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  1. So suay, this guy bought a second hand car, driven for 10 days and suddenly the car went up in flames at Old Airport Road Food Centre carpark Looks like a Honda. Anyone knows the model? https://www.zaobao.com.sg/news/singapore/story20220813-1302575
  2. any feedback? as i look ard n all costs 150++ thks all bros
  3. I was contemplating a switch over to diesel engine car + aesthetic/ handsome look of DS5, heard engine clatter while on start, goes off when running gear, anyone care to share more on likes/ dislikes, performance and bad vibes. Understand the french are good in fashion designs and culinary delights, but comes to car technology, it's a different piece of cake altogether, not particularly in favour of Peugeot or Renault, however have seen Peugeot 5008, priced $132K. Thank U
  4. So I bought a used 10 year old car. What happens next year if I go for inspection and inspection fails ? I suspect the cat in the exhaust was modified or deleted ... Can I buy a cat to install ?
  5. During 2013, COE was around 70-80k. Few times went over 90k. Have you decided to scrap current car and buy new one??
  6. cannot find any review on Jack Cars on the net..wondering if it's a reliable company. Their car all sold with "performance image" label, also cannot find anything on this company...anyone know ?
  7. Being scouting ard the market to look for a replacement vehicle for my 5 years old nissan sunny... due to other financial commitment... finally settled for a car less than 50k.... Hyundai Avante and Kia Forte come to my mind... both is sedan cos i needed the boot and both fit my budget... testing time... Kia Forte first... due to the heavier weight... the moving off is sluggish... like my sunny... plenty of gadget to play with... chio design... but the attitude of the SE killed it... a take it or leave it attitude... i didnt wan to make a scene... quietly left Kia and went over to Hyundai... Hyundai Avante... the friendly SE is able to give me an excellent package... test drive is positive as i love how to car handle and the pickup is decent... so much better than my sunny... the manual gear box is butter smooth... but not honda smooth... and its a simple no frill design... for the same manual car... i saved 3k compared to forte... but the electric steering is way too light... but the SE mentioned that it can be tuned heavier... weird... Avante had been ard for quite some time... and most prob had been iron out... i needed a strong reliable car... confirmed coe and delivery of car before cny also sealed the deal... looking forward to my new car...
  8. Hi, Anyone has any experience when you bought any items /accessories from the local online auto car parts and accessories shop below? I am thinking of buying from them but not sure if they are cheap or good. https://littleredcarshop.com/ocart/index.php?route=common/home thanks.
  9. I recently bought some items from this website and they have a good range of items for sale. Maybe those who are keen t buy for end of year gifts like bags,wallet, purse , can check it out? Their actual store is based in Msia. They even have a "whatsapps" tel number for oen to cehck stock or colour status of items. I did WA them and they reply quite fast. I bought from their online store. Not sure if anyone keen to know the link. Do let me know. cheers
  10. Bad news for online shoppers.. http://www.straitstimes.com/business/economy/customers-might-have-to-pay-tax-on-goods-and-services-bought-online
  11. Hi guys! Been awhile~! If lets say I buy my tires online, then I wanna get it fix onto my car, how much would car tyre shop charge me since I never buy the tires from them? Any good tyre shop in east? Thanks!
  12. I have been thinking for awhile now but still don't understand how this works. I always see pple saying that when COE crash (I don't know how low is consider crash) those pple with high COE (how high is high? 90k 80k 70k?) can change car as it's more "worth" it. But then we can only get back the unused COE half of the OMV (less CEVS if applicable). am I missing something else? So if I change car after 3 yrs my depreciation will be very high like 15-20k per year? so how is it worth changing? Pls enlighten me lol...
  13. Hey all, my silver picnic is ard 3 years. just wanna use the original touch up paint to mend lots of ugly scratches. Have bought the touch up paint from borneo aready... so what should i take note of? i heard people using sand paper etc... i'm a total noob in this. just wondering, if i ever apply a bit too much, how do i wipe it off properly? my impression is that it'll dry up immediately and leave an even uglier patch. experts pls advise! thanks!
  14. I thought of buying tyres from them. The prices seem cheap. What do you guys think? Is it worth it or not... if not where to go? Tyrepac website Thanks!
  15. Anyone know which rich guy bought this? Article says Singapore-based, so may or may not be local. But regardless, ridiculous amount of money for a boat. http://megayachtnews.com/2013/07/ocean-par.../#axzz2ZTaOJfAh http://www.superyachttimes.com/editorial/3/article/id/10858
  16. Just like to enquire if any of the MCF forumers here bought a property either in Ledang or Puteri Harbour?
  17. Hopefully she won't leave me stranded
  18. Home-grown chain Crystal Jade will soon be running its restaurants with a dash of French flair, thanks to a new ownership structure on the menu. The company is being taken over by Paris-based luxury group LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton's private equity arm, which has been on a buying spree over the past few months. L Capital Asia has signed a deal to buy "over 90 per cent" of Crystal Jade Group for an undisclosed sum, managing director Christina Teo told The Straits Times earlier this week. "It is a household brand that resonates with many people. We think we can add value," she said. Sources told The Straits Times that the investment was around US$100 million (S$126 million). Ms Teo said L Capital invested in Crystal Jade out of a US$1 billion fund incepted this year, and would continue to look out for other deals in Singapore. The fusion between the two could go beyond the financials. Crystal Jade will be able to tap LVMH's wine and spirits group to expand its offerings, Ms Teo said. That group includes premium labels such as Moet & Chandon champagne and Belvedere vodka. LVMH's "good relationships with landlords" can also help Crystal Jade secure prime spots for its outlets, she added. Crystal Jade, which opened its first restaurant at the former Cairnhill Hotel in 1991, now has 47 outlets in Singapore and 82 overseas, and pulled in close to $250 million in sales last year. L Capital's backing would open doors for the firm and help it expand faster, Crystal Jade chairman and chief executive Ip Yiu Tung told The Straits Times. Crystal Jade has carved out a foothold in markets like Indonesia and India, and has set its sights on places as far as the Middle East and Europe, he said. It plans to open 18 restaurants this year. A 20,000 sq ft San Francisco eatery that can seat more than 400 is expected to open in August, he said. The Hong Konger, who became a Singapore permanent resident in 2008, said he was retaining only a "very small" portion of his stake in the company, mainly as he wants to hand over the reins. "I am already 65 years old, and my daughter has no interest in taking over. It was time to pass it on to someone capable of bringing the business to another level," he said. "We are still a one-man company, but would like to change to being a corporate-managed company so that we can go further." He plans to stay at the helm for one or two more years before possibly being an adviser or brand ambassador for the company. He and Ms Teo said a public listing for Crystal Jade could be on the cards. L Capital bought a controlling stake in Singapore club Ku De Ta earlier this year. It also owns part of Australian food outfit Jones the Grocer and Singapore shoe brand Charles & Keith. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/french-luxury-group-taking-over-crystal-jade-20140430
  19. Hi bros, just bought a OPC Hyundai Tucson for my mum. Mileage on it is about 53k km now. Any specialist wkshop for 05' Hyundai Tucson? Overall the drive is smooth and quiet. I read in STOG recommending Gary (Lavender Esso) but seems like prices are abit high. Any ideas? TIA!
  20. Hi Would like to know has anyone in this forum bought a property in HH? If yes, would like to know in which Phase and app $$ u paid and any plans to stay in JB? Jus wanted to know more before committing... Thanks for sharing
  21. hi bros, I just bought a used '07 Getz 1.1M. Everything is stock on the car except it comes with an open pod filter. Is it expensive to change back to stock air box? I intend to purchase one from stockist and DIY replace it. Anything I need to look out for? Also will appreciate if you can recommend cheap place to get Hyundai parts as I am 1st time Korean car buyer :) thank you.
  22. any thoughts after the new ruling? wonder if today car sales will be affected or not
  23. Will it explode? Any one got experience? http://list.qoo10.sg/item/MOBILE-HUB-ONDA-...TOUCH/408731746
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