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  1. Browsing through the Elantra thread, it seems that more people are buying this model rather than the Altis. There seems to be more new Elantra than Altis on the roads as well. I can attribute it to the vast price difference between the two models. VES is one factor that is against the altis. Also, the specs of this Korean made car is superior than the Altis. Is this the year where the Elantra reign supreme and become the best selling car in Singapore? Is this the time where the Altis is finally dethroned by the Elantra? Or maybe Altis will still retain its top selling crown? Afterall the Toyota brand has always been associated with reliability. Lets have a healthy discussion on this.
  2. Now... My Life is complete... The other wish is to start thread to get win something thread of the month Any bro willing to sarpork sarpork?
  3. At last, 14 more days! Punggol is getting its new road to TPE/KPE being Phase 1 starting 25 Nov 2018. Hope that it alleviates the peak hour jam (even on weekends). Kinda of excited as I'm personally affected by the jam everyday. Let's look at the situation after it opens. But then again, it is during school holidays and the real situation should be reflected next year when school reopens. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-punggol-link-road-to-tpe-kpe-10908120
  4. Dear bros and sisters, Thank you a lot for your support, i am happy and a proud member of this car forum. i would like to express my sincere thanks to the following seniors who have guided me a lot along the way: Angcheek Carbon82 cashcow FourZero Freeder Jamesc Mercs Newbie26 Pinobii Pocy SiLangKia Spring Staff69 Still2016 Sunny Tianmo Uncle2 2BDriverPlease accept my apology for those who i might have unintentionally miss out. Thank you.
  5. UK Channel 4 documentary that has caused a stir...the truth about diesels and its consequences. http://youtu.be/7QUoP3EnELA
  6. https://my.news.yahoo.com/proton-finally-reveals-pcc-glory-152550780.html After months of speculation and the rumour mill brewing with ridiculous expectations, Proton has finally given us some actual facts about the PCC. Proton prefers to keep a tight lip regarding information on its future vehicles. The company, like Apple prefers to keep mum until the eventual launching. In the case of the PCC however, Proton did exactly the opposite by allowing journalists into a secluded area of its Centre of Excellence building in Shah Alam – a place that the outside world rarely gets to see. Like any other automaker, Proton prefers to keep prying eyes away from models currently under development, which is the same in the case of the PCC or Proton Compact Car. The PCC, seven of them to be exact, were placed in a special storage room whose entrance was manned by two police officers and a number of Proton employees. Since the PCC has not been launched, flash photography was strictly prohibited during the reveal and Proton went through great lengths to keep it that way as even smartphones of journos had their camera lenses covered by tape and then the phones placed in plastic bags. This made me wonder, if Proton was going to show me a car or a spaceship. This much of security for the PCC? The security level there was befitting of a UFO reveal at Area 51 but, I guess Proton had its reasons. Anyway, after a brief presentation on the car, the PCC was finally revealed in all its glory. Dimensions wise this small Proton is 3,905mm long, 1,720mm wide and 1,550mm high. By comparison, the Perodua Myvi is 3690mm long, 1665mm wide and 1,545mm high, which means the PCC is a relatively bigger car than Perodua’s breadwinner. Proton says that 4 years were spent on creating the PCC at a cost of about RM500 million. This goes without saying that the national automaker is hoping for great things from this little car. Having had first hand experience with the car, I can say that quite a lot of effort was put into it, both in design and construction. The body structure utilises ultra high strength steel, the same kind used in the Preve, which makes the body rigid and able to protect occupants effectively during a crash. From the front, the contours as well as the headlights look very similar to that of the Saga FLX, while the grille and chrome pieces look akin to that of the Preve. At the rear, the PCC takes on an angular look with the tails lights and boot lid taking on prominently sharp lines, which should be to the liking of younger car buyers. When launched, the PCC will be offered with a choice of two engines, which are a newly developed 1.6-litre VVT unit and a 1.3-litre VVT one that is said to be a reworked version of the current 1.3-litre CamPro engine. Both engines will be mated to either a CVT transmission or the tried and tested 5-speed stick shift. Just like its bigger brothers, the PCC will come loaded with tech that are lightyears better than vehicles like the Saga and Savvy. For starters, manoeuvring through tight spaces won’t be an issue because the PCC is equipped with electronic power steering. Hill Hold Assist, is a feature that keeps the car from rolling back when the PCC stops on an inclination. All the driver needs to do to get going is, to step on the accelerator pedal and set off. Keeping the PCC in check are a plethora of safety systems that include 6 airbags, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electric Stability Control (ESC), Tracton Control System (TCS), Electronic Brake Distribution(EBD) and Brake Assist. This is an impressive list of features though I’m a little skeptical about the base trim car getting everything mentioned here. Like Proton’s current line up, the PCC comes with power windows, but, what sets it apart from that of its brethren is the ability to roll the windows back down when an obstacle (your hand) prevents it from going up fully. This is a welcome feature especially for parents who are worried about their kids getting their hands injured. The system works pretty well although I have a blood shot middle finger to prove that it isn’t idiot proof. Inside, the interior is unlike anything you’ve seen from Proton, as the quality of materials used far exceed that of the Saga BLM. But what is most interesting is that, despite the car’s dimensions, the cabin offers generous legroom both for front and rear passengers. To put that into context, a driver with a height of 187cm could adjust his seat comfortably and the rear passenger of the same height, will still have more than enough legroom to remain comfortable on long journeys. But what will interest many is the addition of two USB charging outlets for your smartphone and tablet on top of the dedicated USB outlet for your thumb drive. When launched, the PCC will be offered as three variants; Standard, Executive and Premium. The 1.3-litre car will come in Standard and Executive trim levels while the 1.6-litre car will be offered as Executive and Premium variants. The Standard doesn’t come with a lot of the “bling bling” of the Premium variant and as such has to forgo many of the chrome trim pieces, DRLS, rear spoiler and a number of other trim fitments. Despite countless cleverly disguised questions thrown at the Proton team, they refused to divulge information regarding pricing but it has been understood that it will not exceed RM70,000.00 because that would cause it to encroach on territory occupied by bigger offerings. The “take home” of this entire “Top Secret” reveal was for the public to know that Perodua’s Axia isn’t the only game in town and that come 25 September 2014, the highly anticipated PCC will be launched for Malaysian car buyers. So mark that day on your calendar!
  7. Being scouting ard the market to look for a replacement vehicle for my 5 years old nissan sunny... due to other financial commitment... finally settled for a car less than 50k.... Hyundai Avante and Kia Forte come to my mind... both is sedan cos i needed the boot and both fit my budget... testing time... Kia Forte first... due to the heavier weight... the moving off is sluggish... like my sunny... plenty of gadget to play with... chio design... but the attitude of the SE killed it... a take it or leave it attitude... i didnt wan to make a scene... quietly left Kia and went over to Hyundai... Hyundai Avante... the friendly SE is able to give me an excellent package... test drive is positive as i love how to car handle and the pickup is decent... so much better than my sunny... the manual gear box is butter smooth... but not honda smooth... and its a simple no frill design... for the same manual car... i saved 3k compared to forte... but the electric steering is way too light... but the SE mentioned that it can be tuned heavier... weird... Avante had been ard for quite some time... and most prob had been iron out... i needed a strong reliable car... confirmed coe and delivery of car before cny also sealed the deal... looking forward to my new car...
  8. No longer a victim to the women's charter. http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=55584#1 Judge ordered lazy SG wife to get a job!! Summarized: Husband earns $2039/mth. After separation, the wife, unemployed, who is a degree graduate is asking for $2331/mth in maintenance. Judge thinks it's unreasonable, ask her to get a job and help raise the daughter.
  9. Finally Leonardo has a Oscar under his belt! After 6 nomination! Listen to his winning speech!
  10. http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2013/10/23/honda-to-go-small-gas-powered-at-tokyo-motor-show/ CAT A COE!
  11. In gist, she resigned from NSP and she has no intention of joining Tan Jee Say's Singaporean First party. http://www.zaobao.com.sg/realtime/singapore/story20140829-383121 佘雪玲证实退出国民团结党 (联合早报网讯)在上届大选崭露头角的佘雪玲证实退出国民团结党,同时表明不会加入上届总统选举参选人陈如斯新成立的国人为先党。 目前定居在泰国曼谷工作的原国民团结党中委佘雪玲(28岁),今天在电邮中向本报证实已向该党请辞。 她强调自己仍然非常敬重团结党的领导层和党员,也继续与他们保持友谊。她说:“离开国民团结党是项非常艰难和痛苦的决定,在这之前并未发生任何事促使我的离开。” 佘雪玲说,她初加入政坛时只是一个刚大学毕业的年轻人,希望为社会作出贡献,提高年轻人的政治意识和兴趣。“如今已达到一个我觉得可以暂时功成身退的阶段,我必须在其他方面发展和成长,日后才可以在我选择所处的位置继续回馈社会。” 国民团结秘书长张媛容在星期一(25日)接到佘雪玲书面请辞,并坦言对佘雪玲的辞职“感到意外”。 她说,佘雪玲在这之前未曾透露去意,但她不讳言后者自今年3月移居到泰国拓展广告事业后,“对党的事务已不如过去活跃”。 张媛容认为,佘雪玲是经过深思熟虑才作出这个决定,而作为党领导,只能接受和祝福她。 然而,佘雪玲也坦承,离开团结党并不意味着她将完全退出政坛。“我会继续关注家园所发生的事。我只是需要找寻一个更适合的平台在作出贡献和反馈。” 对于坊间之前谣传她可能加入陈如斯创立的国人为先党,佘雪玲强调:“我没有意思加入或与国人为先党合作。”(本报记者:洪奕婷)
  12. Maintenance not an unalloyed right of women: Judge Source: Straits Times Date: 22 Apr 2014 Author: K.C. Vijayan He says even token sum would be wrong if protection is not needed A JUDGE debunked the idea that maintenance was an "unalloyed right" of a woman and suggested a wider Marriage Charter might someday replace the current Women's Charter. Justice Choo Han Teck said a woman who is truly independent and equal in a marriage would not need patronising gestures of maintenance, which belie "deep chauvinistic thinking". His comments came in decision grounds released yesterday explaining why he rejected a woman's $120,000 maintenance claim from her former spouse after their 10-year marriage ended in 2012. He noted the idea for women to seek maintenance evolved out of the 1961 Women's Charter that was passed to protect women when many were housewives supported by their husbands. But this was "yoked to an old attitude that should be changed", he said. "If it were to continue even where the protection is no longer needed, it might lead to the suppression of women in the name of chivalry." He added to award her even a token sum "would be wrong if it was merely symbolic. That symbol for women has to be torn asunder in fact and in spirit". He said the time may come for a "wider, more encompassing Bill" suitably named the Marriage Charter but stressed it was for Parliament to decide " when that moment might be". The couple, he a 47-year-old senior prison officer and she a 48-year-old regional sales manager of a multinational firm, married in 2002 and lived apart after six years. She has a 17-year-old son from a previous marriage whom he adopted and for whose maintenance he pays $1,000 a month, which the court upheld. The parties cannot be named under the law. At issue was the $120,000 lump sum maintenance she sought, "presumably" computed at $1,000 a month for their decade-long marriage, noted the judge. The woman earned slightly more than he did. She grossed $215,900 in annual income according to her 2010 income tax returns. They kept and spent their personal income separately and were financially independent of each other. She had more assets than him. Justice Choo said there should be no maintenance order if the court as in the present case finds she had not depended on her former spouse before and will not rely on any future maintenance monies. Nor should there be an order for "no maintenance but with liberty to apply", which would apply in cases such as where the former husband is ill but subsequently recovers to be able to pay maintenance. "If women were to be treated as equal to men in marriage and in divorce, this distinction is important." The woman's lawyer, Ms Helen Chia, had pointed out she had been devoted to husband and child while juggling her full-time job. Justice Choo said this was taken into account when they agreed on how matrimonial assets should be divided. He added this was not an exceptional case, pointing to a recent High Court ruling in which the wife applied for maintenance and was denied as she was a business-savvy woman who could hold her own. Lawyers said the judge's remarks were a recognition of changing financial realities in spousal relationships. Lawyer Anuradha Sharma, who represented the husband, said: "The Women's Charter is still needed now but the judge is looking ahead to laws that will keep apace with the updated status of the respective spouses." Finally, here is a judge who is willing to apply the Women's Charter fairly with common sense :)
  13. Today accompanying one of my friend to one an audio shop at macperson to do up his audio and i forget his address. whip up my iphone and saw that sgCarMart have feature the directory inside the mobile web. Something useful for most motorist here. especially when i need emergency tyre patching. I can know the nearest tyres-tiam. . . Well done!!!!
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-26412821 Huat ah! Singapore officially the most expensive city in the world according to BBC. It's been a long hard road, good job everyone! Gong xi gong xi!
  15. New PSI reporting system to see more days with "moderate" air quality From May 1, Singapore will see more days with the air quality being classified as in the “moderate” range, as concentrations of smaller polluting particles of PM2.5 will be included in the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings. "As a result of PM2.5 being incorporated into the PSI, more days will be classified as 'moderate' compared to before, even though the actual concentration of pollutants has not changed. "This is purely due to the integration of the PM2.5 concentrations into the PSI scale," the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a statement on Tuesday. NEA added that people can carry on normal activity if air quality is in the “good” or “moderate” range and there will be no change to normal routines on the ground. PM2.5 are tiny particles that can travel deep into the respiratory tract, and get embedded in lung tissue. It is currently reported separately from the PSI. Minister for Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan on Tuesday told Parliament that Singapore will move to an integrated air quality reporting index, where PM2.5 will be incorporated into the current PSI as its sixth pollutant parameter. In explaining the change, Dr Balakrishnan said as far as public health is concerned, PM2.5 concentrations are more often a cause for concern. He said the move would also simplify the air quality reporting system. Going forward, he said PM2.5 levels are expected to determine the PSI "almost all the time". Since August 24, 2012, NEA has been reporting 24-hour PM2.5 concentrations alongside the PSI, which was done as the first step in the transition to the new air quality reporting system. NEA will now complete the transition by incorporating the 24-hour PM2.5 concentrations into the PSI. From May 1, the PSI will reflect a total of six pollutants -- sulphur dioxide (SO2), particulate matter (PM10) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3). The 3-hour PSI will also take into account PM2.5 concentrations. NEA will also publish the 1-hour PM2.5 concentrations every hour. Previously, health advisories issued by the government were based on 24-hour PSI and 24-hour PM2.5, whichever was worse. Under the new air quality reporting system, the health advisory will be based on the new 24-hour PSI as it now directly takes into account PM2.5. NEA said air quality information will be reported every hour from 7am to 11pm during non-haze periods, and around the clock during haze periods. The information will be made available on the NEA website, the haze microsite, NEA Facebook, NEA Twitter and smart phone app, MyENV. NEA will continue to regularly review Singapore's air quality reporting index to ensure that it remains a relevant and useful guide for the public to help plan their daily activities. Dr Balakrishnan also announced the setting up of an International Advisory Panel on transboundary pollution, which will be co-chaired by Professor S Jayakumar and Professor Tommy Koh. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-psi-reporting-system/1028556.html ---------------------- wow..it took them 2 years just to use the same standards as AQICN
  16. http://site.dragtag.com.au/index.php Drag Tag - virtual drag racing with your own car Posted Jul 28th 2006 12:55PM by John Neff Filed under: Motorsports, Tuner Tuesdays, Etc. Drag Tag is an indoor facility in Australia where you can virtually drag race your own car using a patented dyno, hold-down, steering and visualization simulator. Design, developed and operated in Australia, Drag Tag uses its own specially-designed hold-down system to keep your car strapped on the dyno during WOT. Laser sensors are used to monitor the angle of the front wheels and gather steering data, while three massive 4.5-meter screens provide over a 200-degree of various simulated race environments. The Drag Tag website points out the obvious benefits it has to offer over actual racing, which include a complete disregard for the weather outside, shorter lines, no helmets or race suits required and really fast cars don't need any expensive safety equipment like a roll cage. In order to join the fun, one must first purchase a membership to Drag Tag that include installation of the special hold-down brackets, after which nightly racing can cost anywhere from AUS $10 to $50 for an evening of digital automotive mayhem. While there's no replacement for the experience of a real Christmas Tree going green and dropping the hammer, the idea of driving your own car in a video game is strangely appealing. ----------- they should bring this to singapore!
  17. Must go again before it's finally gone... won't be the same again... http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/17/world/as...;pagewanted=all
  18. Today i went to audi 2nd hand showroom and tested drive the old audi a8, not impressed with it. After that i went to the audi new car showroom again as last time i was rejected to test drive all new a8, this time round they allow me to test drive and i was impressed!!! Dont know wad the heck me and my parent thinking, we agree on it and book a black colour with brown interior which is same with the test car. They offer my car with high trade in price, 190k and the new a8 was quoted 334k after 10k disc. My parent must be crazy!!! Car will be delivered in 3 weeks time... Cant wait to drive it
  19. Caught a speedster on camera? Send clip to cops The next time your in-car surveillance camera captures a speeding motorist on the roads, don't just upload it online. Send it to the Traffic Police, too. The authorities said video recordings of possible traffic violations are used in their investigations, and encouraged the public to send the clips if they lodge a police report against errant drivers. "Members of the public who have original footage of such videos are advised to provide them at the earliest opportunity to the Traffic Police," it said in response to queries from The Straits Times. Such investigations also require support from eyewitnesses with information to come forward, it added. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...p-cops-20130805
  20. wah minister for info, yaacob come in liao [laugh]
  21. So it seems we men are the culprits!! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/health...for/710886.html
  22. Hi all, Time to rejoice at the news of Channel 5 showing the Confederation Cup Live on Channel 5!!! Afterall, it's been a while since we are treated to such football action on free-to-air channels.. Cheers.........
  23. SINGAPORE - The lorry involved in the accident that killed a cyclist on Changi Coast Road last Saturday was stationary at the time. The cyclist, whose name was not given, was a 29-year-old Briton who was working in a bank in Singapore. He is understood to have been riding in a small group along the popular 7km stretch when he collided with the rear of the lorry. He was pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics. Mr Nanda, an architect's assistant who goes by one name, told The Straits Times that he had cycled past the accident scene at about 10.30am, shortly after the collision. He saw the man's companions seeking help from passing cyclists. "There were a handful of cyclists, including a Caucasian woman, who were trying to find any cyclist who was a doctor," said the 34-year-old. Mr Nanda added that the man was in a cycling jersey and riding a racing bike fitted with clipless pedals, which attach to cleated bike shoes. Retiree Benny Khaw said he had cycled past the place 15 minutes after the accident occurred. He said the front of the road bike was badly damaged and the rear of the lorry was dented. The man's helmet had been removed and a white sheet was draped over his body. "There were two Indian men, one in blue overalls and the other in white overalls, talking to police under a tree next to the lorry," said the 53-year-old. Mr Khaw added that the man's bike sported aero bars , which are handlebars parallel to the bicycle frame. Last Saturday's crash was the third fatal road accident involving a cyclist in three days. On Sunday, the cyclist's body was claimed by eight friends and family members at the mortuary. They declined to speak to the media. Police said the 40-year-old driver of the lorry is assisting with investigations. http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story...gi-0?page=0%2C1
  24. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ml#.UT3qhtZkO0A
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