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Found 310 results

  1. Taking this off the 2020 thread, who wants to predict which cars will sell well in the current economic climate? IMO, if the economy isn't doing too well, the brands with larger margins like the conti premium marques will fair better. The up and coming cars with a higher price tag will have to fight with the traditional best sellers. Budget buyers will opt for lower cost cars from the more peripheral brands, as well as the PI cars. But for those opting for PI cars, make sure your T&C is watertight. With COEs diminishing in quantity, the cost will go up and if the deal looks too good, beware and think twice in case you get convinced and come to complain how the seller didn't deliver. It's sometimes not the fault of the PI or AD, they will have to compete with others with larger bidding limits. So, I'll venture to say, the top 6 won't change much, maybe we will see some KIA as they launch new models, and if the new EVs reach us, they may boost the numbers for Hyundai. But the Audis, Mercs and BMWs will dominate the top 5 for a few years to come until the COE drought gets better.
  2. We had so much fun talking about this last year, with supporters and haters of various brands coming out of the woodwork.. Should we fear starting a topic on this? Nah... Like Nike, Just Do It 😉 So which cars will feature in the top ten? How about the brands? Which ones will be top again? IMO, the top brands won't change much: Toyota, Honda, Merc and Hyundai will be there. Who else will be interesting to watch, as the fortunes of the various brands have changed a lot over the last year. Nissan would have been there a few years back when they had the QQ, the darling of the local market five years ago, but no longer so. The Subaru Forrester used to sell very well, but let's see if the current version can do the same too. Come come, send in your predictions, but this is no EDMW, so let's keep it civil 🙂
  3. Singapore actually has the VW Amarok sold here, by PI. @Mustang http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=12221 VolkswagenAmarokTrendline 3.0 TDI V6 8-Speed (A) Engine Engine capacity 2,970 cc Engine type V6 Compression ratio unknown Bore x Stroke unknown Fuel type Diesel (Euro VI) Performance Power 152kW (204 bhp) Torque 500 Nm Acceleration 9.1s (0-100 km/h) Top speed 188 km/h Fuel consumption 12.3 km/L CO2 emission 212 g/km (Manufacturer specs) Misc technical data Transmission 8-Speed (A) Drive type All-wheel drive Measurements Vehicle type Commercial Dimensions (L x W x H) (5254 x 1954 x 1834) mm Wheelbase 3,097 mm Min turning radius 6,475 mm Kerb weight 2,164 kg Fuel tank capacity 80 L Boot/Cargo Capacity unknown Brakes Brakes (Front) Disc Brakes (Rear) Disc Suspension Suspension (Front) Spring Suspension (Rear) Spring Volkswagen Amarok reviewhttps://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/volkswagen/amarok The Volkswagen Amarok is the company's first purpose-built pick-up and is a direct competitor for the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara NP300 and Ford Ranger, and provides an additional yardstick for the newcomers to the pick-up segment to measure up to - namelythe Fiat Fullback and the impending Mercedes-Benz X-Class. To keep up with its recently revamped rivals, Volkswagen has given the Amarok a light facelift for 2017. In doing so has removed the 2.0-litre oilburners and is available with a choice of two turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 diesel units, tuned for 201bhp and 368lb ft or 221bhp and 405lb ft. The Amarok did have the smallest engine in its class, but now its engine is the second largest behind the five-cylinder, 3.2-litre brute found in the Ranger. The model we tested had plenty of torque across the rev range, with 405lb ft available from 1400rpm. This does make the Amarok more muscularsomething the original 2.0-litre unit could produce. Whereas previously overtaking manoeuvres required plenty of pre-planning, the V6 diesel combats that with a healthy dose of torque available early on and low down. On the road, the Amarok is demonstrates excellent driving manners, with solid, predictable car-like handling. Where Volkswagen's achievement is much more impressive is the on-road refinement. The Amarok does not ride over broken surfaces withthe sophistication of the Freelander, but the ride is exceptionally good for a vehicle with a payload of 1110kg. The steering is well weighted, though devoid of much feel, but provides enough feedback on what's going on beneath the tyres to allow fluent, quick progress. The combination of a solid, leaf-spring rear axle, a low-range gearbox, mechanical locks on the centre and rear diffs and traction control means that most extreme off-road situations require little more than pressing the accelerator and adjusting the wheel so that it goes in the correct direction. Volkswagen's designers have managed to apply the marque's trademark front end to the big pick-up, which is impressive given how different the Amarok in size, shape and purpose from its passenger car cousins. The interior moves the class to the next level. Despite the low spec levels compared to Volkwagen's road cars, the build quality is exceptionally good, with tough but well-textured surfaces and an excellent driving position. Car drivers would notice the unusual height of the seats and driving position, but otherwise everything falls under the fingers in exactly the way that it would in, say, a Golf. As for standard equipment, the Amarok has three to choose from - Trendline, Highline and the first edition Aventura models. The entry-level model equips the Amarok with electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, front foglights, manually adjustable front seats, air conditioning, electric windows, and automatic post collision braking system, alongside Volkswagen's Composition infotainment system, complete with 6.3in touchscreen display, DAB radio, smartphone integration and USB connectivity. Upgrade to Highline and you'll find luxuries such as parking sensors, a reversing camera, bi-xenon headlights, 18in alloy wheels, leather upholstery and heated front seats as standard, whilethe limited edition Aventura models get an unique metallic blue paint job, 19in alloy wheels and sat nav. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then the proof of a pick-up is in driving it for 100,000 miles over bumpy roads. Given Volkswagen's reputation for build quality and reliability it's safe to say that Toyota, Nissan, Ford and Mitsubishi should be concerned, as should be the future incumbents to this sector.
  4. Hi all, I had been away from sg for 3 years. May i ask what is the manual car available in the current market right now? Both new and used car. Thank you.
  5. So what will it be for 2019? The effervescent Elantra The boring, reliability Corolla? Or will there be a new winner?
  6. Extremme

    Car Valuation

    Planning to sell my car and in need to get a valuation. I know there are some links available like motoristsg or quotez. Of course its every car owners interest to get a higher quote, would the difference be alot between different valuation coy? I reckon not right?
  7. Hi All Apologise first if there is another thread elsewhere on this but i did my search and the only thing that came back was all the "carrot" topics. Anyway as per topic, anyone here used carro (https://carro.sg/) to sell their car? Good or no good? How does it compare to other similar platforms? Would appreciate if you could share your experience, good or otherwise. Thanks!!
  8. It seems like McDonald’s is indefatigable when it comes to releasing new items, considering past reception. Chocolate pie The fast food giant has announced that it will be selling the much-hyped chocolate pies in Singapore starting March 1, 2018. Singaporeans have long heard of this menu item, which was previously only available in countries such as Korea, Japan and Bangkok. In other news, McDonald’s Singapore will also be releasing Fish & Fries, as well a Sweet Chilli Fish Burger on the same date. https://mothership.sg/2018/02/mcdonalds-singapore-chocolate-pie-fish-and-fries/ Looks good! Anyone tried before?!
  9. Hi guys, i wish to sell away my existing 06 Nissan Sunny and buy direct from a friend of mine, a Vios Sports 2011 Nov. May i know what's the procedure like? And is it even advisable to do it now ? Thanks.
  10. The E6 has an open market value of about $48,000 - in the ballpark of a BMW 5-series. The car would be close to $200,000 with COE. That is after a tier-2 carbon rebate of $15,000. But even if the E6 were to qualify for the tier-1 rebate of $30,000, it would still be priced nearly as much as a Toyota Fortuner, a huge seven-seater SUV. http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/chinese-electric-car-to-be-on-sale-here Will u buy??
  11. Hi I've found a direct buyer who wants to purchase my car. He's a friend's friend. However I told him to give me abit of time to settle the purchase of my car by end March. Once I shortlist the car I'm buying from a dealer, what would be the fastest way to complete both end of the transactions? Should i settle the loan with my bank first?
  12. Hey guys, Looking to sell my ride to a 2nd hand car dealer. Done a search in the forum but could not find any useful threads on this matter. It's my first time selling to a 2nd car dealer, so just want to know any pitfalls or things to take note of. What are the steps involved in the whole process? When do we finally hand the car over to the dealer? Thanks for any valuable advise. Cheers
  13. Hi, Can anyone advise what is the procedure like if I were to sell my car directly to owner? I understand that the buyer and I need to go to LTA to transfer the vehicle to his name. But do I need to deregister the vehicle before transferring to the buyer's name? I can't find any info about this on LTA site. It seems like from LTA site, we only need to fill up the transfer form only. On top of this, how do I actually settle my outstanding loan? I mean, if the buyer pass me the cheque, does it need to be under my name or the bank's name? Anyone here experienced selling their ride to direct owner? Please advise. Cheers Orac
  14. lakopi

    Selling one year old Piano

    Any idea where is a good place to sell used piano? cost me 10 grand
  15. Hi all, I would like to check and discuss on this topic. Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CS3 MANUAL, due 2016 October.. Is it better to sell your car 6 months before due date or just drive till end of 10 years and scrap? I heard is better to sell 6 months before scrap date, you will have a much higher value... Come lets discuss! Cheers
  16. Blacksnow

    Selling my house on my own

    I am looking to sell my house on my own. Its a private property. However I do no know where to begin. For starters, I just found out that I can't list my house on propertyguru if I am not an agent. Can anyone give me some advise or point me to a place where I can find out more? many thanks
  17. Dear all, Mind sharing what you know about the LTA vehicle "Homologation" process in Singapore? What does it include and how long it usually take? What I know is that any new model or revision of models like facelift needs to undergo this process before being allowed to be sold here. Question: Is it legal for an authorised dealer to sell you a car based on a car that is not even homologated? I mean, after you sign on the paper, later they come tell you the car is being homologated, so delivery will be delayed. In the meanwhile, they drop their car price and you are stuck with the contract.
  18. Hi, I have a year 2003 Mazda 6 which I am planning to scrap. I understand that I can fetch a higher price selling it to a dealer than scrapping it at a scrap yard. I would like to know what is usual process of selling my to a dealer ? One of the dealer that I have contacted says he plan to export the car. What is the process then ? Do I transfer the car ownership to him and he pays me cash ? Pls advice . Thanks
  19. recently did a research for interest purpose . I noticed the selling price per sqft of a landed property is far higher than the price recorded in the caveat lodged transactions in the same area. This phenomenon is common across all disct. While it is understandable that there is no easy way to compare per sqft price of landed property from one to another due to the build-up/land ratio, reno quality and the property condition etc. But even the per sqft price of hose very poor condition units that would require a massive reno if not a A&A are higher than average transacted price. Wonder how a landed sales/purchase is negotiated? Any experts who could kindly shed some lights would be much appreciated.
  20. Dear All, Need some advice from the experts here. I am looking to sell off my used furnitures (sofa, low cupboards, coffee tables, dinner tables and chairs, etc etc) and appliances (Fridge, microwave, etc, etc). Short of putting them one at a time on auction sites, is there any 2nd hand dealers that can take in all? All items are in very good conditions. Thank you in advance for any advice....
  21. Bonafidestack

    SAF Boots Selling in TaoBao!

    Guys, Taobao is really super powerful. I happen to found this. haha.
  22. Hi MCF bros, anyone knows of any furniture shop selling teak wood furniture to recommend? I'm thinking of buying a TV console, dining table and cabinets. I only know of 2 shops - located at Thomson plaza and railway mall.
  23. Just wondering. Is it because: 1. The new versions of that car model is coming soon? 2. They don't keep demo cars beyond certain mileage of test driving as they become "old cars". What would this mileage be? This question also got me thinking. Do they break in the new car before it goes on demo duties? We know usually the first 1000km of new cars is on mineral EO and not performing as normal. 3. They are replenishing with new cars for those particular models? This is related to when ADs sell the whole range of demo cars.
  24. Bacteria83

    China teacher selling drug in school

    Cant believe im reading this, teacher should be a role model. someone whom impart important knowledge and value. Really a fuc*er trying to rune so many young teens. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/china-maths-teacher-nabbed-for-selling-drugs-in-37-schools?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#xtor=CS1-10 China says social media has increasingly become a trading platform for drugs after police busted a ring run by a high school teacher accused of selling marijuana in at least 37 universities and schools, deepening concerns over the rise in the number of young drug users. Police in coastal Wenzhou city this week revealed that the raids took place in several provinces in which the police arrested 23 suspects, including the teacher, and seized about 200kg of marijuana. This comes one month after police in Beijing detained 16 students over drug abuse at a school known as the cradle of China's rock music. The relief mathematics teacher in Shandong, known only by his surname Sun, sold marijuana in 31 provinces and cities, including Hong Kong, via social media such as messaging apps WeChat and QQ, the Qianjiang Evening News reported on Wednesday. Sun, 32, used code words to communicate with distributors and buyers. Drug users were called "pilots", sellers "captains", and words like "white snow" and "pineapple" referred to different grades of drugs, reported news website The Paper. "If marijuana users leave the word 'pilot' when they apply to join the QQ groups, they'd be approved," an unnamed Wenzhou policeman was quoted as saying. He added that group members could view drug ads sent by Sun and place orders through private messages. Sun had a dozen distributors, among whom the youngest was a middle-school girl aged 16. She was nabbed by police in June last year. It is unclear how many students had bought drugs from Sun but the number of universities and schools involved is shocking, analysts said. "Despite all the laws and punishment, more young people are using drugs and the Internet has increasingly become a trading platform," Mr Yue Shenshan, a Beijing-based lawyer, was quoted by Xinhua news agency as saying. "It means that drug abuse is not only an issue of criminal offence, but also a serious social problem." Drug possession is punishable by fines or prison sentences. Drug traffickers face the death penalty depending on the amount involved. In a survey conducted by the Twitter-like Weibo, about one in two of more than 11,000 voters put the blame on corrupted social values, and close to 30 per cent of them criticised schools and families for insufficient social education. "This case indicates that some colleges and universities have given free rein to students," microblogger Qin Dading said in a post on Monday. "It's disappointing to see schools that are supposed to nurture talent turning into drug dens." Police started to monitor Sun's activities on social media last May and learnt that he sent to buyers marijuana labelled as tea leaves or chocolate, via delivery services. His supplies came from Canada, as well as Shandong and Guangxi, and were priced as low as 10 yuan (S$2) per gram, but he sold them at five times higher. He had traded more than 800,000 yuan worth of drugs in the first half of last year, according to Shanghai Daily. Sun, a graduate in agriculture studies, grew marijuana at a rented flat to "experiment and meet the increasing demand", police said. Sun, a father of a three-year-old boy, stored and packaged the drug in the flat instead of his home to keep his family in the dark. He started to sell drugs from May last year. His case is the latest in a series that has turned the spotlight on drug addicts in schools as police step up the crackdown on vice. On Nov 24, police raided the Beijing Midi School of Music and arrested 16 students, aged 18 to 29, after they failed urine tests, provoking intense discussion in the print media and the Internet. They were released after a three-day detention. Mr Zhang Fan, the school principal, said in early December that the students used drugs "out of curiosity", and that he decided to give them an opportunity to begin afresh. "I won't expel the students," he said. "They're young and should be allowed to err. But we can definitely change them, move them and teach them."