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Found 18 results

  1. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/grab-uber-deal-sparks-fears-of-price-hike Grab-Uber deal sparks fears of price hike Consumers and industry watchers are raising concerns that Grab's acquisition of Uber's South-east Asian business will lead to higher fares.PHOTO: ST FILE PublishedMar 26, 2018, 10:38 pm SGT Christopher Tan Senior Transport Correspondent christan@sph.com.sg Zhaki Abdullah azhaki@sph.com.sg SINGAPORE - Consumers and industry watchers are raising concerns that ride-hailing firm Grab's acquisition of rival Uber's South-east Asian business will reduce competition and lead to higher fares. Ms Zhang Bin Bin, who takes both Grab and Uber rides, is unsure how fares will change now that "competition is minimised". "If prices increase or if they match regular taxi prices, I will probably go back to public transport," said the film-maker, 23. Freelance photographer Robin Choo, 27, had the same concerns. "If prices for rides booked through Grab were to rise, I think I will have reconsider my travel options," he said. Drivers interviewed raised concerns about their incentives and commission rates. Private-hire drivers pay about 20 per cent of each fare to their operators. Mr Ken Tan, 45, is concerned about how the move might affect his earnings. While he has driven for both Uber and Grab, he said he was able to earn more driving for Uber due to the better driver incentives. Drivers now no longer have the option of choosing another operator if they are dissatisfied with their current firm, he said. Mr Thanaraj Suppiah, 36, who has been driving full-time for Uber since last June, said: "I will have to see how well Grab takes care of drivers." Mr Ang Hin Kee, executive adviser to the National Taxi Association as well as the National Private Hire Vehicles Association, said consumers and drivers need more choices, not fewer. Nonetheless, if the merger is approved here, he hopes that end users will be better off. "With potentially lower cost of operations via lower staff overheads and less spending on advertisement, the new entity can focus on delivering better terms for drivers and commuters," he said. "But if it infringes on commuter and driver interests, I hope the regulators can steer it back on track." Singapore University of Social Sciences senior lecturer and transport economist Walter Theseira said regulators can do one of two things to ensure that the market remains equitable for all parties. One is to have a dominant player which is well regulated. The other is to have multiple players and let natural competition keep them in check. "My personal view is that there has to be first of all, evidence that market size leads to efficiency," he said. "Secondly, there must be an appropriate lever to ensure that an enlarged player does not abuse its power." Meanwhile, consumers do not seem too worried that Grab - with its ambitions of becoming a major player in the food, payment and loan sectors - would have access to information on how they travel, eat and spend. "With the Government's cashless drive, consumers like myself will have to face the fact that my data is being collected," Mr Choo said. "My concern lies with how secure my data is." Said Ms Zhang: "I am quite indifferent to that... since many apps or even devices are already collecting such data." Grab Singapore head Lim Kell Jay said: "We have always cared about our customers' well-being and as a start, we will immediately extend our free personal accident insurance policy to all new interested Uber drivers and riders who choose to be part of our platform. "We expect our combined operations to create a better experience for our community of drivers and passengers... we expect to see shorter wait times and faster pick-ups. This would mean better productivity for our drivers, and better reliability for our passengers."
  2. Any bros or sis know whr to download?? I find on Sogou and baidu, only a few i want.... last few days, listen and bring back the memories when i was a chiongster still. Now trying to compile all the songs and burn into a cd.
  3. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1179116/1/.html
  4. PowerMaxII


    hi all. noticed when driving that sometimes sparks (or some kind of fire?flame?) fly out of (other's)car's rear undercarriage usually round the tyre. wondering what does that come from? brake pad? tyres? anyone else observed this strange occurence?
  5. I was around the area so I went to buy 2 pieces of aircon filter from Sparks Car Care @ Sin Ming Little did i know that this turn out to be a time wasting purchase and a bad experience. I went to Sin Ming, feels like I went to Sim Lim. The counter staffs are friendly. no doubts about that. no fault there. I told a staff which 2 pc i need for 2 different car models. Car A & B and the YOM respectively + specifically say it's for the new model of Car A & B. as both Car A and B have 2 entirely different model running around. The first mistake that the counter staff made was quoting the price w/o GST. quote price if GST is chargeable must be with GST - http://www.iras.gov.sg/irasHome/page04.aspx?id=10830 Only upon payment then I realized its quoted b4 GST. This is unacceptable and especially for a company of such size and reputation. Personally, I don't think this reflect badly on the staff but rather management who ought to know and train the staff on govt regulations. anyhow no big deal. To the next part. Next when they retrieve the AC filters for me to make payment, I insist on checking. It was 2 pieces for Car A. one for the older model, one for the new. The check is simply done by looking at the box cover of the filter where it was checked against the model it was made for. How simple is it to differentiate? I can pick it up from Stamford's shelf myself. Not rocket science. When I told the staff the mistake, he still insist it is just the sizing, it doesn't matter. Maybe to him, but its my $ and my car. I explained to them the differences and insist on getting the correct one for Car B. turns out Car B filter was out of stock. Now, I don't know if they tried to pulled a fast one by simply replacing an out of stock one with a similar/usable but not correct part or an honest mistake. If I service my car with them will they get the parts right given a simple thing like ac filter also can get wrong? Well, I will never find out as I never have and never will. I am not afraid to put the workshop name simply because I am not libeling them as it's the truth.
  6. An interesting Article. Different standard seems apply. In all my years in Singapore, I have never been warn of any bad or hot weather. Come to think of it, if we have warning when the mercury read above 28 deg, I think we have warning everyday liao. Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-20...th-warning.html
  7. Hi guys, my 50K coming up. Not thinking of going back to KMC for my avante svcg. Will be bring own oil. Anyone has any experience with STAR Jurong west (new one) SPARKS (Pandan). I did my svcg there once when it was still CDGE. Not sure of the culture changed to hv sharper knifes these days to chop carrots. Will be bringing my own AMSOIL.
  8. A young food blogger who demanded that he and his three companions be given free meals at an upscale restaurant in the Joo Chiat area has sparked a huge furore online. The group of four had walked into Private Affairs, a small but exclusive eatery in Joo Chiat, for its Sunday champagne brunch promotion that costs S$68++ per person. The blogger in question, Brad Lau, who runs a food blog called Ladyironchef, had informed the management on Friday that he would be coming down to review the Sunday Brunch promotion. On the day itself, he and his partner came down at about 130pm, followed by his two other companions, each of whom came down half an hour apart. The four of them had brunch until 430pm, even when the restaurant
  9. SINGAPORE: The DSO National Laboratories is examining a letter addressed to the Prime Minister. A police spokesperson confirmed that the letter was received at the Istana at around 8pm on Monday. SCDF conducted tests using detectors and did not find any traces of hazardous materials. The letter, which was typewritten and consisted of a few pages, has been sent to the DSO National Laboratories for further checks.
  10. http://asia.news.yahoo.com/090113/3/3upw4.html
  11. Sosaria

    MSK lookalike sparks hunt

    Lookalike sparks hunt http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_307961.html Surely they cannot possibly believe that this guy is still hanging around in singapore after all these months... Never mind, to admit that he has left singapore would be admitting that our border controls are not so world-class . So, no choice, have to keep up the charade...
  12. I had my spark plugs changed during 40K. They are normal ones according to Tan Chong. I'm driving a Sunny. Any idea where to get the most basic ones? I intend to change them every 10K. As cheap as possible type..
  13. X_xxx_x

    Pivot sparks

    any bros have installed the above??any feedbacks/reviews?thanks
  14. Anyone used OWS Sparks plug?Feedbacks?
  15. Scorcher

    Sparks at the steering wheel hub

    Today, while signalling and accelerating up the filter lane to the expressway, saw a spark with a loud "plack" sound at the steering wheel hub... thou something blew... but there's nothing wrong with the car le.... dunno what happen... anyone can advise?
  16. hi ti all bros,asking a very stupid qn!how do u noe if the sparks plug does not fit ur car?and how to check if the sparks plug are spolit!and lastly,under wat stituation the sparks plug will be damage!!can any bro pls advice! thanks alot!!!
  17. izit dat K&N filters hav a few types? why the diff? and why K&N filters are so gd dat they can increase power? which spark plugs are gd and can increase power? wats the reason for the increase ?