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  1. Tok

    Reverse sensor

    Need to change the reverse sensor and the sensor at the front as well for continental cars. Do you have good and reasonable mechanics in the west to recommend. Which brand of sensors are you using. Thank you.
  2. The reliable cable/wiring in aircon installation for home that I have read about is the Keystone or Sigma brand. I was quoted a system 2 using Eikou wiring. The salesman told me that it is a Singapore company. Does anyone here has any experience with the Eikou wiring. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. very easy to understand.
  4. The local Varta distributor confirmed that the battery installed on my car is not Varta but a Banner brand, Both are AGM batteries but I wonder if there is any significant difference in quality. The boss is agreeable to change for me to a Varta without any top up. The Banner is stated as 90Ah 900A (EN), 160 RC 900 CCA (SAE) The Varta is stated as 95Ah, CCA 850 A. My car previous battery is 90Ah, CCA 850A. Would either of these battery be compatible with my old battery. Thanks.
  5. recommended by the local Varta battery distributor to two shops in the west. one shop offered me a varta battery of the capacity i wanted but the battery has no indication of the Varta brand on the body. It has a BMW marked on the body presumably it is used on BMW car but mine is not a BMW but the capacity is suitable for my car. the battery does not come in a box as most new batteries do. it is wrapped in cellophane plastic. It looks very much like a new battery to me. the boss said is a new battery and it just came in a few days ago. he said could check the barcode but when I scanned the barcode the search ended with no result can this be a new battery as the shop is recommended by the local varta distributor
  6. I am still using the Fiamm battery installed by the car manufacturer when I bought it new about 3.5 years ago. It is only recently that warning light start to flash that the battery is weak. Does it mean that the Fiamm selling in Singapore is of inferior quality? It should be of the same quality if it is made in Italy. The Fiamm battery in my car is made in Italy.
  7. I am looking for a car battery of 850 amp of the brand FIAMM and VARTA, Appreciate if you could let me know the retailers of the above brands. Thank you.
  8. Tok

    Tablet for 5 years old

    Thank you for the overwhelming response. A tablet is the way of the future. Even if you want the kids to play with marbles as in our time, it is more difficult to find marble sellers than sellers of tablet. Have any of you any experience with amazon fire HD 8 tablet. It seems to be popular among parents.
  9. Tok

    Tablet for 5 years old

    Looking to buy a tablet for a 5 year child for Christmas. Basically with wifi only and to be used indoor. Preferably not more than $300. Any recommendation is appreciated.
  10. Tok

    Piano - moving piano

    I have an upright piano to move to my new house. Do you have any recommendation of a good and reasonable mover.
  11. Tok

    Watches IV

    Hi expert. Do you know the retail price of GMT 2 batman and pepsi in Singapore. Thks.
  12. Tok

    The new Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Tyres- Launched

    Which is your favouite tyre shop for the pirelli P Zero
  13. I read good things about tidal but have not heard it.
  14. Thks for the response. Can u please advise how to go about it.what streamer is required any particular brand or what functions to look out for.