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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, doing my homework on selling my cars. I prefer not to trade in. Any feedback on using the following to sell our cars? 1) Wheeldeal - new player, FOC quote 2) Quotz - need to pay for service, they help you take pictures and arrange for bidding, can view bidding process "live" 3) List on SGCarmart as owner selling - more control, can sell direct cutting out the middleman, more hassle from the transfer work? Are there any difference in the method of choice in selling depending on the type and model of cars? eg. bread and butter popular models (altis, sunny, civic) just sell to highest and hand dealer eg. rarer less common and niche models (saab, chryser) list and sell to direct buyers who appreciate such cars Thanks!
  2. Hi All Apologise first if there is another thread elsewhere on this but i did my search and the only thing that came back was all the "carrot" topics. Anyway as per topic, anyone here used carro (https://carro.sg/) to sell their car? Good or no good? How does it compare to other similar platforms? Would appreciate if you could share your experience, good or otherwise. Thanks!!
  3. SINGAPORE - Singapore Press Holdings-owned sgCarMart has started a financial services arm to muscle in on the billion-dollar car-financing market. The car portal will offer financing to used car dealers for their vehicle inventory as well as to car dealers to offer hire purchase loans to buyers. sgCarMart's wholly-owned online auction subsidiary, Quotz, will take a 30 per cent stake in sgCarMart Financial Services for $1.5 million. The remaining 70 per cent of the venture is held by T Financial (51 per cent) and five other parties, SPH said in an announcement to the Singapore Exchange. T Financial is a fully-owned subsidiary of Toh Capital, which used to be a major shareholder in four used car dealerships. The other shareholders are car trader Lake View Group and individual investors from the management team of sgCarMart. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/sgcarmart-moves-into-financial-services?utm_medium=Social&xtor=CS1-10&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1541585998
  4. Selling my car and thought of doing it through Quotz. How do you find their bids and efficiency? And since theyre a sponsor, if its really -ve, pm me pls. Thanks!
  5. Linusloh

    Quotz. Anyone tried?

    Hi all! Came across this in the sgcarmart artice http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=67 Has anyone tried? Really can get better price when selling our cars? But then have to pay $20 for the service...
  6. To_be_advised

    Sgcarmart Quotz

    Anyone tried using this to sell their rides? Will appreciate if can share feedback on this system. And thinking whether to use this to sell my car. :)
  7. just received a phone call from them, saying that the valuation of my ride ranges from 8k to 12k. mine is a Malaysia made ride, savvy, 4yrs old with mileage of 38k. regular servicing with agent. so far, has anyone tried them? i understand the valuation of the ride will be like auction type whereby 150 car dealers will bid on it. i also understand the poor resale value of proton; Malaysia ride. so far, i only went to a car dealer for revaluation of my ride whereby he only quoted 8k... for his ride of 42k i believe my outstanding loan is still around 10k+, got my ride when interest rate was high... 3.2% if i shortlisted a ride that ranges around 42k with interest rate of 2.2%. am i correct to say, if i'm lucky to fetch 11k for my savvy. what is the total amount i'm looking at. sorry, new to such. need some valuable advise