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  1. Karu

    Malaysia road trip with kids

    Attending a wedding in Sunway Pyramid. Besides the water theme park, what else can we do there?? Any good food within walking distance?
  2. Karu

    Do you believe in the Supernatural?

    That's why people say they look just like Human... But most will be in the state just before they pass on in a blurry state
  3. Karu

    Do you believe in the Supernatural?

    Used to have this HK talk show about ghosts very interesting. But show stopped a couple years back. Seen all the episodes in Youtube.
  4. Karu

    Chicken in a Biskit

    Perfect coating for pork cutlet. Replace bread crumbs with the biscuit bits.
  5. Karu

    Tennis Fan

    Hijacking this thread... Any good coach that conducts group classes in the west? Looking for one for my son who wants to pick up the sports.
  6. Karu

    Circles.Life unlimited data for add on $20/mth

    Circle life so far so good. $28 + 2 for free incoming. My 7G plan is enuff. Ocassionally top up for extra 1G. See if other telco got good deal if I wanna change phone then jump. Otherwise quite cheap compared to Singtel.
  7. Karu

    MY ministar w genuine fake degree

    Anwar & Dr M speaks very well... LGE also not too bad. I can't say the same for the other politician in Msia. All need to read from script.
  8. Karu

    MY ministar w genuine fake degree

    https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/02/11/pua-produces-guan-engs-certs-to-debunk-mca-chiefs-insinuations/1721823 Sounds legit
  9. Karu

    Attempted suicide to be decriminalised

    Right move... People attempting to take their own life already have enough troubles, no need to add another one.
  10. Karu

    MY ministar w genuine fake degree

    Very interesting development with the 'new' Msia govt. Provide Ah Jib with some relief from his troubles. We shall just sit back & enjoy the show. Think smart people with real degrees will not join in the gutter with these 'overqualified' politicians. Wonder how will Dr M & Anwar think... I presume Anwar has a real degree?
  11. Karu

    Pedra Branca part of East Coast GRC

    Claim territory first before Dr M wanna play punk
  12. Karu

    Pandan Reservoir

    Walking distance from my place but haven't been there for years. 1 round is 6km?? Will try running around it one day...
  13. I will have 2nd thoughts using the water cooler / fountain when I see people almost french kissing the nozzle. Not to mention dogs with their long tongues lapping up the water.
  14. Karu

    Pedra Branca part of East Coast GRC

    How many residents stay there??
  15. Karu

    KIA Stinger GT

    Nice car... The tail light reminds me of maserati granturismo & side profile A7. Kia cars are often mash-up of others...