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Found 219 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Deepavali vs X'mas decors

    https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/deepavali-coming-it-too-early-xmas-decor-orchard this is an old article dated 2016 but there are fresh debates again this year, actually every year tbh this has been goin on for years x'mas light up mid nov overlaps with deepavali but isnt deepavali also the festival of lights? that said the x'mas lights were not lit yet when i drove to orchard.. decor also toned down this year i hope im not being overly sensitive or insensitive but seems like everything these days can be used to cause singaporeans to become divisive / political this can be seen on facebook comments i'm all for the lights no matter the festival i think common knowledge for singaporeans.. to celebrate deepavali go little india, serangoon road, x'mas will be orchard road because too commercialized celebrated worldwide, chinese new year go chinatown, hari raya go haig road or geylang serai that said does anyone still go orchard road at all??
  2. song77

    Car Interior LED Lights

    Members, are we able to install such LED lights on our own? Or are there any workshops that could customize such lights for you? Can open door, then it will light up a not? Haha.
  3. Are LED lights subject to brightness checks? Sources: https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-on-the-web/led-lights-on-cars-can-cause-momentary-blindness Many new cars are being fitted with LED lights. While LED lights come with benefits, such as being more energy-efficient, long-lasting and are cheaper, their main drawback is that they are too bright. Often, they can cause momentary blindness for drivers on the road. More often than not, many drivers on the road at night are tired after a long day at work and are eager to drive home quickly. Add to that the glare from these lights, and the driver's judgment may be impaired momentarily, leading to an accident. Does the Land Transport Authority conduct quality checks to regulate the appropriate use of such lights? Action ought to be taken against drivers who deliberately switch to their high beam to irritate other road users.
  4. Jusnel

    LED ceiling lights

    To any one who knows about electricity. I want to change my LED ceiling light. So bought a new one. Powerpac brand. 2nd pic I opened up my old ceiling LED light and realised the wires are "built in" into the LED lamp. See pic. Can see that the light is burnt. Hence got to change. How do I remove the wires from the old light SAFELY?
  5. My roc is currently on halogen lights. Can I just purchase this to change the lights to LED? http://www.auto-lighting.co.uk/product-eng-5308-Interior-Car-LED-bulbs-replacement-kit-for-VOLKSWAGEN-SCIROCCO-9pcs-cool-white-6000K.html
  6. dcb

    Electrician lobang?

    Need to change some lighting stuffs for the house. Any good electrician to recommend?
  7. What is the maximum legal limit of white lights approved by LTA? Any brands to recommend?
  8. I remember back in the 70s when I was booked for not turning on my signal light when I attempt to filter from one lane to the next. Hence, I make it a point to always turn on my signal lights whenever I need to indicate my intention. It seems fairly common to find drivers turning out from a junction or doing a filter without switching on their signal light to indicate their intention. Are you often guilty of not turning on your signal light when there is a need to?
  9. All drivers Do take note, Anyone can advise if there is an accident involving such vehicles, what is the insurance coverage like?
  10. Hi all, My car has this problem of the HID light turning off and on again by itself. The left one will turn off and turn on almost instantly, and then the right one will follow suit. What could the problem be? I have done the rewiring, changed to a 2nd hand ballast but the problem still persist. Need your kind advice. Thanks!
  11. I did not realize that the signal repeater lights for my Honda Civic 1.6 (FD4) were stolen until today. Someone has stolen both two sides of it and left the two holes there. I do not know should I report to the police or not, since I am not sure where and when they were stolen. It should be happened within a few days this week. Could someone also please let me know where can I find the replacement and how much does it cost? Thank you very much. Some photos of the stolen lights are attached.
  12. Bluepica

    EPS warning lights on

    My 2008 Avante EPS lights just lighted up today.... Steering seems normal, no problem steering..... Anyone have the same problem before?
  13. hi Bros.So i am planning a trip to chase the northern lights. high chance Finland/Norway! Have a few questions to ask here for those who seen before. 1. Where is the best bet to see the auroras? friend went iceland in 2017 but Didnt manage to see antyhing. 2. Did you do free and easy and then go there to join private tour or straight up sign tour package? Am not the one very keen on going because scared of cold but gf want to see so no choice. Thinking tour package might be an easier option for me. https://www.chanbrothers.com/private-tours/itinerary/pt-finland Few things i shortlisted as must do: - Reindeer/Huskies Sleigh Ride - Ranua Wildlife Park - see artic animals in the zoo. this is where polar bears truly belong! - Stay at Santa Claus Village -snowmobiling - must try: santa's salmon place restaurant - jaakkola reindeer farm -kakslauttanen glass igloos any other recommendations plss 3. how to survive 8 to 10 days of winter? bring cup noodles? friend bought 10 cup noodles when he went last time because food expensive and not nice. 4. winter wear- anyone bought thermal wear from uniqlo b4? their heat tech useful? and also fleece jacket. snow boots also recommended right? phototaking. i think i just going to use gopro to capture whatever i can. any other recomendations/advice/experience to share welcome please!!! thank you!
  14. Interesting, I wonder if it will work or cause more issues https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/system-to-give-buses-priority-at-traffic-lights-on-6-month-trial Public buses are less likely to get stuck in traffic in future, with a new system that can prompt traffic lights to change in the buses' favour. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced yesterday that it is carrying out a six-month trial of the Smart Bus Priority System, starting today. During the trial, which ends next April, services 98 and 99 buses are fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers, which transmit the buses' real-time locations to a back-end assessment system. As a bus with the GPS tracker approaches a traffic junction, the system will communicate with the traffic lights and prioritise its movement, if required, by either extending the green-light duration or shortening the red-light duration. For instance, if a bus that has been delayed by a traffic jam approaches a green light that is about to turn red, the traffic light will stay green longer to allow the bus to pass. This will also benefit other vehicles travelling alongside the bus. After the bus passes the junction, the timing of the traffic light will revert to normal. The LTA said the system, which has a similar concept to one already in place in Australia, is aimed at providing faster and more reliable bus journeys for commuters. It added that a total of 56 buses which currently ply the routes of services 98 and 99 will have GPS trackers. Services 98 and 99 ply Jurong East Avenue 1 and Jurong West Avenue 1 between Jurong Town Hall Road and Jurong West Street 42/52. They were chosen for the trial because both routes have multiple traffic-light junctions, which will enable the LTA to better evaluate the effectiveness of the system. At the end of the trial period, data collected will be analysed to determine whether the system can effectively complement existing bus priority measures - such as bus lanes, B-signals for buses at junctions and bus priority boxes - to improve bus journey times and reliability.
  15. Bluepica

    Where to buy cheap LED strip

    Hello bruders, Anyone know where can I buy rolls of LED strips for a cheaper price in SG (not taobao or ship from oversea) ? I know sim lim tower got dozens of shops selling and also some light shop along Jalan Besar and Balestier, but have anyone done any homework where is cheapest? Need it for my home cove lighting. thanks!
  16. Wah piang eh.. Buay tahan liao! Some drivers simply don't see the importance of the brake lights especially the 3rd brake light. Can we take pictures of these cars and submit to LTA? Not i jiak ba boh sai pang but these cars when they brake, u dont even know they brake if u r not alert! Especially without 3rd brake light. Sorry for friday rant but alot of taxis and old cars dont bother to repair.
  17. Hi All Have been thinking of changing my tail lights to LED type. But my car will be due for 3 year inspection next year. Just wondering, what do they test tail light for? Is it just brightness? If the LED is bright enough (its probably brighter than stock) then its ok? Or will they know it is a modification and will result in failure? For my car, i have to trade in my original tail light to get the LED tail light so once change will be very hard to change back. Thanks for any info that you can share.
  18. carloverguy2017

    Singapore Orchard Road X'mas Lights 2017

    42 more days to X'mas and let's dwell into the good moods today ! A short walk-about from WheelLock Place / Ion Shopping Mall towards Plaza Singapura. For those who are abroad or too reluctant to visit the always-crowded Orchard road, you can get a virtual view from here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D66Ru8Ar0ns&t=12s
  19. In case some of you may not notice, some observations recently : 1. Traffic Red Light Camera now doubles as a Speed Camera mostly 50-60 km/h limit. So when driving through these junctions please observe the speed limit even its Green. 2. At some junctions, Pedestrian 'GO' Green Light seem to be On earlier (by a few sec) than the corresponding Vehicle Green Light. So please only proceed upon 'Green' traffic light instead of Pedestrian 'Green' light. Some of us have been conditioned to proceed with either of the Green lights on. So be careful! Any others ?
  20. Hi everyone, I am sure almost everyone would have noticed this. When u stop at traffic lights, even though u may be the very first car, some motorbike would come in from the side and then queue in front of you and sometimes in front of the stop line even. Still worse, they go slow and u are forced to go even slower for fear of hitting them. This sort of behaviour sometimes is irritating but nothing much we can do. anyone got anything to comment?
  21. Surf2004

    Led Lights at Sliding Door

    Hi, I like to install led strip lights at sliding doors. Usually where are they placed ? I have lighted scuff plates there too. Should I tap the power from there ? Please share your photos if you've done something similar. TIA
  22. who to complain to about traffic lights ?
  23. Dear Bros and Sis, Anyone has recommendation of where to buy lights and fans in JB? Can help to provide shop names and their address? Thanks a lot in advance!
  24. Have you missed the NDP ? No, I actually love the fireworks more than the NDP. Here goes , enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Y7azWJOwU
  25. Hi is anybody willing to share how a new car 5yrs warranty works? i have intent to change my headlights bulb from yellow to those white ones (but LTA approved) like philips 4300 kinds.