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Found 33 results

  1. Just sharin!! For once this is really worth goin to town for! Just for the Disney atmosphere and phototakings. Disney + Xmas is like magic! From Nov 10 2018 to Jan 1 2019. From Tanglin Mall, all the way to Plaza Singapura, the 2.88km stretch along Orchard Road will have four different Disney Themes. 1. Disney Princess 2. Mickey Mouse & Friends 3. Frozen 4. Toy Story https://mothership.sg/2018/09/2018-orchard-road-christmas-light-up/
  2. kobayashiGT

    MCF Xmas HangOut with Citroen

    MCF XMAS HangOut With CITROËN Gift yourself a reason to celebrate this Christmas. 22 Dec 2018, Saturday, 1130am Brunch @ Masons: 8 Lock Rd, Gillman Barracks, S108936. Test Drive and Enjoy Brunch On Us, Plus Stand A Chance To Win Attractive Prizes. HO HO HO It's almost Christmas! It is my favourite festive season of the year! Christmas is a joyous occasion, and we have partnered with Citroën this year to bring you this Xmas HangOut. Come join us for this MCF Xmas Hangout; test drive your favourite Citroën. Citroën is a constant innovator and newsmaker. And putting them ahead of the headlines there is the Citroën C3 AirCross; it brings you the essence of Citroën's design and innovation. You can see it in the bold, dynamic lines and unmistakable light structure both front and rear. Inside, new levels of comfort and versatility combine to create an engaging and inspiring place for everyone. join us for this MCF Xmas Hangout; test drive your favourite Citroën. Citroën Range - Grand C4 SpaceTourer - C4 Cactus - C3 Aircross Program: 11.30am – Registrations /test drives to commence 11.45am – Welcome speech from SGCARMART 11.55am – Welcome from C&C 12.00pm – Brunch is served 12.30pm – 1st round of quiz 1.00pm – Product introduction /call for test drives 1.30pm – Bingo 2.00pm – Product introduction /call for test drives 2.30pm – End of event Come to join us for this MCF Xmas Hangout; test drives your favourite Citroën.
  3. StreetFight3r

    Sydney tower concrete cracked on xmas day

    Any engineers here? Is this still structurally safe to stay? Say if suay suay happens in SG, government declare HDB building still safe for 3/4 of residents to stay, but the other 1/4 got some works need to be carried out to be declared safe again.. will you sell or stay put?? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/dec/26/opal-tower-cracks-nsw-government-urgent-investigation
  4. carloverguy2017

    Prank the kids on X'mas Dinner

    https://youtu.be/tQMlB8PWq8Y No kids are harmed in this video.
  5. Christmas is coming soon. It's a time of giving and receiving.. so have you got your eye on anything special? A car, a watch? Is it a want or a need?? When you get it, how are you going to hide it / explain it to your wife or better half or partner ?
  6. Carbon82

    Christmas 2017

    This year is a special year for our dearest Santa Claus, as he is taking alternate transport during this festive season. He is more environmental conscious? or is it because he has promo code? or maybe he like thing free of charge too? Actually is it because... ... ... ... He lost his redindeer to Koti Pizza... I would like to wish all MCFers: A Merry Christmas and A Wonderful New Year.
  7. christmas is coming ... what xmas presents do you intend to buy for yr loved ones ?
  8. For all your children who love Hello Kitty and maybe yourself? Another reason to visit Changi Airport to soak in the Christmas fest. Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends landed at Changi Airport on Friday (Nov 17) to bring festive cheer to travellers and airport visitors. The cute-fest lasts till Jan 5 next year. Here’s what visitors can expect: SINGAPORE'S LARGEST INDOOR DRONE SHOW Forty drones will light up the airport’s Terminal 3 Departure Hall, forming various shapes such as a snowflake and a Christmas tree, every night at 7.30pm and 9pm. Popular Sanrio characters will also dance to Christmas tunes. ACTIVITIES AND PRIZES TO BE WON Next to check-in row 11 at T3’s Departure Hall, a series of games have been planned for visitors, with attractive prizes to be won. SANRIO-THEMED PLAYGROUND According to Changi, the playground is a “first in any airport in Asia”. For the full news, please visit https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/in-pictures-hello-kitty-and-friends-at-changi-airport-9417098?cid=FBcna
  9. Just complaining looking at the list of things to buy for CNY. reunion dinner good food... to spruce up the homes, new clothes, new shoes, and of course to spruce up my car for the CNY. sian.... think this year i am skipping buying new clothes liao... already a bit sian of all the xmas gifts to buy fro colleagues and friends. didnt even get any good xmas exchange gifts. all silly stuff that i won't have bought on my own
  10. glad that the poor old lady managed to have her dream fufillled. i have a granny too. i felt so bad for her when i read that. some of these travel agencies owner really deserved to be hanged by the balls. #FaithInHumanityRestored
  11. Nkps

    Christmas 2016!

    Me, NKPS and the Meenah gang wish everyone in MCF Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2014!
  12. TOKYO—Christmas is coming, so it’s time to reserve fried chicken and cake in Japan. Consumption of those two foods has so firmly come to mark the informal holiday here—Dec. 25 isn’t an official day off—that few Japanese are aware other countries prefer somewhat different Christmas cuisine. “I had no idea,” said 22-year-old university student Ryuya Morimoto, informed that chicken and cake aren’t American yuletide staples. “When I was a little kid, we would eat chicken as a family,” he said, “and then have Christmas cake, with a little chocolate piece on the top that said, ‘Merry Christmas.’ ” Families like his make this the busiest time of the year for Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Japan. KFC lets customers reserve fried chicken as early as October’s end. Those who try buying buckets on Christmas Eve risk having to stand in line up to six hours under the watchful eye of a Santa-suited Colonel Sanders. Japan’s Christmas-chicken tradition dates to the early 1970s, when a non-Japanese customer came into a Tokyo KFC store one day to buy fried chicken as a turkey substitute, according to the chain. KFC, still struggling at the time to win Japanese over to eating greasy food with their fingers, hatched the idea for a new Christmas tradition.It was a hit among families, and a lasting ritual was born. “Christmas is boring without Kentucky,” said 18-year-old high-school student Yuna Nakajima, using the name by which KFC is popularly known in Japan. Ms. Nakajima has already reserved her chicken this year, planning to enjoy the traditional meal on Christmas Eve. A spokeswoman for KFC Holdings Japan Ltd. said December’s sales every year are double regular monthly sales. The publicly traded company operates under a franchise agreement with a subsidiary ofYum Brands Inc. For the first time this year, KFC Japan is letting customers reserve online at many of its stores, after a trial last year. Customers can pick up their Christmas baskets from Dec. 19 through Dec. 25. Recently, some of the nation’s ubiquitous convenience stores have been crowing that they offer a better deal.FamilyMart Co.’s “premium chicken” basket starts at around $20. The chain, with more than 11,000 stores in Japan, says in its advertising: “If there isn’t fried chicken, it isn’t Christmas.” By contrast, turkeys and pigs are under no particular stress at this time of year in Japan, as the American and European custom of eating those meats at Christmas is hardly known. Student Ms. Nakajima gasped when she heard that turkey was among America’s yuletide preferences. “Christmas and chicken are one,” she said. The KFC in Japan is the real deal! Please go try it when you're there
  13. Pinobii

    Christmas 2015

    Christmas is coming, it's my favorite season of the year, started this thread for sharing all about Christmas 2015 from sales, gift ideas, lobangs and everything else I will start with christmas light up from this sat to Jan 3 :) Orchard Road to unveil Christmas light-up on Saturday http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/orchard-road-to-unveil/2254482.html
  14. Taken from http://www.hotelsandphotos.com/its-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-xmas ( I don't own these photos)
  15. Kurty

    Xmas present

    Hello peeps, as you know Xmas is sometime next week, i'm trying to find some presents that is economic yet presentable. it's for my colleagues, mainly are gals.. in fact, i'm one of the few thorns around here. Budget less than $10, i know chocolate but isn't it too common? initially i got them hershey's & kisses chocolate.. quite cheap, $3+ for 2 bars and 1 bar of chocolate per colleague. after some deeper thoughts, i think i better beef it up or i will be deem as the most cheapo within the company. actually not many colleagues that i be giving out, less than $10. Hence some Xmas gift ideas please.. No G string or kinky proposal.. it's for Colleagues!!! P.S: Xmas gift exchange is on this friday, and i know how to deal with it. i probably go search my room for some unused item
  16. Piyopico

    Audi Promo for Xmas

    A6 2.0 Tfsi at S $198,888. Thats like 30 grand off the list price. When dealers offer such discounts. Are they just gimmicks or a really good deal? Its like COE dropping 30k pricing wor.
  17. Kurty

    Xmas came early for some

    knowing that i have been a good guy for 2012, santa got me something great a big Thank You to George Lucas, it was really generous of him to give every employee an Iphone 5, ipad 4 and 2 other gifts.. The morning Xmas breakfast was great too. wow, it's really generous as it was extend to intern, contract workers like myself. THANK YOU, woohoo
  18. Sk65

    Xmas lights

    planning with my boss to light up his garden. any bros here familiar with taobao where i can order and ship in those LED? or local wholesaler? as any1 would have guessed, boss house usually big. so might need more than a few metres. for personal home deco, i go to tekka mall (The Verge) enough liao. one tree, few lights, few balls, few deco pieces....
  19. As a gesture of goodwill + repentence? Ho Ho Ho.......... Meery Xmas and Happy New Year to all bros
  20. Can't think of anything special....maybe just go for a nice dinner. or maybe pay for her eyebrow embroidery. lol.
  21. headache, xmas coming, what to buy for wife since married, almost no chance, no need, to chit chat with other ladies as often. what is the in thing for ladies lately? apart from the usual LV, prada, (which over the yrs, i have managed to add to a small collection for my wife) or victoria secrets, or some shiny sandles i dont' recalled the name, but so many wearing it. can help? is there some kind of jewellery quite in fashion now? (of cos, i dunno the name also) if i am not wrong, its in the same league as tiffany type. Disclaimer btw, the title wife/gf is not that i have wife and gf its more like bros with similar headache can visit this thread.
  22. A Christmas tree outside Takashimaya shopping mall on Orchard Road caught fire on Monday evening. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it received a call at about 8.30pm. The fire engulfed the seven-metre tall tree. The blaze was put out in five minutes. No one was injured.
  23. Babyt

    Company Xmas Gift Exchange

    we had our company gift exchange today. budget is min. $10. my colleague received an old 512MB thumbdrive, rusty and brown in a brownish box. looks like a door gift another colleague received an old looking photo frame packed in a brownish dirty box. for the latter, another colleague received a $10 hagen daz vouchor, exchanged w the old photo frame citing she likes old thing! come to think of it, she is so kind to exchange and i wonder if that colleague picked up her old photo frame! lol Some ppl really too much...give trash as present really spolit ppl mood. i got myself a huge candle...either its recycled or the person cant be bothered to buy something more meaningful or at least more wacky. candle? to wax my leg hair or to SM myself w wax at night?!
  24. Minikong

    Merry xmas

    merr xmas, and wish you all huat! any ideas on where to hang out for the party?
  25. Minikong

    Xmas traffic

    yoz all, xmas is coming, and it is a decision on to drive or not to drive, as the road will be jammed with cars!!!! so u all have place in mind, like going to malaysia, or anything else, i miss out the rws hotel package already, and is feeling lost now