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Found 37 results

  1. Wildfaye29

    Wedding Anniversary - Gifts

    Couldn't find a suitable folder, decided to create in lite & ez. Its 10th year anniversary. Net search says blue sapphire is an alternative gift to the traditional diamond. Great idea, diamonds are too mainstream, too common, too boring. Questions: 1) beside blue sapphire, are there alternatives? 2) is where is a good jeweler to get blue sapphire? 3) do these gems have certification of any sort (like GIA for diamonds? Any tips appreciated!
  2. Motul_SG


    OUTDRIVE THE RAT RACE WITH MOTUL Snag a limited edition Motul T-shirt when you purchase 4L of 300V / H-Tech / Hybrid or 5L of Specific / 8100 range of products. Buy from our list of authorised dealers at motulconnect.com/sg 
  3. Hi All First time i am "crowd sourcing" here....i am looking for unique corporate gift to commemorate my company 25th Anniversary next year. Budget is up to $20 or even more if worth it. Must appear quite atas one....cos other than staff we are also going to give to biz partners, etc. Anyone has any ideas or any vendor to recommend? Thanks!!
  4. Dear MyCarForum committee, A great job well done on the welcome gift. Very impressed and thoughtful. The Accident Kit is an extremely handy and essential gift. Would like to find out if this Accident Kit is up for sales as well. Convenient and good for all drivers to get a copy of this kit. Regards / Vin3663
  5. Christmas is coming soon. It's a time of giving and receiving.. so have you got your eye on anything special? A car, a watch? Is it a want or a need?? When you get it, how are you going to hide it / explain it to your wife or better half or partner ?
  6. FinalNitro

    MCF Premium Gift Pack

    Hi. As above. Regards to the gift pack, I still haven't received it after upgrading my account to premium. Wondering if I did anything incorrectly. Thanks!
  7. Jman888

    Can HDB be used as Gift?

    a single woman pass away due to cancer, she give her flat to her 'married' boy friend who came to locked up the unit when the sister of the decease refused to hand over, and was taken away by the police. question: can the 'boy friend' own two hdb units? when he is already married and have his own flat?
  8. ok stop being a green eyed monster and stop cursing him
  9. LifePro_Tips

    LoveChapter.com by NOEL

    LoveChapter.com by Noel Love is a journey, not a destination Preparing for the perfect first date? Celebrating your anniversaries? Or just showering your love one with tokens of affection? At LoveChapter.com, we aspire to bring you the pleasant gift shopping experience every time for every special occasion of yours. We have the ideal gift selections, guides on everything you like to know about love and personality quiz to help you find the ideal gift for your loved one.With LoveChapter.com, shopping for the gift for your loved one will be a breeze! We constantly explore fresh ideas and gift concepts to bring them to you all in a click so you could shop anytime and anywhere. And if you need assistance, chat with our friendly Online Giftologist who will be more than glad to be of service.Enjoy shopping with us! LoveChapter.com by NOEL 21 Ubi Road 1 #03-01, Singapore 408724 Phone: 6299 1155 / 6293 3522 Website: www.lovechapter.com
  10. LifePro_Tips


    FarEastFlora.com Pte Ltd Make Someone Smile Today with FarEastFlora.com™, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia's leading online florist! As a pioneer in recognizing the Internet's commercial potential, we started our internet store in 2000 in Singapore and now offer over 1000 choices in flowers, gifts, plants and hampers. On top of that, FarEastFlora.com™ also specializes in floral decoration for weddings, events, customized corporate gifting and more. Being part of InterFlora, a worldwide florist association, we can also cater for customer's needs by sending flowers and gifts to more than 140 countries. In our continuous effort to ensure that our customers receive only the best flowers, we have close collaboration with growers and major flower exporters around the world to ensure that we receive fresh and high quality flowers like roses, gerberas, tulips, sunflowers, carnations and other nature's. This helps to ensure that your gifts arrive fresh, beautiful and perfect! Aspiring to bring smiles all around, our team of more than 60 smile-makers in Singapore, 20 smile-makers in Hong Kong and 15 smile-makers in Malaysia are dedicated to bringing you the highest level of service. Continuously innovating, our team strives to bring fresh and creative gift ideas like Flower Memo® andBox of Blooms®. On top of that, brand partners like Crabtree & Evelyn, Marriott Singapore, Sins and many others have collaborated with us on different occasions to bring you interesting product offerings. We want to be a part of your every special moment, which is why we have flowers & gifts for all occasions: Birthday, Anniversaries, Love & Romance, Get Well ,Congratulations and the list goes on! Not forgetting our special promotions rolled out for all holidays:Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Bosses' Day, Secretary' Day and more. In October 2006, to serve the Asia Pacific region, our team ventured into Hong Kong with www.FarEastFlora.com.hk. Always going the extra mile, we opened our first concept retail store in Hong Kong in July 2009 at Flower Market. With our sights set on expansion, other than our online e-commerce website www.FarEastFlora.com, we are proud to announce our first retail outlet in homeland Singapore! Our newest outlet at City Square Mall, Singapore's first eco-green mall, that opened in November 2009. Come by and visit us at B1-16! With the immense success in Singapore and Hong Kong, we continue our pace to Malaysia in 2010. www.FarEastFlora.com.my is launched in March 2011. The Malaysia one-stop floriculture centre is located in Bangsar, the up-scale location located in Kuala lumpur. With the same concept in Hong Kong, we provide the only walk-in fresh flower cold room of approximately 3,000 sq.ft in Malaysia. In our constant strive to enable easy and hassle-free ordering of flowers and gifts on-the-go, our first mobile app SG Florist was launched in August 2011 so that our customers can experience convenience at their finger tips. Other than incorporating both Singapore and Hong Kong’s product offerings in one app, SG Florist also allows for a seamless buying experience by fully integrating payment with credit cards and PayPal all within the app. We are proud to be the winner of ZDNet Asia's SMB of the Year 2006 and the Singapore Service Class Award. We are the creator of Flower Memo®, a patent-pending innovation that displays color images on flowers, and Box of Blooms®; which won the Singapore Packaging Star Award 2005 and AsiaStar Award 2005. You are our motivation in our quest for more meaningful yet unique gifting ideas. FarEastFlora.com Pte Ltd 565 Thomson Rd Singapore 298184 Phone: +65 6251 2323 Website: www.FarEastFlora.com Our customer service team is eager to be of service! Just call us or order online! With our hassle-free return guarantee, you can now shop with confidence!
  11. Hi, I am renewing my insurance very soon. however, i realise that my premium given from my agent like no diff compare to previously policy ... now have 10% more NCD but same amount ... my friend told me that some insurance offer $50 NTUC voucher once owner renew with them. but will that add to our Insurance premium ??? cos i know some insurancer does not reflect the premium amount ... please advise thanks
  12. A prelude to a war with Iran? Never mind, the Iranian love this new toy paid by angry American tax payer. CIA "0", Iranian "1". Source: Iranian news report
  13. Mikelcy1963

    Gift ideas for elderly relatives

    Hope to get some ideas What are appropriate gifts for elder relatives that I am visiting in Melaka ? Have not visited for many years. One suggestion from my colleague is dry foodstuff like mushrooms, fishmaw, abalone, etc. Any other suggestions that elderly relatives will appreciate ? Thanks

    A gift on Cooling Off Day!!

    I wonder what is LTY was talking about in the last pic.. Source: http://kirstenhan.me/2012/05/25/some-epic-...ghten-your-day/ and HWZ PS: Don flame me hor, just find this interesting
  15. Friendstar

    Budget watch as gift

    Hi all, looking for a budget watch as a gift for a 21yo guy. budget about S$500. Looking at mainstream brands like seiko, citizen, titus etc. any recommendation where to buy? i heard mustafa? paisay i'm also quite noob in such thing. please advice
  16. headache, xmas coming, what to buy for wife since married, almost no chance, no need, to chit chat with other ladies as often. what is the in thing for ladies lately? apart from the usual LV, prada, (which over the yrs, i have managed to add to a small collection for my wife) or victoria secrets, or some shiny sandles i dont' recalled the name, but so many wearing it. can help? is there some kind of jewellery quite in fashion now? (of cos, i dunno the name also) if i am not wrong, its in the same league as tiffany type. Disclaimer btw, the title wife/gf is not that i have wife and gf its more like bros with similar headache can visit this thread.
  17. Am not sure of you guys but i think it is even more victorious if MBH, WKS and VIVIAN lose this election vs winning 4 GRC? It will be a great wake up call to the goberment that u must pay for yr mistake. so wht say u? Was quite disappointed that the oppo most heavy weights did not contest in their area.
  18. it's for my iPad. This app i bought is a free app from the US iTunes store (not avail in SG App store). And it's got some in-app purchases. But because my US iTunes account isn't linked to a US credit card, the only way to buy is to top up my US iTunes account with a US iTunes gift card. Where do I get a US iTunes gift card? Can't believe I have to search high and low for very low purchase (few dollars only). I googled. But the only local guy who provides it isn't responding to my smses (itunesgiftcard . biz/Contact_Us.html) Argh. Lousy.
  19. Babyt

    Company Xmas Gift Exchange

    we had our company gift exchange today. budget is min. $10. my colleague received an old 512MB thumbdrive, rusty and brown in a brownish box. looks like a door gift another colleague received an old looking photo frame packed in a brownish dirty box. for the latter, another colleague received a $10 hagen daz vouchor, exchanged w the old photo frame citing she likes old thing! come to think of it, she is so kind to exchange and i wonder if that colleague picked up her old photo frame! lol Some ppl really too much...give trash as present really spolit ppl mood. i got myself a huge candle...either its recycled or the person cant be bothered to buy something more meaningful or at least more wacky. candle? to wax my leg hair or to SM myself w wax at night?!
  20. Cerano

    Nice gift ideas

    Any bros or sis can help with this? For christmas budget around 50 per gift for around 20 yr olds
  21. Imamiah

    Help with Christmas gift idea

    Hey guys, I had exhausted ideas for Xmas gifts for love ones. Like very boring... every year the same stuff... exchange gifts already... store 1 side then throw away :P Cany anyone help me out? My budget is $20 per pax (family quite big leh). I actually found this Xmas card very cute... but like wasting $$$ leh... how ah? http://sg.redad.com/viewad.asp?id=50351715679166999
  22. Davidklt

    The Boys

    Came across this today. For those that are keen to do some charity work using their cars: http://www.whatshappening.sg/events/index....2&year=2010
  23. I saw very nice ones in Ion Orchard 4th floor but they were selling at 22 bucks for a PAPER box any bros know of a reasonably priced box? Must be hard and stylish. Budget around 10-15 for it. Size must be around slightly larger than a deodourant can
  24. Yours for US$40,000.