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Found 27 results

  1. I have college stay nearby and everyday he want a lift. I buy the car for my and family convenience. Really to much!
  2. Yamapi

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Anyone tried Uber before?? Is it more expensive than taking taxi? or is there anyone interested to sign up and drive for them? lol Published on Mar 25, 2014 Looks like a car, feels like a taxi TECHNOLOGY company Uber has launched a private car service rivalling taxis in terms of pricing and fleet, but the authorities do not plan to regulate it for now. Two weeks ago, the company - known for its mobile app which allows users to book high-end private limousines - launched a service called UberX. UberX users can now book mid-range cars such as Mitsubishi Lancers and Toyota Corollas using the service. These cars are driven by people who sign up with UberX to be drivers using their own cars, or rental vehicles. They do not need to possess taxi driver licences to do so. This service follows the model rolled out in several cities globally, including New York, Los Angeles and London. UberX's pricing in Singapore is similar to what local taxi companies charge. UberX charges $3.50 as a base fare and a per-kilometre charge that works out to be about 28 cents per 400m. This is similar to what ComfortDelGro's Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai i-40 taxis charge - $3.20 and $3.70, respectively, for the first kilometre or less. SMRT charges $3.60 and $3.80 for its Chevrolet Epica and Toyota Prius, respectively. Both taxi companies charge 22 cents for every 400m thereafter or less, up to 10km, and 22 cents for every 350m after that. The introduction of UberX in Singapore comes as the taxi industry faces increased regulation and higher service standards. But despite UberX's similarity to taxis, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will not be regulating it for now. In response to MyPaper queries, an LTA spokesman said that Uber is not a taxi company but rather a "technology company providing a matching service leveraging on technology". "These are private-hire cars. Such cars, unlike taxis, do not ply for hire on any road. Neither do such cars take in passengers at taxi stands/stops," the spokesman said. Mr Mike Brown, regional general manager for Uber in Southeast Asia, said the company is "fully compliant with the law in Singapore". He said that UberX is "priced at a premium to a taxi and UberX does not accept street hails like a taxi". To ensure passenger safety, the company conducts criminal background checks and inspects the driving licences of all drivers, before they can join. UberX hires only Singapore citizens and permanent residents. All cars must be commercially registered and have commercial auto insurance. Those who do not own cars rent vehicles through Uber. A MyPaper check with seven UberX drivers found they were a mix of former lorry drivers and former taxi drivers. One said he pays about $1,600 for the monthly vehicle rental, which works out to around $50 a day - half of what taxi drivers pay for their daily rental. Uber takes 20 per cent of every UberX fare. But drivers said they still find it a good deal. With the lower rental, "it's better than driving a taxi because we can potentially earn more money with the same amount of work", said one driver, who declined to be named. http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/looks-car-feels-taxi-20140325?utm_content=buffer71233&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  3. Zxcvb

    Fake Taxi

    Hi guys, recently saw a lot of cars putting up the "fake taxi" decal. Even PHV vehicles also put up the stickers, think the drivers want their fantasies to come true. What do you think??
  4. kobayashiGT

    Time for ComfortDelGro to up its game

    Time for ComfortDelGro to up its game sources: https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/time-for-comfortdelgro-to-up-its-game When Uber entered the Singapore market in 2013, it changed the face of taxi services. Singaporeans were suddenly able to find rides with an ease previously unheard of. ComfortDelGro, the largest taxi operator here, would have been expected to take serious steps to counter the threat from ride-hailing companies. Instead, six years on, it has allowed its taxi revenues to slide without a solution in sight. Its weak attempt to purchase Uber's private-hire business when it exited South-east Asia last year was usurped by Grab, which has emerged as the main player, with Gojek following closely behind. In South-east Asia, Grab has grand ambitions: to provide safe and convenient ride-hailing services in the region. Today, we read about ComfortDelGro's attempt to invest in transport-linked start-ups (ComfortDelGro investing in transport-linked tech start-ups, June 5). Read here! Instead of transforming its business model with its own ride-hailing app that would link all of its worldwide traditional taxi businesses and, eventually, its bus business, the company has shown a lack of ambition and leadership in the face of disruption. Still massively profitable from its monopoly over the local rail and bus services, this is one local company that has the resources to help take Singapore's internationalisation drive to the next level. But it is perhaps lacking the business motivation, given its privileged position in the local land transport market. - Liu Fook Thim
  5. Uber's IPO flop bodes ill for Grab and Go-Jek Southeast Asian 'decacorns' must show path to profitability, say experts KENTARO IWAMOTO, Nikkei staff writer MAY 15, 2019 15:56 JST https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Startups/Uber-s-IPO-flop-bodes-ill-for-Grab-and-Go-Jek
  6. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/grab-uber-deal-sparks-fears-of-price-hike Grab-Uber deal sparks fears of price hike Consumers and industry watchers are raising concerns that Grab's acquisition of Uber's South-east Asian business will lead to higher fares.PHOTO: ST FILE PublishedMar 26, 2018, 10:38 pm SGT Christopher Tan Senior Transport Correspondent christan@sph.com.sg Zhaki Abdullah azhaki@sph.com.sg SINGAPORE - Consumers and industry watchers are raising concerns that ride-hailing firm Grab's acquisition of rival Uber's South-east Asian business will reduce competition and lead to higher fares. Ms Zhang Bin Bin, who takes both Grab and Uber rides, is unsure how fares will change now that "competition is minimised". "If prices increase or if they match regular taxi prices, I will probably go back to public transport," said the film-maker, 23. Freelance photographer Robin Choo, 27, had the same concerns. "If prices for rides booked through Grab were to rise, I think I will have reconsider my travel options," he said. Drivers interviewed raised concerns about their incentives and commission rates. Private-hire drivers pay about 20 per cent of each fare to their operators. Mr Ken Tan, 45, is concerned about how the move might affect his earnings. While he has driven for both Uber and Grab, he said he was able to earn more driving for Uber due to the better driver incentives. Drivers now no longer have the option of choosing another operator if they are dissatisfied with their current firm, he said. Mr Thanaraj Suppiah, 36, who has been driving full-time for Uber since last June, said: "I will have to see how well Grab takes care of drivers." Mr Ang Hin Kee, executive adviser to the National Taxi Association as well as the National Private Hire Vehicles Association, said consumers and drivers need more choices, not fewer. Nonetheless, if the merger is approved here, he hopes that end users will be better off. "With potentially lower cost of operations via lower staff overheads and less spending on advertisement, the new entity can focus on delivering better terms for drivers and commuters," he said. "But if it infringes on commuter and driver interests, I hope the regulators can steer it back on track." Singapore University of Social Sciences senior lecturer and transport economist Walter Theseira said regulators can do one of two things to ensure that the market remains equitable for all parties. One is to have a dominant player which is well regulated. The other is to have multiple players and let natural competition keep them in check. "My personal view is that there has to be first of all, evidence that market size leads to efficiency," he said. "Secondly, there must be an appropriate lever to ensure that an enlarged player does not abuse its power." Meanwhile, consumers do not seem too worried that Grab - with its ambitions of becoming a major player in the food, payment and loan sectors - would have access to information on how they travel, eat and spend. "With the Government's cashless drive, consumers like myself will have to face the fact that my data is being collected," Mr Choo said. "My concern lies with how secure my data is." Said Ms Zhang: "I am quite indifferent to that... since many apps or even devices are already collecting such data." Grab Singapore head Lim Kell Jay said: "We have always cared about our customers' well-being and as a start, we will immediately extend our free personal accident insurance policy to all new interested Uber drivers and riders who choose to be part of our platform. "We expect our combined operations to create a better experience for our community of drivers and passengers... we expect to see shorter wait times and faster pick-ups. This would mean better productivity for our drivers, and better reliability for our passengers."
  7. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/despite-looming-deadline-34000-private-hire-car-drivers-yet-obtain-vocational-licence Possible further downward pressure on COE?
  8. When PHV is mentioned, what thoughts/feelings come to you immediately?
  9. From yesterday's BT. Wow....3,000 to 4,000 surplus PHV cars to be released into the used car mkt.
  10. Wind30

    Cancelling Uber eats account

    I hate Uber. I keep getting sms code Everyday cuz someone is trying to hack my account. With a 4 digit verification code, it is only a matter of time before they crack it. I tried cancelling my Uber account but my Uber eats is still active. How do u cancel Uber eats. I have never seen a company so hard to cancel
  11. RadX

    MCF kaki UBERers/GRABCARers

    Here you go. Let's start this thread for fellow UBERers here to share Discuss and discern the riders and drivers we have here. It's a good platform for our own kaki to discuss and help one another. This is more focused cf the other general thread. That said, we do not potong jalan and let UBER still earn the due funds as they have changed the landscape for ride sharing Thanks and let's keep this place civil as always Some advise the UBER kaki can share is: 1. Tips on starting up 2. Common pattern of riders 3. Route management 4. User experiences I'll add in RYDE and grabtaxi in due course
  12. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/south-east-asian-rivals-go-jek-and-grab-to-face-off-in-singapore-as-uber-exits?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10 The battle for a slice of South-east Asia's ride-hailing market is set to heat up, as two billion-dollar homegrown players brace themselves for expansion following the exit of Uber. A week after Singapore-based Grab announced it was acquiring Uber's business in South-east Asia, Indonesian technology company Go-Jek has been reaching out to former Uber drivers in greater Jakarta, while making plans to expand its services to Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Here we go again. One down, another one up. Same as our Telco. In the end, everything is monopolised by the Government. Singapore's market is too controlled and too small for long term sustainability and growth. What's next?
  13. recently all the uber and grab car i took sibeh dirty and smelly sia. got tissue and disgusting smell. while i understand some are rentals and no time etc etc but some really quite gross leh
  14. Hi All, recently I've opt for car leasing scheme which come with insurance (R11) with a Leasing Company for 10yrs. Now I wish for a conversion for Z10/11 so that I can use for Private hire Car(Uber/Grab). My question is will I be able to do so, will there be changes in document applied or any additional charges arise? Any genuine kind soul can help me solved?
  15. Lmws214

    Grab or Uber?

    So far, my experience with both of them (Grab and Uber) is that Grab seems to be cheaper and they are more responsive when one books their ride. Not sure if anyone here have any experience with either one of them do share on this platform,cheers
  16. Bagaimana cara mendatar uber mobil dan motor secara online berikut adalah panduanya: Syarat mendaftar uber mobil: 1. SIM A/B1 /B2 2. KTP/resi ktp 3. STNK MOBIL ( MINIMUM 2012) 4. SKCK/KTA bagi TNI/Polri Syarat mendatar uber motor: 1. SIM C 2. KTP/resi ktp 3. STNK MOTOR( MINIMUM 2010) 4. SKCK/KTA bagi TNI/Polri Semua dokumen harus asli masih berlaku, tidak fotocopyan cara datar uber mobil online pertama : REGISTER keterangan : masukan nama depan dan belakang, kalau tiga suku kata nama depan di kolom pertama,/first name dan nama kedua dan ketiga di kolom kedua last name masukan Email: masukan nomor HP Masukan password: City : masukan nama kota lalu : SUBMIT PILIH JENIS UBER UPLOAD PERSYARATAN SIM SKCK STNK KTP SUBMIT silahkan ditunggu sampai dengan maksimal 3 jam, kalau sudah ada pemberitahuan bahwa akun anda aktif maka silahkan buka aplikasi uber driver . Setelah melewati proses pendaftaran selesai maka pendaftar haruslah mengecek status pendaftaran bagaimana cara mengetahuinya ?? 1. Pertama download dahulu aplikasi dan install aplikasi liat tanda centang kalau tercentang dokumen di setujui, kalau tidak tercentang silahkan foto ulang dokumen harus asli, tidak boleh foto copyan tidak gelap/memantul cahaya cara isi rekening dan top up: ketentuan top up tidak mutlak anda bisa narik tanpa harus punya kartu kredit nanti saldo kredit non tunai anda akan di potong bila ada penumpang menggunakan non tunai buka http://vault.uber.com tutorial dibawah Training online: https://youtu.be/mHjUpK8j92Q https://youtu.be/HTKBGBRKoPw cara daftar uber mobil online|cara datar uber mobil
  17. Uber drivers are not allowed to deduct any expenses, even petrol, right? So they are basically paying income tax on their entire revenue? I understand that most Uber drivers do it as a side business. But is it possible for a full time uber driver to make more than a full time taxi driver (after tax)? For comparison sake, assuming the exact same trips on the exact same day and exact same time, just one is taxi, one is uber. Can commercial vehicles be used for Uber? Eg. P-plate passenger vehicles, as well as double-cabin goods vehicles? Also, is Grab abusing the Research and development vehicle scheme? I see a lot of RD-plate Grab vehicles on the road carrying passengers. They have many of these RD-plate Grab vehicles parked at their rental place in Jalan Pemimpin. Is Grab abusing this scheme so as to deduct their expenses and pay less tax?
  18. I read in the news that to drive for grab or uber, no longer need to register a new business to go to LTA and convert my car to Z10. now can convert to Z10 with your own name, no business. Anyone done it or know how to do it to convert to Z10 for grab uber? thanks in advance!
  19. Uber President Jeff Jones has quit 6 months after joining the ridesharing firm. CEO Travis Kalanick hinted at the reason for Jones’ departure in an email sent to staff on Sunday announcing the move. (Prior to joining Uber as second in command, Jones was Chief Marketing Officer at retailer Target.) “After we announced our intention to hire a COO, Jeff came to the tough decision that he doesn’t see his future at Uber,” Kalanick wrote, according to a copy of the email obtained by Bloomberg. It was on March 7 that Kalanick revealed he was seeking a COO, someone who could partner with him to “write the next chapter in Uber’s journey.” Also departing Uber is Brian McClendon, who is in charge of maps and business platforms at Uber. He plans to leave at the end of the month. The departures come after Uber has been in the headlines recently for several scandals ranging from allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace to video showing Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver over fares. Uber is also facing a lawsuit from Alphabet’s self-driving car unit Waymo over allegations of stolen technology and infringement of patents.
  20. Sdf4786k

    Disruptive technology

    Are we ready fir disruptive technology of a different kind if Madison is not allowed ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1IvqmC8okY Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies - Documentary
  21. According to Bloomberg, Apple has invested S$1.37 billion in Didi Chuxing, a Chinese ride-sharing service that is Uber's biggest rival in China. It is also Apple's first foray into the automotive industry. Apple will be helping Didi Chuxing build up a platform to handle more than 11 million rides a day and 300 million users across China. The report also says that the tech giant is looking for ways to grow even further, with CEO Tim Cook preferring services with higher profit margins, as well as searching for ways to better infiltrate the Chinese market. At the moment, Didi Chuxing holds more than 87 percent of the Chinese market and claims that Apple's investment is the largest it has received.
  22. about 1-2 years back, i encountered something similar with a LTA enforcement officer. I stopped at a roadside with engine and hazard light on to pass an envelope to my client who was waiting at the pedestrian walkway. My back was facing my car less than 2 metres away, this LTA enforcement officer(outsourced type) suddenly came by and immediately stopped his bike in front of my car and started keying into his handheld system. My client told me about it and i quickly approached him. This is all less than maybe 1 min? I spoke to the officer very nicely, saying my engine and hazard light was on, i was just beside the car. I ask if he saw me beside the car, he replied yes. Then why am i summoned for parking? TRAFFIC ACT CHAPTER 276: “PARK” means to bring a motor vehicle or a trailer to a stationary position and cause it to wait for any purpose other than that of immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage. He just smile back at me sarcastically and asked me to go and try to appeal. Then i took a video with him admitting that i was beside the car and HE SAW ME THERE. (since he asked me to appeal, i want to have some evidence to back up my story) I wrote in to appeal but rejected with the following reason "We have consulted the involved officer and that an offence have been committed." This is with me stating that i have all the photo and video evidences of the said incident. I was really busy that period, i did not follow up and just paid the fine. It is not about the money, but you should have seen the look on that guy face...
  23. RadX

    The really UBER rich!

    Even trottle2 is a blue collar worker cf these kind of spending
  24. Dear friends, I am 57 years old and owning a Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 1.6L CVT engine which I bought in Jan 2006, highly tuned and has clocked only 51,000km. The mileage is very low cos it's use by my wife and I have another higher capacity car. In mid March this year when the mileage was 47,000, I got it serviced at a workshop and the boss highly recommended me OWS Uber Power NA Racing Engine Oil and told me that it is very good and suitable for all NA cars. He claimed that this oil would deliver better power and guaranteed fuel saving of 5%. Well, the printing on the engine oil metal can also stated a guaranteed 5% fuel saving. As there is no rating such as 5W-30 on the can, I asked the workshop boss about it and he told me that he doesn't know. As I have never use the above OWS engine oil before, I took his recommendation, changed the engine oil with the above OWS engine oil, flushed the engine with OWS products and changed oil filter which I paid $170.00. Prior to using this oil, I was using SpeedMaster engine oil and KF Massimo both synthetic oil and from Japan for each service and the car was very responsive and torquey. I was achieving relatively good mileage for 50L full tank and been using BRISK Premium LGS spark plugs (the one with 4 pins) for 10,000km. While the car was on OWS Uber Power NA Racing Engine Oil, I already felt that the engine sounds hollow and I thought that it could be due to certain admixtures of the oil. About a month ago, I noticed that I was getting at least 15% less mileage for 50L full tank and the engine sounds rather harsh as compared to before. Last week, I brought the car to a mechanic friend who owns a motor repair and servicing workshop and told him the above problems. From mid March 2011 till last week which is 5 months, the car only clocked 4,000km using OWS Uber Power NA Racing Engine Oil and I already encountered the above problems. My mechanic friend initially thought that it could be the sparks plugs. He took them out and found that the plugs are still in good condition. He checked all the engine parts and found nothing wrong and even jacked up my car to check on any engine oil leak but found none. He then asked me what engine oil I used and I told him OWS Uber Power NA Racing Engine Oil. He straight away told me that the oil is not suitable for all cars as there is no rating at all. While at his workshop, I got the engine oil changed to FK Massimo. My car is now much lighter, more responsive at pick up and over-taking, engine is quite, smooth and beginning to achieve the mileage that I used to get before using OWS Uber Power NA Racing Engine Oil. As OWS manufacturer has printed on the engine oil can guaranteeing 5% saving in fuel consumption but I was getting worse mileage, I wrote to the manufacturer but they have yet to reply to me. I have just written to OWS Singapore distributor and requested his reply on the problems that I encountered. For those of you who are using or have used OWS Uber Power NA Racing Engine Oil, may I have your feedback on this oil. Thanks. Mike
  25. Garlic

    Uber biking skills

    Video 1: Video 2: [speechless]