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Found 310 results

  1. dcb

    Electrician lobang?

    Need to change some lighting stuffs for the house. Any good electrician to recommend?
  2. Anyone knows roughly how much to install a retractable awning for a home open balcony? About 5m x 5m area to be covered.
  3. BoneStock

    Home Aircon

    Folks, My home aircon is >10 years old and it is noisy and also consuming a lot of electricity. Will like to seek some advice here on what is the best option for me. Currently I have a 5 split aircon, one blower in each bedroom and since my living room is big, it has 2 blowers. After doing some searching, it seems like 5 split aircons are not sold anymore. Went to some shops and was told that more powerful/bigger blowers are available today so there is no need to install 2 blowers in my living room anymore. So now I am seriously considering to replace my aircon with a 3 split since I hardly turn on the aircon in the living room. My place is usually quite cooling and a fan in the living room suffice. So the 2 extra blowers in my living room need to be removed totally.... Questions 1) My bedroom has custom made wardrobes. So the pipings cannot be replaced as it will damage the wardrobe. Any issue using existing pipings? 2) Currently, my aircon consumes 10~11KWh of power daily with 2 blowers turned on at night for 8 hours. The sales guys told me new inverter aircons can easily consume half of that. True? 3) One sales guy told me the most energy efficient aircon now is Toshiba 3 split. Energy saver labels shows 0.65 KWh (part load) so it translates into 5.2 KWh for 8 hours of usage. This is about 1/2 of my current aircon's consumption. So part load for a 3-split aircon means 2 blowers are turned? Am considering either to go with Toshiba or Mitsubishi. There are many brands to choose from...very different from 10+ years ago when I only have 2~3 choices for the 5-split. Any other better recommendations please let me know. My top priority is low energy consumption and reliability. thanks
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/fire-st-regis-residences-tanglin-orchard-scdf-evacuation-11267600 Last month my mum neighbour house caught fire. With the huge surge in mobile scooters, it seems that fires is more common now... Do u guys have any fire protection in house like smoke detector, fire extinguishers? Thinking of getting some...
  5. Tonydeath

    Home Karaoke System

    Hi bros, Anyone into KTV system for home, I would like to install one but i new to this. Thank you.
  6. Adrianli

    Home-fix in trouble?

    My friend told me that the home-fix outlet at Compass One was repossessed. He sent me a photo of the notice outside the unit. Was surprised that home-fix closed down. They are like everywhere and seems to be doing well.
  7. So we have checklists for buying a new car, and why not one for a new home? I've consolidated what I have previously written here, so everyone can benefit and also contribute and some of the info comes from other bros. Before we even go into the list, there are some basic things to do: - make sure everyone in the family agrees to this purchase, and whether it's for investment or as a home - check your financials well and get a large enough budget to buy and for renovations or other costs - do your homework! Check the online property forums, buy and sell places and see what your money can buy and which regions suit your needs best So, now onto the buying process Is it going to be landed, a flat or a condo? Some of the general principles which apply to all three types: Is the home paid for or is the seller still in debt and not bankrupt How many owners are there, and any divorce in process. Who is the legal owner or executer of the property if the owner is deceased? Is it tenanted and when does the lease run out Can you break the lease How old is the place. As a general rule, most places under 10 years can do without major renovations and you can use the piping, aircons and wiring. Most places above 20 years old will need more extension renovations - freehold, 999 years or Leasehold (how many years left) - location - is it within 1km to a primary school and how many places are there - sun direction - North South is the ideal - developer matters too - some are cheap and use poor quality materials - neighbours - good ones to whom you can entrust your keys, psycho ones, and nosy ones - visit the location at different times - if you go over a weekend it's usually quiet and the traffic is light, so see at at peak hours and see if there's any choke points and if the streets around it become very noisy or is there a school or some place that attracts a lot of noise - amenities eg market, food places, 24 grocery, petrol station, postbox - near work - near a clinic or GP - MRT, bus or good roads etc to work, school etc - wind : how well ventilated it the place - how high is the place - the interior of the place, can you salvage the parquet floor for example - TV reception - is there a fibre / home line (will cost $288 to run a new fibre line for example) - where is the mains and the PUB meter located - do you have the plans for the electricals Items specific to an apartment: - the shape of the unit, any odd unusable corners, how square is it - how many units are there? Is it going to be too crowded over the weekends to swim? - what are the amenities? Sometimes too many water features, landscaping or pools will mean higher costs to maintain - pools: regular shape? Good for swimming laps or merely for wading? Any lifeguards? - maintenance fees - sinking funds - more units will mean more people to share costs. Small developments will need larger contributions to fix items like lifts, repainting costs etc - number of lifts, is it private - ratio of parking lots to units and the number of visitor lots - number of entry and exits, side gates - how much power is there? As a rule, you need a minimum of 45A and up - any provision shops? - who runs the place? which security company do they employ? - get a copy of the house rules - eg no moving in hours and are there a lot of AirBnB listings? Items specific to houses: - plot ratio and GFA - zoning and potential developments of the area - who was the designer or builder and are they still around - cul de sac - land size, is it square or narrow, can you expand the built up area? (remember to account for set back if you do more than A&A) - soil analysis - is it reclaimed land - fengshui : water, wind and mountains etc - at a junction - noise level in the neighbourhood - any new developments - renovations or reconstruction can continue for years around the place - is there going to be enbloc or a new road running through the area - if the homes near you are going to be replaced by flats, the roads can be much busier - parking - flooding / ponding - any religious building around you or a popular eatery that attracts a lot of visitors eg illegal parking during peak periods and noise levels - any piped in gas... so you don't need to use gas tanks - any retaining wall, and is it near a 24 hour gas station - noise and fumes - is the place close to electrical plant or substation - how much power is there? Single Phase or Triple Phase (most modern terrace houses will have a triple phase 63A main DB, which can support the needs of most homes, even those with a swimming pool) Don’t forget to check for termites and mossies. How windy and well ventilated the place is. How wide is your lane and even the type of roof and tiles used. Bring a builder along to give you an idea of renovation costs.. But before you even look around, do the financials first. Make sure you have a loan approved in principle and also enough cash for the renovations with a 20 percent buffer. Then bring the check book for every viewing. A basic renovation for a landed place can go from 2-300k, and for a A&A you might be looking at twice that. Adding a new roof 50k, and a new floor around 150k. A tear down? It can be 600k and up and these costs don't include furniture or fittings. Time is the other factor you have to budget in. Add 20% to any schedule, especially if you are doing it around Chinese New Year or Christmas. Be detailed in your planning, for example: If you are doing a rebuild, make sure you work with your builder and neighbours. A small road - like the Countryside one, yes that 'wide' road, may not be able to take a full truck or a cement mixer coming in. And with such a long road, you need to coordinate with the entire road of owners, so they clear the road such that the truck can come in. Trust me, it's not a given nor an easy task. If a car gets scratched... be prepared for an ugly scene. So also check that your contractor is registered and has insurance. One of your neighbours might own a limited Maclaren that your builder just happens to nick whilst transporting your tiles into your plot... Are there any other persons building in the same area, maybe you two can work together and save cost on building materials or if the other person started first, they can share some of their experiences Is there space for your builders to park? Is there good road outs of your estate or are you reliant on a single exit which can get very clogged up during peak hours? Here's a BCA owner's checklist guide Finally, I would like to start that I'm not an agent. I'm just trying to share since others have helped me before and I'm giving a little back so everyone can benefit. But YOU and you alone need to get that info you need. No one will spoon feed you and there's no charity. You find those good deals, with the aid of a good agent. Look at as many areas as you can, and take your time. But timing is everything and sometimes, that dream home just pops up and you have to be ready. You snooze and you lose... Good luck! BCA Homeowners Guide.pdf
  8. Hi guys looking to service my home aircon however, i am quite worried to engage the wrong guy as i do not know any. anyone had engage one which you highly recommend? Thanks
  9. As above, anyone gone through this upgrading? What are things to take note of, especially for toilet/bathroom upgrading? It's gonna be messy so need to cover the furniture, cabinet with plastic sheet they say. Where can I get the plastic sheet & the cost? Or other method for coverage? And any protection for the flooring? Workers will be going in/out of the house so was thinking of laying canvas or cardboard. Will also take this chance to redo bathroom fixtures & water heater which is already >10 yrs. Can the contractor assist? Maybe pay a token fee? Seems must tahan for 10 days before work finished.
  10. Just got a letter for revision of home loan interest rates (3.0 to 3.5%) I'm thinking of doing a repricing. But should I go for floating 0.75% + SIBOR rates (revised every 3months) (1yr locked in) OR 1% + SIBOR rates (capped at 1.49% if SIBOR goes high) (locked in 3yrs) Any suggestions?
  11. Hi, My HDB gate frame is having alignment issue ever since after the reno. I need to use force to push the gate in order for the mechanism to lock in place. When open, the gate will spring open once the handle is pressed. I trully think there is a misalignment in the gate frame to the door frame which my reno ID denies it...he said it's normal... (bullsxxx!) now I need to find someone else to fix it, but who can I call? Not a lock smith right? Cos it's not the lock problem. Due to this, every closure and opening of the door is very noisy due to the clicking sound especially during night or early morning time. thanks
  12. Vid

    Projector for Home Theatre

    Planning to set up a home theatre so need to source for a good projector. Any good ones to recommend? Got anyone that can project full HD?
  13. Bluepica

    Home carpet cleaning

    I got a piece of those furry carpet at home, stained by my doggies pee. i have tried to spray Febreze to wipe and clean it but still have the pee smell. how do I do a proper cleaning? are those steam cleaner helps? any place I can send it for cleaning? thanks
  14. Dear All, Looking at adding a home air purifier and also a tap water purifier to my home. For the home purifier, was looking at Sharp Plasmacluster models and also Osim ILife while the tap water purifier I am looking at the Osim uPure. Anyone has reviews or other recommendations? For the tap water purifier, I prefer to have those like the Osim uPure which connect directly to the tap as I do not want to have a seperate unit as I have limited space in kitchen. Looking forward to all the recommendations!
  15. How to call for help? I called Singtel 1688. Put me to voice message and claimed to call back in 2 hours. I left 2 messages at 7pm+. No sound from them. at 830pm, called again and this time... "voice message is full. Thank you for your call!" This is customer service from SINGTEL. Home home line is not working since this afternoon. got ring if I call in but phone not ringing. But my mio TV, using the same phone link is working. So, physical line should be fine. I have 2 phones. 1 cordless and 1 analogue corded phone. Both also not ringing and no dial tone. What else could be the root cause?
  16. Stratovarius

    Better router or wifi extender

    Currently using the router provided by SH. Coverage is not very good and unable to receive any signal in MBR. Planning to get an android TV in MBR so gonna do something about the router. Router is in the living rm so any recommendation for router that is able to cover MBR? Saw quite a few Asus in Challenger. I'm not really keen on wifi extender though.
  17. City100a

    HDB Home loan rates

    I always though that HDB loans awere heavily subsized that it is almost like lelong but then how come HLF can offer heartlanders cheaper loans I think we need an explanation from HBD as to why HLF stirs waters, cuts HDB home loan rates By SIOW LI SEN Hong Leong Finance (HLF) has slashed its HDB home loan rates in a bid to undercut the competition amid a low interest rate environment, but it seems some banks might have been even quicker on the draw. Related stories:
  18. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/condo-residents-in-jurong-west-shocked-to-find-foreign-workers-listed-as-tenants-under Does it matter, you may ask. If they do use your address and you aren't renting the place out, you may end up paying tax which is much higher instead of the lower tax rate for home stay. So how do you check? Go to this website: https://www.mom.gov.sg/eservices/services/tes If you do find illegal tenants using your address: You can log in to this MOM website with your Singpass: https://www.mom.gov.sg/eservices/services/tes After logging in, you'll be able to check if you have any foreign workers registered under your address, and deregister them.
  19. Neutrino

    Home visit doctor

    Been meaning to post this for over a month, even though it might only interest some. Home visit doctors can be quite expensive but my missus found this group to come and check on her mother who at the time was not well and it's difficult to get her to the Polyclinic which has a long wait in cold aircon. Anyway https://www.rescu.sg/a-b-o-u-t came along to look at my mil. They stayed about one hour did quite a few tests and took my mil medical history. The whole team of three came along and they were very caring to my mil. They suggested after some tests etc that my mil be sent to A & E because of low Blood oxygen and the possibility of a chest infection. They even wrote a letter for the A & E doctor explaining their tests results etc.. My mil was admitted and the doctors at the hospital confirmed it was the correct thing to bring my mil to A & E. Their one hour visit was billed at S$ 68. I've no relationship to this team in any way but I wholeheartedly recommend them. They were great.
  20. The reliable cable/wiring in aircon installation for home that I have read about is the Keystone or Sigma brand. I was quoted a system 2 using Eikou wiring. The salesman told me that it is a Singapore company. Does anyone here has any experience with the Eikou wiring. Thanks.
  21. http://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/fire-at-serangoon-north-flat-owner-and-family-fled-barefoot-10k-cash-in-safe-burnt-to just wondering, why would anyone keep so much cash at home ?? I don't even have $100 at home ...well, maybe in coins ... the other day the gas man came and changed my gas regulator(due outdated) ... $90 ... had to ask him to come back another day after paying for the gas tank only ... my wallet also have lesser than $20 ... I am trying to go cashless ...
  22. Jman888

    Leave home without your wallet

    My experience in past 2 days where one of the day i forgot to bring my wallet out. Day 1 - with wallet but never get to use cash - Went to the physio at NUH, after the session i went to make payment, counter nurse told me 'cashless please'. - Going to watch movie with wife, so i make booking via phone apps and pay through Masterpass. - Took a grab to orchard. - Still have an hour to kill while waiting for wife, went to a cafe for coffee, place order and took out cash, the staff point to the signboard 'cashless payment ONLY'. Day 2 - without wallet (i left it in my wife's bag when we were watching movie) - Didn't notice i dun have my wallet until i reach office bus stop, my ezlink card was behind my phone try to act like i have a NFC sim card . - Panic for 2min thinking how to survive for the day, walk into Starbucks which i have the Starbucks app in my phone, breakfast settled. - Come lunch time, dun want to eat Starbucks again, heng i stored a credit card in Samsung Pay. walk to Hans and pay through Samsung Pay. - Dinner time met up with wife, went into a Korean cafe and they told us to scan the QR code on the table where you place order to making payment all via the phone!!?? i input my card number detail (i actually have those info in my phone but each info was hide in different apps). So i manage to survive 2 days without cash (wallet) for medical, transport, meals, movie, and shopping and thank god my phone battery can last whole day
  23. Kezg1

    Home renovation contractors

    Hi All Can any forummers recommend me some good workmanship, good service house contractors...I know there are alot in the ST and internet but we do not know of their back ground. Thank You .
  24. Hi everyone, per topic, was at Stuttgart for a holiday. Per title, will be sharing some of my experiences during the trip. All photos were taken with my iPhone camera, so I do apologise if the quality is not up to standard. Nothing eventful on the first day, arrived at Frankfurt and took a train down to the main station of Stuttgart, approx. 1hr 20min. For those who are unfamiliar, look out for the 'Long distance trains' sign at the airport, which will bring you to the platform, which looks something like this Reached Stuttgart main station, rather old building, constructed in the early 1910s till early 1930s I believe. the entrance to the ticket hall headed to my airbnb apartment thereafter, theres a vantage point nearby where you can get quite a nice view of the city center will update the rest as soon as I can, cheers
  25. Honker

    Buying a home in Australia

    Yoz, recently I have been reading on sites regarding buying a home in Australia. I am thinking of making a move to there and work under my friend company in Melbourne. Is any member currently staying, working or studying there now? https://austpropertysg.com/australia...-in-australia/ This article somehow motivate me even more to make a bold move! Hahha.