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Found 184 results

  1. Anyone can spare a moment to lend me your Pioneer DEH-P8XXXMP or DEH-P9XXXMP's microphone? I bought my headunit w/o a microphone, so want to perform a Auto-EQ also cannot. Hopefully, a kind soul can lend me one so I can do this Auto-EQ. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, generally looking at changing to a 2 din HU. Very very new to this and virtually know nuts. Shortlisted the Pioneer AVH-Z5050BT mainly due to 2 reasons. Waze and ability to play videos from thumbdrive. Previously had a DVD HU and hated burning shows etc onto DVD so i could play it in the car. Anyone knows the price and comments about it? Did a search but it seems majority of the discussion is about the flagship X model. I'm not too big on the bluetooth function. My car is fairly noisy and i still prefer using the conventional in ear bluetooth earpiece. Not much music in my phone either so i'm unlikely to stream from my phone via spotify or internal music. However, will prefer having carplay as I will be able to mirror youtube videos from my iPhone. Majority of usage will be Waze and also music/videos/movies from an attached thumbdrive. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!
  3. Anyone had issue with gps? Connected to AA. Sometimes after driving a while, abt the 20min mark, HU map will lose its GPS and go crazy. Same for both waze and Google map. If I unplug and use my phone map, it works fine with correct location. Plug back to AA, Hu go crazy with location again. Fix: Restart phone n connect back doesn't help. Restart car will help. But driving half way I also can't find a place to restart my car. Abit hard to demo this to shop i buy from, unless I wait for HU gps to go crazy then quickly drive down to show them.
  4. I am wondering if I should get the Pioneer Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT: In-Dash Double-DIN Multimedia AV Receiver with Short Chassis and 6.8" Capacitive WVG Touchscreen Display, Built-in Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Built-in Bluetooth® and Full HD Video Playback from USB Device https://sg.pioneercarentertainment.com/product/multimedia_receivers/DMH-Z6350BT Does anyone have experience with Pioneer in general compared to alternatives? What about this latest touchscreen model? I think the 9" model might be too big, so thinking this 6.8" might fit nicely in a Vezel.
  5. Ever seen one of these foldable bicycles? The guy below probably has not. Now, this might not be very useful information (because it is not allowed) but apparently, our local train's railing can support a non-foldable bicycle. We thought it is an ingenious way to park or store one away. For those who are wondering what on earth is happening, below is an extract replicated from SMRT... "Some of you may have come across a video that is circulating online about a commuter with a bicycle on board a train. At around 7.10pm on 15 Dec, an SMRT staff tried to stop a male commuter with a non-foldable bicycle from entering the train at Woodlands station. The male commuter was uncooperative and forced his way into a north-bound train. The commuter subsequently transferred to a west-bound train at Jurong East station and exited at Pioneer station at about 7.50pm. We have since identified the commuter and made a police report. For the safety and comfort of all commuters, we would like to remind everyone to observe regulations when bringing foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices on board trains and buses." Check out what netizens have to say about this guy who flouted the law...
  6. Roverboy

    pioneer sda-835 tab

    Any1 using this pioneer tablet ? Any feedback?
  7. About Android Auto Mirroring, CarPlay has been working fine but until Apple finally is happy to include other third-party navigation (rumoured end 2018), Apple map is crap - it's bringing me to timbuktu most of the time.. Recently trying to connect the HU with Mi5 but have not been successful. For those successfully using the mirroring, 1. What's the phone model please ? 2. To establish the connection the first time, do you need a USB cable to port 2 ? The manual doesn't say there's a need for a cable - just need to establish BT connection first. 3. Was a second USB cable included in the original package ? Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone. I have a Pioneer subwoofer TS-WX130DA and a Pioneer amp GM-D8704. The amp has 4 channel output for the speakers, and also an additional RCA output jack. Can I connect the subwoofer to the RCA output jack of the amp, instead of connecting to the head unit? What do I do with the head unit sub RCA output jack then? Do i simply leave it unconnected? Need some advice... Thank you.
  9. JJaassoonn

    Pioneer Head Unit

    Pioneer Z2250BT $550 6.2" Pioneer Z5250BT $770 6.8" Which model should i install ? Spec and feature all same... only different 6.2" and 6.8" Thanks
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8wNu_T86UU
  11. Surf2004

    Upgrade Stock ICE

    Hi, Soundstream AC.6 + Coaxial speakers + Pioneer TS-WX120A + Installation = $800 with warranty Like to know if this is worth it. TIA. Comparing Soundstream AC.6 vs Pioneer TS-A1606C. Which is better ? I'm not going for high end ICE. Mid range is good for me. Btw, my HU is Pioneer 8850.
  12. Idaddy88

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    http://www.strathfieldcarradios.com.au/pioneer-avh-x8850bt-multimedia-player-with-apple-car-play-android-auto/ Saw this at a workshop. Seems very new to the market. Anyone installed? Can share the difference between x8750bt?
  13. Did any one experience this error message when connecting to your pioneer head unit and android auto app?
  14. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/ntu-building-and-road-renamed-in-honour-of-pioneers Tan Lark Sye got some recognition finally worthy a road named after him on the piece of land he donated. Probably doesn’t resonate much with many, but Pretty sure the older Chinese speaking community has lots to say about this.
  15. Hi guys! Looking for a pioneer headunit model for my lancer glx which i bought a 2-din case oversea, any recommendation for the following simple requirements : 1) CD player 2) FM Radio 3) Thumb drive 4) if can have rear camera (not a must to have) lastly if can get 2nd hand i also wont mind, thanks all ! I can go JB or msia to buy also if recommended ! Gong Xi Fa Cai !
  16. Write your Birthday Wish for Singapore and stand a chance to win: Grand Prize - Z-Series Multimedia Receiver AVH-Z9250BT (worth S$1,199) 2nd Prize - 8" Multimedia Receiver DMH-ZS8250BT (worth S$1,149) 3rd Prize - Private Monitor TVM-PW910T (worth S$999) Click here to enter the contest! *Contest closes 30 September 2019, 23:59 GMT+8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Terms & Conditions: This contest is organised by Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Pioneer”). This Contest ends on 30 September 2019, 23:59 GMT+8. Pioneer reserves the right to consider only one (1) entry from each Facebook account participant. The products for the Prize are subjected to change based on the product’s availability without prior notice or change to substitute or replace the products for the Prize with that of similar value without prior notice. The products for the Prize are non-exchangeable for cash, credit or in kind, whether in whole or in part. sgCarMart will announce the winners under the same post. Winners are to Facebook Private Message sgCarMart within fourteen (14) days of the announcement to facilitate the delivery/collection of the Prize. The Winners must provide their full name and a valid mobile number to receive the respective Prize. Pioneer will not be responsible if the wrong mobile number has been provided. In the event that the Winner cannot be contacted from the details supplied for any reason whatsoever, then the respective Prize will be deemed forfeited, and Pioneer may award the respective Prize to the next eligible winner and/or dispose of the respective Prize in any manner they deem fit, at their sole discretion. Pioneer reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  17. This headunit is currently compatible with the 2019 RAV4 (can be compatible with other cars too, do update in this thread). I will post the steps to do the firmware update. Download the firmware file from the Pioneer website. https://sg.pioneercarentertainment.com/downloads This is the 18th March 2019 update. Version 08.04 https://sg.pioneercarentertainment.com/downloads_tc?title=DMH-ZS8250BT&link=https%3A%2F%2Fcms.pioneercarentertainment.com%2Ffiles%2FFirmware%2FDMH-ZS8250BT_v08-04.zip Use an empty thumb drive, format it to FAT32 and copy only the firmware file CVJ3242-B.avh into the drive. Follow these steps. Switch on the car's ignition and let the engine run. You should get to here... Wait for it to reach 100% (it will take a couple of minutes to load) and wait for the unit to reboot. Once the headunit is rebooted go to the settings, firmware Information, double check it's the updated version. You may off the ignition and pull out the thumb drive. Well done. You have successfully updated the headunit's firmware.
  18. I need some help as I am a noob at car hi fi. I have these: Amplififer: Audison SRX 21 400 watts SubWoofer: Pioneer TS WX 11A 4 speakers Rainbow KX 165 Peak power 120 watts nominal power 20-80 Freq 55-21,000 Impendance 4 ohm My car HU is stock, so what's a good HU to go with above? I think the speakers need replacement?
  19. So_nice

    Pioneer Single DIN HU

    Hi guys, I’m looking to buy a pioneer single din HU for my car. Reason for a single din is because I’m installing a din meter gauge. I’m looking for something that comes with a USB port that can I can plug my iPhone in to charge and play music at the same time. Any recommendation? If got shop to recommend also welcomed
  20. Hi Any bros/sista installed this ? How is the reception Understand this one can now receive all channels like U, okto etc.. My old one can only receive 5,8 and CNA cheers
  21. I am unsure why the previous thread about the Pioneer AVH-X8750BT was removed. Starting another one. Question: Does AVH-X8750BT come with HDMI cable? What's come with the box?
  22. Surf2004

    Is Amplifier Necessary

    Hi, I plan to install Pioneer 8850 HU with front pair of components and rear coaxial speakers. Plus an active sub. All Pioneer brand. Is it necessary to add an amplifier ? TIA !
  23. Nlatio

    Pioneer AVH-X5850BT

    Hi Bro Just to check if the Pioneer AVH-X5850BT can add GPS function??
  24. Unfortunately, my amp decides to give up on me on Xmas eve. Does any of you have lobang or have knowledge of anyone who knows how to repair a 86280-53110 PIONEER AMPLIFIER, or happen to be selling? Thanks.
  25. Plusplus

    Pioneer HU and GPS

    This is my 1st time buying a PI car and choosing a pioneer HU to install. What I need is a HU with GPS function and can work with iphone(preferably with andriod too). Hope the experts can help. From what I have read from pioneer website and this forum, it seems that only 8650 has GPS module. What does this mean? Just upgrade firmware? Free? Other forumers have also suggestion to use the phone navigation function. Does all the model support this? Somehow I find that 8650 is an overkill as I'm not really into audio systems. Just listen to radio and MP3. Sorry for this noob question. I'm still lost and couldn't find explanation to my queries. Thanks a lot in advance.