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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys, i wish to sell away my existing 06 Nissan Sunny and buy direct from a friend of mine, a Vios Sports 2011 Nov. May i know what's the procedure like? And is it even advisable to do it now ? Thanks.
  2. hi, anyone recently encountered any prob with our northern polis-men? any encounter with polis who try to make a quick buck by claiming your veh is on the summons' list when it clearly isn't? just to get some ground sensing. thanks.
  3. hi everyone, any recommendations in the west to help take out my existing ICE setup and put in my stock instead ? as long as cheap and the stock works back again, selling car soon :)
  4. The existing bus priority measures, such as bus lanes and Mandatory Give Way to Buses (MGWTB), will be extended to more locations island-wide. From mid-October, there will be another 25 kilometres of bus lanes -- with Kampong Bahru Road, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh and Orchard Boulevard among the first new stretches. Currently, there are 23 kilometres of full-day bus lanes, and 155 kilometres of normal bus lanes. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said with the completion of new bus lanes by end-2013, there will be about 200 kilometres of bus lanes island-wide. From November, the Mandatory Give Way to Buses scheme will be implemented at another 135 bus bays. When completed by end-2014, about 300 bus stops will be covered under the scheme. LTA said the expansion of the bus priority measures are aimed at improving overall reliability and speeds of buses, so that commuters can experience more regular waiting times. It will also complement the ongoing Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), where additional buses will be added. LTA said by improving bus reliability, it will help shorten overall bus journey time and make public transport more attractive. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/existing-bus-priority/836440.html
  5. My car honda stream is starting to get sick need to change absorber possible air con compressor electric steering wheel est. cost ard $5 K Should i repair or book a new hyundai elantra 1.6 ?
  6. I have an existing number plate, if some one wants to buy it, do i get a replacement reg number from LTA, does it costs to get the replacement number? I know the buyer will bear the transfer fees $321 of my old number. Searched on LTA's website, FAQ, such situation on veh number swaping not stated.
  7. Doesn't sound like it......and no news about CE based road tax yet.
  8. 2 days for each group and 1 Jan, 1 May and 9 Aug for all. If any group want to increase 1 more day, then other also need to do so, we will get 15 days can each group come out with one more? Chinese is easy Mooncake (中秋), 端午, 清明....
  9. Allow existing holders of COEs to register new cars under same COE???? http://imcmsimages.mediacorp.sg/CMSFileser.../1301VOC016.pdf Letter from Fong Chee Wai IT IS clear that the supply of new Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) cannot satisfy current demand, despite the Government saying it will spread the reduction in COEs over three years (
  10. Inspired by the other thread. Let's have your predictions. My predictions would be: 1) Tear-out parking coupons. To be replaced by cashcard systems or SMS-based systems or some other new thing. 2) Paper road-tax discs. To be replaced by pure-electronic registration - if they can do it for OPC, why not for all cars? 3) Finally (this will take the longest, since they just spent money on implementing new EZ-link cashcard-based IUs and new gantries), removal of in-vehicle units and all ERP gantries, to be replaced by GPS-based road taxation.
  11. hey all e bros and sis out there....juz wondering if theres still any Toyota Corona owners in the forum....need some help here.....QUICK!!!
  12. Hi bros. Just wondering if any of you bros here have any tips on how we can extend the 'range' of our car alarm? Say for example, stock allows us to be able to activate our alarm system when we are 10m away ... Let's say if we do some mod to the system, we're able to activate our alarm when we are 20m away ... Any one got any tips?
  13. Can someone advise the following situation. I am selling my ride to someone(not to the dealer)in Aug. My new car will only come in Nov. Question : How to keep this old plate until my new car arrives ? What about the old car that I am selling, can get a new plate for the buyer ? Thanks.
  14. Anyone using this? Looks kinda interesting.. http://www.navisolutech.com/index.htm
  15. I am considering getting a Alpine.... Anyone using Alpine with their existing Steering Control and Display Units?
  16. hey all bros n sis....juz wondering if theres any one driving a corona here...need some info regarding e model...thanx!
  17. Hi guys, I just bought an MP3 Player (iPOD for Windows), hoping that I could connect it to my car's HU. I have seen the back of the HU before, and didn't realise the RCA connectors were a "bus audio-in", which meant that it also required a bus control cable to work. It's not an "Aux-in". It was supposed to be linked to a Sony CD/MD changer. So... I was hoping some of you could shed some light on the following choices... Option A: Find a good ICE guy who could hot-wire my Sony HU so that the bus audio can be used for "line-in" Anyone knows of a good ICE guy... Option B: Get an FM transmitter, hopefully with 12V adapter. Anyone knows where to get such a device. I've read seeral different accounts of such mods on overseas websites, and the 1st option is preferred as the sound quality would be much better. But the 2nd option would be simpler to do.... Does anyone know of another method (other than getting a new HU)? Thanks