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  1. Did you ever realize that your head unit can be the best way of your entertainment? Well, I think you know about it normally but many may don't! Yes, head unit can be your best entertainment ways regrading in car entertainment. I wanted to give some ideas regarding the best car head unit those can take your entertainment at the high stage! Let's have a look at some most popular head units that can be your in car entertainment main purposes! PIONEER DEH S4000BT Are you trying to upgrade your automotive stereo with the most effective single DIN head unit accessible within the market? Wel
  2. Just asking. Do your one shot pay all or by instalment when you change your car HU ?
  3. Hi guys!Wanna check with you guys! My brother is driving latest Subaru XV, wanna upgrade to maybe pioneer or alpine in order to have Apple car play function but the original XV head unit size looks weird. Any recommendations that the replacement can be just plug and play?
  4. Hi, Need an advise here. I have converted some Youtube video to MP4 to view on my Android head unit but it doesnt work. Invalid format. What is the recommended solution? Which media format is suitable to play on Android HU? Appreciate any advise.
  5. Now we bet the the driver of this truck will be regretting really hard about driving after having some drinks. Spotted on Beh Chia Lor's Facebook page and some of our Whatsapp group chats, is this video of a trailer truck crashing into an HDB block at Block 152 Yung Ho Road. It happened on 16 Nov 2020. Thankfully, the tree that the truck knocked down managed to stop it from crashing into one of the first level HDB unit. Rest In Peace, tree... The truck driver has since been arrested for drunk driving. Netizens' comments were naturally not kind to the truck driver.
  6. Hi all Need some professional advice. Staying on ground floor unit condo. I wish to install a retractable canopy over my PES. I check with Mgt office. Well, i was advised to check with BCA on approved ones and also to wrote to MCST for permission. And i might be asked to present during AGM. The mgt office advised me to do it concurrently so that if the MCST ask for BCA advice or approved types of canopy. I'm thinking, instead of getting info from BCA, can i just ask some professional advice from canopy contractors on restrictions? If yes, any one can recommend any
  7. Pioneer Z2250BT $550 6.2" Pioneer Z5250BT $770 6.8" Which model should i install ? Spec and feature all same... only different 6.2" and 6.8" Thanks
  8. Hi, Hear that the new BM harrier is offering Clarion head unit with carplay and android auto. Anyone know the model they are offering?
  9. Hello, anyone got any experience in swopping out their stock HU of civic turbo for like Pioneer ones? Specifically, Pioneer 9150. Tks!
  10. my current sony 2 din unit has been on and off lately, i think it's the power connection that is loose. been searching for a 2 din unit but notice some dealers are selling the units like pioneer alone without any warranty.. why is that so? anyone can advise where can i purchase cheap 2 din unit, i don't mind oversea or website since local doesn't come with warranty. well, my budget is looking at $300. of course, i don't really ask much. DVD, touch screen panel, USB and bluetooth. is bangkok cheaper? as i'm going there month end, could use this chance to buy. looking at Pioneer DVD playe
  11. Hey bros, Long story short, I bought an Android head unit that was supposed to be compatible with Renault Clio. But turns out it's only compatible with the wiring harness of the lower spec version of my car. The spec sold in Singapore comes with a TomTom unit which uses a different set of connectors. This is what it looks like And this is what I need Any bros know of anyone which can help me? Thanks!
  12. Hi Guru, My KIA K5 head unit went off suddenly. Most auto shops recommend Pioneer kind of ICE. https://www.pioneer.com.sg/sg/products-detail/index.html/?product=AVH-X8850BT I'm not so like it as it need to change the panel to fixed it. I searched the web and found exact profile of a head unit from Taobao that fit exactly to my current head unit. Read through review and seems better features than Pioneer, Would like to seek helps any recommendation of good auto shops willing to provide service to install head unit we ordered from overseas. Much appreciate any bro/sis lobang.
  13. Hi, anyone using a head-up digital speedometer? MIne was installed 10yrs ago, not sure if any accessories shop still carrying it. Already used to check the HU for speed instead of the dash original speedometer, anyway, both reading doesn't match which I usually trust the add on one.
  14. Received a registered letter from LTA informing me that an error in either the IU or the stored Value Card (Cash Card) when my car passed thru the ERP gantry. I am now required to have my IU or the Cash Card in question inspected at the IU inspection Centers. Btw, I am a user of the MOTORPAY, which means I need not to insert my cash card in the IU for payment of ERP, the ERP charges incurred would be billed to my POSB Credit Card. Has any one here experienced the same before, pls share: How long will the inspection take? Any fee charged for the inspection job? If the IU is foun
  15. Hi guys. My IU unit is working properly, but the light does not come on when slot cash card inside, so can see the cashcard balance. Anyone has this problem before? I don't want to change IU unit, very troublesome. How to repair?
  16. I used to use FSM but realised they were a bit pricey so I switched to Dollardex which I really liked until they changed a lot of their graphs and log ins. Why they needed to update a perfectly good system just amazes me. So now I'm wondering about POEMS. Anyone use them and can give me the pros and cons.
  17. Dear all car lovers, Would like to seek some advise here on what am experiencing now. My car IU unit suddenly turn with Green Light "Hard On". Even with cash card removed and engine power off. Is there a way to perform a Hardware reset to the IU unit ? Or I have to send to the authorized workshop to get it repair / replace. Any advise to be shared will be much appreciated. Regards.
  18. hi all, I'm seriously looking into adding a cd-changer for my factory fitted Rhapsody (double-din) head unit. Not sure how to go about doing it, besides approaching AD, which will be very ex, I think. Will XinZhong carry such items? Alternatively, I notice a number of UK sites selling interface adaptor kit for other changer brands. Any recommendations, appreciated !
  19. anybody with experiences living in ground floor unit of condo or EC? seem some bad press report about littering from the neighbours upstairs, how bout problems of insects, rats, ants etc, is it much worse than living on top floor? also privacy, is it true that anybody can just peep into your home and you are not allowed to do any unauthorise renovations such as blinds, etc on your patio? thanks for all feedback in advance.
  20. this is a freaking nightmare for any home owner. luckily nobody was injured. FAQs below. Developer: MCC Land (Singapore) Pte Ltd Main Contractor: China Jingye Construction Engineering (S) Pte Ltd TOP in 2015
  21. It's my first time buying a property, encountered problems with the defects rectification process and the mgt. Appreciate advice from experienced property buyers. Condo developer is a big established one, didn't expect the unit to be handed over in a bad and uncompleted condition. Moreover TOP of this condo has been delayed for 4 months. Among many other defects, the kitchen cabinet has many misalignments, a drawer track wasn't installed and was lying in the drawer (see pics), discoloration of cabinet surfaces, deep scratches on solid table top and stainless steel backing. Skirting mi
  22. Hi all, I'm thinking of replacing the current stock audio unit (of my Hyundai Veloster) with Alpine ICS-X8. Problem is - While the switches for the Auto A/C climate is separately located, the "DISPLAY" is integrated into the stock audio head unit :angry: I was trying to find out more, by googling, to over-come this issue but it seems that it's either not an issue or nobody seems to be talking about it. Hence, I was wondering if anyone here encounter similar issue and had overcome it (or had given up) ? Will I be losing the ability to display the Auto A/C Climate if I insist on
  23. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/14-babies-in-kkhs-intensive-care-unit-contract-red-eye#xtor=CS1-10 This year like alot of problems with the govt restructured hospitals.
  24. Hi. Anyone know if this can be done? Car is current Mazda 3. Thanks.
  25. The real Special Forces, Black Unit of Taiwan but not in plain cloth............ Yahoo news: Taiwan unveils scary Special Forces uniform How scary is that? The Taiwanese government just unveiled the new uniform for its Special Forces and it features a bulletproof armour and a face mask that could possibly become this year’s most horrifying Halloween costume. According to Drama Fever, the armour is supposed to protect the soldier from close range shots. The site also jokingly said that the soldiers marching in their new uniforms resemble an army of Star Wars’ Stormtroopers.
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