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  1. This poll is inspired by a car i saw earlier today, and also the recent announcement by HDB that there is no longer a need to display the season parking RFID tag any more. Some may think having too many decals and stickers is an overkill, but others may like it and do the same on their own car. For me, i have a few decals but dont like to overclutter... As some of you may know, i have MCF sticker too haha... Do post pics of the decals and stickers that you are proudest of! cheers!
  2. Over 60 guests gathered at the Volkswagen showroom on Leng Kee Road last Friday, to get up close and personal with the facelifted Volkswagen Arteon. Here's the recap. A group photo together with the flagship Touareg & All-new Arteon The showroom is ready for the event! The guest is flowing in. . . Dinner time! The face-lifted Volkswagen Arteon. Car clinic conducted by Volkswagen & Sgcarmart together.
  3. Hi Folks, What you are seeing now is a new upgrade of MCF. This upgrade is nothing aesthetic but we just update all the forum function to match with you need for a 2022 world! When you are using the forum, if you encounter any issues with the forum. Please kindly feedback to us using this thread. I will closely monitor this thread and resolve as many issue as possible. Thank you all so much for your patronage! I hope to learn more from you guys here!
  4. Any new or even old members need some myCarForum stickers for your car? Could be a new user or existing one but already changed your car or just wanna refresh those old stickers. Drop your username down below, choice of sticker color and quantity or you may PM me your name and address. Will send out by normal mail. By default I will mail out a pair for each user if quantity not stated. Please also watch the video before pasting your stickers! The recommended location is one each on your rear window (nearer to the back of it) White, Silver or Yellow. 1. 2. 3.
  5. TL;DR – If you spot an accident or see something interesting happening while you drive, MyCarForum has just set up a WhatsApp account to accept user-submitted content! We are offering $10 for each piece of content published on MyCarForum's social media, website, or related pages. MyCarForum - are we giving away money? Why yes, yes, we are! But there are no free lunches in the world. We want something from you! We've been covering stories from third-party news sources for a while now. While that's all fine and dandy, we realise we don't have actual juicy c
  6. there is something unusual in MCF? The admin and moderator team has been very quiet in the past weeks. - Winner for HTOTM has not been announced (usually within 1st week of the month) - Winner for MWTOTM has also not been announced (we are less than a week away from a new month) - No response with regards to security concerns in MCF and other SPH site - No response to the feedback provided in the newbie and feedback thread - Last but not least, a few requests I have made to MCF's 3 (@pchou @babyblade @kobayashigt) was not attended to... I hope I am just being overly sensitive..
  7. Hi all, In most forums I have visited, there are usually a thread for member to get know to each other. There used to be one here, created back in 2002, but most pages were TCSS, well almost. So here come a fresh one, and I shall start first. @Carbon82 Nick(s): Carbon82 (aka 8559 / numberman in AsiaOne Forum) Gender: F (for father) Age: Old enough to recognize cars from the '60s Marital Status: Happily married with 2 kids Occupation (official): HSE / EHS & Business Continuity Professional Occupation (unofficial): Teller, driver, cook, baker, maid, handyman
  8. Did you guys hear about the new submission feature on MCF? Seems like a good way to earn some extra moolahh 🤑 since we're all on the roads already anyway... might as well get paid for seeing interesting things Gotta pass their review to be considered for payment.. I wonder what kind of submissions they accept though?? I see on their Facebook page, they paid people already. Like good money eh? Anyone here tried already? 😶
  9. Is there a bug of some sort on MCF? I have been experiencing these on all of the pages......
  10. How come always slow n broken on wkend one?
  11. Hi all! In order to better identify the problem some of the users currently facing. I would like you guys to share with us what have you been experiencing. We need your help to shorten the IT timing to find out what is the issues. So you guys can "complaint" inside here regarding any difficulties or slowness you have been experiencing in MCF. We will read your comments and try to work on it! Thanks in advance and you guys can start off with Using: Desktop (Mac OS Catalina) Problems: Homepage is slow in loading. The blog thumbnail image isn't loading the s
  12. MCF Bingo Challenge! To entertain and amuse MCFers, The Mods have come out with a MCF Bingo Challenge. The challenger should circle/cross those words/terms that you can associate with. Save this image! Go Try it! See how many you can cross out! ❌ We will choose one lucky winner by the end of 2359 of today! Winner will win a set of The Singaporean Dream Card Game and will mail to your house! 🙂 Give it a try! Let's see how MCF you are! Special thanks to @Carbon82 @RadX @Spring @Jman888 @BabyBlade @pChou Disclaimer: T
  13. Over 30 MyCarForum (MCF) members gathered at The Karting Arena located at The Grandstand at Turf Club Road on Saturday morning for the MCF Markdown with Skoda, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the full Skoda lineup of cars, as well as to try their hands at a little go-kart action. Unfortunately, the weather proved to be a bit of a downer, as the non-stop rain meant that the MCF members were not able to head out onto the go-kart track. Nonetheless, there were still plenty to see and do during the MCF Markdown. Claire Jedrek and Yuey Tan, two of Singapore's premier mo
  14. OK, time for a tutorial session. Many have suggested to have a thread to showcase how to navigate and use the carious functions on the new MCF platform. We hear you! I will share what I know here (just like you, I am still exploring things), but seek your understanding that I am not able to post everything over a short period of time, as after all, I can only do it when I have some free time. Aside to @pChou @kobayashiGT @BabyBlade, do let me know if I have shared any incorrect information (especially if a particular function is only available for use by moderators ). For a star
  15. Over 30 MCF members with their loved ones arrived at the Subaru showroom in Leng Kee last Saturday, in the latest edition of MCF Hangout in partnership with Motul and Subaru. The hangout with French lubricant brand Motul and Subaru isn’t a random occurrence. Motul and Motor Image, exclusive distributor of Subaru cars in Singapore, has held a partnership for many years. In 2008, Motul, along with Motor Image Rally Team (MIRT) developed the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Team Racing Oil. 100% fully synthetic, the APRC Team Racing Oil is specially made for MIRT’s cars raci
  16. Over 40 MyCarForum (MCF) members gathered at the INFINITI showroom on Leng Kee Road last Saturday, to get up close and personal with the new INFINITI All-New QX50. Particularly unique about the All-New QX50 is that it offers INFINITI’s VC-Turbo engine, the world’s first variable compression engine in a mass production car. To get MCF members to know more, Isaac Tan, Product Specialist of INFINITI, was on hand to chat a little bit more on how it all works, including sharing about its other advanced features such as its Active Torque Rod vibration cancelling engine mounts, and the All-
  17. Tianmo

    My MCF 88,888

    Woooooo, my MCF 88,888 points, can I request to stay like this forever? HUAT AH!!!!
  18. Benarsenal

    MCF China

    I noticed that there are a few MCF-ers here who have left our sunny island and gone to the Motherland, for work or other opportunities. To tell you guys a secret, I am now also one of them. I started a new job in January and am now based in Shanghai, It's been quite an interesting experience so far living and working in China (although Shanghai is not very much diff from Singapore, other than the cold winter weather) I'm guessing this can be a thread for all of us who are based in China, to gather, talk cock, chit chat and share tips. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to pu
  19. The most modern technology used in internal combustion engines currently is Variable compression ratio engine ( VCR ). As the name suggests, the motor may alter the compression ratio under operating circumstances. The technology had existed as a prototype for the previous few years. Currently, Infiniti (the luxury brand of Nissan) is prepared to display its VCR engine, the first ready-to-produce VCR engine, to be exhibited in the 2016 Paris Motor Show. 2016 Paris Motor Show by Maxime Joly, on Flickr Why need a VCR engine? Generally, a traditional petrol engine
  20. Over 60 MyCarForum (MCF) members, together with their partners and families, gathered at Singapore Recreation Club on Saturday afternoon to attend the MCF Hangout with Follow Me Japan. The event, a unique collaboration between sgCarMart and FMJ, offered MCF members insights into the many interesting sights and attractions in Ishikawa, Japan. During the event, sgCarMart Senior Automotive Journalist Desmond Chan spoke about some of his personal experiences driving overseas, as well as some key tips on how to best plan and enjoy a road trip. He also briefly touched on some of the u
  21. Don't worry, we are not making it compulsory for all to adopt a dog, or crowdfund to build a bridge, but just something very simple, and doable by most, if not all MCFers. Of late, it have came to our attention that makan thread has been showcasing non-edible stuff, hobby thread slowly transforming into an advertising platform, piak piak and vulgarities becoming a norm in almost every other thread, and even cat fight going on in a thread created for pet lovers. You know what (and who) I am referring to... I would like to remind you that MCF is an open forum for members from all walk of lif
  22. More than 75 MyCarForum (MCF) members, together with their partners and family, gathered at the Skoda showroom at 26 Leng Kee Road on Saturday for yet another entertaining MCF MarkDown with Skoda. It was during this time when everyone present got the opportunity to get up close and personal with the comprehensive range of Skoda cars, such as the Octavia and the Karoq. Given that young families and several enthusiastic fans of MCF MarkDown made up the crowd that morning, it was natural to see them so eager to learn more about the cars from the Czech Republic carmaker. sgCarMa
  23. Saw this on the top of my browser in bold red fonts... click in saw a lot of goodies... but never say must pay or no need pay... if no need pay now... how long? lifetime ah?
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