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Found 258 results

  1. Buy properties with little cash? It's too good to be true Beware of companies peddling such promises, do your homework and deal only with regulated firms https://www.straitstimes.com/business/invest/buy-properties-with-little-cash-its-too-good-to-be-true
  2. Hi all. I intend to purchase a car for my Dad to drive for Grab. I will pay the 30% downpayment. The thing is I was initially quoted 2.4% interest rate. But upon hearing that my Dad is using it for Grab, the sales person increase the interest rate to 3.4% on the basis that PHV car loan will have higher interest rate even though Im only taking 70% loan. I called LTA to clarify and they say they there is no such regulation. I called the bank and the CSO tells me that as long as I register the vehicle under my Dads name (you can do that now for PHV) and not under a business entity, then the interest rate will not change. The thing is I told the agent about this but she is adamant that she is right and says that I am flouting the law if my Dad attempt to drive PHV under the usual car loan. She is even willing to give up my sales. So... who is right?!
  3. This is bad. Although it is only in 3-4 years time, there must be some safeguards for consumers that banks cannot wiggle out a bad loan contract they signed. I am happy with 3M sibor+0.5% forever, why should I move out? If Sibor is going to switch to SORA, they must make sure the effective interest rates during the switch is not changed. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/sibor-interest-rate-benchmark-change-report-sora-12973624 https://abs.org.sg/docs/library/sibor-reform-and-the-future-landscape-for-sgd-interest-rate-benchmarks.pdf
  4. I'm looking to change my bank home loan. (private housing) based on today's interests rate, anyone can recommend a bank who can offer a better deal? Income level and other criteria, sure meet the requirements. Loan amt, only $930k Current bank is UOB on FD rate package.
  5. Hi all, my car is currently financed under OCBC bank and the monthly installments are reflected on my CBS report and consequently I think it would also appear on my TDSR. The reason I ask this is because I'm considering buying a new home and don't want my car loan to affect my home loan application. Are in-house loans from credit companies like Motorway Credit reflected in the CBS Report of affect the TDSR? Thanks!
  6. I am aware that 99 LH condos gets hard to sell due to loan restrictions after 20 years and later. How about FH units? I am not looking at en-block though. I buy to stay but in the long run I might sell out when I retire in 10 years time. I can afford 40%+ downpayment now. Will banks have problem with 20+ year old FH condos? When I sell to buyers with 20% downpayment, will the loan become an issue?
  7. As mentioned in the title, which bank is better for property loan? A little new to buying new property, please share your views. Thanks
  8. Just got a letter for revision of home loan interest rates (3.0 to 3.5%) I'm thinking of doing a repricing. But should I go for floating 0.75% + SIBOR rates (revised every 3months) (1yr locked in) OR 1% + SIBOR rates (capped at 1.49% if SIBOR goes high) (locked in 3yrs) Any suggestions?
  9. Anyone done it yet and have FR? Thot last time some banks said cannot be done..... http://www.ocbc.com.sg/personal-banking/Lo...Autoloan_180612
  10. Bluepica

    Apply own car loan

    Can I apply my own car loan for a new car instead of using those banks recommend by the SE? Cos I see POSB offering a low interest rate for online application compare to those apply thru SE.
  11. From Facebook https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/singapore/friends-like-these-man-at-a-loss-after-pal-refuses-to-pay-sdollar176k-damages-following-car-accident/ar-AAHA7P6?ocid=spartandhp&fbclid=IwAR0bJtAeizlUU4T47eypa1jM89VAXbI3Pm0euCnf5emaTlEpOThVByZcXZ0 Hi all, this is going to be a long read but please take the time to read thru. So the story is that on the 25th June my dear friend Szeto St wants to borrow my car from me to use it on the 27th. As I was overseas at the point of time I agreed to lend it to him, it was not the first time I have lend it to him so I entrusted him with my car. On the 28th morning 8am he gave me a missed call, so when I call him back he told me that he got into an accident with my car then he said that the one driving was his friend. I entrusted my car to him and yet he asked his friend (Dominic) whom I don't even know who he is to drive my car back on that day, I was still very nice at that point of time I said wait till I reach sg then we settle. So I came back on the 29th I meet them on the 30th, they didn't have a solution for me. So we briefly spoke how we should settle it as the car was total loss, so dom suggest to give him more time. And so on the 2th July, we both agreed that he will pay me $17600 as my losses under the condition that I scrap my car. And he requested to give him a month for him to find the money, so me being nice I agreed to it. Once we sign the agreement I proceed to tow my car to the scrap yard and handle all the paperworks and send him documents from lta that I have scraped my car once I received it which was on the 8th July. And so I continue to wait for the 2nd aug to come, on the 30th July I texted Dom to ask on the 2nd aug what time should I meet him and he asked me to wait. So I texted szeto about this he told me not to worry why I scared, and I obliged and waited. So on the 2nd aug the worst nightmare happens, I texted him in the afternoon and Dom said he will let me know by 7pm. 7pm I called him and he simply told me this "我没有钱,你要我怎样。你去small claim 我咯" one simple reply and he expect to get away with the shit he create? Long story short, two days later he say he will only pay me 11k but thru installment of $500 every month. Which I believe nobody will accept. So now I'm stuck, both szeto and dom is not going to pay me any money. I believe that at the end of the day, the responsibility's szeto. Out of goodwill I lent him my car and he choose to ask his friend to drive. 好心被雷劈 Please help me to share this post and make the two of them famous, much appreciated.
  12. Rule change allows car buyers to access bigger loans https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/rule-change-allows-car-buyers-to-access-bigger-loans
  13. Vonduos

    Car Loan Calculator

    Hi All, Created a simple excel that helps to calculate the Break Even period of buying new car Value of Selling your Old Car with 78 Rule Estimation of Old Car Value from 2nd Market 1st Version Hope it helps everyone to have a good view of their current finance/loan status. Hi All, Seemed like i couldnt upload Excel.zip into here. Try the below link. http://www.2shared.com/file/ESRmzZw2/Car_Loan.html Car_Loan.zip Car_Loan.zip Loan_Calculator.zip
  14. Vectrasonic

    Loan Shark on SMS Collection

    I received 2 sms from 2 hp numbers asking for payment which i never took. New scare tactics? Posted SMS with POSB account and $5000 payment. Anyone encountered?
  15. City100a

    HDB Home loan rates

    I always though that HDB loans awere heavily subsized that it is almost like lelong but then how come HLF can offer heartlanders cheaper loans I think we need an explanation from HBD as to why HLF stirs waters, cuts HDB home loan rates By SIOW LI SEN Hong Leong Finance (HLF) has slashed its HDB home loan rates in a bid to undercut the competition amid a low interest rate environment, but it seems some banks might have been even quicker on the draw. Related stories:
  16. Hi, Need to ask the experts here. I bought used cars from direct sellers before and we did direct transfer and cashier order hand over in LTA. There is a line in the LTA transfer form for the seller to declare that he has no more outstanding loan. My question is , how do I know if one really has no outstanding loan? can one make a false declaration and end up my car get towed by finance company after the ownership is transferred? I guess once the ownership is transferred, finance company cannot reposes the car from the new owner?
  17. Would like to seek the opinion and advise from knowledgeable expert here. Planning to get new car from a AD. The SE offered me a good deal but on the condition that I will have to take up a private car loan from Hitachi at interest of 2.78% rather than the in house loan of 2.5% interest from UOB. The SE promise that he will compensate the 0.28% of extra interest that I have to pay in term of cheque. With that it seems like I'm not losing out from anything since the extra interest from Hitachi will be compensated back to me. Am I missing out on anything? Is there something I have to look out for? Are there any risk in doing so? Would appreciate is people can provide some feedbacks and advice. Thanks!
  18. hi, my car due in 3 mths time and I want to keep my spare cash for other usage at the moment instead of 1 short pay up for 5 yrs renewal called up maybank and they said the 5yr loan for >10yrs car is only for new hire purchase, not for 5yr coe renewal any bros knew which company/bank can provide 5 yr coe renewal loan and are reliable ? Cheers ^^
  19. SINGAPORE - Singapore Press Holdings-owned sgCarMart has started a financial services arm to muscle in on the billion-dollar car-financing market. The car portal will offer financing to used car dealers for their vehicle inventory as well as to car dealers to offer hire purchase loans to buyers. sgCarMart's wholly-owned online auction subsidiary, Quotz, will take a 30 per cent stake in sgCarMart Financial Services for $1.5 million. The remaining 70 per cent of the venture is held by T Financial (51 per cent) and five other parties, SPH said in an announcement to the Singapore Exchange. T Financial is a fully-owned subsidiary of Toh Capital, which used to be a major shareholder in four used car dealerships. The other shareholders are car trader Lake View Group and individual investors from the management team of sgCarMart. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/sgcarmart-moves-into-financial-services?utm_medium=Social&xtor=CS1-10&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1541585998
  20. Guys, need some advice. Sometime end May i viewed and bought a used car (coe left 1.5yrs at about $27k) from a dealer. Till date in July, ownership has not been completed and i have not paid any installment apart from first installment which i paid together with downpayment when i drove away the car. Brief sequence of events below: 1) Day 1 - View and placed a $500 deposit 2) Day 2 - Sent car to my workshop for checks and negotiated price down further as some repairs needed 3) Day 4/5 - Loan aprroved. Collected car along with a cheque for downpayment and first installment. 4) July - It has been a month plus and dealer kept delaying the transfer of ownership. I have also not received any form of installment advice from approved bank. I have been constantly messaging and calling him but all sort of excuses given and last given yesterday was cash flow problem. What sort of actions can i take at this point of time ? Very stressful :(
  21. Hi all, Just wondering whats the best thing to do or rather what are my options if i have access in OA account and still servicing a HDB bank loan. Theres about enough to pay 24months of installments in my OA(cos my house is dirt cheap so installment is pretty low) Is there any way i can make advanced payments or clear my OA to decrease the total sum? If yes, is that a smart move? What else can i do with this access? Thanks in advanced guys
  22. Hi, Seek advice on this issue Car title under father, but im the one who took the loan and paying thru my bank acct If transfer ownership from father to me, do i need to fully redeem my loan and take another loan? Reason for transfer is to build up NCD
  23. Stylezmind

    Good In house Car loan

    Anyone care to recommend any good in-house car loan company? Cheers
  24. Better check if you kenna shafted by your legal ah long. http://forums.condosingapore.com/showthread.php/23448-Citibank-is-unilaterllay-rasing-the-spread-on-its-existing-Sibor-loan-customers-!/page2