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Found 31 results

  1. The reliable cable/wiring in aircon installation for home that I have read about is the Keystone or Sigma brand. I was quoted a system 2 using Eikou wiring. The salesman told me that it is a Singapore company. Does anyone here has any experience with the Eikou wiring. Thanks.
  2. Hey bros, Long story short, I bought an Android head unit that was supposed to be compatible with Renault Clio. But turns out it's only compatible with the wiring harness of the lower spec version of my car. The spec sold in Singapore comes with a TomTom unit which uses a different set of connectors. This is what it looks like And this is what I need Any bros know of anyone which can help me? Thanks!
  3. TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday (Sep 5) it planned to recall around 1.03 million vehicles, including its gasoline-hybrid Prius model, in Japan, North America, Europe and other regions due to an issue with the engine wire harness which can pose a fire risk. Following a domestic recall announcement by Japan's transport ministry, Toyota said that in affected vehicles, the wire harness which connects to the hybrid power control unit can come into contact with the covering at the connection point. If dust accumulates on the wire harness or the cover, the insulation on the wires could wear down over time due to vehicle vibrations. This could cause an electrical short circuit, which could generate heat and lead to a risk of fire, Toyota said. The issue affects vehicles produced in Japan between June 2015 and May 2018, and includes the plug-in version of the Prius and the C-HR compact crossover SUV sold in Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries. Roughly half of the recalls would take place in Japan, Toyota spokesman Jean-Yves Jault said. Only the Prius model would be recalled in the United States, where around 192,000 vehicles were affected, he said. Jault added that the issue had led to one incident of a short circuit in Japan, which produced smoke from the vehicle. In Singapore, a total of 4,115 Toyota Prius cars are affected by the recall. Borneo Motors, the authorised distributor for Toyota in Singapore, said it will reach out to Prius customers to check their vehicles, and if necessary, conduct repairs at no cost. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/toyota-recall-1-million-prius-c-hr-cars-over-wiring-issue-10686252
  4. yesterday I doing some diy job to remove the foot light installed previously. when I tried to remove the wires I think it got shorted and I can see smoke and sparks coming out from the fuse box at the driver side. Now the driver door is always open and I cannot lock my car using remote. what could be the worst can scenario and also which workshop is good at troubleshoot this kind of issue? Any workshop in the west would be good.
  5. SGCMWhiteKnight

    How to wire your sub?

    I was wondering how to hook up a sub if you have one or two voice coils, and how it affects the impedance, which of course determines what kind of amp you should be looking for. This website shows you the various wiring options and the effect on the impedance the amp sees: This is the 1sub 4ohm 2 voice coil model: http://www.hifisoundconnection.com/How-to-Wire-One-Dual-4-Ohm-Voice-Coil-Subwoofer You can play with the options and see what suits you best.
  6. After I installed my car alarm and in-car camera, I have been experiencing battery drain... basically from time to time if I do not drive the car for a few days, my battery may end up being fully discharged. This has happened a few times in the last few months already. Initially, I thought it was a battery issue but after having it checked at autobacs and also with a battery test device that I bought, I found the battery to still be working fine. I also thought it was because I seldom drive but recently I have been driving alot more and the situation still remains. I am now suspecting that the mechanic who connected the equipment to my car did not do a good job and had resulted in something being shorted inside thereby causing the drain. Is there any recommended workshop who is good with these things and can check out the connections done to my car, maybe with a multimeter to figure out if something is draining my battery away unnecessarily?
  7. Sp4wn

    Vcam Solar .. no wiring req

    no, not selling them myself, but ordered for my car. http://www.vcam.eu/solar.html i wanted something with no fuss and no wiring, and this looks like it fits the bill. should be here in a few days ... price was pretty reasonable considering there aren't many solar dashcams available (except for that ugly flower pot one i see everywhere) i'll post some sample videos once i receive it and hook it up to my car ... just thought some of you bros might want to consider if you are lazy like me and dont feel like doing any wiring. (plus, if this one is good, easy to move between cars) only problem i forsee is battery dying, but hopefully there's some sort of audible alert (as it comes with cigarette adapter as well) i was communicating with the seller from march or april when i found his site ... he just launched the item 2-3days ago (but he shipped mine last week since i was following up with him every now and then) fingers crossed it works as advertised
  8. Any recommendations where to do this in SG or in JB ? Passed by pin liang and asked for a quote and they gave chop carrot head price ... Another shop at toh guan quoted me 40$ (inclusive of the 12v adaptor) Thanks
  9. Joemit7850

    Need electrical wiring help

    Hi I replacing my existing T5 batten on my cove ceiling to LED strip light. I notice the previous electrician had this wiring connection 2 black wire (N) - 1 connector 1 red wire (L) - 1 connector 2 earth wire (E) - 1 connector instead of 1no of each N,L,E from my LED. How do i connect?
  10. hey guys. kinda dumb question here. the florescent lamp of my fish tank burnt out i found the base of the lamp holder chao tar... so i dismantled it and bought a replacement.... problem is i have no idea how to plug the wire back inside? doesn't seem to fit anywhere! and nothing to tighten! hahaha... i attached some photos to help you guys understand the problem... hope something can help... thanks in advance!
  11. Edwardtkh

    Advice needed in wiring

    Hi bros & sis, I'm looking at DIY-ing my car, thinking at installing LED lights beneath my 4 doors. Idea is to make them work like door-light. When the doors are open, the light will automatically on, similiar to the cabin/room light. Hence, i'm thinking of 'tapping' to the cabin light so that when the doors are open, both the cabin light and the door lights will be on, and off automatically when the doors are closed. Anyone able to advise how to 'tap' to the cabin/room light wiring? Im driving a nissan latio. thanks in advance! :)
  12. to all the bros out there!! i am driving a honda cvic ESI.. and i realise my head light cover, both, is not smiliar... 1. is there anywhere tt i cn get cheap cover?? probaly, used 1? 2. am using those H4 bulbs, bt white in color, and i realise one side of my bulb lik a fuse only, bt there is a dim ORANGE light coming out frm it.. so i asume light spoil liao, so i buy new 1, bt den agn, same problem.. and prevly, my normal beam and high beam = no DIFFERENT! so wht is exactly the problem?? is there any shop out there, whrby u guys send in ur veh fr wiring issue?? care to share w me? my history of gg mech shop is nt very nice.. so am kinda afraid.. hope you guys wuld b able to help me !! 3. and my light gt 1 pair of bulb is those mini ones, am thinking, is it possible to buy those LED bulbs frm supermarket and fix it myself?? 4. chnging engine oil, chnge those mineral oil, 5k better or 10k better?? cuz to me, lik no diff lidat.. roughly how much u guys chnge? together w oil filter n spark plug?? any good mech shop agn to share?? guys, really pls help me out!! am drain finacialy, and cnt aford to b a carrot!!! thks all !!
  13. Rastaman01


    My forester sg5 the window control have intermittent prob. Anyone knows any shop that does wiring?
  14. Blackwind

    Cost of repairing wiring

    while taking a shower i suddenly heard some noise and when i looked up the wiring above was i think burning(for arnd 2 secs) and emiited quite a bright light. anyway after that the heater stopped working. i quickly switched off the switches and taped it so that no one switches on the switch. let's say if the heater and switches are ok and it is just burnt wires.... how much will it roughly cost to get it repaired? pls share i'm gonna call the repair person soon and perhaps get a rough quote so i need to roughly know how much the repair will cost. thnx!
  15. i got a spoiler that comes with brake lights, but its not working because last time when installing the spoiler, i didn't wired up the brake lights. so now i feel like doing it. any cheap and honest workshop that i can go to? the spoiler is already fixed up. i think the ws needs to uninstall the spoiler and do the wirings.... any recommendations? if i can do it now, (today Sunday), better still....
  16. Hi all, Have the intention of DIY installing power mirrors and fog lights on my ride. Just to check, is all the wire laid in our car meaning just buy the gadget/switches plug and play or do we need to run additional wires ourselves? If we need to run additional wires, any seniors has the wiring diagram? Tried searching the web but no avail. Thanks in advance.
  17. Yusliza

    Wiring questions

    Guys, a friend recently did the following items for me but it wasn't like I wish they could have been setup. 1. Fixed foot well lights (driver and front passenger foot area). I asked him to fix to the connection used by door open (door open, lights on), just like the behaviour of my cabin light. Eventual setup was lights (foot well and cabin) came on when door open but foot well lights went off after first key turn (door still open). When door closed, cabin light went off (correct behaviour). While engine is running, only cabin light came on when I open the door, not foot well lights. 2. Fixed LED scanner to my stock alarm. Upon locking car, scanner came on, and upon unlocking, scanner went off. I thought this is the correct behaviour until I moved off, central locked the car from inside and found the scanner activated (turned on). My questions are these: 1. My requests above are possible, correct? The behavours are due to incorrect wiring, right? 2. Where or who can I go to to fix my setup? Fyi, my car is a Chevy Optra Magnum. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. does anyone have? please contact me at 91858210 thanks
  19. Can any DIY gurus please shed some lights on the following? 1a) I bought a reverse camera for my existing LCD HU which has such inputs; a reverse camera video-in and a blue wire that's label "reverse signal". Where exactly to connect this blue wire to get the signal from? Is this signal simply a 12V+ or GRND? (I may install an override switch to turn on this camera without engaging reverse gear too) 1b) Also, for the power input to the camera (which will be placed near the license plate) do I simply tap from the reverse lamp's wire (i.e. cut out the wire sleeves) or is there a more "elegant" outlet where installer always tap? 1c) Where do ppl normally run the long wire from the HU to the rear? On the side, normally it's run from the side of roof-top or bottom (underneath the scuff plates)? 2a) I've purchased a car DVR from overseas and decided to install it myself. Where do I tap power DIRECTLY from the car battery so there is no need to start engine to draw power? Ya, I'll install a switch too, just in case... 2b) In general, is there a "central signal box/control" where I can tap signals like door open/close, engine start/off, alarm arm/disarm, etc? I plan to link these to the DVR sensor input too... haha, I know... ppl may say I'm but really it's part of the fun and I like to learn too. Anyway, please give specific instructions as I'm quite a noob, but managed to open up my central dash board... THANKS!!! p.s. I'm driving a toyota altis 1.6
  20. Any bros hav the wiring diagram, pins and connectors for my 1.8A toledo ECU. Need it to trace ignition, fuelling, TPS, Lambda and airflow signals to the ECU, some mod awaiting Thank you
  21. $500 izzit expensive or normal ??? wat will you be getting for $500 ???
  22. Naufal

    Interior light wiring

    Im adding dome light to my interior and thinking of connecting it to the front map light, question will it over load the fuse ?? In future I will add lights under the dash and wonder where to get the power from. I'd appreciate any help and tips, thank you.
  23. i was just thinking. let's say u have 2 speaker cables, each has a + and -. so essentially u have 4 cables, just that they are "stuck" in pairs. if u want to supply 3 speakers with 4 cables, in theory, i believe, you could do this: use one cable as a common ground (negative). they split and run to the 3 speakers (one of the terminals, depending on phase). the remaining 3 cables carry the other part of the signal (conventionally positive, unless inverted phase) and connect to each speaker's remaining terminal. in theory it seems to work. i wonder if anyone wanna shoot me down. target.....TARGET......
  24. Dennisk

    Gauges wiring connection

    wanna ask you guys something about gauges, let's say if i want to DIY install the water temp Gauge, can i tap from the stock meter wire ?
  25. My friend driving a 1998 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini had a old Pioneer DEH 1080 SDP installed. Recently the player stop responding, no power at all. He went to an audio shop for diagnosis, the shop say his old HU is spoilt and asked him to purchase a new HU. He paid $20 for the diagnosis. But nothing was done, my friend not sure whether his price is ex, so never buy. So he bought a new HU, Pioneer DEH 7750 but not from that shop but from my friend's shop reccomended by me at $400 including 1 year warranty. He asked me to help him install. I opened up his dash and take a look at the wirings. His black cable(HU) from the old pioneer wiring harness is broken. This is the ground wire for the player. I look around and saw a green wire with white lines (only car's wire not connected), I connect this to the black ground wire of the HU, thinking green/white(car) is the ground wire, it works, the old SDP can work. Its not spoilt, only the ground dropped. Then I pluck out the old HU's wire harness and use the new wire harness. The reason I never use the same harness is becos the socket is different physically, the shape of the plastic clip, the wires is in the same position though. I connect the new Pioneer HU's Power cable(yellow), Ignition Cable(red), Ground Cable(black) (to the green/white as above) and the speaker's cables exactly the same as what is connected to the old wiring harness in the pioneer HU (same color code between new and old model). The only different is the old HU's wiring harness do not have an orange/white cable which is ILLUM. Old HU dont have this don't have this function whereby you can switch on headlight and the HU's display illumination dim. So I left the orange/white cable unconnected and blacked taped. Another unconnected cable is the blue/white cable which is the Remote Turn On, this is unused becos my friend's system do not have amps or preamps. Then just now my friend sms me say his HU is as normal but his car's speedometer and rpm meter and instrument meter light doesnt turn on. But Headlight and fog light and brake light perform as usual. Only internal dash board light is not on. Now I suspect the green/white cable (car) is the ILLUM wire which I should connect to the orange/white(HU). I am not sure, so I post here. I do not have a test pen to test the voltages. I read from other forums and internet search says Mitsubishi car's audio wires do not include Ground wire, normally people tap to some screw or car's body, is it true? Can the mitsubishi owners here clarify? My friend super blur one, he doesnt even know where is the fuse box inside his car. I wanted him to check the fuse box to see whether the instrument display fuse has fused or whether is really the connection that is wrong. He will be coming to my house later to let me troubleshoot. I hope I can get some confirmation before i connect the green/white(car) to orange/white(HU) and black ground(HU) to screws that I can find inside the dash.