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  1. Car ownership is about happiness. TS is happy. Good for him. I am also happy. Because I reach the prosperous 8888 posts today!!
  2. SimonTan

    Accidental Alcohol brew?

    How can it be spoilt? Or poisonous? The alcohol produced will kill the bacteria and virus in the juice. Making it clean and non-dangerous. That's was how my grandma used to ferment 'tonic' when I was young. She will have one lump of clay like thing inside a glass jar, and then let it ferment forever. When ever she poured of some of the liquid from the jar, she will replace it with some sugar and water and special herbal ingredient. The liquid taste delicious, and I am still alive!
  3. SimonTan

    Interest rate to stay low till 2015

    Great...just nice for me to take a loan to buy Hillier.
  4. SimonTan

    Echik NSHW TP, like that also can?

    Cool story bro!
  5. SimonTan

    Will you stay?

    I will when I win the Big Sweep.
  6. Very good. The law is fair. No proof...then innocent!
  7. It's like proving the existence of KuanYin and seeing her bossoms as the proof?
  8. SimonTan

    Another death at Woodlands corpse water block

    This kind of news is why I have absolute confidence of our local court of law. I feel proud being a Singaporean for showing compassion for many FT who committed crime here. Body in water tank case: Alleged killer may go free AsiaOne Monday, Jul 09, 2012 The man suspected of killing a maid and dumping her body in an HDB rooftop water tank may go free. The Straits Times reported today that at a pre-trial hearing last week, the prosecution gave notice that it would apply for a discharge not amounting to an acquittal for Md Repon Mostafa, a 29-year-old Bangladeshi. The cleaner was arrested at the scene of the crime and has been held in remand since his arrest in May last year. His uncle, Mr Mazibar Md Sadhumiah, told the paper that Mostafa was 'overjoyed' upon hearing the news. Mostafa's lawyer, Ram Goswami, told The Straits Times that the case had been taken off the High Court list where capital cases are heard. Eight court pre-trial conferences had been held since the suspect was charged earlier. Lawyers told the paper that the prosecution's move is usually caused by lack of sufficient evidence, or the absence of a key witness. The story made headlines last year after the dead body of an Indonesian maid was discovered on May 16 inside the rooftop water tank of Block 686B, Woodlands Street 73. It was reported that blood stains were found in the 2m-deep water tank. Mostafa was subsequently charged with the murder of Madam Ruliyawati, 30, who was found wearing wearing a t-shirt and bermudas with several wounds. It was believed he had access to the rooftop as it is his job to clean the roof and check the water tank. The rooftop is normally locked. Mostafa was reportedly seen limping and had cuts on his legs when he was led away by the police. An autopsy revealed that the maid, who had been working for a family living in that block for only six weeks, drowned. It was reported then that the corpse in the water tank may have tainted the drinking water of 700 residents. This led to new measures by the PUB to secure water tanks in all HDB buildings. The water tank in the affected block was replaced by a $40,000 tank about a month later by the Sembawang Town Council. The case will be brought up for mention in the Subordinate Courts tomorrow. If successful, this will be the second such case in Singapore where a murder suspect is involved. The first is Larry Lim, who was granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal for a murder in 2003. Residents collect water after water supply is cut off Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: Lianhe Wanbao, ShinMin Daily, Straits Times)
  9. Must be joking right? How often you need the boot space? For baby pram or for phamphlets(work stuff)? I think just have to remove your woofer box, pails, rubbish in the jazz.....u will gain back the boot space! You can stuff many small bottles, clothes, sponge, inside the jazz spare wheel lobang to free up space.
  10. SimonTan

    2012 Nissan Hi-Cross

    Looks so much like ford kuga or Hyundai santafe. All designs seems to be merging into unity. Due to safety, aerodynamic, size dimension, etc standardizing. No more wild excitement design.
  11. SimonTan

    New Ride - Honda Fit

    Do PM me your selling price of the 17". Interested to try 17" on my jazz.
  12. SimonTan

    Recommend tyre to prevent tyre burst while on highway

    Yes...that up is why you never see BMW tyre punctured stuck on expressway!! Get a run flat.....saves you from kidnapping in JB land.
  13. SimonTan

    Millipede infestation

    Righting a wrong now need another righting the wrong right?
  14. SimonTan

    Millipede infestation

    Is it a new condo that you are staying in?
  15. SimonTan

    Carnival Girls 11 Chinese + 1 Jap

    Just enjoy the girls regardless of race, language or religion. Love is international. Sex is universal!