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  1. I have received a writ of summons recently. What does this mean? Is this normal in motor insurance claims? Will my insurer settle for me?
  2. Hi guys, Till now, still no where to check traffic summons in Msia without registering PDRM website using their Msian MyKad?
  3. Parking Warden Allegedly Issues Summons For Illegally Park Funeral Vehicles Singapore might be a lawful nation, but there are times when exceptions are granted for parking summons during events such as funerals or religion processions. On Tuesday (5 Jan), a Facebook user complained about how a Certis parking warden was not being sensitive and compassionate when he allegedly issued summons to drivers attending a Jurong funeral. You can read the post in full here. In response to MS News queries, Certis clarified that no issued were summoned for the illegally-parked vehicles. Certis parking warden issues summon for funeral vehicles According to the post, the Certis enforcement officer had issued summons for funeral vehicles parked near the wake. This apparently happened despite the deceased’s family explaining that the undertakers had to park there to do their job. The warden later took pictures of the funeral vehicles. Officer allegedly issues summons for other vehicles too Vehicles belonging to other funeral attendees were also not spared. Despite the owners being in their respective cars, they were allegedly handed parking tickets. The user also claims that they were “not obstructing traffic in any way”. Though the netizen understands that the warden was doing his job, he felt that the officer could’ve been more compassionate and understanding, especially in this situation when a grieving family is involved. Security company says no summons were issued Responding to MS News queries, a Certis spokesperson said that the incident happened along Senja Road on Sunday (4 Jan). Contrary to the claims made in the post, the security company clarified that no parking summons were issued for the illegally-parked vehicles. The cars were later “removed” by the respective owners. Parking wardens have a difficult job on hand Maintaining the law yet being compassionate when it comes to such sensitive situations is a difficult task that our parking wardens must work with. We hope the issue in question will be settled amicably between all parties involved. source: https://mustsharenews.com/parking-warden-funeral-summons/
  4. I have an honest question. When was the last time you have been checked for your outstanding summons over at Malaysia? If you have been travelling to Malaysia often, You might have a ticket or two without knowing. I happened to chance upon myeg.com.my, the e-government portal similar to Singpass, and to my biggest surprise, they are having a traffic summons discount! From 18-22 Jan 2020, for selected traffic summons, you will get a 50% discount. How cool is that to motivate you for paying your summons! What are you waiting for, go and pay your summons now!
  5. Loke: Cheaper Car Insurance Soon For Drivers Who Do Not Get Summons Read more: https://says.com/my/news/loke-cheaper-car-insurance-for-drivers-who-do-not-get-fined-in-a-year Drivers who do not break traffic laws in the country will soon enjoy a discount on annual insurance premium renewals, said Transport Minister Anthony Loke Loke said the implementation is slated to come into effect in January next year, reported Bernama. He said the Ministry is in the final stages of completing the mechanism. The rebate will require integration of information and data between multiple parties "For this effort, we need to integrate information and data by the police and Road Transport Department (RTD) on people with clean records on roads and vice versa," New Straits Times quoted Loke as saying. "We would also need support from insurance companies to create integrated data involving the RTD and police, and reward deserving people. "Once everything is ready, we hope to start early next year," he said yesterday, 8 October. Loke said the move not only aims to encourage drivers to follow the traffic laws but also helps to reduce the cost of living He said this initiative would be beneficial for the insurance companies too. "If we can reduce road accidents, insurance claims could also be reduced," Loke said. "With this new system, instead of paying out claims, they could offer more rebates on driver's no-claim bonus (NCB), on top of the 50% discount if their vehicle is accident-free." Loke said the Ministry wanted to use this reward-or-punish combination approach to reduce road accidents nationwide.
  6. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/parking-officer-issued-fake-summonses-jailed-10829328 Twang also twang smart lah .. anyhow issue sure kanna one
  7. This is what they do while issuing a ticket. so don't use excuses like: - i got put coupons but auntie never see, - auntie see my timing wrongly, - I wasn't at that particular lot at that particular time, - etc.......... so what other excuses still can be used har?
  8. hi, anyone recently encountered any prob with our northern polis-men? any encounter with polis who try to make a quick buck by claiming your veh is on the summons' list when it clearly isn't? just to get some ground sensing. thanks.
  9. I read from the websites that parking offences seem to be under the purview of HDB and URA. So how does the traffic police fit into the picture? Apologies if this question is too stupid...
  10. about 1-2 years back, i encountered something similar with a LTA enforcement officer. I stopped at a roadside with engine and hazard light on to pass an envelope to my client who was waiting at the pedestrian walkway. My back was facing my car less than 2 metres away, this LTA enforcement officer(outsourced type) suddenly came by and immediately stopped his bike in front of my car and started keying into his handheld system. My client told me about it and i quickly approached him. This is all less than maybe 1 min? I spoke to the officer very nicely, saying my engine and hazard light was on, i was just beside the car. I ask if he saw me beside the car, he replied yes. Then why am i summoned for parking? TRAFFIC ACT CHAPTER 276: “PARK” means to bring a motor vehicle or a trailer to a stationary position and cause it to wait for any purpose other than that of immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage. He just smile back at me sarcastically and asked me to go and try to appeal. Then i took a video with him admitting that i was beside the car and HE SAW ME THERE. (since he asked me to appeal, i want to have some evidence to back up my story) I wrote in to appeal but rejected with the following reason "We have consulted the involved officer and that an offence have been committed." This is with me stating that i have all the photo and video evidences of the said incident. I was really busy that period, i did not follow up and just paid the fine. It is not about the money, but you should have seen the look on that guy face...
  11. Hi all, would like to seek your advice on this case My best friend received a letter Writ of Summons from the lawyer representing the bank. The letter has given him within 8 days for 2 choices Admit the claim or Dispute the claim If he Admit the claim, does he require to pay the amount claimed and costs of $800 to the Plaintiff or his solicitor within 8 days from the date of the letter. Kindly advised. Thanks
  12. Bro and sis, Currently there was an operations at Gelang Pata R&R to stop Singapore car to check summons own to them. Payment is by cash or credit card. I pay RM$300 for 2 speeding offend occurred in Batu Pahat on 13/3/14 and 1/5/13. I was not stop then. Anyway, I prefer to pay fine than paying bribe. The issue receipt after the fine is pay.
  13. Saw in 2 weeks ago malaysia news that they will soon stopping cars from leaving malaysia with outstanding summons,intitial thoughts was "talk only".. Last week saw major road block at 2nd link but was already pass midnight and started raining so wasnt stop... Yesterday when entering EDL highway from tebrau area towards woodlands checkpoint,shits!!! Roadblock They divert ALL cars into the R&R and every single car plate is scan through their system to check for outstanding summons.End up Rm1k poorer exiting the R&R for summons backdate all in 2012.. Not saying speeding is right but there are alot ladies there summons for over 5-10km/h some backdate from 2008-2009 Just in in case any bro may be going into jb during this ops period do at least bring credit card along as they will compound car and only release until you pay up no matter how..and there is no "special counter" where u can negotiate discount price..
  14. Get caught by Jaybee police yesterday morning for beating red light at the traffic junction behind CIQ shell station.If you drive this place before,along the carwash station where the road has just been patched after so long donkey years which lead to the CIQ by bridge.How much compound should I get for the offence and period of payment need to settled.Any website available to check your offence in JB?
  15. http://youtu.be/OAfyY6AAH1A What is this man?? Picking bones in eggs?? AMK central also got 1. Why nobody complain abt dat??
  16. This article appeared in the papers today. Quite unusual, NEA had to go to court to ACQUIT the company they wanted to charge..... http://www.singaporelawwatch.sg/slw/headlinesnews/37420-nea-asks-court-to-acquit-firm-booked-over-toxic-material.html?utm_source=rss%20subscription&utm_medium=rss NEA asks court to 'acquit' firm booked over 'toxic' material THE National Environment Agency (NEA) has asked a court to effectively acquit a firm that the agency had booked last year for moving harmful material illegally. Galaxy Logistics had faced a fine of up to $30,000 for transporting a hazardous chemical outside approved hours. Without elaborating, the NEA prosecutor had asked a district court on Feb 5 to grant Galaxy a discharge amounting to an acquittal. In reply to queries from The Straits Times, NEA said an offence involving a few parties had been committed as hazardous substances were found to have been transported outside stipulated hours. NEA did not specify who the other parties were but said: "Galaxy Logistics was charged for its role in the offence but NEA has withdrawn the charge based on further evidence. NEA is continuing with its investigations and will take appropriate legal action. Public safety remains our paramount concern." However, Galaxy's defence counsel Christopher Bridges said he did not produce any new evidence in the pre-trial conferences. Instead, he had argued that the prosecution had not been able to provide any legislation that specifically stated that the chemical transported was a hazardous material. According to court documents, Galaxy was transporting a detergent known as Divosan Active SU 388 VTS in a truck along Pioneer Road just past midnight on Oct 2, 2012. The detergent contains peracetic acid, which NEA said was hazardous. NEA issued a summons to the firm in May last year for moving the material outside the prescribed hours of between 7am and 7pm. Galaxy was alleged to have committed an offence as NEA said peracetic acid was listed as hazardous in the Second Schedule of the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA) as well as the Schedule of Environmental Protection and Management (Hazardous Substances) Regulations. However, Mr Bridges said there was no reference to peracetic acid in both lists. He also said it would be unreasonable to read "organic peroxides" in the EPMA to include all types of organic peroxides. There were different classes of organic peroxides and "it would not be Parliament's intention to include non-hazardous organic peroxides into the purview of the regulations and the EPMA", he said. The charge was "too arbitrary and hence defective as peracetic acid is not clearly and explicitly listed... as a hazardous substance", he added.
  17. Bros. This time.. I tio from mata jialat.. sibei jialat. 2 weeks back , I was waiting for relative at Beach road.. in front of the Golden Mile Bus stop. Bo pian.. he missed his flight. Then he had to cab down to catch a coach to Penang. Knn.. I never even see the mata.. now I tio 3 summon letters.. stating I park within a demerit point zone.. when I was was waiting in the car.. jialat lor.. total I tio $360.. and 9 points. You think it's worth to appeal? Because. Really.. 1 is already bad.. 2 is worse. 3.? I can suicide liao.. Pics coming up real soon..
  18. Seems to see more road enforcers on the road these days~ Heard from some friends say they have quota to hit, especially year end, coz they may get higher bonus if total collected amount is high. Wonder if that is true... My car park used to be about 100% full after 9pm, now even after 11pm, there are still vacant lots. A stranger got summon when he just left his car at a side road. Lady in white hid in a corner, and came out to issue summon just when he left the car and walked about a few meters away. Guy turn head to check and ran back to car. They got into a heated argument, he almost beat the lady in white... Scared perhaps, the lady took back the ticket, not sure if she will send him a "home-run" letter later or not though... They look like want to issue summons very badly...
  19. Summons filed to order PM Lee to court hearing on by-election http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-102601051.html In yet another twist to the court case over the Prime Minister's (PM) discretionary powers to call by-elections, the Attorney General's Chambers (AGC) has filed an application to dismiss the application by Hougang resident Vellama Marie Muthu. Vellama had sought the court to order the PM to call a by-election in Hougang within three months or any such time as the court deems fit. She also asked the court to declare that the PM does not have "unfettered discretion" in deciding whether and when to call by-elections. The AGC's press release on Thursday said Vellama's application is "frivolous or vexatious and/or an abuse of the process of the court". The AGC added: "Given the calling of the by-election on May 9, and the by-election on May 26, the AGC maintains the view that the entire substratum of the proceedings has gone and it would be an abuse of the process of court for the plaintiff to continue the proceedings." This latest twist comes after the AGC itself had withdrawn its appeal
  20. Hi to all, would like to know where's the police station located at in JB for me to pay my summons? The officer told me he'll give me a 1 mth grace period, although the "due date" stated on the form seems to indicate otherwise. However, don't wanna let matters become more complicated haha so am thinking of going up tomorrow just to get it off my mind. I do not have a GPS unit installed, so maybe some landmarks or road names would greatly help. Thanks in advance!
  21. Okay, cut short. Basically I parked belong a block's road side to get something. Return to car and received 2 summon within 8 mins. 1 at 1.17pm 1 at 1.25pm Similar offense. Question is, can they do that?
  22. Fined liao still kena suan. "FW" indicated it was a bike. This biker damn suay. Could be that he park his bike in a annoying way which obstruct others? From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...on_summons.html Getting summons bad enough, motorist receives one with rude message As if receiving a summons ticket was not enough, STOMPer Hao Wei was angry to see a handwritten message written on it which read, 'Serve you right!'. It is not known who wrote the message, as the pen ink used is different from the signature of the parking warden who issued it. Said the STOMPer (Sep 21): "Parking summons remark. "I am so angry with this remark. "Being issued summons already makes me fed up. "But someone wrote 'Serve you right' on the ticket. "Seriously, do you have to write this remark on the paper when I've already been fined?"
  23. Not too sure whether has this been posted.... but just reposting for all benefits SEREMBAN: The on-off discount for traffic offenders is on again, with those who settle their traffic tickets within two weeks from today getting a 50% discount. Those who settle their dues after the two-week period but by the end of the month will be entitled to a 30% discount. After that, offenders will be required to pay the full amount of the summonses issued to them. The move is to get offenders to pay their summonses and reduce the backlog before the government starts blacklisting offenders from Feb 28. A government official who disclosed this said motorists who were issued tickets during the Ops Sikap exercises or those who had arrest warrants against them would not be eligible for the discounts.
  24. I always wondered, when authorities enforcing time based offences, whose time do they use? For example, was driving next to Bus lane just now at 9.25am, so what if I enter the bus lane at 9.26am. (Bus lane ends at 9.30am) perhaps my car clock already shows 9.30am. ERP no argument cause the clock is on the gantry so for carpark and bus lane, do they have 'unofficial policy' that the 1st & last 10 mins they do not really summon you. Anyone knows how it officially works or kenna summon at 9.29 am before?
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