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Found 21 results

  1. Jusnel

    Recommendation for Frying pan

    Hi, anyone can recommend frying pan? I'm using it for fry egg, fish fillet, etc. No deep fry needed Was looking at K Art brand at NTUC fairprice. Korea made. Has the marble coatingon it. Any one has comments on this? Abit worried abt the coatings on it
  2. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Kicking off part 6 of my makan thread with pics taken with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Makan sessions with @kobayashigt. Circuit Road Hawker Center Nakhon Kitchen The Burning Oak at Simpang Bedok Hawker Center. Love their melt-in-your-mouth pork cheeks!
  3. Personally, for meat, I think still have to wash. http://www.asiaone.com/health/6-foods-you-should-not-wash-cooking
  4. chryst

    Cooking: All About Beef

    Bought the Anova precision cooker during Black Friday for lazy woman steaks. Was only USD$99 + $20+ shipping, arrived over the weekend. Ordered from their American site but it was shipped from Hong Kong though. It has a Singapore compatible plug. Faster ran to Foodie Market at Katong to buy me some meat! 1.5inch ribeye (sorry didn't notice pic blur when I took it) 3/4 inch A4 wagyu Started with the ribeye first. A sea salt and fresh ground pepper rub. Let it sit for awhile and added rosemary and thyme. Into the bag (provided with the machine) with a clove of garlic. Throw into the pot and just wait! Bonus pic: "Mama, you cooking? Will I get some? I am a good boy!" 2 hours later.... success!
  5. Need to impress my gf and friends with my cooking skills. So buying this tomorrow!
  6. Mockngbrd

    Best cooking show

    and https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=828108580566554
  7. Serbia hosts World Testicle Cooking Championship
  8. LinOrLim

    Cooking Classes

    Hey guys/ladies, anyone out there know this cooking class offered by this lady at around Aljuneid MRT Station, around Aljuneid Ave 2 there, near the Blk 118 HDB Geyland Branch Office...? Your help is greatly appreciated if you can provide me with the address and name of the business.
  9. MrolexB

    Cooking Hob Query

    Hi All, I have a cooking hob challenge, hope to hear some advice. My current cook hob is already about 15 yrs old, recently I am thinking of replacing it. But I faced with the limitation of the kitchen top cut-in size (800 X 430), which means I have to find a replacement hob with the identical cut-in size. My current hob is a Tecno T333TG (860 X 500, cut-in size 800 X 430), however the identical model currently available has a smaller cut-in size (690 X 390). I am avoiding altering the existing hole or worse, change entire kitchen top. I also considering other models with either cut-in width of 800 (depth lesser than 430) or depth of 430 (width lesser than 800), but wonder if it will hold. Any advice is appreciated. Many Thanks in advance. Cheers...
  10. This show was good showing the cooks going to china isolated village to cook a feast. By last Monday show was about two sisters from china traveling for the first time to Singapore to visit the cooks/chefs. I watched and felt that the programme is putting a bad light onto the sisters. Making fun and showing their Sua-ku emotions in a very bad light. This quan yifeng, even laugh and suan the two sisters so much, that I feel sad for the two sisters. I am sure the editors and producers can edit it better to present them in a more sensible manner. I am going to watch tonight episode to see how yifeng is going to suan these foreign visitors.
  11. When neighbours disagree ... by Quek Sue Wen Carolyn Case 1: A family, who had just moved here from China, had resorted to mediation because they could not stand the smell of curry that their Singaporean Indian neighbours would often cook. The Indian family, who were mindful of their neighbour's aversion, had already taken to closing their doors and windows whenever they cooked the dish, but this was not enough. "They said: 'Can you please do something? Can you don't cook curry? Can you don't eat curry?'," said Madam Marcellina Giam, a Community Mediation Centre mediator. But the Indian family stood firm. In the end, Mdm Giam got the Indian family to agree to cook curry only when the Chinese family was not home. In return, they wanted their Chinese neighbours to at least give their dish a try. Link
  12. Superyandao

    I wanna learn cooking!

    http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/ent...1109459/1/.html 'Naked chef' to debut on Hong Kong adult channel Posted: 08 February 2011 1821 hrs HONG KONG : A Hong Kong adult channel is set to debut a cooking show headlined by a nude host who will prepare Cantonese dishes wearing a transparent apron - an apparent bid to encourage more men to cook. Host Flora Cheung will start each 30-minute show shopping for fresh ingredients in the city's famous wet markets, undressing once she is back in the privacy of her studio kitchen, the South China Morning Post reported. Cheung, who admits she has never worked in a restaurant kitchen, said she hopes the risque show will draw more men into the kitchen. The first episode is set to air later this month. "I have always liked cooking and I thought I should share (the) enjoyment with more people," the 26-year-old told the Post. "Most men don't like to cook, but I want to get them interested... From shopping to cooking - it's the whole shebang," Cheung added. The host promised that her tailor-made, transparent apron won't leave much to the imagination. "It covers pretty much everything but hides nothing," she was quoted as saying. Producer Jesse Au told the paper that the show may spawn similar offerings with nude hosts cooking up a range of Asian cuisines: "This could be an endless series if it proves popular." - AFP/il
  13. Blackwind

    Cooking myself

    with the influx of china ppl working in foodcourts i have finally given up on foodcourts. i am not going to waste time describing the 3 disgusting incidents which just took place at my foodcourt in a matter of minutes. im army trained... never whined abt sand in my canned food and i am not the type who is fussy abt food. i'm the type who will pick up the meat and eat it even if it falls on the table. my mom is forever travelling and is not always in spore to cook for us. anyway the important thing is im gonna start cooking myself. any tips for me? any easy recipes for beginners like me? i've seen youtube videos and recipe books..... but what i need are simple recipes where the ingredients are easily found in our markets.... preferably meat and vege recipes thnx a million!
  14. Spherex

    Cooking Classes for Beginers

    Hi, Any recommendations of cooking classes for beginers? Very elementary time for people with totally no background. Thanks!!
  15. Method : - Put some rice grains ( brown or white ) into a stainless steel thermos flask. - Pour in boiling water ( not hot water ) up to 3/4 full and closed the flask. - After 5 hrs, you will have porridge. - The flask will also keep the porridge hot for 24 hrs. Anybody got any great ideas to share
  16. Hi all, When I shop for Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Cooking Wine, I'm amused about the price differences between brands. For roughly 640ML bottle, it could be as low as S$2, then from S$3.60, S$5.10 to even S$10.50. The alcohol content is betwen 17, 17.5 to 18% (mostly 18%). In JB, the cheapest is around RM8 to RM17. Again, all different brands from that those I saw in SG supermarket. Anyone, prefer certain brand when come to using them? Thank you. Regards,
  17. Nolicense

    Buy cooking oil from JB

    Hi, I tried searching the malaysia customs website but can't understand malay and can't find the information. Is it ok to buy cooking oil from JB or is the ban still on? thanks
  18. http://asia.news.yahoo.com/090113/3/3upw4.html
  19. David

    Cooking Red Bean Soup(Desert)

    I came to know that in order to have the red bean split open, place a porcelain spoon inside while cooking. What is the reason?
  20. Poortraveller

    Used cooking oil????