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Found 49 results

  1. Hi all! I've been summoned by my boss to start a makan thread just for this special month (previous thread was too long). Continue your makan thread here. This will be a special thread dedicated for this unprecedented month. Show us your cooking skills and your anyhow cook anyhow eat spirit. Remember it's not about sticking to your routine and insisting on taking away at your favorite weekend eateries. It's about making small little personal sacrifices in this one month so that we can resume normalcy as much as possible next month. Break the chain of transmission now so we don't have to extend this. Please reduce the number of times you're heading out and opt to cook or order deliveries instead. Let's also be positive and keep eating. Hahaha. I'm going to start the ball rolling with what I've eaten for the past two days of WFH! Day 1 Day 2 Please wear a surgical mask if you're heading out even if it's for a short while!
  2. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Kicking off part 6 of my makan thread with pics taken with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Makan sessions with @kobayashigt. Circuit Road Hawker Center Nakhon Kitchen The Burning Oak at Simpang Bedok Hawker Center. Love their melt-in-your-mouth pork cheeks!
  3. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 5

    Time for Part 5. And no better person than me to kickstart it. Maggie Goreng, RK House at Serangoon Garden Mee Goreng and Maggie Goreng at Ubi Expensive Nasi Lemak at Punggol but I always like their chix wings Zion Riverside Food Center, Char Kway Teow and Oyster Omelette And my favorite ramen in Singapore! Santouka! Their pork cheeks fantastic! Time to check in for those who wanna be on page 1. No idea why the frenzy to be on page 1 but not judging ya all. Haha.
  4. A LAW student wrestled with and stomped on an ibis so severely that it had to be put down after the bird stalked him for his sandwich at South Bank Parklands. Andrew Quay Wee Meng, 25, of West End, pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty when he faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court today. Police said Quay Wee Meng had been eating a sandwich in the South Bank Parklands when an ibis flew up to his table. Witnesses said he stomped on the ibis repeatedly, shattering its left wing. After the attack, the bird had difficulty breathing and later had to be euthanased, the court was told. The 25-year-old told police he felt guilty but was scared of the animal. Defence lawyer Sue Ganasan stressed that her client had been in fear, and had previously been attacked by crows. She said the ibis had shocked Quay Wee Meng after approaching him from behind. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. .End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. "He admits that his reaction was excessive," she said. Ms Ganasan said her client also waited for police in the park and was willing to pay the vet bills incurred by the bird. She said the 25-year-old finished his law degree at the end of this year, and had already had job offers within Australia. At the end of that time, she said Singapore-born Quay Wee Meng would have to apply for a bridging visa and then a working visa to start a career here. Magistrate John Costello told Quay Wee Meng his apparent rage had left onlookers appalled. He ordered him to complete 120 hours' community service within nine months, and recommended that he perform those hours with the RSPCA. Mr Costello declined to record a conviction, taking into account the 25-year-old had no criminal history, and the effect that a conviction would have on him. Outside court, Quay Wee Meng said he had been "terrified" by the bird. "Words can't describe how remorseful I am as to what happened to the bird in the end," he said. "It has happened before with other species of birds and I was trying to defend myself." A pet owner himself, Quay Wee Meng said he just wanted to get the bird away from him and didn't mean to kill it. "I am more remorseful that an animal has passed away." http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensl...f-1226022702251
  5. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today Part 4

    Happy Vesak Day! Kickstart part 4 with my favorite YTF from Fu Lin!
  6. dcb

    Makan in Bali

    Lunch at Waroeng Wahaha after checked in. Dinner at Rumours. Lunch at Ibu Oka. Dinner at SOHO.
  7. Ok part 2 continue: Last thread was here. http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2697351-what-did-you-makan-today/
  8. BabyBlade

    What did you makan today?

    Post a food picture! Must be one that is good enough for you to recommend. Black Pepper Chicken Chop from Chargrill Bar.
  9. Wallaw819

    Lunch delivery service in Tuas

    Hi All, Anyone know of a reasonable lunch delivery service around Tuas. Most of the company staffs eat in and getting sick of the current lunch menu. Looking for different menu (mixed rice type wil be good). On average have around 15 to 20 staffs daily so looking for 1 with free delivery. Also the price should be reasonable around $3 to $4. Thanks in advance.
  10. This thread is for people working in Jurong Industrial area including Gul, Pioneer and even Tuas. Lunch is a constant headache of finding interesting food in the myriad of underwhelming canteens that dots the industrial estate. Most canteens are packed and parking a nightmare during lunch time. Jurong Point is the only shopping center within the area and it is too packed during lunch. Not to say rather expensive. JEM and Jcube are too far because lunch is an 1-hr affair for most of us. So bring in the recommendations for food in this miserable part of the country where finding a good lunch is one of the highlights of another boring work day.
  11. Boringchap

    My meals in One Day

    I was inspired to make a video clip of the meals I had in one day. This was a day where I didn't go to work. Nothing special, nothing great, just doing this for fun. Years later, maybe I would look back and say, oh I ate those food on that day.
  12. SLE to CTE lane one is relatively slow, quite unusual. then when i reached CTE before the first AMK exit, nnb. i know why liao. because on lane 2, got one TP expressway patrol travelling at speeds of 90-100 KPH. thanks to them, lane 1 is crawling because the poor chap directly beside them cannot just floor the accelerator and speed off. If any cars zoom pass TP on lane 1, the TP sure chase liao....
  13. Hey bros/sis, any suggestions on where is a good place to hold an office year-end lunch? Typically we go for buffet-style (for the spread, and also to prevent over-ordering until budget burst ) Need a Halal place - any cuisine is open for consideration. Budget is below $35nett/pax (for 15 pax).
  14. AhJason

    What's for Lunch?

    I'm going for LAKSA! Because of this cold weather! [laugh]
  15. Hi, I am trying to restore a 1/10 monster beetle kit. Anyone wif unused monster beetle or lunchbox kit lying around, any condition, will to let go. Do leave post or PM. Thanks
  16. Dear all, Anybody know of good caterer that deliver lunch and/or dinner on daily basis ... at a reasonable rates and ok food? Please share.
  17. Ferrislong

    Wedding Lunch Venue

    Hi Guys & Gals, I am looking for a wedding lunch venue at year end period. Can anyone please recommend? looking at around 150-200 guests. Thanks
  18. As above. going in tomorrow with client. Any place to recommend?
  19. heehee.. as per title, any nice halal buffet lunch for less than $40/pax.. I am not looking at * seoul garden * tiffany cafe * sakura international... still got where?
  20. Ahtong

    What did you eat for lunch?

    Where: Me went to hawker centre. What: Nasi Lemak + canned drink. Verdict: So-so taste but fast Price: 3 gold coins + 1 small silver
  21. Jman888

    How to stay awake after lunch?

    Maybe age is catching up, i am falling asleep after lunch between 2 to 4pm. Any idea how to keep myself awake? 1. surfing mcf doesn't help much, worst on a slow (mcf) day 2. going to kopi break, munching junk food, can only get you fat... 3. no choi bu in my office, so that is out! 4. i have an iphone but dun like iphone games... 5. no listening to music or youtube
  22. Thinking of celebrating my mum's birthday next week but has no idea where to go to. I would prefer to hv buffet lunch or either high tea restaurant. Where are the nice places to go to? Pls HELP!!! Thks.
  23. Rosschang

    What to eat for lunch?...

    my lunch mate all got appointment... dun feel like going Ah Moi, damn hot...
  24. Mecontle

    Jap car lunch talk, come come

    this is what i feel, come flame me if u dont like honda = very very high insurance but quality is ok suzuki = low budget copycat car but still ok, money matters after all nissan = big big gap across models, u pay what u get, stupid obsession over suv mazda = always poorer engine compared to same class other brand, they cant make engine fullstop toyota = no comfort & quality, reliability is past tense, not cheap at all, no longer a budget car sub/mit = trying to catchup to honda but catch no ball, resale is like crap, fc is worst of all jap
  25. Tom_kkh

    Woohoo lunch time, what you had!

    I have rice with chicken meat and sambal long beans buy from those factory canteen. Tao pao, so drinks FOC from office. Total $2. u lei