. are traveling on the roads at night with no headlights on! And I attribute this to the fact that the instrument clusters of these vehicles are lit up regardless whether the headlights are on or not. Back in the not-so-long-ago times, the instrument cluster would only light up if you turned your headlights on. But with the new digital instrument clusters, or forever-light-up-like-Christmas analog clusters - careless drivers are driving around without any lights, and potentially might cause harm to themselves, and other unwary/unobservant road users. I keenly remember that my aunt's old Corolla Altis from 2004 already has auto-headlights as a default setting in the light stalk. Is it really that difficult to swivel it over to "A" for safety's sake? Also, no matter how cool or bright your DRLs are - they do not replace the headlights. What do YOU think? Let's talk about that.
  8. Stephan01

    Car headlight

    I have a problem about how to get a headlight for my brand. Seems I have this fear of getting the best headlight. Can anybody help ? Or any idea about how to get one at all ?
  9. Hi guys, Im tryin to consolidate a thread for bulb size for different makes and models. Make: Model: Year : Low Beam: High Beam: Foglights: Extra informations can be added as well. I shall start off with mine. Make/Model : Lexus IS250 Year : 09 Low Beam : HID D4S, Halogen H11 High Beam : HB3 Foglight : HB4 Front pole light : T10 Reverse light : T10
  10. Recently bought used Altis need to change the Headlight and some of the accessories. Wondering anyone got car going to scrap and still in good condition to swop?
  11. Any bro done this before? I think it should be legal given that this will not affect the operation of the headlights or circuitry, distract other road users...any bro know otherwise? Finally where can I get this done and how many days will this take?
  12. StreamRSZ

    Internal headlight restore

    Hi bros, We always say about restoring headlights. but restoring the headlight is usually exterior. how about internal? Mine headlight inner is cloudy due to HID usage. Anyone has any idea whether we can DIY to restore the inner side of the cover to make it look nice and new again?
  13. rickbath

    Gaps visible around headlights

    Hi All, I have noticed some gaps around my headlight area and wondering if i should get it fixed or could leave it as it is. As i am planning a drive up north this weekend i am wondering if it will make things worse with high speed. Pictures are: http://imgur.com/a/uCcri
  14. Frost98

    Swap civic FD headlights

    Hi, My 2006 civic FD headlight (left side) has yellowish tinge. I am planning to renew COE. If you are scrapping your civic FD, I would like to swap the headlight with you, provided yours is in good condition. I would pay for workshop labour and a small token of appreciation. Kindly contact me if you are keen.
  15. attitude777

    Do they sell headlight covers only?

    Headlights are a little fogged. Was quoted 250 to sand/repolish the cover. Alternatively i looked at new headlight sets but headlights are functioning. I turned to taobao,and found many random useful parts, but no head light covers. Are there even such things for sale? :)
  16. Hi all, I found this on ebay and I think it will look good on my 2008 RX350. But concern there could be issue when I send my car for inspection. Can I have your comment from bro/sis here? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2004-2009-Lexus-RX350-RX330-SINISTER-BLACK-LED-Tube-Amber-Signal-Tail-Lights-/171968250860?fits=Model%3ARX350&hash=item280a1b43ec:g:u-kAAOSwoudW3g44&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/03-08-TOYOTA-HARRIER-LEXUS-RX330-RX350-HEADLIGHTS-LED-STYLE-HEAD-LIGHT-PAIR-JDM-/222093591837?hash=item33b5cf451d:g:8bwAAOSwsLtVfiFW&vxp=mtr
  17. One and only Jetta Mk VI 6 with the original Volkswagen Adaptive Forward Light retrofitted. In fact, the only Jetta here in Asia with the original Volkswagen Xenon AFS lights ! It cost a bomb though compared to the cheap Chinese rip off which looks almost identical but function wise, it cannot be compared. http://jimmy-cbx.blogspot.sg/2015/07/jetta-mark-6-original-xenon-drl-led.html
  18. My left low beam light bulb blown, can advise how much to change (so that i would not be robert) and where to fix it on a weekend? I'm driving a create forte by the way. Thanks.
  19. What do you do? I usually try to indicate to the driver by using the 'twinkle twinkle star' hand signal, but 2 recent incidents is making me think twice. The first time after indicating to the driver, the driver turn on the head lights, wind down his window and show me the finger. The second, which just happened, the driver kept flashing his high beam at me and tailgate me for a considerable distance. Wrong to indicate driver he forgot to turn on his head lights?
  20. Advancer

    Philips x-treme ultinon LED

    Hi I am interested in replacing my Toyota Altis 2015 classic (no led headlights) from halogen bulb to led. I am wondering if the advertised philips LED x-treme ultinon or LED ultinon require any retrofit if I were to replace the headlights bulb? Any place to recommend to change them and will it pass LTA inspection in future? http://www.philips.com.sg/content/dam/master/lighting-philips/automotive/car-lights-apr/leaflets/LED_EN.pdf
  21. Flyguy63

    After market auto headlight

    Any bro/sis know where I can get the auto headlight? My old ride has it and now my soon to be new ride doesn't come with it. Gotten used to the convenience for the last 10 years,now don't want to live without it....:-p
  22. Hi Any bro can advise where to get a used jdm Camry headlight at good price?
  23. Hi all, Saw this advertisement. Anyone on this headlights already. New product from Philips. Philips WhiteVision: maximum whiteness, ultimate brightness The new Philips WhiteVision halogen headlamp delivers an intense, white light with up to 4100K color temperature, 20% whiter light for ultimate style, and 40% more light* on the road for increased visibility and maximum safety. With its unique lighting signature together with the exclusive coating technologyTM coating and stylish blue cap, Philips WhiteVision makes your car stand out from the crowd. The new high-performance burner and UV-blocking quartz glass^ offers the brightest lighting performance you've been looking for. WhiteVision is a fully homologated, road-legal, powerful white light headlamp created by Philips, renowned for the most innovative and technologically advanced automotive lighting solutions for the past 100 years. Its high-quality lighting products make Philips the choice of all major car manufacturers worldwide. .http://www.philips.com.sg/e/whitevision/home.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asHMnMJAtLg&feature=youtu.be
  24. Kippei

    Fog Lights in Singapore

    I just bought 2 pcs of OEM fog light, yet to install. Does fog light really help in locating the lane marking during rainy days as i have really having trouble keeping in my lane when heavy rain
  25. Keithchue

    Where to stick on headlamp film?

    hi guys, I got a roll of headlamp film that I bought from sonic racing a while ago, went to Juzzwheelz at bukit merah as recommended by sonic to install on my headlamps. Juzzwheelz did for me 2 years ago for 20 or 30$ and was now quoted 50$ to do the same job. materials are provided by me. any other alternative that I can go to instead of this joint?