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Found 25 results

  1. SGCM_editorial

    MCF Hangout with Follow Me Japan

    Over 60 MyCarForum (MCF) members, together with their partners and families, gathered at Singapore Recreation Club on Saturday afternoon to attend the MCF Hangout with Follow Me Japan. The event, a unique collaboration between sgCarMart and FMJ, offered MCF members insights into the many interesting sights and attractions in Ishikawa, Japan. During the event, sgCarMart Senior Automotive Journalist Desmond Chan spoke about some of his personal experiences driving overseas, as well as some key tips on how to best plan and enjoy a road trip. He also briefly touched on some of the unique road conditions and peculiarities when it comes to driving in Japan. Additionally, Mr. Yuta Abe from FMJ also presented on the many unique attractions that Ishikawa offers. Ishikawa Prefecture, located 500km away from Tokyo, is bordered on three sides by the Sea of Japan, and by Mt. Hakusan on the fourth. This allows visitors to enjoy the best of both mountainous and sea-facing scenery. Ishikawa is especially beautiful in the Autumn, with bountiful harvests making for delectable cuisine, and spectacular scenery thanks to beautiful natural sights. Ms. Mandy Tay, an award-winning photographer, also shared with MCF members her experience travelling in Ishikawa. She shared some of her culinary highlights, such as incredibly fresh oysters, as well as the ample hospitality and kindness of the people of Japan. FMJ Managing Director Ms. Risa Nishimura talks about how her experience in planning exciting journeys to Ishikawa Prefecture. sgCarMart Senior Automotive Journalist Desmond Chan speaks about his experiences with drive trips. Ms. Mandy Tay talks about her experience travelling in Ishikawa, and shared some of the photos taken there. Head over to her Instagram account to check out more of Mandy Tay's work. A specially curated guide to car rental journeys in Ishikawa has extensive information on unique attraction, beautiful scenery and ideal driving routes. Guests had the chance to sample snacks from Ishikawa. Lucky draw prizes include a selection of unique Japanese snacks, as well as car rental vouchers. To see more photos from the event, click here.
  2. Kind of curious, how closely do you follow the car in front on the expressway? EVERYDAY I see people following so closely. EVERY SINGLE day on a crowded expressway during peak hours. I am sure there are some of them here in MCF? The big question I have is WHY WHY? I know this has been discussed previously but I just had an accident on my new car a few weeks back so I thought to raise the awareness again. Driving during peak hour on the ECP. The guy in front of me was braking so I started braking too... then all of a sudden he probably slam his brakes because I see he came to a complete stop really fast. As his brake light was already on, there is no visual cues other than his car coming close really fast of a sudden. So I hit my brakes much harder and I managed to come to a stop. the car B behind me just kissed my bumper. Slight damage... The car C further behind slammed his brakes and avoided hitting car B but I think there was car D and E which all slammed together into car C..... There was injuries on C D E. Car B ask to settle privately as damage was minor..... the point of this story is PLEASE claim these tail gatters as much as you legally can. let this be a deterrent... if you want to follow closely... please pay the price when accidents happen. Because there is no way you can stop in time during an emergency brake.
  3. Just read this article... I wonder how long till such a system becomes mandatory?
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    This Guru Advise, I Would Not Follow !

    I will siam far far away from him ......... Yahoo news: India police probe godman over alleged castration of 400 followers Indian police said they are investigating a popular self-styled godman for allegedly encouraging 400 followers to undergo castrations at his ashram so they could get closer to god. The country's top crime fighting agency has registered a case against Gurmeet Ram Rahim, known as the "guru in bling" for his penchant for garish clothes and jewellery, over the operations in the country's north. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said in a statement late Wednesday Rahim is being investigated for criminal intimidation and causing grievous bodily hurt, saying 400 castrations were allegedly carried out. The guru, who heads the Dera Sacha Sauda organisation based in Haryana state, is already facing trial for conspiracy over the murder of a journalist in 2002 along with claims of sexually exploiting female followers. The latest case was filed after one of his devotees, Hans Raj Chauhan, lodged a complaint in court alleging he was manipulated into having the "painful" operation at the ashram. "They were told that only those who get castrated will be able to meet god," Chauhan's lawyer, Navkiran Singh, told AFP on Thursday. "We will put all the facts of the case to the court and seek compensation for the victims." He said doctors carried out the castrations over a period from 2000, but for years his client had been too scared to come forward. The court asked the CBI to undergo an investigation into the alleged castrations. Forty-seven-year-old Rahim could not immediately be contacted for comment. The Dera Sacha Sauda says it is a social welfare and spiritual organisation with millions of followers in India and abroad. On its website, the group describes Rahim as a saint as well as an author, inventor, scientist, philosopher, philanthropist, peace activist and "the ultimate humanitarian". Rahim also stars in an action movie to be released later this month called "MSG: Messenger of God" in which the guru fights criminals, sings songs and is shown dousing himself in water in slow motion after a rugby game. India has been rocked by numerous scandals involving popular godmen who are mostly Hindu ascetics claiming to possess mystical powers. In November, police arrested Baba Rampal Maharaj after a long and violent siege at his ashram in Haryana when he refused to comply with court orders in a murder case. In a bizarre case, devotees of a dead guru are fighting a court battle in Punjab state to preserve his body in a freezer, insisting he is only meditating. For many Indians, gurus play an integral role in daily life. They say they offer a pathway to enlightenment in return for spiritual devotion and often give donations to ashrams, temples and charity projects. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/india-police-probe-godman-over-alleged-castration-400-115715089.html Poor 400 male villagers, just follow blindly ... hmmmmm............. so he got chance to get close to 400 wives of his followers ....
  5. Know there are many amazing MCF bros taking on jobs as undertakers, cleaners, professional/amateur trolls, etc [laugh] but do you really want your children, if any, to follow your footsteps? I'll start. I was trained to be a civil engineer but no longer practicing it (I hope!!!) though still in the same industry and I will [smash] beat the crap out of my kiddos if they are to tell me one day they would like to be engineers. Bros in this line will know how hard it is to be one [:(] Your views?
  6. Carlink83

    My follow up with Car Link

    Dear members, Some may have been looking for the thread which I posted on my encounter with Car Link but could not find it. Mr Yeo, the boss of Car Link Enterprise had contacted me yesterday and we have reached an amicable solution which both of us are happy with. Therefore, I requested our kind moderator to assist and remove the thread as that is the promise I gave Mr Yeo as well. I thought I should clarify and update the forum members as you all have been so supportive of this thread and providing me with endless constructive advices on how to tackle the issue. What happen was Mr Yeo, the boss of Car Link Enterprise finally talked to me and explained that he was actually away in China during the last 2 weeks and thus was unreachable. The only point of contact I had was with Andy, the sales person that sold the car to me. According to Mr Yew, his sales representatives could not make a decision to replace a brand new compartment for me and they have exhausted all channels and means to find a 2nd hand replacement from scrap yard and export contacts. Mr Yeo informed that he has actually tried his best to source the compartment by calling up all his contacts however, they simply could not find a replacement set. Now Mr Yeo is kind enough to offer me a brand new replacement of the front compartment which he has promised to place order with the authorised agent. I offer to co-share the cost of the new compartment as I told him that I am only expecting a 2nd hand set as I understand my car is 2nd hand and I do not mind to co-share. (I will update further on the co-share once we settle the whole replacement). On my end, as I always maintain my stand, I am only concern and chasing for a solution to the faulty front compartment as it has caused a lot of inconvenience to me. As long as the car dealer offers me a solution to fix the compartment, I am more than happy. The reason why me and maybe many others resort to using forum to spread our experiences is because we want to share our bad encounters. If we could not do justice to ourselves, at least we don't want others to be in the same plight as us right? I had requested for Mr Yeo's contact number from Andy on numerous occasions, but maybe the company's has certain protocols and thus, I was always decline and until yesterday, the only point of contact I had was with Andy, until Mr Yeo, the boss of Car Link called me. I would like to stress that I am not here to tarnish the reputation of Car Link Enterprise or any other dealers had a resolution been reach earlier than now. I am happy that Car Link has finally contacted me and offer me a solid resolution this round to resolve this issue and I believe they will honour their words. Mr Yeo and myself acknowledged that had we contacted each other earlier, a lot of misunderstanding could be avoided and he stressed that he is here to resolve issue and not create new issues which does not benefit any parties at the end of the day. Therefore, he offer to replace a brand new set of compartment for me free of charge which I counter his offer by opting for co-share as they still have a business to run. I sincerely thanks Mr Yeo and Andy of Car Link Enterprise for offering me a solution to fix my car compartment and I look forward to the progress. Also, I like to thanks all forum members for your contributions and views to my thread and I respect every comment and single opinions made. I shall update the thread on my fix once Car Link get back to me. Best Regards,
  7. Many a time I dont. Some suggested directions are idiotic. Like from Tampines to Bartley Road East filtering left to Airport Road and turning right to KPE. At the junction with Airport Rd, my GPS tells me to turn left towards Eunos Link and make a U turn towards KPE.
  8. If the purpose of the current COE scheme is to control car population, we can make the COE cert follow the owner instead of the car and still achieve this purpose, yes/no? This way, car population is controlled yet when we need to change our car, we need not suffer when the prevailing COE price is sky high. Also, on a slightly separate topic, COE bidders should pay what they bid, and not the cut-off price (which can be much lower than what the bidders actually bid). This way, kia-su bidding will be less rampant and COE prices will be less likely to sky-rocket, making you and I suffer. Please feel free to agree or disagree............ (of course, lta's revenue thru COE may be affected, but their problems is theirs, not ours)
  9. I always wondered, when authorities enforcing time based offences, whose time do they use? For example, was driving next to Bus lane just now at 9.25am, so what if I enter the bus lane at 9.26am. (Bus lane ends at 9.30am) perhaps my car clock already shows 9.30am. ERP no argument cause the clock is on the gantry so for carpark and bus lane, do they have 'unofficial policy' that the 1st & last 10 mins they do not really summon you. Anyone knows how it officially works or kenna summon at 9.29 am before?
  10. This boy's story managed to warm my cholesterol laden heart of cold concrete. So nice to see childhood innocence still exists in a sea of cynical adults. Someone should give him a Tiger when he turns 18.
  11. Marina Bay Sands experiences blackout among other teething problemshttp://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1054405/1/.html why the 2 IRs are in a rush to open up their facilities and hotels for occupancies if they cannot ensure service and facilities are in stable and excellent condition. Eager to recoup losses and repay bank loan asap? Knowing is a mega project, why risk to have soft opening that has so many screw ups. first impression always matters and it counts..,i am certain tourists has a mix impression......
  12. Business Times - 02 Mar 2010 Toyota to announce March incentives in US DETROIT - Toyota Motor Corp will roll out an aggressive incentive programme for US consumers in March, including zero-percent financing for five years and a two-year free maintenance plan, a source briefed on the matter said on Monday. The new incentives, which will start Tuesday and run through March, come as the world's biggest automaker attempts to connect with US consumers after a storm of safety recalls that have damaged its reputation and cut into sales. Toyota will offer zero-per cent financing for 60 months on some 2010 model year vehicles, including its most popular Camry and Corolla sedans and other vehicles involved in the recalls that involved sticky accelerator pedals, the source told Reuters. Returning Toyota customers will also receive a complimentary two-year 'Toyota Auto Care Premium Package' that includes oil changes and other maintenance services, in addition to cash rebates, the source said. The person declined to be identified because the information has yet to be announced by Toyota. A Toyota spokeswoman said the company planned to announce a new incentive program when it releases its US sales figures for February on Tuesday. She declined to comment on the specifics. -- REUTERS Copyright
  13. Hiya All, I had created a thread on enrolling your child to a top primary school and had gotten quite mixed responses. 2 School of thoughs.... (a) A top primary school has the right environment and culture to nuture the kid in a competitive world, alongside with competitive and outstanding peers (i.e. mix with the 'right crowd'). (b) Your average primary school is good enough...why stress the kid and make his/her childhood miserable? Can means can...cannot means cannot...don't push the kid too hard and let nature takes its course... What say you?
  14. I strongly believe that as a driver, we must obey the traffic rules especailly traffic lights beating the traffic light once, may have caused someone inconvenience (accident repairs, lost of usage) but worse someone lives you may be able to beat more traffic lights subsequently but you cannot bring back that someone you have killed if drivers cannot understand this though citizen throw bricks are wrong then how to solve this never ending problem of running red light by drivers in China, Zebra crossing is not a place where pedestrian has a right to cross, if you try, you are likely to be killed http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story...713-154366.html 74-year-old attacks cars that run light A retired teacher has become an Internet sensation after he lobbed dozens of bricks at cars that ran a red light at an intersection in Lanzhou, Gansu province. "I just want to catch people's attention and tell the drivers to think of pedestrians," the 74-year-old man told Lanzhou Morning Post on Saturday. Many residents in the community applauded his behavior and two elderly men joined the former teacher, while others found them more bricks and brought them water. More than 30 cars were damaged during last Thursday's incident, Xinhua News Agency reported. The elderly man, whose name is unknown, has attracted a lot of attention online, with nearly 400,000 netizens responding to a Sina.com poll. Nearly 80 percent said they supported his actions. A netizen called Biyuding20008 said too many drivers do not follow traffic rules like stopping at red lights and not talking on phones while driving. The man became a crusader for road safety after a female pedestrian was killed in his community last year. He successfully lobbied the local police for traffic lights at the intersection. He said motorists still go through the red light when they want to turn. "Even when the light is green, drivers just ignore it and don't slow down for pedestrians," the man told the paper. In order to punish drivers and draw attention to poor driving habits, the man planned to throw bricks at all cars that ran red lights for one week, starting last Thursday, but police stopped him on the first night. The man was interviewed and later released without charge. The man said he knew his behavior was illegal but he had tried all he could and it did not help. Among netizens that responded to the Sina poll, yjz12 said people like this former teacher save lives. But other netizens thought the behavior extreme. Luting1314 said the police should do more to safeguard citizens' safety. Guo Shouan, director of Qilihe traffic police department in Lanzhou, told the Post it will put traffic police on duty at night and apply for cameras to be installed to safeguard the residents. Last year, 73,484 people died in car accidents, according to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security.
  15. Albeniz

    What happen? Any follow-ups?

    Dear all, Our MCF folks are very well-informed. There were 2 major events recently and I would like to know if there are any updates or follow-ups? The first one is a world event whereas the second one is a local case. 1. The experiment to prove the "Big-Bang" theory conducted quite some months ago (by some European countries) involving the acceleration of electrons or atoms to travel around some infrastructures across several countries. Have the electrons return? A lot of money was spent to conduct this experiment. 2. Rev Ming Yi's charity case.
  16. came across this news...and i remembered reading abt it on the papers.. was there a follow-up/explanation on this case by the hospital staff? **edited for hyperlink**
  17. Forrestcat

    Don't follow too close

    Hi Starlet Bros, Happened to saw this clip on youtube, thought it's a good idea to share..... Ssangyong Musso rams into a Toyota Camry Cheers
  18. Hi all, Need some advice from the experienced drivers or knowledgeables guys/gals around. Actually the incident goes like this, I have parked the car somewhere in the open air carpark. Some contractor accidentally caused spots of white paint onto my 4 month old black shiny car. Hence I complained. Then the next day, the contractor got his blangah worker to wash my car. den his banglah tried his best to wash my car and could not get rid of the spots. he took out his phone card to scratch away the spots, together with the shiny layer(dunno what you call that).now my car have patches of matt and scratches all over. yes, its super ugly. initially the contractor says he will compensate with no conditions attached. den his insurance company called the surveyor come down to check. indeed he agreed that my car should go for a repaint. thus i got a quotation from MI. but the surveyor say the price is too high. he said that he will submit a report and see how. 1. my question is that what can i do to make sure that i go back to MI for the repaint? 2. wat actions can i take if the surveyor say cannot go back to MI and offer an authorised workshop? must i just accept it with no alterntives? kindly advise. thanks in advance
  19. Picnic06-Biante15

    "CID, Follow Me"..................

    Read today New Paper and Quote: "He apporached a foreign worker in Geylang and identified himself as a police officer. He told the man in Mandarin, "CID, follow me", and flashed him a black PVC card-holder. But Goh Shang Han (accuse), 28, was no cop. As he questioned the man, a passer-by called the real cops. They show up and arrested Goh, who was charged for impersonating a public officer, which carries a maximum of two years' jail and /or a fine. He was sentenced to two months' jail last month but is appealing. He was previously convicted of wilful trespass, theft and theft in dwelling for which he was fined and jailed." With previous records, he wants to appeal....... Sooooooooooooooo gain cho mata......... even real mata don't go down to Geyland to check ppls without reason or operations.....
  20. Hello fellow MCFers, I'm not very active in these threads, but usually at the Starlet Lovers Threads. But anyway, following up the previous event, No Petrol Day on 24th January 2008http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/General_C1..._2008_P2203228/ The results were quite positive on my own circle of friends who owned cars and also my family after abit of explaination. I believe everyone can do this, so let's get into action and DO IT! I hereby am requesting fellow MCFers to join me for this date NOT to pump any petrol, and if better still, 2-3 Days Prior to it! I've created a blog recently which posts mainly on petroleum issues, and also specially created a page for ANY supporters that are supportive of this idea that we hold a NO PETROL DAY once a month, if it turns out to be better, we should increase the number of occassions! Please drop by my blogs, and if possible and supportive, register yourself in my blog! This event is created solely by myself and nobody supporting. So I need you friendly fellows to help spread the love! Many Thanks To All! My Blogs http://dionysusyeo.blogspot.com http://dionyeo.wordpress.com/events-no-pet...h-febuary-2008/ - Sign Up Here! P.S: As I seldom frequent this site nowadays, avoid to private message me, but drop me an email or a call, or just post in my blog! Many Thanks Again! Warmest Regards and Happy CNY(huat ah!), Dionysus S-Team Starlet Lovers Member
  21. The HDB concessionary loan rate is pegged at 0.1% above the prevailing CPF interest rate. Now CPF interest rate is going to be increased to 3.5%, does this mean that the HDB concessionary loan rate will also be increased? read this... http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10207p.nsf/WP...es?OpenDocument
  22. Just coming out from a carpark and this jeep in front of me reserve at a tight corner and kiss into my bumper. Before he reserve, I am hands on my horn in case he come too close, then till the distance when not even one motorbike can go in between us, i horned 1 second, then he stopped and reserve again, then i horned one more tme, but too late, he kissing my front bumper. I immd. hazard light on. To my surprise, he put to Drive and drive off the place, i am still in my car and horned at him 4-5 times short horns and a LONG horn. Despite all the horns, he just drive off and exit the ticket carpark. I come down and inspect my bumper, no damage from viewing it using the street lamps, but no idea will it be visible when i bring it close when i washing the car. Then mins ago on the radio, heard the DJ on Class95 saying about one singer Hit and Run, and told the court she didn't realise she knock another car and was punish with a 2yrs suspend of her driving liens. Should i follow up or forget it? Is it a drunk guy driving ? Was it a hit and run ? No damage from the look now, but what if the bumper clips tommorrow falls apart ?
  23. Tien

    Aircon filter - follow up

    ok, i know, i should have done a search first but since i m rushing for time... i thought i will start a new thread. following up on what genie has advised, it is very important to to change your aircon filter according to that stated in your user manual. the below pics show why is this so.... for health sake, pls change religiously!!! the dirty filter was after 20k...